So…..About Our Intuition

I’ve been woken up to be told that our intuition isn’t our consciousness nor the dead. 🀯

Our intuition is time.

Remember how I described what standing in time looks like?

It’s a stream of light that runs through our bodies like a ribbon being passed through our bodies in the gut, out of our backs.

But the light spreads up and out, down and out. It radiates depending on our mental, physical emotional well being.

But it’s not white light. It’s a yellowy orange light with pinks in it.

When you bend down to look into it the light is made of a an infinite stream of lives, or consciousness like pixels or grains of sand in a stream of sand and each pixel is the life of something organic and all the lives attached to that and every decision made that becomes a fact or certainty in the continuing time line of our genetic expansion (and evolution of our collective consciousness and as a Universe) branches off like a tree. Each branch on that tree grows its own leaves which is our individual time line. When we are born, it’s because the branch drops a nut on the grown for it to become its own life.

Still connected to the time line because it’s FROM the light so it is the light genetically but the nut falling from the time line is who we are in this life.

It is our consciousness and we connect to it through the connection of time. Time is magnetic, and it radiates. Our intuition is the energy field that is both magnetic and radiates.

The line of time acorn metaphor in description looks like this.

Have you ever seen a welder using his torch on metal where sparks come off the metal once the flame hits the metal?

The sparks are the acorn.

The acorn is a new life. Just imagine the metal is the time line and you are the welder and your choices are the torch.

So….we are God. We are a recycling, constant stream of consciousness and light just dropping acorns and growing the trees that becomes a bright version of ourselves standing as a pixel in the time line we created.

Every version of ourselves from the creation of time is a pixel with its own branches dropping acorns, spreading its own light up and down.

Time, gravity, momentum, magnetism and balance are the things that contain the light.

Depending on what we decide to be as acorns dictates if the connection to the time line is bright or faded.

If it’s bright the light expands and our time line grows and we push light out and our Universe expands.

If it’s dim we fade into the light and have to drop more acorns to reincarnate.

That’s why time exists all at once and why symbiosis is key to the expansion of our universe.

When we have a connection with time we are happy and at peace. We’re connected to all time and everything in it. It’s a beautiful place to be because it’s where everything is going right.

Our gut tells us this.

When we get stuff wrong we get pulled from that light and it’s painful as all hell. Break ups, loses, bad decisions all hurt in our gut because it’s a cut from our time line.

It’s a feeling of knowing what we lost will never get to be a connection to the time line. It will fade and die out of the time line and our gut tells us this because the pull from time physically hurts.

I have said it over and over again in here when I time jump it is painful to be pulled back from. You feel like a rubber band snapping in your gut and it physically hurts as much as it emotionally hurts.

Because it’s a disconnect from time and everything good is in that light.

When I see the future I see time. That’s why my gift is so different to the average bears.

But think of this and blow your mind.

When I said imagine a ribbon running through your gut and out your back, you’d look like a giant to the light wouldn’t you?

But get this…….when you bend down to look at the gagillions of pixels in the ribbon each pixel is the same size as the you standing with the ribbon going through your gut.

Mind blown yet?

Your Intuition is the light. Not the connection to it. Our subconscious selves is our phyiscal mind. The parts of our brain that help the Intuition connect to the voice in our gut.

It’s the torch. Your the body, your subconscious helps make the choices depending on the balance of the intuition and subconscious.

So it’s a ball of light spinning inside a ball of light trying to find the balance.

Like a gyroscope.

That lady and gentlemen is an atom.

That’s why I graduated to the light HA!

They’re so clever. You know I’m figuring this out as I type it aye?

Now….this means our Spirit Elders are those pixels in the time line.

Everyone helps everyone.

We don’t have one specific Spirit Elder or Angel or Spirit Guide .

They all give it a go because they’re all busy doing other things too in their own time line.

This is why we dream of strangers. We are all actors on a stage playing our part. That is why when we dream we will dream of people we don’t know in life but think it’s someone we know well in a dream.

How many of us say “In the dream it was my Dad but it didn’t look like my Dad but I knew it my dream it was”

It is your Dad, it’s just a different visual version of your Dad depending on what pixel your seeing him be. You know his as the acorn in real life but in the light you know him as every version of him that is contained within his own individual light stream.

