Was 9/11 what brings about The New Renaissance?

I wanted to share with you images I’ve been having of the new world and what happens after the civil riots and stuff end the cleansing.
I’m always telling you the bad stuff I see so I want to share some of the good stuff I see.
I’m seeing more good now than bad and this is why I’m keen to get to America.
I want to see what happens next. I want to be a part of it.
I want to see the birth of a new world from the inside, from Americas view point because it looks incredible.
So this is going to be global of course but I’m seeing it from Americas view point because that is where I will be when it happens. It IS predictive and I will be living in the US in a few short weeks. So make of it what you will.
I want to see history in the making.
America started this. I now know how with a little help from my Friends up there (if you know what I mean) *wink*…..How you ask?
Remember I said for the cleansings pinnacle that whatever it is that causes the civil unrest and the bringing about of the Elites demise etc….that the ‘very thing used to create us would be the very thing used to bring them down?’
That would be the Internet, Mobile phones, YouTube, Facebook, Siri etc………they made the technology easier to spy on us and we have created a planet of uploading, whip it out faster than a pistol on your hip one man band CNN but honest.
How though? How could all of this come about you ask?

One word.
What technology came out of the craft? Or as they call it up there ‘Christmas pantomime prop’. They had to distract American some how, they had all the money to build on the technology and they needed distracting from something that was about to happen in South America. I think they nearly went to war and it would of been catastrophic. So they had to come and distract the simians with shiny things. Out of that came the internet, mobile technology, pretty most of what we use today is because of what they took from the panto prop.

Anyway with WikiLeaks, YouTube, 4chan, Anonymous, Weaponized Autism, WordPress etc….it’s getting a lot of bad people in trouble and it’s as it should be. Antifa and Fake news, all of it is a distraction. They need to spread the fear because the dark side feed on it.
But people react one of two ways when afraid. They fight or they flee.
But even those that flee will eventually try and fight back when the predator catches up to them and what is caught on camera and leaked to the world is big enough no news channel will deny the story, lives will be instantly destroyed.
Politicians, Bankers, Royals, Celebrities, Corporations, Religions etc….ALL GONE, credibility destroyed.
Antifa will join Keks, old will join young, Muslims will join Christians, Jews and Arabs, rich and poor (not all rich people are bad people) white will join black, gay will join straight etc…..in the streets and they will fill with blood.
The blood of the oppressors, some countries will be more civilized than others I’ll say that much. The anger will be such that some people will choose suicide over the pain of knowing the extent of the deceit.
Some will have mental break downs. Some will flee into self denial. It’s going to be epic.

BUT out of shit grows roses as I say and the one thing America has more than anything is LOVE.
When the chips are down no one comes together better and you only have to look at 9/11 for that. Watching all those people gather to bring food, supplies, hands on deck, support to all those brave men and women who were risking their lives that day made me proud to be human.

Crazy thought. I wonder if that wasn’t the thing caught on tape. The Twin Towers. Holy shit is that why I’ve been seeing twin stuff? I just realized.
Was 9/11 the kick off to the cleansing because they made the stupid mistake of making it so public?
Ya know what else Spirit just reminded me 11 11 (Twin towers) So is that THE Twin Towers of two versions, meaning will they try and plan another attack on two buildings? Is Grenfell fire in London another? Is there one or two more to go? Does 11 11 mean Twin Towers or two Twin Tower style attacks? We shall wait and see.
I won’t assume but I’ll certainly observe.
Anyway after all this is over America returns to how it was in the 1950s.
I’ve described all of this in other posts.

But you know, I’m always asking questions and I asked Spirit last night what will happen to all the orphans out there who are in those horrendous orphanages without love and care and Spirit said they’ll mostly get adopted.
For the ones that haven’t been damaged psychologically I mean.
Some of those poor souls will never recover and be taken care of by loving people.
I see so sooooo many elderly people using their time to love these children.
Retried British Nana working along side retired Filipino Granddad. Taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves. Animal and human, flora and fauna included.
I see the elderly who are capable feeling useful again and sharing so much of their culture, knowledge and history with those around them.
There are billions of them waiting to die who just have too much energy to die just yet and you’ll see them living even longer because they have purpose again.
They’ll teach classes and lessons to free up the time of the Teachers who gave up the love of teaching years ago or shouldn’t be teaching so they can follow their passions and do what they love and love what they do.
All drugs will become legal. Everyone will b given the option to seek help, get an education or learn a trade in their chosen field after they clean up and if they don’t then it’s natural selection I’m afraid. It sounds harsh but nature always kills off the weakest ones.
(with the exception of the innocent like children, handicapped etc…)
We will do away with governments and it will be like community juries.
So if a couple want to adopt a couple of kids from say Africa and China, their neighbours will be chosen, regardless of race, colour, religion or creed and common sense, logic and observation will be taken into account only.
Things will be taken into account like:
Finances, maintenance of the property and self if they have parties are they civil and over at a respectable time if it isn’t a block party? (because we will go back to having block parties).
How often do they fight? how often do the emergency services get called? psychologically ready? etc….because we will rely on our neighbours for everything. Because we will go back to watching the kids play in the street and a few people in the street get together to try out Jims new BBQ, so the black guy and his white wife will bring the beef patties, the Jewish guy and his wife will bring salads, the Muslim family will bring breads and dips etc…and the kids will all play and if a unknown car comes down the street everyone knows it.

When Mr Blogs has his hip operation the older kids will come and bring the casserole Mum sent them over with and mow his lawn. Even though they do it for free he will of course give them like $40 because that’s what he thinks of these kids taking the time out of their day to help an old man.

He in turn will help some of the kids with school work because he used to be a school teacher. Or wood work so he teaches shop in his garage. All with approved funding an tuff of course.
People will have jobs and business they love because of the citizens wage no one has to worry about money. The motivated will get more because they can’t stay still. These are the people who need to be doing and creating.
Those who aren’t motivated will never go hungry or without. But the less you do in your community, the less you contribute to society the less you get back after you get your citizens wages.

