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  1. Hello I’ve got some concerns, I was once told by a self described “witch” that I’m an audio clairvoyant. I believe I do have a talent and I don’t know how to go about developing it. I’ve had a psych eval just to make sure I’m not “crazy” and it came back normal. I’m having dreams where I help spirits recognize themselves as ancestors. The last one I was in a tub filled with water from a spiritual river and I began chanting in another language and a lost spirit appeared. I can’t get this out of my mind. Please help me to understand thank you.

  2. My dad died suddenly last year. Many questions were left unanswered as to why and how he died. My siblings and I have tried to move on, but we are still bothered by his death. I’ve even tried to file a lawsuit concerning his death with no success. I can feel my dad around me at certain times but it doesn’t scare me. I guess my question is can a spirit communicate through water as many things going wrong around the house have had something to do with water.

  3. I have a concern about a dream I recently had. In this dream it was completely normal I was with friends at a pool and I was taking photos of my friends jumping up from the water. It then suddenly transitioned to my bedroom and I was in a dazed state from getting woken up by my door opening. After it opened the first time it closed again, then opened again and after a moment of silence I felt a hand going through my hair at the back of my head and I started to scream. I woke up straight away but it still felt as though a hand had just gone through my hair. I’ve had a similar dream when I was younger however instead of a hand combing through my hair it felt as though I was getting pinned down. I wasnt able to move my arms at all, then after falling asleep again I awoke and my arms were in a twisted position, I couldn’t move again and it was painful.
    Any thoughts or interpretation would be much appreciated

  4. Hi Debbie,

    I hope all is well. I had a quick question about your honest opinion on these tarot cards by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law “shadowsscapes”. These cards have a whimsical look and not scary to look at. I have saged my home and the cards as well and used them for myself and I did a reading for my mom as well. I am pretty intuitive and I like to think a little clairaudient. My question is do you think I can safely use these cards from time to time as a form of clarification and not for any bad reasons? Or do you think I should throw them away asap? Please advise when you get a chance. Best Regards 💕

  5. i am concernd about oujia bords. me and my friends have tried oujia board once. i feel after we tried it somthing wierd is happening around us. should i try it again ?or how does this board work exactly? what should i do to stop these happenings?

  6. Hey how are you?! I’ve come to you before about my son and you replied back and said something about another child coming soon.. So here I am to tell you that I believe I am pregnant again. You said to tell you when it happened, I’m not sure if you remember me..

  7. Hi i had a dream 2 nights ago that my husband and I where together and he mentioned to me to not be afraid or scared but all the spirits where surrounding me. I was in my dream and real life mummering and shaking that my husband woke me from it. I didn’t feel afraid waking.

  8. Hi, I’m curious if an accidental drug overdose is considered the same thing as suicide? I lost my boyfriend last month and his 30th birthday was Monday. It’s hitting me really, really hard..

    • Hi Megan, no an accident is an accident but your boyfriend would of known his holiday was over at the time he took the drugs. But suicide is planned death, he didn’t plan to die, he just knew when he was dying he couldn’t stop it.
      I’m so sorry for your loss.
      Love and Light

  9. Hi Debbie
    Where do I begin ?
    I am in pain… even typing this makes me cry
    Nothing about life holds an interest for me no more.
    I’v got a beautiful, soon to be 12 year old daughter that’s going to be heart broken soon, if I go ahead.
    I’m contemplating suicide & planning to take my girlfriend with.
    She’s left me for a young girl & I’v been grieving ever since.
    I act happy in front of others so they don’t see my pain but inside I’m torn to pieces.
    I don’t wanna live. I don’t wanna work. Music writing poems & exploring nature which always used to fill me with hope, don’t hold any interest for me no more.
    I’v shut out all friends & family… prefer to stay locked away in my room comtemplating death as my only option.
    I’m in pain from the minute I awake till I fall asleep again.
    I used to be very happy… an extrovert who loves life, always willing to explore & experience… a funny person who loved to sing, loves people, animals, & travelling…
    but losing her… has taken my will to live.
    I believe we were kindred souls… so alike… people sometimes said we look like brother & sister… both leos… her birthday 15 August… mine 16 / 08
    We both had similar live experiences too…
    Both divorced from marriages that lasted an eternity ( it felt like )
    with one child, her son 22, my daughter 12.
    We were both raised by single parents, mothers… with three siblings each.
    We both took on the roles of looking out for our siblings as we grew up.
    Both were extremely good looking, kind spirits & intelligent.
    We both experienced sexual advances & abuse from adults in our youth that we could’nt share with our mothers or siblings… we confided in each other.
    We met soon after our seperate divorces & were together & inseperable for 7 years till middle 2016 till she starting working with the young lesbian girl.
    I’m the king of diomacy & would never confide in a stranger… but your web page just blew me away… it resonates with me so much that I find sharing with you… a little helpful… it beats crying, the headaches that follows… & helps with the heartache.

