Over the past few months I have been learning, studying and developing a variety of new techniques which I have begun encompassing into a new form of reading.
The main aspect of this new technique is giving the client guidance on how they can achieve their goals and find balance unlike a traditional reading which is just predictive.
This will offer guidance from Spirit in regards to things like career, love, money, mental health etc….
I believe I am the first to offer this kind of reading.

In the course of doing so Spirit will show you the future and you can have with the predictions being far more accurate than me trying to pull them out of the ether.
You will learn more about your journey this way as there will be no fear on my part of getting the connection with Spirit wrong.

The sooner people realize Spirit are conscious energy and not physical beings to describe in detail the better the connection will be.
You will be able to learn so much from them if you just listen to the messages rather than look for evidence they are there.

If your having life issues, depression, worried about anything or just want to connect to Spirit and the Universe please come book a reading and let me show you how to follow your compass to perfect balance and peace in your life.

You get 5 questions $50 £35 but your readings will be done either digitally or written in great detail via email. I also do phone calls as well. Even international ones.
You will NOT be disappointed. I will work my ass off helping guide you with all the knowledge of the Universe behind me.

My students and I are on an incredible journey together and one day soon I’ll have more of me to go around but I want to spread Spirits hot sticky love all over the globe and show people how a reading should be done.
Spirit can change your life. You never need to be unhappy, lost or disconnected again if you listen to Spirit.

Email me at if your interested.

I am Psychic Therapy or Spiritual Counseling if you will.

I look forward to walking your journey with you.

Love and Light

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My Life with my White Lighter Wife: An Open Letter to My Wife

New article, I had a dream the other day and during the dream this article was suggested to me for your blog. I only just remembered because I dreamed it on Friday night but  it’s just been  chaos! It’s all based on answers you have given me across the years and I was also given some answers in the dream too but they were just fleshing out detail on what you had told me. The geeks will enjoy the title, just check it and make sure it’s Ok.”42″With access to “spirit” you also have access to all the information in time and the universe. The only problem is interpreting this information from a human perspective as much of it involves ideas and concepts far beyond our limited understanding. We don’t even have the language to properly explain much of it but what really annoys me is that you can give someone the opportunity to ask any question in the universe and they always ask “will I be rich? or who will I marry?”.

So over the years I have tried to ask some really big questions some of which I have gotten really big answers for that I found incredibly interesting. The first is the biggest but please remember I am trying to explain this from an entirely human perspective so this will always taint the result as we can only conceptualize from a human  experience perspective. I will probably piss off some religious folk but they are already closed-minded and angry anyway so who cares, this is intended for those who want to ask big questions and contemplate really big answers. If you live in your own little bubble of self realization and righteous indignation this article is not for you. The answers are my interpretation as best I could.

1.”why does the universe exist and what is the point in it”
In the beginning there was what could be described as an infinite  super consciousness, not a physical being in our sense but a consciousness so vast to try to explain what “it” was is far beyond our comprehension.

