Depression: It’s our fault.

As you all know my marriage has come to an end and the Number One contributing factor in this happening is that dirty fuckin word Depression.
In the almost 4 years I’ve been writing this stuff out the number of people who come to me suffering from one form of depression or another has risen exponentially.
I’m talking it was one in 1000 before, but now it’s more like one in 3.

Depression is a pandemic sweeping across the world and we have no one to blame but ourselves.
Why? Because we now live in a world where emotions are bad and being lazy and no longer self motivated to do anything ourselves, we run to Doctors and Governments to do something about it.

No one allows themselves to cry any more, or be angry or hurt.
People, we were given emotions for a reason. They are our release valve. They dump all the toxins in our emotions and psyche and heal us.
But with Fluoride and Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar, Antibiotic filled meats and dairy, the low fat bullshit stripping our brains of the healthy fats we need to coat it and now the medications we take in bucket loads willingly, we have depression when the smallest thing happens.
I bet you no one will have depression when the Cleansing hits and we are all having to fight for tins in the Supermarket lol

Get off your asses and take your Blob Damn life back.
We have an entire Universe full of Conscious love and light out there desperate to teach us the ways of the Universe.
All our loved ones throughout the course of our Evolutionary creation are begging us to listen to what they have to say and what do we do?
We eat cake and watch the Fucking Kardashians.

Also this ‘Labels’ bull shit and the Moral Brigade, these pain in the ass ‘Black Lives matter’ trouble makers and ‘Feminists’ etc…the governments orchestrate these little pockets of sub division so we will run to them to fix it.
Well guess what people? You get the Government you deserve.

They’re coming, and they are bringing tanks and Thought Police. So now you can’t be angry that some cops are out of control because your a Terrorist and if you say anything bad your a Terrorist and threat to the nation you live in.
Even though freedom of speech and expression are in the front of all great nations Declarations or Constitutions.

Remember when we were kids, things were so much less complicated when shit happened.
They are allowed to cry and have tantrums but when your an adult you suddenly need to focus on working and going to University and pay taxes that aren’t even legal.
We hand ourselves over to the Matrix and then wonder why we are unhappy and our souls are crying out for us to be FREE!!!!

People, please, I beg you, STOP allowing yourself the right to have a fuckin emotion. Life is shit sometimes. Its supposed to teach you the lessons YOU asked for before you came here to be you.

We are incredible Vessels of love and light and only a few of us (Empaths) understand this needs to just cry or be worried or whatever.

We have ALL had to rise above shit that when it’s over we have unclenched our butts and breathed a sigh of relief. But life’s issues aren’t the hurdles we think they are. They are stepping stones not hurdles. We place each stone there ourselves.
WE are the masters of our destiny, no God or Deity. US, we are one consciousness. We are ALL one. We are symbiotic and connected by the light in the Universe. This is why we don’t know what is beyond the edge of space because we haven’t finished creating it yet. I’ve seen it. I know how t works. I can step outside all time and see the light and why and how it works because my brian (yes I know I said Brian, watch the animated movie Igor, I LOVE that movie, it is so sweet and I feel like I’m the monster) releases its own DMT it seems without the need for the drug. We all can but mine is just obvious lol

We are ALL supposed to be like me. The way I deal with stress, the way I understand the Universe, the way I leave all the big stuff to fate, my gift is nothing if we are all like it and if everyone was more like me in terms of this gift stuff depression wouldn’t exist.
Anyone can be like me if the want is there to put in the years of dedication and training.

This year should of been the worst of my life. So much has changed. My heart has been broken more times this year than any other in my life and you know how bad my life has been.
Yet I’m the happiest I have EVER been in my entirety of life here as Debbie.
Since I gave over to the fear and allowed myself to focus on following my compass, get it. What I am, what I need to be, what I need to do etc… be happy. I found pure light.

And boy am I getting happy. I see only light now. I’m surrounding by spirits hundreds deep, I have the most incredible job. Oh My Blob, my readings I actually enjoy them now because I’m helping those who want direction not answers. So it spreads positivity and hope. Where as before I was always worried I was letting people down. My fear of letting people down made me nervous.

I’m teaching thee most incredibly loyal, gifted, loving students. They all tell me how they followed their gut to find me. (They followed their compass) and of my senior students I can honestly say I have found my family.
Even when I’ve had to go Dark to teach certain lessons these last few days they ALL understand why it had to be done and never judged me and in fact by having their support and permission it illuminated many truths and brought certain people to the light who should never have found it in the first place.