    Have you ever been inlove with someone who fits you like a glove ?
    Who thinks of you the same time you think of them & beats your phone calls or whats upps by a split second sometimes.
    Someone who constantly experience the exact same things at the same times you do… almost as if you were twins in another lifetime ?
    When my colleagues are pregnant her colleagues are pregnant too…
    When I have death in the family, she has death in her family…
    When she has a bad week at work with colleagues betraying her loyalty…
    I go through the same experience at my place of work.
    When she got promoted… I got promoted.
    I took her fantasy for travelling & made it real cause I’m a seasoned traveller & she took my love for the mountains to a new level by taking me on regular hikes.
    I can’t live without her… she’s my moon & I’m her son.
    Please pray for me… & forgive me 😢

    • Hello My Sweet, please forgive me for this but I had to respond immediately because I couldn’t concentrate on anything else after reading your message and Spirit were having a blue fit.
      Firstly, I want to say thank you for having enough faith in me to trust and confide in me your darkest fears.
      I’ll do my best to reply as best I can without wanting to verbally kick you up the ass.
      While trying to help guide you to the best course of action to take regarding your situation. You know I’ll only ever be 100% honest with you.
      Secondly after this message I’d like you to email me so we can talk privately as there is so much to say that shouldn’t be said here.
      With that said I’ve read your message 100 times now and have been told to say this.
      So that’s it then? Your just going to end it because of love? Love is pain but it isn’t the be all and end all of ones life if it’s real. If she really loved you, she would still be with you and there is someone closer to you than her that loves you more than she ever could and your going to disregard it like it as nothing? really?
      You might think your life is meaningless but have you asked your daughter if your meaningless?
      You say your ex was your moon and you her sun which means your daughter is your earth which means she revolves around you. Remove that and she has nothing either. Your handing her an existence she doesn’t deserve and you give her to her simply because you couldn’t process the pain. How is that fair?
      Your free to end your life if you wish but do you honestly think that you’ll go to the light if you take your ex with you? She will go to a higher place than you because she would be innocent. You would go down a few levels because you decided her fate before her and the pain you leave behind doesn’t just stay with those you leave behind my Love, it follows you over.
      The second you crossed over you’d know what an asshole you were and knowing how Spirit work you’d immediately want to come back and learn from the mistakes you made.
      Which means reincarnation and more than likely coming back as someone like your poor daughter. So you could know the pain you caused. Your situation wouldn’t be as simple as suicide of a broken heart or compass, your talking murder suicide. I just don’t feel pain from you, I feel spite and it’s spite KNOWING your going to hurt your daughter the most. She will live with that stigma for the rest of her life and you’ll cause irreparable damage to her and you’d do it knowingly which is spiteful.
      I know your suffering, I know your pain. My husband, the man I thought was my forever love ended our marriage because he too was broken and it hurt like fuck. But anything I felt was inconsequential because we have two beautiful children together so after the tears and tantrums we just got on with it and now we get on better than we ever did married.
      He brought so much culture to my life not to mention he built me up to be the woman I am now especially with my gift.
      Why can’t you feast on what your ex brought to the table? The culture, and travel and music etc…why do you have to starve yourself and your daughter of it just because your ex got up and walked away from the table?
      There is surely now just more for you to feast on.
      Imagine the reaction on your little girls heart when she hears for the first time what you did? If you still go through with it then I’m sorry but you never really knew what love was.
      Love when it is real is forever. It heals all wounds, it mends all broken hearts. It is worth living for. I fought loving my new guy like you wouldn’t believe but in the end I just decided ‘fuck it in for a penny in for a pounding’ lol (he’s 19 years my junior). You tried one fruit for years but there are a plethora of fruits out there to try and you should be having a fruit salad my friend but your daughter should always be the cherry on top. She should be the reason behind everything you do. That’s what a parent is. That’s what a man is. A man doesn’t make a baby then end the connection just because he had life issues. How is it fair that she has to suffer because your ex couldn’t commit to you? It sucks what she did to you, I know it hurts baby but does she really deserve to die for it? It’s not like you’d be together in the after life. She’d see light, you……….wouldn’t.
      The lessons and suffering of self doesn’t lesson after death in a situation like yours.
      You don’t get to go to the good place like most suicides just because you can’t process pain properly Baby. It doesn’t work like that.
      If you have the respect for me you say you do then please let me help you deal with this pain the right way. I can help you remove this pain, ease it a little if anything.
      But I can’t allow you to live your days thinking it’s okay to just decide innocent peoples fates like this.
      I’m sorry, I won’t pray for you because I don’t believe in a God to pray to. What I will do is surround you with ancestral love and light and surround your daughter with pure white light in the hopes your ancestors can smother you with the love you deserve.
      If you can’t live for you, please live for your daughter. Live for me. I’ll always love you 🙂
      I promise. I’m here for you Baby, but you need to get up and wash your face, eat a meal and come sit down and talk to me, so we can talk through this shit because your making shit get real and I’m not having it.
      Your better than this. You need to get back into your music. Don’t play anything that reminds you of her, follow your compass and sit back and soak up the vibration, cry, sulk, sleep, sit and contemplate, and get angry if it helps you but don’t wallow in self pity. Its darkness and darkness is so much harder to escape for a Spirit than a tiny bit of light is.
      The world is your oyster. You need to go see some of it then once you’ve lived the diverse and incredible cultures waiting you and sample the foods, drinks and cultures on offer then…. if you still feel living isn’t for you then at least we can all say you gave life a go and just wasn’t for you but if you end it now having not done half as much as you could of done and worse, not even giving your ex or daughter the option to do the same then it ends bad for you My Love and I don’t just mean in the way you choose to end your life.
      This life isn’t just about you and the consequences of your actions baby boy, it’s also about the consequences for your daughter too due to your actions.
      And your exes family and friends too. I know it hurts T but time really does heal all wounds just stop watching the clock.
      I’m sorry if my response isn’t what your expecting but I do it because I love you and I care about what happens next especially for your daughter.
      You should be pouring everything you’ve learned and gained from your ex into your daughter so she too can learn and grow from the experience. I personally think all parents should be traveling with their children as there is no better way to teach them about this planets rich tapestry of culture than to put them in among it.
      Please email me so we can talk privately.
      I’lll be waiting.
      Love and Light

