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Not all dogs go to heaven?

Ok so you know I’m gonna sound nuts but I was on a hike yesterday and saw something I’ll never forget as long as I live.

Two Whippet dogs came out of the trees and walked across the wooden bridge across the water at New Miller Damn in Yorkshire, England and they were humans.

But they weren’t human human. They were gaunt, odd shaped because their rib cages were large, tiny waist and hips, long legs. Just like if a human was drawn to look like a Whippet.

They looked at me with dark eyes. They’re heads turned in grimace.

I actually got scared. My heart pounded so fast while my brain tried to make sense of what I was seeing.

I had to compose myself because it was clearly unnatural. 

As I tried to observe them they slowly went back to normal looking Whippets.

I began to analyse the thought process and immediately felt that these dogs were here as punishment. Their subservience to man was punishment for crimes committed against man.

So like these two dogs could of been dictators, or abusers, wife beaters, killers, dominant people in some capacity. So their punishment is subservience.

I am still trying to figure it out.

I always thought being an animal was a reward or sacrifice for the wisest souls.

Turns out for some, it’s a punishment.

They looked at me with exhausted, tortured eyes.

They reminded me of Wheelers from Return to Oz.

But with fur and tiny whippet waist and hips.

I felt sorry for them in the end.

I thought I understand this recycling, take your debt with you thing.

Apparently not lol

Are Walk Ins real


Shame on you.

The Spiritual or Higher Self, Conscious Self and Physical Self might be able to exist separate from each other but without all three components you wouldn’t even function as one entity.

Like AC/DC current runs through a cable, imagine your body is the cable, the conscious and higher self run through it.

The conception of which starts with a spark of light in order to function.

The Universe is in its own form of conception.

Do planets get created or aborted by nature? Black holes and worm holes could be the tubes required for things to travel through I’m order to be created or recycled and the planets eggs, comets unfertile eggs? What would be the uterus? The Universe itself?  The solar system it’s DNA strands? Lol I need to think.

I know I sound nuts thinking out loud. But I’m trying to work on the theory that birth is life and everything that exists goes through the exact same stages or conception, existence and recycling bringing evolution but just in different forms in order to prove that balance, and light are imperative to time and evolution and existing in time. And without symbiosis nothing in the universe at all would exist without it with the most important balance being the make/female, or rather masculine/feminine energies.

Because opposites bring balance.

So it’s a backwards thinking idea to even think that one soul would unbalance itself further by handing itself over to someone so ill equipped at being you.

Black Holes/Worm Hole: Balance of time theory.

Work on theory that black hole is the balance to a worm hole.

Does one create one destroy? The masculine feminine balance? In a Positive Negative, Light, Dark, Up, Down, Left,Right, Yes, No, Life, Death, In, Out, Up, Down, kind of way. Everything in the universe has a balance.

The rings inside rings I saw has something to do with that.

So are a black hole worm hole the light right dark ring I saw with the small rings around the two large ones.

The drawing on the left is the Universe on a level if you were to see it as a cell, particle, or light source.

One ring is dark, one is pure white light. Each chasing it’s on tail in an attempt to find balance. Each outer ring is covered in small rings. Each smaller right is a different life source trying to also find balance within itself so it can help the larger find balance too.

Symbiosis. Imagine each smaller ring is a Universe and to get to and from requires a median, neuron, lobe, tunnel, etc… propelled by light which is only achieved with perfect balance.

But imagine each Universe has itself, its own planets, beings, organisms, all trying to get to the light.

Rings inside rings inside rings, cells, in various stages of existence or stage if evolution in an atomic level. On an organic level. It even looks like an atom. Is the Universe just another atom? The Spiritual light looks similar.

All requiring symbiosis in order to achieve the next stage of its evolution or devolution depending on the journey it takes.

That is the evolution of death.

Worm holes are light, black holes dark.

Worm holes create time, black holes destroy time??????? Depending on varying stages of creation of light.

Light creates, darkness removes.

Ejaculation is a form of white light or big bang, as is a sneeze, a thought, conception, creation, invention, a musical note, novel,

All starts with a single boom of creative light or thought and from there something evolves.

That is our Universe. That is why we are all in essence God.

God is a verb and it means “To Create”.

Let’s work on this for a bit and see what happens.

The flat rings on the right are when the light and dark achieve balance. Once perfect balance is sustained it creates light. It creates a big bang or ripple effect which pushes light out.

And as I said before “Light creates”.

But creates what you ask?

Another Universe, with new planets, new life forms, new organisms, all trying to evolve into the next stage of its evolution.

And so it begins all over again until all the rings can tip the balance and create a new big bang.

That’s the evolution of EVERYTHING.

And death is no exception.

Reincarnation is having to come back coz you got it wrong, ergo devolving, Death is evolving. Whether you come back ten times or once, it all gets you closer to where you want to be.

I can see how cells and atoms look like this that Spirit showed me below aye?

My theory about time (update)

Okay so this is what I’m working on so far and need to write it down before I forget it in the detail I remember.