Prisons will be for crimes worthy of the sentence. All inmates will have free access to family and education.
The worst will be given the same rights but will fewer privileges and have the toughest sentence. They will be paid according to the job they do and all will be evaluated.
There are too many people in prison who’s parents put them there and they can’t be blamed for that.
I won’t excuse the crime but it means with the right amount of love and support they can at least try and redeem themselves.
And we as just humans owe it to them to try and give them one more chance. After that it’s on them if it’s prove they are guilty.
Housing and developed industrial/commercial areas left to go into disrepair will be revived and turned into housing.
Property development and housing redevelopment will become a good thing.
Things will always be monitored.
Peoples mind sets will change.
No one will think twice about adopting a Mongolian baby to an elderly couple. Of course they will be offered support and monitored like everyone else will.
But the elderly aren’t as old as they were when I was growing up. When you think of people like Tina Turner and Sean Connery. Tell me they wouldn’t be cool parents to maybe some older orphans. You really are as old as you allow yourself to be. I feel like I’m 22. I’m getting naughtier by the day hahahaha My little Latin Boy can’t keep up.
I’m so incredibly happy. Well there are plenty of older people, infertile, gay people, mixed race, mixed religion, single but comfortable singles who can give good homes to these gifts, these Angels in human form.

Import Export will be trade specific. We will all be encouraged to be self sufficient food wise. Because we will all only take what we need. We will all live well, all organic, fresh, chemical free, and yes with treats, you can still get fat but again the opposite end goes in the rule if you take more than you need or you take up more resources than is proven necessary the less resources you will be allowed.
Recycling where possible. For every tree chopped down a couple will be planted in it’s place.

The most creative minds nurtured. Not everyone is cut out for University but everyone has a thing. That one thing they are good at or love so much.
Whether it be growing vegetables they can share amongst neighbours or sell in return for baby sitting so him and his partner can have date nights or the boy who can fix computers who is earning money to buy his first car, we will encourage each other to do what we do best.
We won’t criticize, condemn or complain. We will observe and guide, encourage and nurture.
We will have to. It will be about taking personal responsibility as well as taking societal responsibility as well. You can’t live in a society without contributing to it.
We eventually have to get off this piece of rock. Who do you want to help get you there? The kid who can fix your pc aged 13 or a Kardashian?
If you say the Kardashians I have just two words ‘Natural Selection’.
You either jump on board or go down with the ship
Because some of us apes stopped throwing poo and picked up tools.

Diseases cured, people will live a LOT longer than they do now. Suicides will fall exponentially. Therapy and treatment given where.
We will keep populations down. It will be necessary for a while.
Countries with dwindling populations will be sent immigrants with skills and trades. To help boost the economies. They don’t need to be scrutinized but they must prove useful and productive. You can’t just go there and bum.
More money will be made and distributed. Local economies boosted.
Travel will be cheap and everyone will have disposable income so people will travel all the time.
Countries like Libya, Nicaragua, Sudan, Afghanistan etc….will be tourist meccas for history buffs. Cultures rediscovered and paraded for the whole world to see with pride.
You’ll be allowed to be proud of who you are where you are no matter where in the world you are. I believe we will have a form of Flag Day.
Where your encouraged to wear your native pride on your sleeve no matter where your a native of.
Because we should all of course be allowed to be proud of where we come from. It honours our heritage and their struggles and plights to get you where you are today. None of which would exist without the former existing first.
Migration created you no matter what nation you are from. Embrace that heritage. And make it mean something. Don’t shame them.
Veterans rewarded. Anyone who works in the Servitude of their country will.
All assholes and trouble makers will be judged accordingly.
It will take about 20 years to rebuild and recover.
But it’s already starting.
So was 9/11 the start of the cleansing caught on tape? It would make sense.
The house of cards came tumbling down thanks to the internet, conspiracy theorists, WikiLeaks, YouTube, etc……so what tips it then?
What happens that has anchor men and women weeping apologies live in national TV?
Why will we see people like Hillary on trial? Why will bankers and business folk, celebrities, and politicians be covering their heads from being kicked in by people they once employed?
There once smug, condescending faces realizing their reign of terror is over.
Justice will be bought to many. Then they can languish in prison where they belong.
For those who survive I mean. I’ve seen what the Chinese, Koreans and Africans do to their rich and powerful who did wrong. I still have haunting nightmares of them.

But it needs to be done. If our planet was a dog, they would be the fleas and we are all turning into Spot On.
That is why I called it The Cleansing.
Because that is what Spirit showed me. A dog being cleaned of it’s parasites.

So hang in there a little bit longer.
I put this synopsis to you though.
They said it would take 20 years to recover right? So 20 years from the pinnacle or from 9/11?
Because hat would mean we only had 4 years to go before all was beginning to be right in the world.
That would be a nice thought
2021 the birth of a new world? I’m seeing 44 in that as I stare at the screen lol Me and my stupid brain lol 2021/ 2 x 22, also 4yrs to go 4, half of 4 is 2,4 written twice is 44.

I’m either nuts or brave.
Your watching my brain as it is processing the thoughts I’ve had over the years culminating into a potential outcome as I get them in this post lol I’m literally typing my discussions with Spirit as I try to piece together the symbols and visions I get and file away for a possible conclusion.

The 9/11 theory is just one hypothesis.
I am grateful for my brain even if I do sound nuts. As I tell my students, Nuts is normal in my head.

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All That is Wrong with Religious Prophets Predicting The Cleansing.

So one of my lovely, loyal followers Jamie came to me with this poem she found on the internet when searching for other information about The Cleansing and it pissed me off so much I had to say something.
Now……I’m not here to say ‘This poet is wrong saying this poem came from God’ whatever makes him happy is all that matters. But I have to just say, this kind of bullshit is why people are so terrified.
This poem is the total opposite of what GOD would be about if God actually existed.
So you mean to tell me he is just gonna obliterate us just like that? even though 90% of us are good people?
Firstly, most of his prophecy is wrong, never came true.
Secondly, why does everything always end with the end of days with religious people?
What happened to faith?
I was the first one to talk about the Cleansing online. I was the first one to call it The Cleansing. It’s called The Cleansing for a reason people. Because The UNIVERSE is going to CLEAN the Planet. We get Cleansed of the evil not destroyed by it.
People thought I was nuts now everyone is predicting it.
I’m also the only one who predicts The New Renaissance at the end of it. At the end of this article I’ll tell you exactly what I see after our house is cleaned good. Read the poem and tell me why I shouldn’t be pissed off that Religion has NO place in Science. I’m so tired of this shit. I can’t wait for religion to just fuck off and be replaced with Faith instead.
Faith is between YOU and your whoever. It’s not dictated to by anyone but yourself. It will be whatever makes you happy.
No more churches, no more having to give money you can’t afford to billionaire fools who sit on thrones of gold and silk telling you your a sinner because your not imperfect like them. Religion is a Satanic Cult in the form of Light and I for one know it is going to be one of the first things to go in the New World.
Prove to me God exists. I want proof. If you can prove to me Blob exists then I will be the best Christian alive. (Or I’ll get killed once this article hits the mainstream lol) All joking aside if anything happens to me, you know I was right lol
My people have been slaughtered for centuries by these bullies and I can’t take it anymore. Id rather die for the light of the Universe that is fact than a belief that doesn’t exist in fact.
I am healthy, not suicidal, happy and in love. Should anything happen to me or my planes, buses, cars, crash soon you’ll know I was silenced. But I can’t shut up anymore. I see the fear this shit feeds people and I’m angry.
I’ve just had a check up and I’m in perfect health. Nor will I ever be suicidal. If anything happens to my family, students or loved ones in any way look to this article.
Here is the Poem. I’ve published it because it is plastered all over the internet which makes it public property.
It starts:

God doesn’t speak with me through dreams or visions, like He does others. He just speaks to me directly. My father, who is also my pastor, has this same gift. I’m not looking for fame, money, or materialistic things. I just want to make God happy. I’m just a truth teller.