My sons are so clever and funny. They are bat shit crazy like their parents but they are individuals and happy even with all this going on with Mr Ex.
But they embrace my crazy and now my 7 year old is in to Physics. Even has theories of his own we like to discuss.

Mr Ex and I? We are the best of friends and will continue to love and support each other through out all of time. All divorces should be like ours. I’m taking nothing but what is mine, and he will help me with the boys without lawyers getting involved. No drama, just healing.

Everything in life has an opposite, for balance. Without perfect balance nothing can evolve. Left/Right, Up/Down, Light/Dark, Yes/No, Good smells/Bad smells, Love/Hate, Day/Night, Sleep/Wake, Run/Walk, Laugh/Cry etc… name it, it will have an opposite. So you have to know that when your depressed because your marriage is over, the good times WILL come. It has to. It’s Universal law of balance. But what is happening with us on earth is there are so many of you suffering from some form of emotional or Spirit blockage that we are now tipping the balance the wrong way. We either go up the ladder to light which is evolution and all knowledge, all time, all creation, everything, or we tip it the other way to dark and de evoling or nothingness. Which everything in the Universe including the dark are trying to avoid.
Nothing wants to go down the wrong part of the Black Hole. I call it The Tornado Effect.

By us not doing anything about our situations we head further and further into the black hole (metaphoric black hole of life I mean this time not the actual black hole like I meant last time).

So how to beat depression?
Honestly? Grow up. Embrace the suck, admit your dramas, get off our medication, stop trying to pass the responsibility for your bad decisions onto other people, own your problems, take responsibility and get off processed garbage. Sugar and Fluoride, MSG, SLF, Sweeteners, all that shit is killing our brains, turn off your Blob Damn TVS and read a book, go for a walk, stop being fed the lies that your not good enough. Do what makes you happy and fuck every body else. You will give love and support where you earn it. Give respect where you get it, love with all of your heart, do what you love and love what you do. Stop working jobs you hate and follow your dream. It’s better to try and be happy than fail at being happy?
Know that you chose this life for the very lessons your running away from. So face them head on.
You ask for this life. The reason your so miserable is your Third self or Highest Self knows it is here to have the Human Experience and by you fighting your compass trying to point north your denying yourself the experience you sent yourself down here to learn.

If you are living a life where you wish you were doing something else then your pointing your dial away from North. Over time that wears heavy on the dial. Now imagine your intuition is the dial and the decisions you make the magnetic force pulling that dial to North. So like a magnets polarity pushing when your put two magnets against each other, your pushing your Soul away from where it was set to be all along.

So everything you do, every thought, every action, every decision, every plan has it’s opposite response. So if you make a positive decision, a positive plan, do something there is also the alternative to it out there. The potential of what could be if you make the wrong decision.
Your gut, your intuition is your compass and no one listens to it but me lol
I’m the only idiot brave enough to listen to every gut feeling and thought BUT I’ve lost 200lbs and found the love of loves because of it. I have an incredible career now and a book coming out and I’m fighting the fight to get to New England (well that area). I’m happier than I’ve ever been and at 43 I now have a 25yr old in love with me hahahahaha (I KNOOOOW RIIIIIGHT?) lol
Bless him the silly boy lol

But I did ALL the things my compass told me to do and my life has changed so dramatically I now welcome the bad shit that happens because the Universal law of Balance dictates that what turns to shit also turns to roses 🙂
That’s why you enjoy the positives in life because it can change in an instant but it’s AAAALLLL based on what you do with what happens next that decides what happens next.

See life as you standing on a pair of skis. One ski is Light, Positive, Evolution of your Spiritual Self, the Other Ski Dark, Negative and De Evolving on a Spiritual level.
Our job while having the human experience is to balance just right on those skis, not too dark, not too light just going at the right speed to have our journey. But soon enough you get the balance just right so your skis go so fast that before you know it your traveling at the speed of what??????? Anyone?………LIGHT!!!
Good Students. I know the 4 that had their hands up immediately already from here lol (see…..Time Traveller lol)
Get it now?
Sort your shit out and watch how fast you get to the light and evolve?
My light is blinding now I’m going so fast.
Many of my students have just gotten on the slopes so I can’t wait till they catch up and they will because my experiences mean I can show them how to avoid the hard stuff. I have the cheats to life lol no having to go through the shit I went through to know what I know.
Some still have the fear but honestly if your that miserable in your life, surely trying to be happy is worth giving it a go because if it doesn’t work you haven’t lost anything and you can say ‘See I told me so’ lol
Nothing found nothing lost right?

