What is Synchronicity?

Many of you know the journey I’m on right now and how synchronicity has been playing a huge part in my life recently.
My ex husband and I have been getting Foxes a lot too which started in December.
Foxes everywhere and in the early hours of this morning having had no sleep (some times you need to deprive yourself of sleep in order to concentrate harder, it’s hard to explain until your going through it but when I do spells for clients I go without sleep for 48 hours as they work better than when I’ve slept well. It’s a concentration thing).
But it dawned on me this morning it’s more than likely talking about Fox news. Tucker Carlson etc….he’s really doing some incredible stuff and who would of thought Fox news of all places would end up the Knight in shining media armour?
So I decided to do an article about synchronicity as it is playing a huge part in my life right now.
Synchronicity in lay terms is when the Universe gives you repetitive signs and symbols that have undeniable coincidental meaning to your life or a situation your going through or are irrefutably backing up other messages your getting from Spirit.
For example. My seeing 44 everywhere and KY and Foxes. I know to pay attention to these symbols because the more you are shown something the closer you are to figuring it out of the closer you are to solving the puzzle.
You might see blue cars everywhere. The same type of blue car over and over, in ads, magazines, on the road, in paces like your kitchen, your friends house, doctors office, the same blue car will show up somewhere over and over.
Then you meet a man you quite like and he has the exact same blue car you kept seeing and he ends up being the love of your life and you get married and have a beautiful life together.

Synchronicity (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

But for me it is basically when the Universe and Spirit send through obviously repetitive symbols to send messages and clues for you to use. It can be a heads up about something important or life changing.
It can be a test, a warning or backing up claims of something. But when it happens the intention is for you to sit up and take notice. There IS a purpose and it won’t go away until it’s purpose is served.

It becomes undeniable though. It can even be scary at how they will be thrown at you so fast and so often. Like on our drive home that day when I saw 44 over 50 times on a 2 hour car journey.
The thing is though you can’t look for it. It comes to you. You can’t go looking for the synchronicity. Your drawn to it.
So you can’t sit in the car and look around for 44 everywhere. 44 will throw itself at you when your just minding your business.
It will be in many forms. For me it wasn’t just road signs but license plates, stickers, on the radio, on houses, price tags, painted on a bridge across the road, etc….
But I do know that the more you ignore it the more it finds you like in the case of my student Rainbow seeing the tigers and lions everywhere at the same time as I was.
It’s getting so bad now even my ex is getting them. The same as me and ones of his own.
It’s all very exciting though and I can’t wait to see what they all mean if I haven’t figured it out already.
The Lion/Tiger one I’m pretty sure I have it figured out but as with anything with Spirit you can never assume to know what they are talking about lol
But as always you know I’ll document it here first.

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Why I love being Psychic: Finding four things in 24 hours.

Today has been one of those days. I’m not well, not sleeping well and my boys are sick and I’ve been running around getting stuff ready for my Halloween party.

Case 1)

My Ex gets up and can’t find his phone. Now….being a temperamental artist, things quickly turn into dramas with him and he was about to have a heart attack as his iPhone is in a special case I got him for last years birthday but it has his drivers license and banks cards etc…inside the pouches. It’s negated the need for a wallet basically.

So he’s running around with my cellphone in hand, calling his mobile and he can’t find it. I say to Spirit as I always do ‘Take me to it’ and instantly felt the need to go upstairs. I ask him to ring his phone and head towards the bedroom door and there hanging in his jumper ringing is his mobile phone.

Case Two)

I home school my kids. Neither of them are of school age but they are both smart so I decided to start teaching them to read and write once they turned 3. As I mentioned, we are making stuff for our Halloween party and one of those things is for the kids. It is a Paper Machete Spider, stuffed with Sweets and Chocolates. We made a big huge black spider and needed to paint it up. I will seal the head to the body tomorrow and my husband is making the legs this weekend. But I needed my sons painting aprons. My eldest Robot had his but Train my youngest couldn’t find his. So I said to Spirit ‘Take me to it’ and was drawn to the pile of Halloween decorations in the wash house. There is was.