I never discovered its motivations but at some point it decided it might be interesting to “think” a universe into existence and with that thought the universe was born. It then decided to populate this universe with independent consciousness with free will and let them do there thing. These consciousness were all still of the whole but separate enough to perform under their own steam. Why it done this was never explained to me but I assumed it enriched itself by each little experience or it could even just be a hobby 🙂
2. “what is the meaning of life?”
Each individual consciousness volunteers for its own enrichment through experience. It will choose a life with key experiences although there is still a certain amount of freewill. So you are free to make choices and have your life branch in different directions but the core lessons remain the same. Kind of like a video game where you have key quests you need to do to progress but you are also free to do other side quests or just explore the world. The point in life is to gain as much as you can from each experience to enrich yourself as a human being. The amazing thing about this is though that the most noble revered spirits choose lives of incredible challenge and hardship as these lives offer the most intense and rewarding experience and the “best” lessons. A good example of this might be a war zone. You can read every book about war, watch every movie, visit every museum but 5 minutes in a WWI trench under fire would teach you more about war and yourself than a lifetime of traditional “education”. Although events can seem terrible here on earth what you must always remember is these souls always return to place of warmth and love where they then reflect on the events. This is also intertwined with another question I had which was “If god is a being of infinite love why do terrible things happen”. But also each life we live leaves a legacy, and this legacy makes history. History is created through us living our lives as we have chosen to live it. Passing on our legacy to create history is one of the key meanings of life.3.” Why are some human beings such monsters? why is there such an enormous disparity in humans that one can kill and torture with impunity yet another would sacrifice everything in an act of selflessness?”
All of them are part of the whole “game”. You are free to make choices, a life of screwing people over could be the choice you make but these people don’t realize that they are still a apart of the whole and by their actions the others they affect are learning much more than they are. A life spend pursuing greed and power is an empty existence where you contribute nothing to your own development. Ultimately the only person they really damage is there own soul which shrinks into darkness. When they die they are sent back to class all over again  very bottom of the “spiritual” ladder.  You do need bad elements in order for the process to work. Overall the majority of people are good souls trying to do the right thing and as a general rule the human race is constantly growing spiritually. One of the best features of the human race is our compassion and selflessness in the face of overwhelming odds. The really bad people are needed in a sense but we are fast-moving toward a future where that kind of thinking is “obsolete”. Although it is never conveyed in the media the human race is growing spiritually at an exponential rate. People are starting to realize power structures be they government or religion are pointless and outdated. People are starting to question the nature of reality and think beyond what they are “told”. Another great feature of the human race is that there “spirit” can only be contained for so long as we are on the brink of it blossoming into something new.

Something to think about, if you had a large sum of cash you could buy a big flashy car and feed your ego by driving around in it but after a while it would become old, it would lose its shine and new car smell eventually ending up as spare parts or recycled into toasters. However if you took that large sum of cash  and spent it on people in need, took someone you knew on holiday, brought beautiful experiences to those who were struggling. That would enrich your soul and last with you forever.

A big mansion is often as empty as the soul who occupies it.Unfortunately our society seems obsessed with feeding the material ego at the moment but that’s for another article. Eventually people who live like that will seem crude and limited and as a species we will frown on those displays of weakness and pity those who engage in them.

4.”Is there life out there in the universe?” Yes, lots of it but what you must remember is that by definition just because a being walks and talks does not necessarily mean it is a form of life. There are also many types of consciousness, as humans we expect to meet other beings except maybe they have tentacles or one big eye but the super consciousness is in everything so for example a star, our sun, a planet even a rock are all a form of consciousness derived from the original and in a way still connected. Just because we cannot “talk” to our sun doesn’t mean is isn’t a consciousness being in of itself. It’s just a form of being we lack the means to communicate with. The whole universe is made of consciousness and connected to its original creator.5″Do any religions have it right?” Each of them have little bits of truth but end up mostly corrupted by those looking to gain wealth or power. Its part of the “learning” experience that you experience your life and work out what you know is right. Each person has an “in-built” guide, a kind of universal common law. Deep in their heart they know right from wrong it’s just some of them manage to lie themselves into a state whereby they can justify anything. Ultimately though the only person they really con are themselves and waste a lifetime of opportunity pursuing things which move them backwards spiritually.6.” do we reincarnate? can we come back as other life forms ie an animal?” Yes but only as many times as is needed for you to evolve spiritually and for the human race to grow. Each life is carefully chosen to suit the growth your soul may want to experience. When a soul has attained a certain level they may choose to return as an animal, some choose not to come back.  Eventually the human race will evolve to a point spiritually where the spiritual and physical realities are blended together, where you can “talk” to your dead family members as easily as you talk to your living family. Death will be irrelevant as will disease and suffering however some souls will still dip in and out of this reality in order to help those stuck in this existence who may need help.
Some souls have been here many times just like the phrase”that baby is an old soul” for others its their first time. You may know some of these people because they approach the world with a wide-eyed wonder.7.”How does time work in the spiritual realm?” Many make the mistake thinking that spiritual time runs parallel to physical time however “time” is only something we perceive in this reality. You may have heard the term ” how can there be an afterlife is there are more people alive today than were ever alive in history!”. This is limited thinking, in the spiritual realm all time exists simultaneously. As a spirit you can visit any time and any space with a thought. The concept that the universe was made and follows a “timeline” is only because we as humans have put a layer of our own perception upon it. To put it simply doesn’t a dog or a fly perceive time differently? The universe isn’t seconds or hours its all simultaneous for spirit. So when you leave the spiritual realm and come here for a long life when you return you haven’t been gone for any “length” of time. Its the same with how many believe the universe was created and followed a “time”. The being who thought it into existence exists out with time, its just our perception as a side effect of this reality. We also lack the mental faculties to conceptualize all time happening simultaneously so we say things like the universe was created in 7 days or in billions of years. We then argue this out in debates like creationism where both sides in their limited understanding argue about time because it is an entirely human perception of reality they projected onto a problem.