Your intuition knows this. That’s why I’m the dream you know it’s him even if it doesn’t look like him.

Lol mind blown yet?

This is why the negative voices in our heads are the versions of ourselves we got wrong trying to help us get to the light by making better choices.

This is why the dark side can only come when invited.

A Devil Worshipper is simply bringing the worst versions of themselves out lol it’s not the Devil at all HAHAHA

What dicks.

Where as I’m bringing out the best version of myself because when I balanced the negative voices I only heard the subconscious mind and my connection to time.

Telepathy is the radiation, telekinesis is the magnet.

We send signals of radio frequency to pick up on the consciousness of others.

Hence being able to read their minds, plant thoughts and see their future, read their emotions. We connect to their light through that frequency.

People who don’t get on have a magnetic polarity effect. Negative energy pushes while positive pulls and telekinesis is the push and pulling magnetic effect of your choices and balance.

Of ever you have second thoughts about something you know it’s not right because when you get something right it creates a domino effect of things going right or your compass facing north so to speak.

But when it’s not right you feel it in your gut. I always say listen to your gut.

If your gut is feeling that pull it’s your conscious mind telling your subconsciousness mind (or your man standing in the ribbon telling the acorn) it’s on the wrong path.

Your gut never lies. Because it’s the band that connects you to time.

The umbilical connection to your creator which is you.

Remember I said Everything in the universe has its balance. So the dark version that runs along side the light is the versions of ourselves we got wrong trying to fill in the gaps between the light so it can join it and expand along with it because if it doesn’t it fades before and it can’t become an acorn until it finds the balance so it to can become a pixel first.

So it tries to guide you by reminding you where your going wrong so you can get it right for you and it.

When you deal with the negative voices your happier and you have that heading north on a compass feeling in your gut and your light expands to the positive frequency.

Thus creating a better Telepathic connection.

When you get it wrong you push it out and it becomes telekinesis.

Hence poltergeist activity.

We create the voices in our head and we create the monsters and demons and ghosts in our head that scare the shit out of ourselves.

That’s why I said some “ghosts” are us but one of the versions of us we got wrong trying to tell us we got something wrong.

Do you understand now why Ghosts don’t and can’t haunt us? And why we can’t live in other dimensions?

Because if it takes all of energy and process just to maintain or contact you can you imagine how much energy it would take to be a different you somewhere else? The you standing with the ribbon can only weld so much before it gets tired and needs rest to refuel and regenerate which is why we sleep.

When an acorn has served its purpose it then joins the light to find it’s balance.

If it grew a good tree it gets to be the part of something good and expansive in the fabric of time. It gets to create oxygen and support life and nurture the planet and all who rely on her for life, shelter and food. Make more trees and spread its genetic time line forever.

If it grew a bad tree then it gets baron, diseased, rots into the ground and gets consumed by the soil.

But there are good things in soil. The soil has nutrients like vitamins and minerals and worms in it to help it try to remove the disease and maybe, just maybe over time the acorn gets rid of the disease and gets to try again.

So there is no heaven and there is no he’ll.

It’s all just a gyroscope within a gyroscope within a gyroscope on an infinite loop trying to find it’s balance to expand the greater atom that is contained within the time.

The more we get right the faster the expansion.

Matter Vs anti matter.

Light Vs Dark (expand the universe aka Conscious)

Angel Vs Demon (expand mind aka Subconscious)

Happy Vs Sad (expand our phyiscal )

Life Vs Death (when we get it right death won’t exist anymore we will be immortal)

Aaaahhh so that’s why I said a health mind, healthy body healthy soul.

When depression sets in its the sign our soul is getting ready to give up so the body goes first.

That’s why we have all the negative side effects of depression.

That’s why my therapy works so well on depression and mental health.

I know how to help people find the balance by tapping into my light.

When they see it in me they attract it in themselves which is why my students are starting to feel the need to get healthy and heal themselves.

I am light. Me teaching is me trying to find the balance in my students who earned the right to be a part of my light. Because they get my gifts.

That’s why their gifts are nearly on par with me.

Why their lives have starting to match mine. Why we’re experiencing the same things in life.

