Over the past few months I have been learning, studying and developing a variety of new techniques which I have begun encompassing into a new form of reading.
The main aspect of this new technique is giving the client guidance on how they can achieve their goals and find balance unlike a traditional reading which is just predictive.
This will offer guidance from Spirit in regards to things like career, love, money, mental health etc….
I believe I am the first to offer this kind of reading.

In the course of doing so Spirit will show you the future and you can have with the predictions being far more accurate than me trying to pull them out of the ether.
You will learn more about your journey this way as there will be no fear on my part of getting the connection with Spirit wrong.

The sooner people realize Spirit are conscious energy and not physical beings to describe in detail the better the connection will be.
You will be able to learn so much from them if you just listen to the messages rather than look for evidence they are there.

If your having life issues, depression, worried about anything or just want to connect to Spirit and the Universe please come book a reading and let me show you how to follow your compass to perfect balance and peace in your life.

You get 5 questions $50 £35 but your readings will be done either digitally or written in great detail via email. I also do phone calls as well. Even international ones.
You will NOT be disappointed. I will work my ass off helping guide you with all the knowledge of the Universe behind me.

My students and I are on an incredible journey together and one day soon I’ll have more of me to go around but I want to spread Spirits hot sticky love all over the globe and show people how a reading should be done.
Spirit can change your life. You never need to be unhappy, lost or disconnected again if you listen to Spirit.

Email me at if your interested.

I am Psychic Therapy or Spiritual Counseling if you will.

I look forward to walking your journey with you.

Love and Light

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My life with my White Lighter Wife: Part 2 My Role as Protector.

Every white lighter is assigned a protector before birth. I had initially assumed it was some sort of “physical security” role where I may have to bash over zealous religious zealots or deal with aggressive clients. While physical protection is important it is a tiny part of the role. A protector need not be a physical presence for pushing folk around, it could be a little old lady or a child. What is important is that persons personality traits in order to keep their white lighter grounded. They are an anchor in this reality to which the white lighter can always rely on in any circumstance. As I have seen through many experiences with my wife her gift is not something that she can fully control, sometimes events can be so overwhelming she can lose herself in her gifts and there have been occasions where I have had to bring her back to reality or introduce a degree of stability to which she can return. Without this a white lighter could easily put themselves in danger, this could be as simple as not seeing a  bus when crossing the street as they are experiencing the street of two hundred years ago right through to a backup in some large-scale spiritual attack. Whatever happens my wife always knows I am there when the chips are down. I have some gifts but nothing along the lines of her which makes us the perfect match, our abilities compliment each other and enable her to fully let go always knowing I’ll be there to bring her back. Continue reading