Want to do a crash course?

I’d like to offer this deal to anyone interested in learning about the Paranormal Sciences and opening themselves up to Spirit.

I’m offering:

6 classes, 2 private sessions, and a copy of my book for £179.00 or £199 includes a reading. That’s only £30 a session. (Usually £40).

3 classes, 1 private session, and a reading for £119

Or Pay as you go for £40 per hour per session.

All courses must be paid in advance. You train in your own time.

You will learn such skills as telepathy, opening up to Spirit, psychometry, metaphysics, and more.

Terms and Conditions apply.

But should you wish you continue and you are doing all your training you would then be invited to join my prestigious students in the School of Paranormal Science.

Please contact me for information.

Thank you