On December 23 2015, He showed me what is coming to America in 2016 and beyond. Then He led me to put it in the form of a poem.

At the very end of 2015,
And the year of ten plus six,
That wicked old Satan,
Will be up to evil tricks.

December through February,
Winter finds itself here,
A sudden event will strike,
And many will be in fear.

Know then My judgment,
Has come upon this land,
God reigns supreme,
And deals with a heavy hand.

From March until June,
The spring season shall arrive,
There will be many people,
Found not to be alive.

During this same season,
Another checkpoint will originate,
Then another crushing blow,
Will seal this nation’s fate.

During these two seasons,
The economy will decline,
Look to Me My people,
I say, ‘Your souls are mine.’

For war will be inevitable,
It will not go away,
I implore My holy people,
Stay on your knees and pray.

The dog days of summer,
Will follow and draw nigh,
Protests will fill the streets,
With a far more violent cry.

At the end of the summer,
As the season reaches a climax,
JADE HELM will come to life again,
Surely it will be brought back.

The fall season will bring,
another election year,
But by this time our nation,
Will be firmly gripped in fear.

Barack Hussein Obama,
Will stay seated in his chair,
No Democrat nor Republican,
will find themselves his heir.

Martial law is coming,
It will soon grip our land,
I plead with all the saints of God,
To take a righteous stand.

2017 will follow next,
When it comes rolling around,
The changes will be different,
They will surely be profound.

America will have seen,
Destruction and devastation,
I will hold nothing back,
I will show no hesitation.

Disease and pestilence,
Will surely grip this land,
But My people do not worry,
It’s all part of My plan.

Watch the hand of Islam,
They will shout a battle cry,
A day of terror is coming,
And many will surely die.

Now look upon the map,
And look upon it well,
You will see trouble landed,
Where American cities fell.

Now woe unto you cities,
And you states shown below,
You have angered God in Heaven,
And made yourself His foe.

Woe unto the city,
Of the Bears, Cubs, and Bulls.
Woe to San Fransisco,
You dare mock me, you fools!

I will destroy both of you,
In the hour of My fury,
You have been found guilty,
Yes, by my Heavenly Jury.

Woe unto Las Vegas,
Seattle, and the Big D,
Plagues, famine, and destruction
Are coming soon, you’ll see.

Woe unto New Orleans,
And even Florida too,
When I shoot arrows of destruction,
You shall surely be through.

Woe unto the city,
Known for the Liberty Bell,
I will take away your freedoms,
And you will see much hell.

Woe unto Baltimore,
Woe to Washington DC,
Woe to you wicked leaders,
For you must answer to Me.

I will destroy these cities,
With one single attack,
I will shoot arrows of destruction,
And I will hold nothing back.

Woe unto Boston, New York City,
And even California too,
You do not worship Me,
You say, “I answer to who?”

You say you only answer,
To gold, silver, and sex,
But I will put something on you,
Far worse than any vex.

Half of California,
Shall be thrown into the sea,
And New York City,
The same fate it will be.

Oh Boston, Oh Boston,
Your arrogance will be no more,
I shall wipe you off the map,
You big arrogant whore.

Get prepared for slavery,
It is coming to this nation,
Like Egypt in the days of Moses,
It will not be a good sensation.

An asteroid will strike,
In the Caribbean sea,
All around the world,
Tsunamis must be.

Earthquakes will come,
And will divide this land,
That we might not forget,
God deals with a heavy hand.

You shall look to the east,
And see Russians coming here,
You shall look to the west,
And see China causing fear.

They shall invade this land,
And take over this place,
America once a golden cup,
Has become an utter disgrace.

Many think they can still sin,
And waltz right into Heaven,
But that’s like foolishly believing,
Two plus three equals seven.

There are many who come to Me,
On spiritual section eight,
They are in moral poverty,
And will not enter My pearly gate.

Moral bankruptcy,
They have truly filed,
They do not know Me,
For they are not My child.

You who refuse to teach,
My people the ways of the Lord,
Soon you will find,
You can not escape my sword.

Promising My people,
Nothing but houses and cars,
But these will not get you,
Not get you very far.

Tell the people to stop,
To halt all of their sins,
Tell them to live holy,
So they can enter in.

It is time for the saints,
To be truly tried,
Stand firm upon My word,
And in Me truly abide.

If you deny my son Jesus,
In front of any man,
You will sink faster,
Than standing in quick sand.

So know these things,
They surely will take place,
Come live your life for Jesus,
And receive My mercy and grace.