  10. Hi was really hoping you could help me out with something please…
    I took a video and captured orbs I paused and took a screen shot zoomed sent it to a local medium
    He gave me a letter n
    And number 12
    Spirit was male
    What was spirit trying to tell me?

  11. Hi. Last week i was talking with my aunt.she was explaining about one of her family who died many years ago. She said she was good woman everyone liked her…we talked about her too much.after finishing the conversation suddenly i smell very strong but nice perfume and then disappeared but before that, i felt a little sadness but i couldent understand what was it because i felt it so fast. Do you think it was real sprits of her or it was just imagination? Also i have another experience again two days ago i came home from work when i opened the door i felt stong energy. The energy in the kitchen was so stronger than other parts of the house. it seemes something guide me to the kitchen I ignored it
    .then my aunt called and said she was looking for something she looked eveywhere and she spend lot of times in the kitchen. What do you think can ı feel energy alittle or what i experienced was just imagination or game of mind? Also i have lot of experience of being watched…
    By the way Sorry about my poor english.

  12. Hi. I just realized I was gifted and that I can talk to love ones.
    I have a Spirit with me but I do not know who he is. Can you help me please

    I am so new to this! And I will love to talk with you in email

      • He talk to me in my head. And I can see him sometimes like a mist or a orb. And I can feel him like holding my hand, We have a full on Conversation. He with me all the time. I feel like he good and bad! But I’m not sure

      • Not only that he play a lot! He even use me to fully communicate like my hand to write down things as well.

      • So….ask him. If he talks to you and communicates through you and automatic writing, ask him who he I’d and what he wants.
        You’ve got to start listening to them to figure it out sometime.
        Just make sure there are rules.

  13. He said he Can not tell me who he is.. then he said that he love me. In that he want to see me happy. He say that know him from a long Time ago

  14. He need help.

    He move the fan off the dresser last night.
    He apologize for frighten me. He just need my attention

  15. My son passed on January 3,2017 he died from an overdose in my home around 2 months later is when I started hearings at night through my fan music voices,so much more has happened i hear dead people and they live with me.

  16. I have a couple things going on with my mother..I would like to talk in private. My name is Janene and hope to talk soon!

  17. Hi Debbie. Just sent an email to you but it was return. Have you changed your email?
    sent a couple of pictures of items for your students to read several weeks ago…maybe a month. Have not hear back from anyone
    Also would like to update you on what is happening or not happening with the reading I had

  18. Hi! I’m not here for a reading! I’m only 16 but I’m experiencing weird stuff going on in my room. I can tell it’s nothing bad but even after acknowledging the spirit, I think it came back or I have another one. I don’t know exactly what to do or if there even is a spirit here. I’m thinking it could be a mouse or just me hallucinating with stress or something i dont know! I wan to know what this is and why it keeps doing it. And I have suspicions of it being a child.

  19. My son recently died due to suicide. I am heartbroken and cannot understand what made him do this. He did not seem depressed. He had everything. He was almost 20years old. Please help me find some peace.