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  1. Hello I’ve got some concerns, I was once told by a self described “witch” that I’m an audio clairvoyant. I believe I do have a talent and I don’t know how to go about developing it. I’ve had a psych eval just to make sure I’m not “crazy” and it came back normal. I’m having dreams where I help spirits recognize themselves as ancestors. The last one I was in a tub filled with water from a spiritual river and I began chanting in another language and a lost spirit appeared. I can’t get this out of my mind. Please help me to understand thank you.


  2. My dad died suddenly last year. Many questions were left unanswered as to why and how he died. My siblings and I have tried to move on, but we are still bothered by his death. I’ve even tried to file a lawsuit concerning his death with no success. I can feel my dad around me at certain times but it doesn’t scare me. I guess my question is can a spirit communicate through water as many things going wrong around the house have had something to do with water.


  3. I have a concern about a dream I recently had. In this dream it was completely normal I was with friends at a pool and I was taking photos of my friends jumping up from the water. It then suddenly transitioned to my bedroom and I was in a dazed state from getting woken up by my door opening. After it opened the first time it closed again, then opened again and after a moment of silence I felt a hand going through my hair at the back of my head and I started to scream. I woke up straight away but it still felt as though a hand had just gone through my hair. I’ve had a similar dream when I was younger however instead of a hand combing through my hair it felt as though I was getting pinned down. I wasnt able to move my arms at all, then after falling asleep again I awoke and my arms were in a twisted position, I couldn’t move again and it was painful.
    Any thoughts or interpretation would be much appreciated


  4. Hi Debbie,

    I hope all is well. I had a quick question about your honest opinion on these tarot cards by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law “shadowsscapes”. These cards have a whimsical look and not scary to look at. I have saged my home and the cards as well and used them for myself and I did a reading for my mom as well. I am pretty intuitive and I like to think a little clairaudient. My question is do you think I can safely use these cards from time to time as a form of clarification and not for any bad reasons? Or do you think I should throw them away asap? Please advise when you get a chance. Best Regards 💕


  5. i am concernd about oujia bords. me and my friends have tried oujia board once. i feel after we tried it somthing wierd is happening around us. should i try it again ?or how does this board work exactly? what should i do to stop these happenings?


  6. Hey how are you?! I’ve come to you before about my son and you replied back and said something about another child coming soon.. So here I am to tell you that I believe I am pregnant again. You said to tell you when it happened, I’m not sure if you remember me..


  7. Hi i had a dream 2 nights ago that my husband and I where together and he mentioned to me to not be afraid or scared but all the spirits where surrounding me. I was in my dream and real life mummering and shaking that my husband woke me from it. I didn’t feel afraid waking.


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