You owe this to yourself and your Ancestors to try. Otherwise you’ll be back down for sure.
We are those kinds of nerdy Spirits lol it’s ALL about the Lesson of the Human experience.
That’s why we do it. But we control what happens, when and how. Fight or Flee.
I used to think everything was predestined but it isn’t. We choose it all. Everything, even when we die.

I chose to fight and I’ve been fighting like a bastard these last 12 months Oh My Blob.

Oh and the reason I am anti Black Lives Matter is because I think ALL lives matter. I’d like to see the people protest the Asian Slaves in the textile and sex industry etc….the African Diamond slaves, The Eastern European Orphans, (All Orphans tbh), First Nations, Aboriginals, LGBT, Men, Hispanics, Muslims,Palestinians, Homeless, Gypsies Animals, Women, The Elderly, Black people, Irish, Gingers, Nerds, Handicap, Mentally challenged, even ugly Spiders the Devils Minions, ALL lives matter, I could be here all day,trees, plants, even dark side, all victims in some way, and we allow it to not matter. We all have good and bad versions. Your going to get good Priets and bad ones, Good Teachers and Bad ones, Good Judges and DAs and bad ones, good black/White/Hispanic/Catholic/Muslim/Gay/Straight/Handicapped you get my drift, I could go on and on. But you know what I mean. If you don’t agree that ALL lives matter then your to blame for the state of all of this in this world. Your either a part of the solution or a part of the problem because that’s the balance lol See how it works? lol
See….I told you I wasn’t crazy lol The dead people in my head taught this stuff. Lol
Wait till I do my book called The Science of the Paranormal.

So we are all to blame for this shit. We got what we deserved.
We are living our collective Spiritual Karma.

A handful of people tell us who to hate and we obey. Even though deep down we know it’s wrong.
Immigration…….we ALL come from Immigrants. We ALL came from somewhere. No one will be 100% pure anything.

The trouble isn’t letting someone in from a different country but letting everyone in without checking the moral fibre of the person you let in.
If your there to work and make a life for yourself then come on in. Your going to stimulate the economy, and build infrastructure. If your there for benefits and have nowhere to go then maybe you don’t come in, especially if you can’t read or write.
BUT…..what we should be doing is helping these countries so these poor souls aren’t having to leave in the first place. And we do that by getting rid of Bankers, Government, Sovereignty, Big Business, Pointless Celebrity, Military, Pharmaceutical companies etc….
If we all lived the same way there wouldn’t be any of this shit.

I’d of worked in every country but now if it wasn’t for immigration.
Bastards. Who are we to say no you can’t come my soil? It’s not even OUR soil, it’s Earths and she belongs to ALL of us in the Universe.

We are ALL responsible for each other, when we have the SJWs and Politically Correct, and Moral Brigade getting offended by every little thing we de evolve ourselves faster than war.
War is tragic and brutal and over with eventually. Take your emotions and freedoms and rights of expression away etc…and it poisons us slowly over centuries.

This is why we are on the dark side of the Black Hole and Brethren aren’t.
We are heading towards that black holes corner pocket faster than we can maintain the balance and we all know what happens when a house gets sucked into the wrong part of the Tornado.

So you choose. Life is choice. Be the change you want to see because know one can fix what is wrong in you because only your compass knows where it’s north is.
Deny it and you deny yourself.
So don’t blame anyone else if you don’t listen to yourself. The answer is in you and has been all along.

The question is how much do you want to be happy and live the life your soul asked for?

I was taught this by the dead. I share it with you to show you that the dead are NOTHING to fear. Nor the Dark Side as just these very last days I had to work WITH the Dark Side to resolve a problem surrounding a Student of mine.

You HAVE to know the Dark to know the Light. It is the balance of life.
Don’t be afraid. I’m trying to show you how, if you just listen and trust your instincts your compass finds it’s way to where it is meant to be every time.