So black holes. I’m trying to understand their correlation with time and tge evolution of energy.

How we go from being dead to living to dead to evolved or devolved and so on.

You know I’m working on varying theories about numbers and why maths is essential to understanding how I can manipulate time like the dead can. 

This is what Spirit showed me.

Three: Start Middle End, threes are important for evolution because it is a start, middle, end, or beginning (conception of one thing), balance (life) evolution of something ( or death).

Three is balance. Nothing evolves when it’s two of something. There’s no balance to bridge the connection. You can’t have mathematic equation without the start of the sum, the middle and answer. You don’t have a song without a start middle and end, nor a baby, nor invention, scales, time, etc…

All fundamental forms of evolution require three. 

The human brain is divided by threes in many forms.

Anterior Fossa, Middle Fossa, Posterior Fossa.

Forebrain, Midbrain, Hindbrain.

A clock is in quarters, or threes, made up of three lots of three per quarter.

4 is important too but for now I’m on three.


9.                   3.                  


If you look at a clock in 24 and 12 hour time it goes in segments of threes, so three is important for the balance of time.

Then we have 4.

Four quarters of the brain.

Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, Occipital lobes.


Temporal Parietal


Temporal literally means Time.


1Relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular.
‘the Church did not imitate the secular rulers who thought only of temporal gain’

2Relating to time.
‘the spatial and temporal dimensions of human interference in complex ecosystems’

2.1Grammar Relating to or denoting time or tense.


Middle English: from Old French temporel or Latin temporalis, from tempus, tempor- ‘time’.
Main definitions of temporal in English: temporal1temporal2


Of or situated in the temples of the head.
‘arterial biopsy usually confirms the diagnosis of temporal arteritis’


Late Middle English: from late Latin temporalis, from tempora ‘the temples’ (see temple).
Parital means cavity, or wall.

A Compass has
W                        E

The dial in the middle of the clock or compass would be the balance or work as a parital function to the balance of time.

Four Seasons


Winter Summer

Time being the balance in all these examples just represented as needles or dials, or time itself in the case of the seasons.

Then time itself consists of


Momentum    Balance         Magnetism


This symbol means something.

Clocks, compass, brain, four quarters, quarters? It means something. I think it explains the cosmological constant in effect or ripple effect of the expansion of the universe somehow. Like the big bang. I’ve been seeing it for months

I know once I figure this out I will be able to control the time I travel too consciously and physically.

Is it time itself? Evolution?

The rings of light and dark move like a gyroscope until it’s balanced.

How we in our solar system live according to symbiosis depends on whether moves and expands thus creating an expansion effect or decreases and dies. I believe the planets that weren’t successful got chewed up in the black holes and spat back out creating meteors and comets etc….hurtling out in space looking for more life forms to create or destroy. Like the Grim Reaper or Cells in our blood, DNA etc….it has the power to create or destroy.

I know I’m on to something. Like Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel painting on the ceiling. God is the brain. The brain has everything we need to consist and expand our existence. But the brain or the functions of it seem to be embedded in everything organic. I’m slowly figuring this out.

I know I’ll make mistakes, back track, correct what I get wrong so bear with me.

Last Night I heard a scream……or was it?

So…..coz I’m me so nothing is ever going to be normal in my life lol

But I was talking in a session with my frient (Frient is a Debbieism for a friend who is also a client. In this case the Tatujae is  a rare and elusive creature. Skittish when shown affection, emotions make it nervous and they are self aware of what I am which makes them never go beyond certain boundries of either role in our relationship. This one is known for being particularly grumpy and often needs a rolled up newspaper over his nose to bring him into line…..he is yet to be house trained) in a session and I heard a scream.

I said to him “Did you hear that?” He didn’t. I said it sounded like a teenage boy. Around 14-16yrs old.

The weird thing was I heard it earlier too but I assumed it was the boys video game but this time it was 3am.

I knew it was coming from outside but it wasn’t close enough to be directly outside.

But the way our streets are laid out I knew it wasn’t possible to hear that clearly from that far away.

Then my brians got confused and I tried to make sense of it.

On a visual. He had longish blonde hair. Black long sleeve shirt that has a black or dark grey logo on it that’s velvet or valour in etching. Raised etching. I think it is a dragon or eagle or something. My ex has a top kind of like it but his has red on it too. This is grey or black on black top.

Dark blue jeans. His hair is neck length, wavy. He’s slim build. I get the feeling he has no shoes on. He’s not afraid though. It feels more like a scream of angst.

I think he’s in a feild with a gravel path beside him.

It’s not a public area. If it is, you need to walk a bit or drive a little to access it. Feels like feilds or farm land around him.

Also I had a flash of light a few days ago. As mentioned on my radio show Living with the Dead on WRMN1410 Wednesdays 3-4pm CT. Repeats Sundays 6-7pm CT.

Which means I’m about to have a time issue.

I did…. yesterday. Will write more later.

I’ll keep you posted on my screaming boy.

In case your reading this, contact me.


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