So: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.
Firstly the riots started last year. Tsunamis are inevitable at some point on this planet.
Blob created kittens, and flowers and love and compassion and majestic beasts littered throughout this planet, and music, and art and charity (charity not charities) and medicine and engineering and inspiration etc…and nature and he’s going to obliterate it ALL because it’s evil and sins?
Babies and kittens sin? Trees sin? Bears and Whales sin? So it all gets destroyed because a handful of elite fucks masterminded the art of manipulation of the masses?
So the opposite of what Churchill said then?
The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few?
So the sins of the few outweigh the good deeds of the many?
Really? If this is true then why the fuck would I want to believe in a God that vengeful and destructive?
A parents love gets ignored because some fuckin dude on a cloud has decided that it doesn’t matter as much as vengeance coz some inbred rich arseholes did some evil shit?
And while we are on the subject. Why is he a Prophet of God coz a non proven God spoke to him directly but I’m evil because my ancestors who are proven to have existed do?
How is that fair? lol Why do they love to fed us fear?
Because fear controls. Fear keeps us submissive.
I’m not knocking anyone who follows a religion. I’m knocking the leaders and prophets. If Blob makes you happy and it makes you a happier person and a good person and nothing gets hurt then more power to you but if your going to call yourself the Voice of God or a Prophet take some fuckin responsibility for what your preaching for fucks sake.
When is faith about fear. It’s the antithesis of what faith is.
Faith is beautiful. Faith is light where there is pain, faith is light where there is doubt, faith keeps you strong when your afraid,faith is no matter what, tomorrow is a better day. Faith is love on a level immeasurable by even Science. Faith is wisdom, and patience and honesty.
Faith is absolute and can not be swayed. Faith is air, water, and food to those who have it. Second skin, second nature, without a second thought or shadow of a doubt. Faith is hope. Hope springs eternal.
Faith is personal, forged between you and whatever makes you have it. Faith is without question yet answers them all.
And this is what I see for after the darkness dies down.
First it starts in America, after the shock has died down and the cities are clean, we begin what I call the New Renaissance.
We will see an end of religions, governments, pointless celebrities (Goodbye fuckin Kardashians and The Only Essex is Chelsea on the Jersey fuckin Shore folk). Good bye to Royals and Military’s and Federal Prison System and Justice System.
I believe Charles will never be King and William bless him with dissolve the Monarchy to live a normal life.
Sex will stop being fed to our kids like sugar.
Parents will be able to raise their kids as they see fit and because we won’t have taxes and we won’t be debt slaves believing the only way to live is to rack up debt and buy houses your never going to own until you pay 3 times what it is worth OFF to banker crooks, parents will choose to stay home and raise their kids the way mammals should. Teach and lead by example.
Watch how every other Mammal raises their young. See any YouTube or people with their tits out on day time TV? See any sugar or school work?
Your telling me Kim Kardashian is smarter than an Elephant?
TV’s will go anyway, we will just download and stream what we want on our TVs and Laptops etc…
We will turn our backs.
Music will be written by those who can actually write it and sung by those with talent not the right body image or appeal.
Want will be replaced by Need.
Diseases will be cured with the cures they have had hidden for decades. They created these cancers and ADHD and Autism, Parkinsons etc.. for the Pharmaceutical industry to make money on, they have the cures, trust me.
Why do you never see the Royals with cancer? Why do they ALL live to 1000? These Elite? If one in 7 kids will be autistic why aren’t the royal children getting it? Coz they don’t vaccinate. Coz they know it kills the brain cells.
If your over 35 how many kids did you know growing up who had cancer? or Autism? How many old people did you know have Parkinsons?
We will end famine, wars, diseases, we will embrace Science and literature and the arts and our heroes will be people who actually do things to deserve the accolade. We will take personal responsibility for our own actions.
We will live by our Amendments and Declarations.We will have honour and pride in who we are and what we do.
We will embrace Spirit, and see the worlds beyond the light. We will love who we want, how we want without fear of judgement from others.
We will do what we love and love what we do.
We will end Corporate rule, we will end commercialism, we will end hate. Racism, feminism, any ism going.
We will decide as one nation what happens to those in it.
No one will ever decide our fate for us again. EVER.
We will actually evolve and join the space race. We will help each other regardless of where we come from, colour of our skin or sexual orientation because if we don’t we won’t be allowed to evolve.
We either evolve as one or die out as well as history has proven.
Get with the program or be removed and then the other mammals get to have a go instead.
But it’s not going to be like this.
The Cleansing is going to be a few weeks of anger, a couple of months of cleaning up and then the real good stuff begins.
It is NOT The End of Days. It is the end of darkness and the only reason why people like this person see only darkness is because they come from it. They live on the fear. If your gift comes from the light you can see beyond the darkness into the light.
In this Universe there is always light. The Cosmological Constant is all about chasing the light basically lol Evolving and expanding to get to the light, seeing what is beyond, on an infinite level.
God isn’t responsible for us. WE are.
Hope is a far better thing to have than fear. Hope makes you smile. Fear makes you frown and I for one will NOT be getting wrinkles. lol
I haven’t got one yet and I’m 44 on the 9th of Nov.
We will live to our hundreds too. The Blind will see, the deaf hear, the crippled walk.
All this is our life time. Suicide will basically not exist because we wont have reason to be depressed.
We just won’t give a shit anymore what people think. If your a man and you want to wear a dress and wank to My Little Pony while wearing a nappy as long as your not hurting anyone, more power to you.
We will live by the one common law. It will be Universal Law.
I shall not by my own actions cause loss or harm to another living being.
That’s it. After that it’s about personal responsibility.
Please my babies, don’t be afraid. Just keep your heads down and wait a little longer.
It’s almost over.
I wouldn’t be working so hard to build up my career in America and bringing my children over to settle on the East Coast if I thought for one second America was doomed.
In fact I honestly feel I have to be there to help clean up the mess of a few hundred years of tyranny lol
Just remember ‘The Fear of the Unknown is always worse than the Reality of it’.
Fear is speculation without evidence.
Faith is evidence without speculation.
I’m here to hold your hands every step of the way on this journey.
I’ve got your back.

Love and Light

Why we choose to die:

I know this post going to be controversial but I only write what I know to be truth.
As you all know I’ve been on quite the journey of self discovery this year. Everything I test myself to do this year I have done.
I successfully completed all my tasks bar one (retire the ex) but that for me and my life it is mission accomplished for this year. Next year I’ve set my goals even higher as it involves me building my life and career in the US to be with my beloved and my American family. (which is all of you who need the kind of love and help I provide).
So in these lessons I’ve learned about the physics of the Universe, the cause of the Big Bang, the Cosmological Constant, balance, time, gravity, magnetism, etc….and it’s correlation to our evolution, existence and purpose as told to me by the dead.
All done through weed and music lol

Anyway on one of my many occasions where I was asking a thousand billion questions I was told the reason why we are the only race in our galaxy who chose to die still.
The others out there have lived for millions of years, evolved beyond the need for vocal chords, physical form, etc….what we see is how they chose to show themselves to us as our primitive brains are still very visually.
When you evolve past the need to die you get to travel through time and space and to the light where all time exists. So death doesn’t exist.

The reason we do it is to fold.

1) In order to obtain optimum Spiritual light we must suffer the human experience.
Life is death, death IS life. This entire Universe is based on evolution and balance, time, magnetism etc….we are in actual fact one of the lower forms of existence basically. We are just three devolution’s away from being Dark Side Spirits and it’s up to us to find the balance so when we die we can evolve.
Without evolution nothing and I mean NOTHING progresses. We are relying on a delicate balance to make sure we all get it right so we can all climb up that ladder of evolution together.
Unfortunately for our brethren up there because they don’t die, and they are pretty much perfect in every light they no longer have that experience of life and the suffering that comes from death.
When they hurt they heal.
They have no fear because there is nothing more powerful than them, their power and technology.
Each race striving to advance and perfect their connection to the light.
Spirits in essence are recycled over and over until they get in just right and I know in cases of murder victims and victims of war, babies, kids, mentally ill or disabled, those who suffered crippling addiction, homeless, etc…those who have suffered great pain and loss in their lives evolve. The harder the life, the higher you evolve.
Because there is no greater fear on this earth than death.
To over come that fear is monumental for an evolving Spirit, so some chose lives that are short and or have great impact to themselves and those around them in order to gain the optimum human experience.

