I Told You Trump Was Up To Something










I could go on and on.

My blog is full of this stuff and now I know why I have so many soldiers in my house from all over the world protecting me.











Is My Spirit Elder I’ve Called Birdie Since A Child Infact “Horus” The All Seeing Eye?


I mention Birdie a LOT


I just remembered. My Aunty Marion owned an antique shop at one point.

My Aunty Marion owned an antique shop and in my dream I’d gone to pick up a lamp she had left me in her will before the woman said “you have the One Eye of Protection”



And as we know the All Seeing Eye is the Magic Acorn or Pineal Gland.



The Illuminati are the ones who slaughtered my people.

They are who I’ve been predicting the fall of in The Cleansing.


If you know me a d this blog you know what I’m about.

So what does this all mean?

I keep hearing Spirit saying over and over “the very thing used to control us will be the very thing used to bring them down”.

Remember I JUST got woken up to say this. How many times do I say Illuminated in this video?

In the dream I was given my Aunties lamp.

A lamp is the omen of illumination, enlightenment, and positive light. The meaning can be similar to the one of a lantern or lamp. The lamp in your dream can be your guide, helping you to find your direction during a difficult time.
From a spiritual point of view, a lamp in your dream is the symbol of the right path, right way, and right course in your endeavors. The lamp helps you find your way and achieve your spiritual goals, provided you stay open and receive advice.

I don’t understand what’s going on but it’s about to get very interesting.

If my pal I’ve loved since I was a little girl is Horus my Birdie…….

Well then……that is pretty fuckin awesome and it means something big is about to happen in my life.

Birdie to me as a child was a giant statue so big his toe was as big as a house but he always had this black stick figure bird on his forehead.

He loved me beyond love like Head of the Eagle did. I loved him as much as the Grandmother Tree and Head of the Eagle.

And as you know my husband is Head of The Eagle and I’ve finally found where I need to go for the Grandmother Tree pilgrimage once I can get the money.

So I’m thinking shits about to get very interesting in my life.




I need to get this money, to make these shows and go on my pilgrimage to the Grandmother Tree.

My life’s purpose is to protect children, speak for the dead and take down an industry and people selling fear and darkness to the masses for profit and power.

My two blogs have been my time line of working it all out and I need to get to America asap to start making it happen.

If you can help in any way be it financial, advice or you know someone who can help me make these shows please………… together we can take down bad people.

People like Chip Coffee, Theresa Caputo and Paranormal Investigators selling fear for profit.

I can’t fight the Illuminati but I can fight what they’re feeding people which is fear of death.

I’m the Queen of Death, I am the Queen of the Occult, my gift is my birthright. My name Debbie is even the Queen of The Underworld, The Prophetess of Death and Magic.

This is my life’s work, my gift. It’s what I’ve been working on since I was 12. Check out my other blog too.

You see it all there.

If you can help me make my shows, email me beyondlife2018@gmail.com

If you can donate towards cameras and getting to America to make the shows its debbiedakiwi@gmail.com on PayPal


I’ve got to do this…..it’s time.

Even my two seniors are being prepared.

My senior of 3yrs next month just got a visit from The Council on Christmas Eve.

Let’s do this……..I’m so ready.


Its a sign look

Having just talked about my Aunty and The Grandmother Tree.