The universe was created in a thought and a thought is not constrained by time.

A few humans have thought beyond this concept though, a few thinkers usually physicists who could conceptualize time in a different way. Einstein was a good example.

These high level concepts of time are starting to be touched on by quantum physics where objects seem to exist out with our fixed linear time. Its an excellent example of something where we struggle to comprehend how it works because our perception of time is based on being human. Here is a quote from Physicist Niels Bohr
If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.

Quantum theories offer an excellent insight into how the spirit realm works. This leads me onto my next question. In fact some of the latest theories do touch on the metaphysical although science is reluctant to admit this. We will make massive advances when science embraces this. Our science however struggles because we keep trying to apply human perceptions onto results. We try to explain results with theories such as multiple dimensions so much of quantum strangeness is attributed to other dimensions or other universes with different “rules” which are all from a human perspective. What science is yet to embrace are concepts without a human perception and the spiritual realm as explained to me is a good example of this. It is not in another universe, it does not have any of the rules of this universe such as time or dimension or distance. It cannot be measured or charted like a thought the spiritual realm simply ” exists” out with this reality. Like a thought you can travel anywhere at anytime instantly. In the spiritual realm you are infinite, you are everywhere and everything simultaneously, the only “real” rule is that you still retain your distinct personality that makes you who you are.

8.” is there a multi-verse? where decisions branch into multiple realities”
There are other “universes” but the one we occupy does not branch into a multiverse across space-time. Your soul can only live one existence at a time. This is because your “soul” would be spread to thinly across multiple experiences. This experience of life is so intense and visceral you need to be all here at this moment for your “education”. If your soul experienced multiple versions of reality all at once it couldn’t cope and nothing would be gained from the learning process of decision-making. So while you are here you are here in a sense but in the grand scheme of things you are still everywhere and everything. When we pass over we are stripped of all emotion from this life so we let go of hurt, suffering, anger, fear, and our illness or cause of death so we can return to Spirit without prejudice. It has to be done for the greater good. This is why you say ‘They stop loving you as a Mother or Husband but they love your more than a Mother or Husband’

This also touches onto something else I want to say too, all life is connected we are all one so when war is declared and someone drops bombs or hurts someone they hurt us all as a species, in all of us at a deep level we all feel it. Performing negative acts impacts all of us. One day when we evolve to a level where we understand this we will stop all this unnecessary suffering because to hurt one is to hurt all not just physically but spiritually. A time is coming where these realizations will be made and we will make a massive evolutionary jump as a species.

9.”Are the relatives in this life connected on the other side?” Yes and no, on the other side everyone is part of the whole and embraced by love so there is no physical separation as you have here. Spiritually you do often come in “working groups” whereby certain spirits relate to each other  during their life experiences, so in one life your mother in the next your son. It’s all about helping each other through the experience. Some spirits will of course come back and check on their kids or visit a place they felt an attachment but on the other side everyone is so interconnected and so embraced by love there is no concept of family. Some people feel hurt and abandoned when someone dies but the soul that left knows all, it knows you’re gonna be ok, it knows how everything pans out and has other things to do. If you could explore the universe through all time and space, if you could experience every thought and connect with every life form in the universe would you really bother coming back that often? sometimes folk might just come back to let you know they are ok but it’s so awesome over there, so beyond this dense painful life your returns will be limited even for a being existing without time. For example if you lived on a tropical paradise where everyday you could do what you wanted without a care or worry how often would you want to return here? I wouldn’t, the day I die you lot can have a party cause I’ll be riding a beam of light through the cosmos returning only occasionally to play practical jokes on paranormal investigators or to haunt someone who is being a dick!10″ what is it like to die?” Its like slipping into a warm bath, you feel light and are embraced by warmth and love. You are greeted by spirits you will recognize who will invite you over and help you come to terms with anything difficult in your life.In fact one of my favorite quotes in this was from someone who had just passed “I didn’t believe in any of this shit and now look at me!”