Maurice Maeterlinck said ‘The dead are the living on holiday’ and he was spot on.
When we go on holiday we like to ski, ride, swim, shop, eat, sleep, shag, drink, dance, laugh, love etc…..right?
Well it’s the same for a Spirit.
I have actually heard of loved ones who when they passed over never came back again. They evolved to such a high status in the light, they forfeited the need for human form or life again. Thus giving their suits or vessels to a new soul.
As even energy takes up space if its in large enough quantities lol
We are all responsible for each other which is why our friends up there check in on us all the time.
And NOT looking like greys and blues and giant 7 feet humans. We are the only race who needed to evolve skin and hair and shyte like that. Some of them don’t even have eyes but are incredible navigators.
There is only one bad one and they live in fear every day. We need to help them to be honest. They did bad things out of desperation.
But fundamentally they want life and it is evading them. The irony of life, they kill to live lol silly buggers.
But if we help each other we get

2) Full control of all time and space. Having that kind of control i ones evolution is key to our existence as we are ALL here for the Learning experience. To see how far as can go basically. See how far we can push ourselves to see what is beyond it all.
Evolution, creates, on every level.
We know that we create it every day, every day our Universe expands, when we create and evolve. But if we get the balance wrong our Solar system gets caught in a recycling process and planets get destroyed. I know we are missing about 50 in total, 7 just in our Solar System.
The big gap in space, is where the big bang happened and we are the result of what was pushed out from it after it was created. So I’ve been told.
Like when you detonate a landmine. It leaves a crater? Understand what I mean?
But because the Universe is all based on balance, it works the other way as well. When we get it right we create new worlds in other galaxies and they’re so much nicer than ours lol.

We have fucked this up so much we are that department store in every small town that can no longer survive and it’s shelves are empty and they can’t afford to have all the lights on and it runs on a skeleton staff and it’s heart breaking to watch because in it’s day it was the hub of the town. It took care of everyone in the town and everyone is devastated to see it’s demise.
Well earth is like that department store. We have fucked it up. It’s going to close it’s doors one day and if we don’t prepare for that or try to fix it, we will all suffer for it. No one wants to have to drive miles and miles to Walmart when they could have what they need right here.
However, the stores demise all depends on how the towns folk chose to deal with it. They can save it and rebuild it or walk away and let it die out.
The trouble is when if we let earth die out, it tips the balance and our solar system goes the wrong way and gets recycled and we all have to start again.
So we are going through various stages of evolution in order to get off and safe this planet also. For the greater good of humanity and the Universe and all that gets created in herm (joint energy masculine, feminine not one of tuther. I created the word Herm to describe it lol).

But when we have access to this light we have total power and control over time and space. We can go back and forth to the past, present and future of any living being on any form of existence.
Omnipresence is what it is.

So death isn’t something we need to fear in the light, but until we re i the light, death is all part of the necessary steps required to evolve.
It takes a selfless soul of light to chose to die as a child or by way of murder etc…..honestly, only a being with total understanding of it all would chose such a life to live.
The lessons aren’t just theirs though. There are always lessons to be learned from anyone surrounded by or connected to just pain.
But death is only hard on the living. For the death it is an adventure. An experience. A right of passage we all agree to take part in before we come down to live.
If you lost someone, you chose to have this journey with them however short the path.
These are things we decide and agree to even while we sleep (for those yet to woven (born) into our journeys fabric).

I believe one day, (until we are immortal which won’t happen while we still live by banks and government, money and fear etc…we are fucked.
However it is starting to change. We are about to tip the balance in favour of evolving). We will celebrate death.
We won’t mourn but celebrate the journey that loved on now gets to be a part of because what if, just what if, they got to make it to the light where they now get to live forever?
Once we are able to look past those fuckin Kardashians and all the distractions we allow ourselves to get caught up in, we will be able to join them in thought and memory (actual visual memory like I can now do at will) and never be parted when while we are still living in this life on this planet and they aren’t.
Who wouldn’t want that until we are all together riding the same thread of light?

But it’s up to all of us. No segregation, no hate, no labels, no dominance. Just doing what you love and loving what you do does all you need to kick start your true light.

We choose to die and we choose when we die and how.
My Dad died of heart disease. He could of not smoked or drank and eat crap the way he did. Even though his organs were healthy and that of a man half his age his heart was fucked. It was his choice.
My sister chose to die of skin cancer, she went in the sun, when she was told at the age of 14 not to.
My Mum chose to die of cancer because she didn’t have her check up the first time she felt off. Had she of answered the doctors letters to get checked up she would still be here not having died at 65 from Ovarian Cancer.
Suicides choose to pull the trigger, jump, swallow, etc…..even murder victims choose to open doors, hop in cars, follow their killer etc…..but this while it seems harsh, is ALL true.
We control every aspect of our loves including when we die. I used to think we didn’t but I was wrong, so wrong.
With the exception of the innocent ones (babies, children etc…) it’s all up to us, but all of our fate is decided before we are even born. But there is a domino effect that begins once we take our first breathe into life.
My family would all still be here. If only……however, this is nothing to be sad about. That was their journey and they willingly chose to participate in it with us.
We are all actors playing specific roles in each others plays.
Except in the future, the final scene gets standing ovations not boos and hisses.

It’s that simple 🙂

Let me tell you about The Cleansing. Fore Warned is Fore Armed.

Being bought up Catholic I had many disturbing sleepless nights about Armageddon and the End of the World. It always bothered me that this relationship I had with God was going to come to a punishing end even though I was a child and he apparently loved us. Of course as I got older (around 16 is when it all changed for me) I began to ask questions. People spend so much time thinking about how they can make money off their gifts and their inquisitive nature involving Spirit and The Paranormal they forget about the wealth of knowledge they can be learning by getting a relationship with Spirit rather than using Spirit for their own gain. Luckily for me I am a Scorpio/Rat so I am a question asker. My husband used to think I was ‘digging’ for information about him when we first got together but he then soon learnt that in fact I just like to know stuff. After all my favourite book in the whole world is The Dictionary lol

In deciding to learn about what I am and what I can do I formed a relationship with Spirit I’ve never seen anybody else have. They are my soul mates, my best friends, I trust them above all others and they are as much a part of my life as my own children. But I needed to know some things. If I was going to dedicate my life to them I wanted to know some truths and I wanted to know if the world was indeed going to come to an end. If so I wasn’t ever going to have children. They told me ‘Yes, the world is going to come to an end, but not in the way you think. The world as we know it is coming to an end and in its place something monumental will take its place’ This is when they explained to me about what I call The Cleansing.

