Spirits/The Dead/The Devil/Demons dream meanings:

I think it’s best I write a post about it instead of answering individual emails and comments.
So here it is in a nut shell.

To see a Spirit in a dream:
is a warning of deception. You must look to the dream to know in which area of your life deceit lay in.
A house, childhood home would obviously be in your family life, family members, someone from childhood.
Office buildings and schools would be work and friends etc…

You must determine if its a Spirit in an interpretation point of view.
If you didn’t know this Spirit in life then it is a warning of deceit.

If it was a Spirit of a loved one or someone you knew then you must interpret that also.

If your dreamed of being dead yourself it means an immediate release to your problems.

If you spoke to someone who was dead it means good news is coming your way.
Aunts and Uncles
is help coming with money matters.

Other relatives:
is help from an unexpected source.

In laws are good fortune from strangers.

Unknown Females: You will hear sudden surprising news.

Mothers represent love and home,

Fathers are authority and finances.
So to dream of a dead parent is expect sudden news in that area.

To dream of hearing of a death is news of a birth.

To dream of someone you don’t recognize it means an inheritance or significant financial gain.

By Spirit I mean the resident types, not the imprinted images.

However, if you have a conversation with a deceased person in a dream that seems more like a visit than a dream, it was a visit.

To dream of the Devil or Demon:

To dream of the devil in his full comedy red cape, horns and hooves is a warning you hiding a secret and need to come clean.

If you did battle with the Devil you will outwit your enemies.

If The Devil spoke to you it means your going to have to fight temptation.

To dream of being his friend it is a health warning.

Demons/Poltergeist activity is a warning to pay attention to your mental or emotional state.

But you must interpret the entire dream because to dream of death and the dark side in my culture can also be a very VERY good omen.
It just depends on if you were afraid, fought it, ran away etc…

But to dream of being afraid or have fear in a dream means this:
If you fought the fear or overcame it, you will forecasts a solution to your problems.

If you couldn’t shake the fear and you overcame it you are being warned about the deceit of a close friend or ally.

To dream of helping someone overcome their fear it means a solving of a misunderstanding or the removal of a threat in your life.

Ghosts in dreams (I hate this word) but I mean imprinted images and those who linger in dreams.

if it scared you is a warning of peer pressure or pressure being placed upon you is coming.

If it simply appeared it is good luck in business or in love.

If the Ghost was familiar to you it is again a warning of deceit from a close friend.

To dream of Heaven is a warning that change is coming you won’t like one bit.
To dream of Hell means an increase in income. However this success will evoke jealousy from those around you.

To dream of returning from hell is a warning of temptation that you won’t be proud of yourself for giving into.

To Dream of the Occult in any kind of way means a beneficial gain through new insights and unforeseen avenues.

Funerals: If you saw or attend a funeral means news of a birth/engagement/pregnancy/promotion.
To dream of your own funeral forecasts a solution to your problems to all present anxieties.

I hope this helps you now 🙂
Love and Light

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Time Slips. Understanding it a bit more.

If you’ve read my post about Time Slips you’ll know I don’t fully understand why they happen but I know it happened once I powered up or went up a level in my Spiritual understanding and growth. I call it powering up because I feel like a Agent from Crackdown some times where as I gain certain skills or understanding of my gift and path I Power Up and become better at something or more capable of using a gift etc…so I know when I Time Slip it means I’ve gone up a level. It’s not just about seeing the dead or predicting the future. Once you understand the fundamentals of the Universe and The Physics or it all it’s not hard to understand why or how it happens. But i want to share with you my latest experience that happened only three days ago. It was pretty amazing and I learned something I didn’t know before.

We went to York up the road for an impromptu visit of a dear friend of ours. We decided to check out the Christmas Fayre while we were there. Which was a big mistake because York is OLD and has tiny streets and there were tens of thousands of people all squeezed in to one tiny place and it was horrible. You couldn’t stop to look at anything because you were stopping the endless line of Zombies shopping for bargains and tat. Anyway we parked in a car park and started to head over the bridge and that’s when it started.

My feet became fuzzy, like pins and needles, then in a flash my eye sight went. I could see this reality but I was seeing a different reality as well. My head felt like it was fizzing and clamped but there was no pain or discomfort what so ever. Then as I stopped to clear my vision I started to see stalls, pitches, tents, trolleys, whatever you want to call them all up and down the bridge and street. The stench was, human, animal, rancid and I can still smell it even now when I think about it. This Time Slip was so strong it evokes such memory of smell and taste etc…I was pushing my stroller and our friend had to take over because I needed to grab on to Mr’s arm as I could no longer tell what was real road and what wasn’t anymore.

Then a man with a brown cap? well I say cap but it looked like a piece of brown cloth covering his head came up and offered me rats. Dead, huge and he had them by the tails. About 5 of them in each hand. They looked like Water Rats to be honest. They were HUGE. He could see me. He didn’t act any differently too me but I noticed that while he was talking to me I got the attention of others as well. They noticed me and I stood out BUT they weren’t frightened by me or put off by me so I have come to the realization that I can’t be dressed in modern clothes when I time slip in to the past. They were then coming up and offering me ‘smelling poseys’ I guess for the stench, bread, chickens, etc…and this one lady Oh My Blob I now know what wretched Soul means. She was tiny, with mottled hair and she kept touching my hair.

She was seeing how long it was and commenting on the colour and asked me if I would sell her my hair. I have quite long Auburn hair. It’s past my bra strap and she followed me half way up the street. I honestly don’t know what our friend thought. Lucky for me he is one of the smartest guys on the planet and he documents all my predictions and stuff so he knows to expect anything with me but I’ve never Time Slipped in front of anyone other than my ex husband before.

He was very brave and I thanked him for being so understanding later but I now know that when I Time Slip into the past, I blend in. I’m going to try and interact next time if I’m able to. I was completely aware of what was happening this time so my understanding of it is growing. I just wasn’t in a place to be able to try and touch and taste the past etc…..I have to assume when I have Time Slipped into the future I appear normal to those surrounds too.

I remember every single time slip in detail. I also know that the fuzzing I feel before I go into the past or future is my Pineal Gland being activated also. So in theory if I can control that, I can control where and when I Time Slip. I wish I could know before it happened because I’m quite a Scientific person and I would love to make documented observations and test myself. But I have no doubt that as I have more and more experiences I will soon learn to control it better and might actually be able to test myself. I think that would be quite exciting. I’m not afraid in any way. I just need to know my husband is with me or someone like Zooey (our friend) because they were able to take over and make sure I didn’t walk out onto the road lol because in my head the bridge was closed off to traffic for the market to take place and I very nearly walked me and my youngest Train out onto the road to avoid being sold rats.