Justin Trudeau Defends Pedophila By Lowering Age Of Consent For Anal Sex To 16.

It just keeps getting better and better for us and worse and worse for them lol


Some people are actually defending this saying he’s creating a sexual revolution lol so fucking kids is revolutionary apparently.

I TOLD you they’d try to normalise pedophila.

That man and his shape shifting eye brows are the next to go. Lol

My popcorn runeth over.

We have our whiskey waiting for three things

Clinton in orange, finding the first survivors, and the tanks on the streets.


First Miracle? Do You Think?




Hillary And Foundation. Sex Crimes Goes Mainstream On FOX NEWS. JUST LIKE I SAID

Is that what FOX meant? I TOLD you once it goes mainstream news it’s over hahaha I’m SO fuckin happy right now. I was right again. This is HUGE people. Now those who defended her will know what she’s been doing.

This is the house of cards crashing down now. I was right I was right I was right.

And lastly a recap on what I’ve been seeing. I mention fox a few times prior. My fans and followers will know.

This is huge hahaha I’m so happy.

Not so fuckin nuts now aye?


No wonder the kids were acting weird