I often explain to people their lives run in cycles of 7 years and when your 7 years are coming to an end you cleanse yourself and your life. All the bad, negative, unwanted things and aspects of your life will be removed and replaced with new things. A better understanding of the last 7 years and a new beginning. You essentially putting  every single thing in to a sieve. Be it  relationships, work, friendships, weight, possessions, anything that needs to be examined. Then after you shake the sieve about your left with the unnecessary stuff in the sieve to be thrown out and the good things are left in the bowl. What is thrown away will be replaced with new and good, positive and useful.

This is what is happening to The World right now. Some of us are going through a Spiritual Awakening that we never had before, some of us are feeling like ‘something is coming’ but they don’t know what. Some of us are feeling ‘Evil is a foot and something needs to be done’ some of us are having to actually deal with hideous acts of betrayal and hurt, homelessness, financial ruin, pain and darkness on a level a normal person wouldn’t or couldn’t possibly understand. Some people and it seems to be more so Artistic People (or what I call Gods Eyes, as an artist or writer you write or paint what The Big Guy wants the world to see) seem to be going through a transformation where at first they visit a dark place in their deepest souls in order to be reborn a new invigorated, bursting with ideas and energy new soul. When they lose hope and feel like you can’t get any deeper in despair the light comes and pulls you out.

But it is happening all over the world. People are being taken to the darkest times of their lives. People living in cities of tents, children going without food, unemployment on a mass scale. The darkness is everywhere. Our world is dying but without this happening we won’t ever have the rebirth. So basically Spirit have told me this. And I will be word for word here.

For over 2000 years Man has let a handful rule their every decision. From what house to buy, how to find attractive, how to be accepted publicly, What God to believe in and how. In time we have been conditioned to just accept things illegal acts in the name of progress or world interests. things like Tax, War, Religious Differences, we actually pay a complete stranger money every month for the right to use GODS water. Nobody owns this planet. Nobody has a right to say ‘this is mine you have to pay if you want to use it’. Yet we do. We think our tax goes to pay for the Police and Fire Department, Local Government but it doesn’t. It goes to The Banks to pay back debt we didn’t ask for in the first place. We have been blown to bits, enslaved, abused, betrayed, beaten, murdered, vanished and lied to for so long Spirit and the Big Guy have had enough and now is the time we take it back. Before the end there will be a series of disasters, streets upon streets of houses will be left abandoned, families being killed to hide the shame of debt, we will see thee most atrocious acts of cruelty and panic both in Man and in Government. And amazing acts of Bravery and Kindness and Love. It will literally be Dark fighting Light. Good fighting Evil. The few whole rule the masses are running out of time and their days are numbered. They know this. They are going to put things in the water, they will ramp up vaccinations, try to go to war with Syria, Jordan and Iran in the name of Peace. They will put medications in meat and toothpaste and even the sky and soil won’t be safe. They have weapons to create ‘false earthquakes and tsunamis’. Their goal is to keep us like cows, produce and pay, produce and pay, so they can have more and more and more. It is a game to see who gets the most first. One of the 7 families is going to go rogue. They will start to distance themselves and come clean about what they know. 5 nations will come undone by the hands of the people themselves. America will be first and I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure they might try to remove the poor President from the equation. When I saw Washington D.C in a riot of flames I asked where he was and his energy wasn’t even on the planet. To me that means he has been removed. I have since had dreams of him getting into a car that explodes but something doesn’t go according to plan. I should also point out that all this stuff I am talking about I have been seeing since about 2004 and all this stuff is safely documented with a friend. I tell him all my visions and prems and he documents them with date and time stamps.

This taking down of The Governments will last about 2-4 weeks with untold damage being done. Countries will try to distance themselves from each other, trying not to get caught up in the finger-pointing but once the finger is pointed, many governments will crumble. The truth will come out about everything from The truth about The Wars we have been fighting and just who has been funding them and why, the truth about Vaccinations, The truth about Cancer and other diseases, Celebrity Murders and Deaths etc…it will take America about 20 years to come to terms with the truth. Israel, China and The UK are the other countries and the 5th I have never been shown. I cannot even begin to assume to know who it could be. I’ve seen streets filled with hundreds of thousands of people, tanks and soldiers. The soldiers pointing the tanks at the crowds and being given the order ‘take them down’ but instead the soldiers get out of the tanks and join the masses. Back in 2006 I apparently described it as ‘V for Vendetta meets The L.A Riots. Little did I know people would start wearing the Guy Fawkes Masks when protesting. I’ve seen Firemen and Police Officers protesting next to Pensioners and Disabled, Mothers and Grandfathers, all being soldiers of Change, all bringing about a better world. As a child when you see images of men killing their families when they sleep then taking their own lives so they can be spares the shame of knowing they had debt, or Mothers killing their children but nobody knows why or could have guessed it was going to happen, you can’t help but feel your being shown a doomed world. But a broken society can and will be fixed but first we must be taken to our darkest place in order to be true when we fight for the truth. Many people will lose their lives. Some will take to the hills and won’t come back for many years. Some will use it as a chance to Steal, Loot, Pillage and go on the Rampage. But they will be caught and held responsible. Well will see the collapse of Government, Church and Monarchy due to controversy and Shame. There will be one more King of England and it won’t be Charles. William I feel will get rid of the Monarchy. The truth is going to set the world free and it will come at a high cost but it still won’t measure up to how much we have lost this far. It only takes one light to distinguish the dark and it started with what I called for almost a decade ‘The White haired Man’. Young man with white hair, who aged before his time. His truth will start a chain of events that will slowly unravel the links of power and control. But in amongst all of this we will see acts of bravery to which even the hardest heart will melt. THIS is how I know The Big Guy could NEVER just give up on us and obliterate this gorgeous planet of ours. We ARE the 99%, we the 99 % care, we have humility and kindness and love and compassion and each smile and hug and each act of kindness we show illuminates a light of pure Spiritual Love. The love a genuine act of kindness has gives out so much Spiritual Light. A beacon of light shines for every genuine act of bravery, selflessness, kindness and sacrifice. We will as a planet destroy all that darkness. Those of us who are good, just, fair and honest, kind, hard-working,humble and generous, we will shine a light so bright, the dark will be torn down. I could name names and places of specific interest but it wouldn’t do anyone any good to worry. If you live in the West, South and East of America, please keep your head down and prepare for at least a month without electricity and running water, get a good first aid kit, stock up on non perishables, batteries, etc….keep your head down and don’t get caught up in the violence because after the Cleansing and we have The Rebirth, all those who were caught taking the nation for granted in any way other than taking back the country for Freedom and Light WILL be held accountable. I also saw a TV personality commit suicide on TV because they were so ashamed of believing the Government Speel. But it will be a huge shock for everyone who wasn’t in the Know before hand. I have since learnt I am not the only one who calls it the Cleansing as well. In the last few months Mr has been finding people in YouTube who call it this too. Most people just know something is coming.