Because our pixels are starting to become a greater part of the expanding light.

Their ribbons are joining mine as they tune in to my frequency as I’m the more powerful magnet.

Together we expand the light because of what we plan on doing together once we get together.

Our shows going to haunted and active locations will help SO many people. My school will help even more. My talks, our stories, readings whatever we do we do as a collective spreading the light.

The other students didn’t want to help me spread the light. They wanted to contain it and keep it for themselves or did have the drive to want to train.

They become concerned with gossip and lying and trying to tear me or other students down. So I demangetized them from my light.

My students here now train, they do the work and want to help spread the light so they get to be a part of it.

They get to be a part of my gyroscope while inside their own. Particles inside a greater atom or pixels within the ribbon of time.


I just explained time, evolution, light, psychology, mental illness, the Paranormal, Psychic, death and the theory of everything all in post.

I’d say that’s not bad for a poor dumb delusional kid from New Zealand who got kicked out of school at 14 and society at 44 lol

Oh wait……44……your kidding me?

14-44 that can’t be 44?

When we get it right we get to travel through space with the rest of them.

The Elites know they’re dying out. Why they’re trying to mix up the bloodline. They e gotten it so wrong.

SOOOOOOO wrong lol they’re becoming a diseased baron acorn haha Oh my Blob……this whole time they thought they were being spooky bitches and it turns out their all just nuts HAHAHA

And people said I was HAHAHA that’s just too funny.

When we see them doing their cloaked rituals they think they’re talking to Satan and it’s just them playing tricks on themselves hahahaha

They think by killing children they contain their light but they don’t. They drain their own and they devolve, or spread the disease or are not being able to breed.

The darkness waits. The dirt waits to receive the nut that will never grown unless the disease is removed.

That’s why hell feels like an eternal darkness. It’s not being in the light.

It’s light contained within the dirt and the worse you were the further down into the soil you go.

The further down you go the more you get turned into none existence.

Eventually our planet will be gas because we’re destroying her one layer at a time. Deforestation, pollution, mining, fracking, over farming etc…… we’re stripping away at her layers.

This is why I can’t stand people buying crystals and diamonds etc …they have no idea how much damage they’re causing.

They’re helping to kill a God.

God means creator or to create to the light.βš›οΈπŸŒ

Eventually we will strip her so far back she too becomes nothing. We are the diseased acorns 🌰😭

And we’re allowing it by letting the darkness get to the very light that ensures our connection to all of it.

Our children. ☹️😒

And America is the who decides the world’s fate.

Because they’re the ones fighting the darkness.

I need to join the fun. If I can get this message out there that death isn’t what people think it is, that the Paranormal really isn’t dead people and psychic really isn’t either but using my gift to do it……. I’ll help gagillions.

Our dead connect to us in the light.

I suddenly feel horrendously dizzy. Like I’m about to tip sideways and float off like a balloon being blown to the right but it’s 7.25am and I’m in bed.

I lost my Uncle yesterday.

Alton Watson, my Mind brother. I wanted to speak with him and was sending out a signal. When I saw him and felt the connect I thought about how it’s a different feeling in my gut to when something is feeling me to think again.

Because light feels right. It’s North. My beautiful Uncle is a part of my light. More so my genetic light. Our light has some of the same particles in it. He’s a tree my cousin’s his acorns.

It’s just a constant redo or undo. Evolve devolve, matter anti matter, light dark over and over like a gyroscope within a gyroscope within a gyroscope. So atoms basically.

But it got me thinking which led me to this.

So I’d like to dedicate this post to my Uncle Alton.

He was a beautiful man. A gentle giant, a gentle man a gentle soul.

He never had a mean bone in his body. I will truly miss him in the physical. I’d give anything to go home to his Tangi.

But I’ll get him alone when he’s done his thing with my cousin’s, his mokos, Aunties and Uncles….etc….

So there you go. Intuition explained along with everything else I didn’t know I was going to explain.

I figured it out as I typed it lol

I honestly thought I was gonna type a paragraph.

Explains why the Council look the way they do lol but I TOTALLY understand why it had to be that way. Fuck!!! Seeing it would kill me.