I have really struggled with this article, much of the material works in my mind but it’s almost impossible to explain without it coming over as clumsy ramblings. I have more questions answered so I will try to follow it up.

If you have any question in the universe please ask my ex wife Spirit Child, no stupid puerile stuff but big stuff, interesting stuff. Maybe you have a question you always wanted to know.

Any question in the universe!

This is me, Spirit Child talking now. A lot of this stuff I don’t remember saying although I know these answers. My husbands giving a prime example of what I mean when I say ‘Talk to Spirit about things that matter, not just silly benign things like ‘Were you murdered’ or ‘Can you knock three times’ They are a wealth of knowledge and I have been asking them questions my entire life. So until you look at Spirit what they are and not what they appear to be due to the misrepresentations we see in the media, your never truly going to understand how great this Universe is. It is so selfish for someone to sit and meditate and call on your so-called Spirit Guides (who aren’t the masters of your Soul Spirit Guides, they are just Spirit as you’re not allowed to communicate with your Elders unless it is a matter of life and death) to bring you happiness, and bring you wealth and health and blah blah blah when they have all the answers to every question that matters. To sit and call on Spirit for your own gains be it for comfort or need is selfish. It serves nothing or no purpose but serving YOU!!! If you truly can communicate with Spirit you should only be using your gift to help others not to help yourself. Spirit just tell me stuff anyway when it’s to do with me so I never feel the need once ever to ask for anything. When you have the type of relationship I have with Spirit, you want and ask for nothing because you have faith that they will always have your back, your best interests at heart. One of the number one rules with having a gift is ‘Put others before your self’ when you buy things for you to communicate with Spirit, when you do spells and meditation for anything other than for healing, you’re using Spirit for your own gain. When you’re doing Spirits work, or being a White Lighter, you trust that everything you need to be, is taken care of. You do what Spirit need you to do, when and how and in return they take care of you. I see these people charging hundreds for a reading, wearing designer clothes, driving BMWs and wearing gold jewellery and it makes me ill. They run around with Crystals, Angels, Native artifacts and giant Buddhas, and other ethnic tokens of Spirit responsibility they cannot say they are Whitelighters, they don’t have the right. Because I have in the past been asked to give almost every possession I have away in order to go do what I was told to do by Spirit. My home, my family, my business, my friends , was all given away because I was told to do it. I can’t say the same for the people I see claiming to be WhiteLighters. I had a Facebook page that I had to delete because it made me so angry at the false representatives of Spirit. With the namaste and disingenuous Luvies and band wagon jumping that went on. When you know what Spirit really are, and you ‘get it’ suddenly you see the world through clear eyes like never before and you can instantly see the ‘truth’ in every one. No one can ever lie to me because I know it before they do. False people come across in my psychic as grey energy, they don’t have to be Spiritual people, I mean people in general and it has been a long time since I’ve seen straight colour all the way through my day because of all the grey and in the entire of my having a Facebook page, I saw only one person who had colour to their energy every one else was too busy trying to out ‘Whitelighter’ every one else. All that flakiness irked me to the point of having to leave. The condescending attitudes and blatant ignorance towards actual Spirit just got too much for me. No one talked about any gifts they had (probably because they had none and just decided to read some books and rip Spirit off) they all just sat out ‘Namasteing’ each other and trying to appear the more Spiritual than the next and yet not one could answer any of my questions or join in on the conversations I was trying to start. So please, if you want to be Spiritual, know yourself and know Spirit because they are NOTHING like what you see in the media or online. Knowledge is power remember? And Spirit are the meaning of Knowledge.

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