A group of people and I feel it will be Doctors and Firemen etc…people of Good Character will start trying to bring calm to the situation. They will make people see reason in regards to letting people go in and Fix the Electricity and Sewage etc…and eventually people will calm down. BUT ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who has gained power, influence and money through the loss and suffering of others better run because you don’t want to know what I’ve seen happen to some of these people. One man in particular I saw, must have taken ages to die being backed into a corner of his multi million dollar house, begging for his life, and being kicked to death in the head. All I saw was a Black Army Style Boot. But I KNEW this man doing it with the hate and the rage in his heart, was or is an employee of the man being killed. So if you have hurt or done anyone out of money, possessions or dignity you better start tracking these people down to make retributions because these are the people who will use the Civil Unrest as an excuse to release their rage on the people who made them victims in the first place. Bankers, Lawyers, and Government, will be the worse affected. The Paedophiles, Chronic Trouble Makers (and each community has them) etc…will also be affected. The kids who think they are protected from terrorising neighbourhoods and the elderly will also be affected. Basically the Cleansing will be an excuse for anyone who has been wronged to put right the wrong and not all of it will be deserving. We have been as a society pushed to breaking point all over the world. We will start to stand up and say NO!!! I will NOT be a victim to your lies and B.S anymore..

And I know all of this sounds so frightening and I have censored so much of what I have told you. But let me explain why this is happening.

We are being told it is time to take out the trash. It is time as a nation as a country, as a continent, as a Planet, we put all the things in our sieve together that has hurt us as a human race and we will get rid of all the horrible garbage in the sieve and  then we are left the pure, good, wholesome, and the light. With that, after all of this, we will have what I called The Rebuild where we will go through The New Renaissance.

We will after we get over the shock will go through an amazing transformation, the likes of which our planets History will have never seen before. We will see invention, creation, art, music, literature, science and medicine explode onto the world stage. Cures for Cancers and other Diseases will be finally released to the world after years of threats and aggression towards these poor Scientist and Inventors. Free Energy, Every Single person on the planet will have a Basic Human right of Shelter, Medicine, Water and Food. Those who robbed us of our money and dignity will be themselves stripped of their money and Google’s of Amounts of money will be returned to the planet. We will use this to rebuild our nations. Africa will no longer be lead to believe they have no water for crops, it will thrive and be lush with farms and produce. No one will go hungry again. We will share ideas and creations and because electricity will be free our wages will be spent on other things. We won’t pay taxes (it’s never been the law anyway), food will be plentiful so our shopping bills will be halved or quartered, because people will have more than they need and no threats of debts or unemployment hanging over them, everyone will be happier. No one will need drugs for escaping their worries (and drugs will be made legal if people want to self destruct after not getting help then it will be their choice) people will be allowed to think for themselves and will be allowed to express themselves without fear of arrest or condemnation, you can believe in what ever you want, how you want and as with Spirit, there will be Two Basic rules we will all live by. One: is I will not by my own actions cause loss or harm to another human being and Two: I will not begrudge anyone to make money if they make their money honestly and do good with it when they have it. The Big Guy and Spirit have never had an issue with anyone being rich, it is how they made their money and what they do with it they care about. We will have an abundance of jobs because all these derelict towns and villages will be brought back to life. The homeless will find homes and get jobs rebuilding entire communities all around the world. Unwanted children and animals will get the loving families they deserve, trees, bees and water will be protected and given the attention they deserve, we will have celebrity where it is deserved, no one will be famous for being controversal or whoring, music will be beautiful, art will be breath-taking, we will live longer because we won’t be getting forced to get sick as the poisons and chemicals will be removed from out lives and diseases will be abolished. For the Pharma companies there is more money in the illness than the cure. But when everyone is well, medication is easy to get a hold of for everyone, and hospitals take anyone regardless of if they work or not, we just won’t wear our bodies down like we used to. For those of us that work we will pay so much of our wage to pay for the services we need. But bear in mind, with no taxes to pay, no electricity and fuel to pay for, our wages will basically be our own, so to contribute say 5% of your monthly wage to pay for Hospitals, Fire Department, and new departments like The Department or Fuel and Invention (that’s an example but basically it will be a group of people looking at how to live on the planet as naturally as possible using as minimal amounts of the planet as possible so we could have a cell in our cars that not only drive us and have zero accidents but it only needs recharging once a month and it does that when it’s not running or something, people will be only too happy to give to that instead of illegal taxes) people who don’t work will be expected to pull their weight also. If you don’t have a job you won’t get money for the extras unless you say mow lawns in your community, paint the houses of the new families moving in etc…but most people will be only too happy to do a job. We just need to change their mindset. Once people see who much the world is changing, most people won’t want to stay at home smoking and playing Xbox. They will want to be a part of it, so in essence Unemployment will be in a very low figure anywhere on the planet. If someone commits a crime we as a community will decide their fate. The punishment will fit the crime. But everyone will get a fair true Democratic legal representation and trial. Drugs will be legal so prison populations will be cut by about 70%. All people in prison will get their cases looked at and anyone who was imprisoned unfairly will be released and compensated and rehabilitated. Racial tolerance will be the norm. When the uneducated and ignorant learn the truth of how they were manipulated into thinking a Black or Arab man is bad, their focus will be on other things. When everyone has all they need to get by and no one is going without, when everyone is given the same rights in life, no one will be jealous or biased of anyone else. If you want extras you will earn them, just like everyone else.