Our Spirit Elders are whoever we need it to be to wake us up at the time.

We are but one. The person standing with the ribbon running through us while being a pixel and an acorn for someone else standing with a ribbon.

Mind blowing really aye?

Not just a big mouth with a bigger pair of tits now am I?

Job done.

That was my final thesis.

NOW I’m graduated.

I wonder if I get a certificate or prize?

Not being poor would be good lol

Science doesn’t pay well lol

So we will never be able to create the god particle. The hadron collider is a big waste of time lol

They might as well fart in paper it will achieve more than the hadron collider.

They’re trying to destroy world’s not willing to be destroyed.

What happens when two magnets get pushed together against its will?

But there is too much expansion for it to have an effect. Eventually what is pushed out is pushed so far it eventually fades into nothing.

Energies existence is only assured when and only if it becomes a part of something else. Hence genetic memory, conception, ideas, creations, etc……

They’re trying create something that doesn’t have the participation of everything else in the universe because it knows if you play GOD you create the Devil and the light will never play a part in that process.

They’ll only get so far before it just goes back in on itself.

We will never be able to wipe us out. We will always exist in some form of genetic memory in an atom in the Universe.

They’re putting all that effort in and all they’re doing is devolving themselves while the rest of us evolve.

They can kill our bodies but they’ll never kill our light. They can create a god particle because God is all. We are God god creates not destroys and God creates and evolves on its own using things like biology. Evolution is biological not chemical or physical. That’s why it’s called evolution. It has to happen on its own bi-o-log-ical-ly.

You can’t kill light, it has to kill itself by not doing enough to evolve its own light.

Suicides devolve their light. They get do overs but are happy to do so.

Remember when I started this whole Universal theory last year I said “it’s better to be the front end of a sneeze than the back end of a comet”.

I’ve just explained why on every possible level.

Now I’m gonna get my arse to America and fight the fight to spread the light.

If I could of raised that $10k my girl and I would be out there helping haunted and broken people and places right now.

I can’t wait to get out there and shut the Paranormal industry down lol

There’s a Sheriff now.

Jugs with the Hugs

That’s me………⬇️

Look at this face and remember it (I said look at my face! My eyes are up here, focus ) because it’s coming to tear shit up.

And I’m in my undies wanting toast as I write this lol

I’m so eloguent bein scientificle


Don’t worry I just blewed my own mind let alone yours lol

This post is my entire blog summed up.

There is nothing more I can teach you in this blog after this about death.

I have no more files to work on in the Paranormal field.

It’s done.


That’s the reason my teacher said I must never use Telekinesis because it comes from a negative place.

If I’m light with this gift imagine my dark with this gift.

Poltergeist activity is the manifestation of depression which is negative.

And for the record I wasn’t calling myself poor dumb delusional I’m using other people’s words they called me against them.

See what happens when you step into the light?

See why I can read energy?

Talk to animals? Nature? Lol

I graduated.

My happiness is elevating me inside right now.

You can try to control the light or kill it but if light pushes back and refuses to die fighting for its evolution the light shines brighter.


Children never lie. They are the light.

I’m behind them with my life and my light.

Now I understand why my teacher called me Spiritchild.

The dead are who we see in our sleep, we connect to their time line, they pull us to them when they think about us and feel us while they’re living lives as other acorns.

We connect telepathically in day dreams. When someone or something feels familiar to us without explanation you know why now.

When we sleep, daydream, lose consciousness, or die is when we connect. Not in life unless it’s because we need it.

My kids are both the living and the dead because I see all time because I’m allowed to.

It’s why I break everything why it hurts physically, the flashes of light, they’re drawing energy to create light.

They’re coming to me from time before during and after their time to join mine using the light to jump into mine using Telepathy and my mind then projects the image they want me to see.

Not even Spirits but Telepathic visual projection using my brain my Subconscious and conscious to do it which it can’t do if it’s not all tuned in and balanced.

The ribbon or branch has to be straight and balanced so the energy between the acorn and branch lined with the tree connected to the earth or spark to the torch to the metal to the welder. You can’t have one without the other. Balance.

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Both, depending on its speed of growth on the evolutionary time line.

Time exists simultaneously remember. It’s both the chick and the egg at once.