The bad stuff happens because it is meant to, but with bad comes good. With good comes bad. You just have to find the balance.
But as I say The Fear of the Paranormal is never as bad as the reality of it and I’m living proof.
Now I just have to be heard a little louder which is why I need to get to America. I know the course of my true destiny lies there.
My compass is set and I can’t fight the magnets pulling me in and to be honest I don’t want to stop it.
Knowing this path is taking me faster to the light and the happier I become the closer I get to it.
So I won’t jump off any time soon.
Light is soooo right. I can’t even begin to tell you.
But I’m gonna try.
I’ve been crossing over so many Spirits I think maybe it might be my thing lol My main purpose, my true gift. I just can relate to them. They trust me to do the right thing.
But more about that later.

We are deigned to self govern
So when we bottle stuff like shaking a bottle of coke eventually it’s going to explode and erupt. It’s the same with emotion.
I admire people that withdraw and mope
or like me I go off and cry
crying is my release
it’s just in how you choose to deal with it comes the hard part
finding the balance
so get angry and punch a pillow but don’t go out and punch a cow or small child

Listen to music that you know can change your vibration, go for a walk, hug a tree, bake a cake, play golf, paint, fish (catch and release or for dinner not for sport or the blood lust), whatever it is you have to do to bring calm to your light. Stop stopping yourself from feeling. Put your anger towards something that gets that kenetic energy out of you. Just put it into the right action. Make good choices when wanting to be angry not bad ones. YOU set the balance. YOU. No one else knows your balance but you. No one IS you but you so no one can understand what YOUR balance is.
And this is what I’m teaching you all, this is what my students are doing. Skiing lessons 🙂
And I’m the Ski Instructor called Sven, but it’s a Military grade Ski Slope so I’m the Drill Instructor as well and I’m sorry but my Teacher was right and I apologize to you now Pauline, can you hear me up there? lol I’m so sorry lol You were right you little tiny person. I am tougher than you. You said I’d be a tough teacher and I laughed at you. I told you I’d bake cakes and tuck them in at night lol
I’m hard Mama, Oh My Blob, I’m like Satan with big tits lol
I’m the Satan of the Paranormal Sciences hahaha bloody typical lol
My poor students lol they are tough man, I’ve not had to drop a student in months and boy have I thrown some shit at them lol
It’s an honor to serve with these men’s and women. We are going to war together to change history forever and I couldn’t ask for a better regiment to serve with.
Our galactic brethren are with us, fighting the good fight and the light is starting to shine.
Soon enough if I can do this right, before I die there will be a few hundred thousand less people afraid of death and what happens after and then we can see death as a celebration because they get to go back to the light if they lived the right life while here.
So get it right. Please listen to what I’m saying in these posts. What I want you all to do is try it. Try the way I’m saying to be. Just for a month or a year listen to what I’m saying. It works. I promise you. You wait till you see my weight loss. Once I’m down to my goal weight you wait till you see the change it made all because I listened to the voices in my head lol The dead.
If I’m wrong……well then I just won’t play anymore lol Your on our own. I’m done lol I quit lol

Love and Light

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Drag Queens in Heaven

This is a subject my Boy Henry asked me about and made me realize this need to be said.

If your gay in this life are you gay in the next?

The Answer? NO!!! Sexuality doesn’t exist in Spirit. Sex doesn’t exist. We are one energy. Like all the sparks that connect to illuminate a light we are all one.

People wrongly believe that Spirits are sexual. Is a radio wave sexual? Is a frequency sexual? Um…..NO. So just like how Spirits don’t eat or sleep they don’t get aroused and anyone who says they do is an idiot. Seriously.

BUT!!! That don’t mean to say these Fabulous Divas don’t like to Drag it up when they come through.

I am a STAUNCH supporter of Gay Rights and I think the LGBT community are some of THEE bravest, strongest most resilient sub group of human in the history of the world.

Being Gay isn’t a new thing. Most Mammals go a bit gay when a partner isn’t available. Especially Deer and Antelope lol Them Bitches like some ‘Heeeeeey’ from a same sex sister. And why not? Rock on. Sex rocks.

But there is no T and NO shade in Spirit if you lived this life as Gay, Lesbian or Transgender. We have so much historical proof that being either L G B or T existed.

Alexander the Great, Leonardo Da Vinci, J Edgar Hoover (was a Transvestite), Michelangelo, Walt Witman, Abe Lincoln, Oscar Wilde, (some say there is a future King who is too), Tennesse Williams, Rock Hudson, Lawrence Olivier, Eleanor Roosevelt,  Cary Grant, Anthony Perkins, some of these I got online but the most I knew and I’m straight.