Case Number Three)

We have an upstairs phone and a downstairs phone but we only plugged the downstairs phone in when we moved and we had to see how many plugs we had available in our bedroom before we could plug it in. Today I needed my phone. I’m not well, on antibiotics and need to keep my feet up. I was put on a Plasma drip the other day and need top ease back into things slowly. My bed has more space on it as we don’t have enough seating space in the living room yet as we are in the process of buying a new lounge suite. So I needed my upstairs phone to be plugged in. I saw it, my husband and I both saw it next to it’s plug, on my dresser surrounded by my stuffed toys. I couldn’t find it. I looked in my clothes drawers, my bedside drawers, my slipper cabinet, my husbands wardrobe. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So after yelling and yahooing at everyone under the sun I say to Spirit ‘right come on, show me where it is’ I knew it was in the house, I knew it wasn’t thrown out by mistake when we moved in because I had held it in my hand and this is where it gets weird’. I had held it not two weeks before and placed it on top of the Totoro toy I have because he is a big cuddly Boof who would totally watch my stuff. So I tune in and get instantly drawn to my husbands office. I sit down in his chair and ‘feel’ the phone. Open his desk side drawer and there, under his Retro Sweets, is the bedroom phone??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Case Four)

The worst one of all. I thought I was losing my mind. I took the little disk out of my sons portable DVD player so I could update and change his movies in it. We recently transferred all of our DVDs into one big thing I call a Magic box. We had so many DVDs it was taking up one entire wall so we decided to invest in a um…thing that does stuff lol I don’t know what they are called. Any way, so I was going to update his movies and it was while he and his brother were tidying up the Den of Destruction he calls a bed room that I was over seeing that I decided to do this. I took it out and had it in my hand for ages and then suddenly I realized it was gone. The room was spotless and I hunted in the places I assumed I would of dropped it. I then said to Spirit ‘Okay…where is it’ and they said ‘Trains room’ so I knew it was in there but where.

Oh God…..I had to go through two huge toy boxes full of tools and trains, cars and animals. I tipped them out and went through every single toy, one by one. My hands hurt from being jagged by plastic and metal. I was sweating, getting pissed off and Spirit kept saying. ‘It is in there, keep looking’ Well by this point I was really getting mad because my boy has his TV on to go to sleep, it stops him being afraid of the Spirits and Spiders lol I backed tracked in my head to what I was doing the last time it was in my hand and I kept being psychically drawn to his drawers. I was NOT going through those toys again.

He had three huge boxes full and I had just been through them. I seriously thought I had lost my gift. I felt hot in my belly as I was sitting on the floor leaning on his drawers and Spirit started saying over and over ‘It’s always the last place you look, it’s always the last place you look’ Well I didn’t want to hear the jibes and teasing. I said ‘Yeah well Duhhh it’s always gonna be the last place ya look isn’t it’ Then as they laughed at me it dawned on me. The last place to look was his drawers. I had folded up the clothes thrown on the floor and gotten my son to put them in the corresponding drawers. I started with his underwear, which was the one we did first, nothing, then his t shirts and shirts….nothing, the last drawer, the last place to look, PJ’s……and there sitting at the bottom was the disk. I said to Spirit ‘You could of just said that instead of being all cryptic, I mean….it would of saved me the hassle, why do you always give me clues instead of just saying so, 40 years of working out clues, you would think by now you could just say ‘Look in the drawers’ and do you know what they said cheekily ‘In good time’ lol So when I’m 80 they may just say to me ‘It’s in the drawer’ lol

My friend Jo is a bugger for losing things and sometimes I find the stuff before she even knows it’s missing it has gotten that bad lol

This is one of those instances where being in tune with my surroundings and the dead is just the bestest thing ever. But now I’m exhausted lol Oh well, you take the good, you take the bad, you take them all and there you have, ‘The facts of Life’ lol