It just not possible for them to wander the earth. Why it’s Telepathic and in sleep or Subconscious and or phyiscal shut down mode etc….There’s not enough light source otherwise.

It’s all a lie.

Negative energy or darkness is dense and because it’s contained within the same ribbon as the light the more light there is the more dark that is pushed out the brighter the light the further it spreads and everyone else plays a role in how far and wide the dark or light spreads ie symbiosis

Imagine putting two bicycle wheels made of dots on top of each other so they mesh and spin together.

They do battle with each other constantly trying to become light. The darkness can become light and light can become dark depending on the conscious involvement of the dots.

The dots can spread the light and become matter that matters or suck in and become anti matter that no longer matters.

The dots are the pixels, branches or metal in my analogy.

Like white cells fight bacteria.

Evolution and devolution on every conscious, atomic, organic or biological level.

Empaths tune in to the vibration and create a frequency that helps tune others in hence why I call them inspirers and creators.

Art, music, writing etc….all vibrations being sent to and from the light.


That why it’s so hard for us to be us because it’s hard to find a positive conscious self balance with a negative conscious mind.

But our gifts guide us if we just listened like I did.

Now I want to share because it’s not about self with an Empath.

It’s about everyone else.

It’s what an Empath does.

Today I Graduated And Saw The Light. My FULL Training Is Complete πŸ€“

The people around me, friends, fans, family and followers just inspire me every day.

I’m so so blessed to have so many people out there who don’t know me from Adam who go out of their way to fuel the fire inside me to keep going.

I’ve been getting steadily happier and happier with every passing day.

Sure we all have our down days but fundamentally it’s because my entire world is changing before my eyes and I’ve been in a cocoon stage for 13 months but now I’m coming out of it and seeing a new world in front of me and I LOVE it.

I always tell my students when you near the White light stage the rose tinted glasses come off and you see the world for what it is.

Well at the Light stage your blinded and expected to just follow intuition.

When Spirit put those headphones and blindfold on me and said “No walk” I wasn’t afraid. I was perplexed.

Now I know why they did it and I’m so grateful I did.

Walking blind at the light stage isn’t about trusting Spirit because for me that’s easy. I always have, it will never change. But this test is about trusting yourself.

It’s about removing the expectation of self and those around you. It’s about deconstructing every aspect of your life like Jenga, one block at a time and building it back up one brick at a time in a pattern that makes YOU strong and no-one else.

It’s about seeing what’s important and who and where your focus should lay and for me it’s been ALL about trusting the relationships with the few people I have left in my life, embracing them and trusting me in my life and embracing me.

I’ve gotten rid of emotionally manipulative influences in my life and I’ve learned to stand up for myself which I never did before unless I was backed into a corner.

But I’ve learned that if you trust the people you have in your life the relationship develops in a way that compliment the hard times when you have them.

It’s a bond. You form a bond. Because these are the people who will help guide me while I’m blind and deaf.

They stand in your deaf darkness and guide you with their love for you and I have to say this time around it hasn’t been scary.

Last time it was scary, this time it wasn’t. I was worried about income and saving face.

Now I’m worried about neither. I realized with everything that happened with my boys yesterday with the calls and emails I was getting that these boys, all my Fight Club come to me because they trust me.

People who are totally strangers trust me with their lives. They trust me to guide them and give them strength, confidence and bravery because they see that in me.

When they see me stumble THEY pick me up when no-one is obligated to do so because they look to me for hope and it has burned a massive whopping great big hole through my blindfold and I’m finally beginning to see the light.

Gone are the people who kept me trapped by fear of losing income.

I know I’ll be taken care of and sacrifices were made but greater rewards are coming from this.

Gone are the people who manipulated me with demand and expectation.

Gone is my need to please people for fear of losing income.

I realized I’m not here for everyone. I’m only here for those who need most.

Spirit said always give to those who never ask for it because they’re the ones who need it most.

Well in the light stage it’s people helping YOU without YOU asking for it.

I write because it helps me work stuff out in my head and I let people listen to my thoughts. I used to ask for help and it amazes me how people are only too willing to take from someone offering them a world of help and advice for free and get zero in return.

