Miracle 6: Monsanto’s Lose Near $300mil Lawsuit

Why is this a miracle?

Obama brought in the Protection Act which means under no reason can Monsanto be sued for anything for any reason.


So this is a FUCKING miracle and proof the evil is collapsing.

Also proof my dead were right about the miracles.




Which means the rest is coming too.

One more miracle to go.

What a beautiful day.


Follow The Yellow Brick Code

We all know the stories about that movie as with Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland etc…..and I know this is going to sound nuts but…….

I’m being told there are hidden messages in these movies.

Not just about the pedophila in Hollywood and stuff…..or the Elites and their evil doings.

But codes……coded messages.

Spies….. espionage……. something hidden that goes against humanity.

Hitchcock did it too I’m told.

I’m not talking about “Pizzagate” type messages. I mean messages about movements or certain people, countries, codes, messages.

Like say for example:(THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL) one of the songs is in morse code when deciphered talks about the assassination of someone and where it is to take place.

Or it gives coordinates to a drop off point for spies for the CIA.

The kids said when you follow the yellow brick road you’ll see the trail goes beyond Oz to more than just the Wizard.

I know it sounds crazy and I’ve put off publishing this for a week now.

But there you have it.

War time movies and movies made in the run up to war need to be examined with more than just a conspiracy theorists eyes.

It needs someone who can do codes.

That Humphrey Bogart movie Casablanca…….look at that too.

And Hitchcock.

Codes………. follow the yellow brick code.

Its disturbing.

Something Bad This Way Comes

Truth is coming and it’s going to hit hard.

It’s bad enough I refuse to describe what I’m seeing but you need to understand something


These are some of the children being moved from Arizona through New Mexico. They’re trying to disguise cover ups as finds.

The deception from the Sheriff’s and government departments is worse than you know.

They realize the spotlight is on them now.

They’re going to blame gangs but one celebrity, one make celebrity is going to be named in all of this and he will become the most hated man in Hollywood.

Even the dogs of Hollywood who try to speak up for the rapists and killers will distance themselves.

Oprah and Ellen and who’s the other one I saw………I can’t think just now because oh Beyonce. Oprah and Beyonce. They’re the two who are going to be defending themselves next.

Its a sex scandal. It involves sex, Oprah especially. But it also involves babies. Unborn babies.

There’s an issue my kids keep bringing up with adoption and they won’t let it go.

Celebrities raising stolen children as their own. Oprah has something to do with this.

I want to say it’s to do with the supply of them.

Beyonce is going to be sacrificed. She thinks she’s gone but they will crucify her like Cheeses was.

I don’t know if it’s career or life but all I see is Beyonce on stage. She’s got her arms outstretched being worshipped and adored on stage.

People are screaming her name. She’s all glowing with pride and adoration but then her glow turns to blackness and she realizes they’re not screaming for her, they’re screaming at her.

Bae-ing for her blood (see what I did there lol).

She has this look of horror in her face as the glow turns to flames and she goes up.

I just see a mass of HUGE black feathers like something ate a 200 foot Raven or something and all that’s left are the feathers.

Well bae is Danish for Poo, she’s certainly going to become Poo so it’s apt.

There a real deception about to be unravelled with celebrities that shocks and angers people.

Kids ripping posters off walks, merchandise destroyed, books burned. Not because of censorship but because of disgust.

“Betrayal brings reprisal for those sitting high” is what they said.

Look closer at the stars and you’ll see they are actually missiles with a primary target locked in place, the damage done will be felt forever.

Hollywood will never recover.

People will become disillusioned and hurt for the deception.

The meekest countries will defeat the strongest nations.

The silence deafens me.

Two miracles left, mixed with the natural disasters and mass children deaths and disappearances.

And I still stand by my word Liz and Phil are on their way out.

It takes between 3-6 months for the injection to work if it’s cancer.

Heart attacks are quicker.

I think one took the cancer, one took the heart one.

They’ll say “died in their sleep due to complications from an infection” or something but it will be heart failure basically.

They’ll say it’s their ages but it’s not.

Just like Victoria sacrificed Albert they will try to sell a love story but soon after death the scandal has the palace in flames.

I always saw Buckingham Palace as being a building open to the public.

People will pay to go there. All the Royals assets will be stripped. The Elites will all be stripped of wealth.

The land, art, money given back to the people.

Joseph Fritzl………look into him and cases like him.

Madonna and David Banda, look into her and adoption’s.

There is so much more you don’t realize.

Adoptions adoptions look at adoptions. Its all coming down.

Oprah though, it’s sex scandal.

Its all staged. What she does next, remember it’s all staged.

Remember I said that ok?

I do keep getting flashes of Drew Barrymore too so I’ll say that the scandal could involve Barrymore. But I’ve been shown what Barrymore does to get roles and film’s.

What she’s been doing since she was little thanks to her Mother.

I can’t look at her now. She knows EXACTLY what to do. Its repugnant.

It disturbs me beyond repair so I’m not going there.

Oh and James Woods. Watch him, Busey and Nolte too.

Names to watch.

I’ll leave it up to you to decrypt my message.

The Paranerd Show: Live Streaming Paranormal Entertainment

This Saturday at a time yet to be determined I am proud to bring you The Paranerd Show.

A live stream broadcast with me and my two seniors Riya and Nicki.

Every Saturday night you can listen in and watch and even join in the conversation as you watch us discuss everything from the world of the Paranormal and Unexplained.

We will bring you a range of weekly topics such as missing persons cases, urban legends, unsolved mysteries, debunk Paranormal videos on YouTube, answer your questions live on air, give away merchandise to lucky winners, do interviews and when possible go to active locations to cross things over and help people.

Dream interpretation, you can contact us live if your experiencing anything Paranormal, or just have questions about life, death and the science behind our Psychic connection.

You will also see how I train my girls and the calibre of training I produce because my girls are phenomenal.

It turns out I actually know what I’m talking about.

You’ll see first hand the dynamic relationship I have with the two most important females in my life.

My left and right hand. The two who are prepared to give it all up to help me help people.

Helping me build my Paranormal Empire. I couldn’t be prouder to have these two incredible women by my side.

We are Mums, and wives who are proud independent women who stand by their men with pride.

We are indigenous, immigrants and now family.

We weathered some brutal storms in our friend ship but we set sail together and came back to shore together.

Had many MANY adventures with my boobs and I can’t wait to train them as we go. I need them by myself.

Someone’s got to hold America down when I land so I don’t suck it up in my wake lol

We’re off on a new adventure together and I can’t wait.

We’re nuts. Well Nicki’s all like Motherly and calm. She gets me breathing into a paper bag and gets me Chipotle when I’m having boy trouble or missing America.

Riya is all polite and prime but is a deadly assassin. She’d punch Mike Tyson is he pissed her off lol she makes out like she’s all class but she’s a smart ass. Her mouth is nearly as bad as mine.

At least with me I’m not a shock lol but with her your like “Did that just come out that tiny little thing?”

I can’t wait to show you my work. How I’ve trained them.

I have two more Antipodean girls coming up the rear too but they’re brand new so they need more training but you will get to see my girls in action.

If you have any experiences you’d like to discuss on our show or would like us to read out your questions, or have a missing persons case or unsolved you’d like us to look at please contact me at


I’ll let you know what time to tune in.

I’m just announcing it to get the name out there.

You’ll get to see the real me. Mr in action. You’ll see I’m exactly like my words.

I’m words with boobs and skin so white I disappear standing in front of white.

And you know it’s gonna be funny.

Death is going to enlighten you