London/Finsbury Park attack. This is humanity at its finest.

Look who’s there in those crowds.

 Young, Old, Black, White, Muslim, Jews, Sikh, Asian, Rich, Poor, etc…there is no divide.


This is why I have hope. Because fundamentally we are all just citizens of earth wanting to live in harmony and peace and this is why they’re resorting to MK Ultra style attacks on the communities around us.

It’s the last desperate acts of dying parasites and now the citizens are about to cut off the food supply.

My heart bleeds for these victims and their families around the globe who are giving themselves so that we can live free.

Throughout my entire life, I will honour your memory.


The Definition of Anarchy

The word anarchy comes from the ancient Greek ἀναρχία (anarchia), which combines ἀ (a), “not, without” and ἀρχή (arkhi), “ruler, leader, authority.” Thus, the term refers to a person or society “without rulers” or “without leaders”.

Anarchist do NOT protest, hide their faces or form organisations to do it.

They don’t break the law, cause riots or hurt people then run to the police when things go wrong.

An anarchist simply refuses to live under anyone’s rule. Chooses to live in society peacefully and self governs. So it’s all about personal responsibility.

They don’t give in to isims.

So what you see on the streets wearing masks and carrying very well and quickly organised protest weapons etc…are nothing more than morons who are bringing about the cleansing fast.

Spoiled middle class rich kids who have no education, jobs who need to feel special in some way.

Feminists or as I like to call them The Grinch Collective. Because they have coloured hair, screwed up faces and take the fun away from everyone because they feel left out and no one likes them so they gather in a gaggle or collective and hold their breathes until people look. 

But the trouble is no one is looking. They’re embarrassing to my gender.

The Grinch Collective also have their men side kicks I call Max. The Grinches dog who has his masculinity stapled to his head, following the Grinches around in the hope they’ll get a pat on the head.

I’m tired of the misrepresentation out there. 

I can’t wait for the cleansings pinnacle.

I can’t wait to see all of these evil, stupid and ignorant people being taken out of the game by the real anarchists aka citizens.

We’re going to look back on this one day and laugh at how embarrassing they all are.

They’ll be named and shamed for decades to come. I promise you that.

If any of them try to have a normal life after this even in their 90s they’ll never be allowed to forget because they pissed and moaned about an election they caused the downfall of their entire country.

They claim to be anti fascists yet don’t let anyone speak freely.

They ruined Netflix. That pisses me off.

Has anyone actually sat down with a dictionary with these people?

Bring on the cleansing. They’ve pushed everyone too far.

I see tanks on the streets soon. You can tell the police on those streets are getting so fed up. I can totally can see why they end up joining the citizens.

I keep seeing that scene from V for Vendetta where hundreds of thousands gather in the streets to push the evil out and they’re (the darkness) over powered by the citizens.

This is what’s coming next in America.

In the UK I see fires, riots, people injured, the Houses of Parliament and The Royals being steeped in trouble.
And something may be about to happen in Scotland. I’m just putting it out there. Possibly Italy too. Also just putting it out there.
I also see American news anchors having to apologize for getting it so wrong and I do believe one either attempts or commits suicide to escape the embarrassment.

I’d recommend if you can to remove as much money as you can from banks, spread your money out over stocks and bonds.

They even told me in what to invest in.

Email me for details.

Radio and Social media are going to BE HUGE proponents in ending this tyranny and your going to see a rise in people coming out and pointing fingers.

One of the premonitions that always stood out to me was when Spirit said “When it comes to the downfall and who does it please remember this “We are fight club, we are your Coast Guard’s and Firemen, your cooks, your security guards, your soldiers, officers, barbers and cleaners etc…we are everywhere and larger in numbers and we are watching. We are documenting everything you do and make no mistake when the time is right we release the footage and end this once and for all”.

It can’t happen soon enough because if what’s being released now isn’t bringing it about yet what the fluffy is bad enough that is does?

The thought almost scares me.

But it’s necessary.

And every time someone dies please give thanks because they’re sacrificing themselves for the greater good of humanity.

But please, for the love of Blob, understand the meaning of a word before you use it to tear a beautiful world apart.

Spirit told a joke.

I bought my Kek shirt today and I was having at laugh at Feminists and Antifa and Spirit said “What’s the difference between God and a feminist? God doesn’t think it’s a feminist and considering we can’t tell the biological gender of either sex I’d say we made a funny”

I’d say you did too guys hahahahaha well done.

Does anyone get the joke? Or is it too cerebral?

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