I’ve seen that people will take if your willing to give and while I expect nothing in return, nothing is what I’ve gotten back.

EXCEPT from those who get me. For anyone who truly appreciates me and my teachings they are who I am here for and it is they who have been here for me.

It used to break my heart so bad that I’d pour my heart out to people reading these posts, exposing my gift in all its mental glory for all the world to see because I had to break down people’s ideals and constructs of what the paranormal was and rebuild it for them to build a stronger foundation for themselves and in doing so I not only did that for them I did it for me too.

When I started this journey into my mind I never knew it would lead to a deeper understanding of the universe and everything in between.

I didn’t know it would help me psychoanalyse myself and fix so many things about myself that was broken.

I thought I was doing this blog to help everyone but it actually helped me the most.

I developed a psychology never seen before that has in turn helped over 700,000 people find comfort and tens of thousands of people find life again.

I do physics now using music and vibration which sounds nuts but it’s true.

I’ve developed a relationship with myself that I finally actually love and I’m finally the butterfly emerging from the cocoon who likes the colours on her wings finally.

I can finally say I like my body. I still have a little way to go but it’s just a tiny bit. I know I’m nearly done.

I’ll be in a bikini for the first time next summer and my girlfriend’s are gonna come with me to do it as a show of solidarity.

My ex husband and I have forged a bond of intellectual trust as I help him fix his psychological mind while he takes care of the bills and stuff when he has zero obligation to do so.

That to me says the most right there about the person I am.

I realized if he’s doing this for me even though we aren’t married then I am worthy as a human because most exes walk away.

He refuses to do so until he knows I’m where I need to be even at his own expense. He protects me always.

I have supporters who are keeping that “Eye of the Tiger” soundtrack playing loud while I train.

My montage rocks far better than Rockies ever did.

My husband and I are closer than ever and I’ve seen him blossom into a man with intelligence, humility and integrity. He’s loyal and protective and he makes me feel beautiful every day.

He’s not your typical gangster inmate. He just needed someone else to see that because I understand more than most the harsh reality of being judged by others.

I never judge him. He always says that.

My children are my greatest blessing in all of this.

My son’s have become my soul mates. My eldest and I have so much in common. I was always too busy dealing with bullshit before to see just how much he and I have in common. He is a gentleman and a scholar.

So compassionate and caring. I adore him. He’s creative and nurturing and I adore him.

He will be a beautiful Obstetrician and Fertility Expert.

My youngest looks up to me. I’m the only person he trusts. He never leaves my side. He’s a genius I think. He’s a mad genius but a genius non the less.

My eldest is a very intelligent highly intellectual young man. Very high IQ but my youngest is something all together different. He’s got the Aut about him. Lol

He could save the world or blow it up depending on his mood lol

But the humour, creativity and intellect of them both wasn’t anything I got to see before now because I was busy having my time consumed with bullshit.

But without the bullshit I would never have grown my roses.

My children, of the Spirit world trust me with something no-one else has been gifted.

They trusted me to talk for them and now they trust me to do something about it noone else can.

I’m giving back voice to their existence. I’m giving the world proof of their existence because they trusted ME to do so and I would never have heard them clear enough before because I was busy having to shout of other people’s noise.

But once I decluttered my life I heard them loud and clear.

Some of my predictions are taking their time, or off in time scale but I know it’s just a matter of time not a matter of opinion.

But they made me determined to fight and fight I shall because my teacher said many years ago that “the people I have in my life when my feet touch American soil will be the people who stay in my life forever”.

She said these people will protect me like a bullet because once I go mainstream everyone will want a piece of me.

She said some will want me, some will want to be me and some will want a piece of me.

She said I’d be clawed at by people just wanting to be near me and I’ll be so busy just trying to walk forward my students would surround me like a bullet to protect me.


I know in my heart I have that now.

I beyond a shadow of a doubt have people in my life now I KNOW would protect me from harm or eager fans

They protect my heart. That’s my most fragile part. It’s any Empaths most weakest point and my girls protect my heart like a shield.

Even when I’m a grumpy snappy Scorpio they know I pull myself out of it and when they’re grumpy they know I’m not going anywhere.