No one will go to war or enter into confrontation with ANYONE without the consent of EVERYONE. But we will have peace for such a long time it won’t be an issue. Most importantly No one person will have absolute power over any one or any thing. We as people will decide a Leaders fate and I think even that person will work as a team. Anyone who wants the power won’t get it. Anyone who can’t offer a valid contribution to our society won’t have leadership, if you screw up you will be removed. You will not make a single decision without us saying it’s okay. If we don’t like you, you will be removed and then we get another team in who can prove themselves worthy. You will NOT get rich off the people. You will get rich for goods and services you provide fairly and honestly. You will not get special favour financially because you speak for us. You will not have to go without but you will not be in a lavish mansion while the rest of us are gruelling away at fixing the planet those in power originally broke, most of on the planet will live into our hundreds because of  a change in lifestyle, medical assistance and living a chemical free lifestyle. Meat will be good and pure, fruits, nuts and vegetables will be organic and chemical free. Food will be good and wholesome. But we will still have chocolate and cakes lol  I mean even God himself wouldn’t dare take Lindor Lindts off us women lol even he knows when he gives us poor women our monthly visit, chocolate will be the only thing coming to visit that we actually want lol Chocolate, the sweet nectar of the Gods, no man can go wrong saying I’m sorry with a box of the stuff lol What else?

Oh Education, History Books will be rewritten and we will teach our children as much through life as in the classroom. School won’t be the Slave Making, Mind Numbing, Gruelling experience it is now. We will learn all the things we need to make us useful,beneficial members of society. Oh Children won’t grow up worshipping Footballers and Strippers. Our men won’t be fighting at Football matches and going stupid at sports events. Because no one will be making obsurd amounts of money to kick a ball and not be bothered or good enough to make your country win a world cup, guys won’t be pent-up with rage from the way their lives are going so won’t feel the need to fight all the time. We will have, love and respect our Sportsmen and Women but they will be people who are genuinely talented and do it because they want to, not because it will make them rich. No church will be filled with people taking money in exchange for worship. No church will be filled with precious and priceless items, and men and women of the cloth won’t be adorned with ceremonial robes hand-made of the finest silks and gold. Faith will be personal, faith will be your own and your faith will be free. Palaces and Churches will be used as tourist spots in the future. There may even be a time in the future where we see homeless people being placed there for shelter. It is after all what the God I know would want. The Aramaic Scrolls have a passage that says ‘Do not worship me in buildings built on the backs of men, paid for by the men who build them, worship me in your heart for that is your one true temple’ But these scrolls have been hidden away. They KNOW they were taken from conversations the man they think is the closest resembling the Jesus we know. He was an Assen (or Magic Man) he was Psychic and a Telepath and used his ‘Magic gifts’ to help people. They killed him of course. He spoke of his father in heaven and his God in heaven as two separate people. Because they were. But anyway, this will all come out later.

I was told by a Higher Power I trust with my life that We got lazy after the Victorian Era. we were full of invention and then got lazy because we thought we had created everything we needed. But in that Era, rightly so, we gave valued and held in high esteem the Scientists, Discoverers, Inventors and Creators of the world and Spirituality will become a common thing in people’s lives again just like then. We will understand the Spirit process and I’ve even been told that we will teach The Paranormal in Schools. Kids will have classes in how to use their God Given Gifts. So in the future we will have a planet of psychics, telepaths and everyone will have a greater Spiritual Understanding. In the distant future we will even stop communicating vocally and will even give up the need for a body but that is a long way off.

So it’s not all bad. We are having the disasters just like Spirit said we would. They said there would be a series of disasters and acts of just pure atrocity like that you only see in movies along with miracles and bravery and love like that you only read about in books. Please, don’t be afraid. If you keep your head down you’ll be fine. You have to know this is happening because our Earth Is Dying. We are killing it and ourselves. If we don’t do this, we are finished. Living like Mad Max would be a blessing compared to what I saw. We will be in actual Hell. This is what Hell is. There will be so many things to relearn, so many truths to come to terms with. Some people simply won’t be able to cope with the lies they have been told, some people will be mentally scarred by it, some are so fragile, they won’t even be allowed to be aware of the cleansing. But the rest of us will make this world a beautiful place to live.

Many people have and will give their lives for us to live free, remember that. So when ever you hear of someone killing themselves, or killing their family and then themselves, please, don’t judge. Cry for them, send their souls to Spirit because these poor people were pushed to breaking point and couldn’t cope any more. However, ever one who gives their lives so we may live free, need to be Thanked and sent to Spirit, because they have chosen a path of sacrifice so we can live free. So our children and future generations can live free. If they are beaten and arrested for protesting, give Thanks, if they die, give Thanks, if they help and protect, give Thanks. These Souls chose this path of sacrifice so we will be free. I know a few of you will think I am crazy. And that is fine. I have never trusted anyone with my insights before other than a couple of very trusted men in my life, one of who has been documenting my Psychic Journey for many years. This will be a lot for some people to take in but this stuff has been happening for about 2 years now. It will come to a climax this year though and this is why you need to know. Something is going to happen this year and very soon to start the civil unrest in America. It will be enough to make even the calmest of people get angry. It will be outrageous and painful. In the mean time keep away from Vaccinations and Fluoride, Aspartame and Acesulflame K, MSG, SLF, Sorbitol, Sucrose, Sodium Nitrate and other unnatural chemicals. I know it might seem impossible to avoid but you can if you spend some time hunting for it. My bestie Bluebird lives in Michigan and he drinks non fluoridated water and eats natural products. These are just some of he chemicals being given to us to dumb us down and hurt out immune systems. I beg you. I have it on good authority about these things as someone who has a family member on the inside. The people who create these chemicals don’t touch them with 10 foot poles themselves. If they were safe they wouldn’t make you sick, if they were safe they wouldn’t be so controversal. Hemp oil is curing cancers and other diseases. Coconut Oil and Butter is curing people’s Memory Based Illnesses. I was told by my most Trusted Spiritual Advisor that there is nothing that comes from our planet we can’t use to cure us. My family and I have been using Elderberry Syrup for about 5 years now and no-one of us have had a serious flu since. If we get a cold we have a swig and it goes away, by boys aren’t vaccinated, we don’t use fluoride and my boys immune systems are so strong my eldest son got Chicken pox at Xmas and got one pox, and went off his food for 3 days with a bit of vomiting then he was back to his normal self on the 4th day. My youngest didnt’ even get sick. I’ve also noticed them and myself heal from cuts and wounds really quickly. We’ve had cuts one day that have vanished by the second day. I had two C Sections and after using Colloidal Silver on them I have no scars nor did I get infections. In fact the day after I came home with my youngest having used the Silver on the wound site the skin had already grown over the staples and had to be cut back open to remove the staples. So this stuff does work. Don’t be afraid to try these things. They are all natural and won’t hurt you. Please, look these things up if you don’t believe me. There is a movement of people finding alternatives. Save yourself so we can save the planet. And give Thanks when you see these people in the streets protesting and fighting for our rights and our freedoms, be Thankful it isn’t you.