They never discourage me. They let me make my mistakes and watch me handle it knowing it will help them through their own tribulations in life.

I’m often told by my bestie DebRi that the way I’m able to pick myself up and dust myself off with aplomb and dignity. She poetically says I give her heart joy and it inspires her to keep fighting the fight of the psychology and emotional mind of her Empathic mind.

I have the kind of close knit friends now that if we were together and a fight was had with a husband we’d be there to grab her and whisk her away to have some girl fun.

Words can’t truly express how humbling it’s been to see private, antisocial people such as my Empaths go out of their comfort zone to get to know each other. My seniors never did that before now but they recognised the importance of needing to get along for the sake of me and that in itself has been validation that in spite of everything people who don’t truly know me think about me as a person, I am a good person.

None of these people are obligated to care but they do. Because of me.

People making and prepared to make huge life changing sacrifices JUST to be a part of my world.

No amount of money can buy that or pay for it.

And the people who paid for it before did so because they wanted something out of it and THAT is what I’ve realized from my financial collapse.

The ones who could afford me ran when I wouldn’t play ball. The ones who can’t afford it stayed because they saw my worth as a person and not my value as soon to be successful woman.

The ones who got removed, the ones with money sat dreaming about what they would do once I retired them or what they could get from life once I retired them.

The ones who stayed have no money and do everything they can to support me anyway.

But I do have to stress that with two of my students Nicole and Courtney it wasn’t for any of those reasons and with my two girls in California, Puppy and Bella I had to let them go because they’re business and charity needed to take priority. They are two women I’m so very proud to know. I adore them. But dogs needed them more than I did.

So after everything that happened yesterday I woke up this morning feeling exhausted and elated that I got to see the light shine through and it really did illuminate my path since I had the blindfold put on.

So I know my graduation into the light is imminent. I see it now.

It means mainstream following. It means the world will know my name.

It means I’ll live a good life with good people around me and I will be given the blessing from the Universe to go out and teach. It means I’ll have earned my stripes and instead of being a Drill Sargent to the Universe I’ll be the General. Big leap but I think after all is said and done no-one will protect the Psychic connection to it better.

None shall pass unless they prove they earn it.

My girls saw yesterday for the first time in the privacy of our classroom exactly how serious this all is.

I showed them for the first time what my life in the shadows is and they understand now why I’m how I am and they get it. They finally get it.

This is real and it’s happening and I have their fill support.

My bullet is loaded in and the gun cocked. Now we wait for someone to pull the trigger and I’m coming to America to take some bad people out.

I’m determined to shut the Paranormal industry down.

I’m headed for the guy I’m going to sue for stealing my brand and I’m going to slaughter him and his industry that sells lies to people and spreads fear into the hearts and minds of the grieving and afraid.

I’m a crack shot too. I NEVER miss.

I’ve had enough of people thinking it’s okay to do this to my dead. It’s not.

I won’t allow it. End of.

There is a sheriff coming to town now and she’s bringing deputies and I’ll hang everyone who is profiting from death in a way that is destroying the hearts, hopes and minds of the living without question.

I’m not interested in politics or religion. I have no interest in telling anyone their faith is wrong. I’m here to stop the exploitation of my dead for the living to profit from.

I’ll make my money on my own, teaching, writing, talking and helping and I want to make billions lol but so I can build my school.

I can’t rely on anyone so my deputies and I will do it ourselves.

We will be the brand. We will sell ourselves and get the money that way then I’ll know there is no fake people or dirty money near my school.

My predictions are gaining world wide attention now. People wanting to promote my articles on mental health and Empath Therapy.

People hanging on my every word for world wide predictions because it’s giving them hope a better world is coming.

People so busy spreading hate and darkness and fear in the psychic and paranormal world and I’m the only one out there predicting a better new one.

While blindfolded and deaf I saw the respect from people I gained was worth so much more to me than the money I lost from those I lost.

I only advertised for readings because I needed the money. And I’ve been doing them taking the money like a dirty whore from John’s treating me like shit because they think because they pay me money they have a right to.

Well I might be a whore but I’m a selective whore and I won’t read just anyone now.

I’m sick to death of reading for women wanting affairs or having them or getting angry at me because I don’t see them having one.

Trying to either bully or emotionally manipulate me with money because they knew I needed it. Selfish, self indulgent, arrogant and rude.

My loyal clients just aren’t like that. They come when they need the guidance and getting help being pushed forward. They’re what I love to do. The reading where I give people hope and guidance.

Where I get to be the light for them to help them find their own light in them.

I just refuse to sell myself now. My work speaks for itself.

I’d rather be poor and own my dignity than have money because someone brought it off me.

My dignity is no longer for sale.

I have enough. And as long as I always have enough I’m happy because I’m rich in self worth which is worth far more than financial worth.

I have actual friends who have seen my true value and who have proven their worth to me.

I have kids who have no worth because they are priceless and a gift now no-one else no rich person could even afford.

I have worth. I am worthy. I am Me.

And that’s exactly what my blood sweat and tears paid to get. Worth of Self.

I am worthy. Never thought I was before. I’ll always be humble but I now know I’m worthy to be loved and worthy to be herd because I earned it by being diligent, determined and brave.

The hurt is gone. Everything these people did to me in my life time to hurt me or use me…..the hurt is gone.

I woke up this morning with my sight back. The blindfold has been lifted and to quote “Whakaaria mai” or in English “Amazing Grace”

I once was lost but now I’m found, I once was blind but now I see.

I will walk with my head held high as of this day no longer apologetic for existing as me no longer beholden to anyone to have my dignity.

I walk with grace and its amazing.

It is said “He who stands in a street corner and shouts the name of our lord does not make him a true believer”.

Well I may not even religious but I AM a truly believer and therefore I’m gonna shout from every street corner so the dead can finally be heard.

But always with grace and dignity because I was moulded that why by those who helped me carve out who I was to become not because of those who chipped away at my foundation.

I just don’t care now.

The hurt has vanished. I woke up this morning without gravity.

The light looks amazing. It’s not even white. It’s yellowy pink and when you stand in it each fleck and spark of light is a galactic lifetime of individual memories of existence like pixels and they’re so small I stand like a giant in amongst a steam of light of our entire life time. It’s like a ribbon of yellow pinkish light like a ribbon that runs through my gut up through my head and back behind me.

When you bend down to look at each pixel it’s someone’s entire existence, memories and all and everyone connected to them is connected to the steam of light by their own stream of pixelled memories of their entire genetic history but because we’re all genetically related it’s actually one massive steam of light connected by veins or neurones. It pushes out like a nuclear explosion. Mushrooms if you will.

Animals, plants, trees, insects, fish etc….all of it. It’s incredible. Just makes me dizzy and nauseated still but I know it’s just a matter of acclimating to it.

So there you have it.

You just witnessed my final exam. This is my graduation.


πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΉπŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒπŸ€ΈπŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ€πŸŽ‚πŸ₯ƒπŸΎπŸ·πŸΈπŸΉπŸΊπŸ»πŸ₯‚πŸ₯ƒβœˆοΈπŸŒžπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ–οΈπŸ†πŸ…πŸ₯‡πŸŽ₯πŸ“ΊπŸ’°πŸ’²πŸ”¬πŸ”­πŸš¬(Joint) βš›οΈβ™πŸ‡³πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

It’s been one hell of a ride hasn’t it?

Love and Light

Debbie Lee Arce

18th October 2018

I’ll always be an arsehole though. Don’t get it twisted.

But if I could give every Empath out there one word of advice it would be this.

“Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not okay to be you. Embrace who you are. You are you and all you achieve in pleasing others is achieving

misery in yourself and anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself isn’t someone who sees your truth worth. People who put you down do so because it’s they who have no worth so by tearing you down it takes you down to their level when it’s actually because they know they’re not capable to raise themselves up to yours. You are worthy to set your own standard so raise your bar high. You are worthy of being you so make people worthy to know how great you truly are. An Empath is a bright light go out and blind people with exactly who it is you are for you are worthy it’s them who seek to tear you down who aren’t. Let no-one else but your light define who you are and leave the rest in the dark”.

I Will Feel Safer In America. I Think It’s Time To Leave

My dreams don’t lie. I have protection there.

Forgive the spelling. I type caught up in my own head.


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