The truth is, if we weren’t meant to be LGBT we wouldn’t be. If it’s organic and it exists it is meant to be.

I’d like to share with you a couple of stories close to my heart because I knew and loved these people personally and I hadn’t even thought about it until my Henry reminded me and I think this will be a great way to honour their memories.

So I’d like to dedicate this to my cousin David aka Daphne and Adam aka Goldie Horny.

Both victims to Suicide. Both had struggles dealing with the issues surrounding Bigotry and prejudice of the 90s. Thankfully it’s not as bad now but it STILL needs addressing. It makes me sick to my stomach the way these Warriors and Heroines are treated still in some cultures and countries.

But in the early 90s we still had the fear of the government engineered diseases AIDS and HIV hanging over us and it created a swath of fear among people that caused some apparent poo flinging Homophobic Retards (and it is retarded if you look at the real definition of the word) to use it as an excuse to throw shit around.



1. Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed.

2. Offensive SlangSocially inappropriate or foolish.

The third definition is fairly recent in comparison.

My boys tried and failed in recognizing their beautiful state of creation and neither could stay here. They took flights home early and broke many hearts. The thing that breaks my heart the most is Adam was only 15. I’ll never forget being told about either of them. Oh Adam isn’t his real name by the way. (I need to protect his identity for personal reasons).

Two weeks after burying David he turned up in my room in the MOST spectacular fashion.

Bitch had more Gold on him than the 70s lol

He had on thee most flouncy Gold dress on with MASSIVE bat wings, wig, make up, FULL drag and in those days Garage Doors were big. He made a bigger entrance than RuPaul and took to that stage with more pride and enthusiasm than a Gay Pride Parade. She was BANGING. She looked sooooooooo happy. She had a message for his family which I did pass on to my cousin later on (his sister) and never saw him again. But the fact he did that means when he crossed over Daphne felt free FINALLY to be all she was in all her Fabulous Fishy glory.

That brought me peace and I was only 19 at the time.

Adam was in desperate need of acceptance and basically needed a Drag Mother but growing up in small town New Zealand was hard for him and his parents just couldn’t grasp the concept of him being what he was so he too decided to ‘opt out’ of his life contract. The thing that fucks me off the most, the thing that makes me SO fuckin angry is that even in death he wasn’t allowed to be free. No one who was ‘different’ was even allowed near his funeral and no one was to mention his little ‘mental health issue’ and I’m getting upset as I type this because he was such a beautiful soul. I taught him as best I could with make up. He would come and sit and use all  make up even though this little Maori boy was tanned and I’m casper but he just LOVED being around the make up. I taught him to shade and contour but my God, no offense Baby Boy but your taste in clothing was terrible lol He tried it ALL. I used to say ‘he’s step out in everything on the rack’. ‘Less is more’ I’d said  and he said ‘No darling, more is more’. lol

15 and such a mouth on him. He’d of been a good pal for Bianca Del Rio. In fact Queen Bianca is the one who would of been his idol if he was still here because he had the acerbic quick wit too.

When I was 17 I went to stay with my cousin in Sydney, Australia and he took me to The Underground and The Rainbow Bar in the late 80’s and it fuckin rocked. I’d never seen men in gimp masks and leather before and it was hot.

It was all to wall leather, mouth balls, whips and lots of gay 80’s mustaches.

One of my cousins pals Darren was a dancer for Miss Kylie Minogue and I often cooked a roast chicken for him and his pals before they headed out lol

The Rainbow was incredible. It was full of beautiful people Id never seen before. No one cared I was there, although they might have thought I was gay which would of been cool too. But the music. OMG can anyone do music like the gays? The energy, the dancing, the drugs, the nakedness, it was tantalizing and hot.

I always wanted to see David go from David to Daphne and never got the chance but I do know that when he came through with this Milli Vanilli style wig on and his arms out stretched in a flowing ‘I have arrived’ style it gave me chills.

 He changed my life that day he took me to those clubs.

I was submersed in a hot, exciting, sexy, energetic culture I have embraced ever since.

It was the BEST experience of my life. My first drag act I saw I cried because I was so in awe of the most beautiful Queen I’d EVER seen in my life. She was total Fish. You could NOT tell she was male underneath all that beauty. Her lady parts were tighter than mine and I was 17 lol

I knew then at the age of 17 I was going to be a Drag Queen when I grow up.

The LGBT community are inspiring and brave. They are strong and resilient and I am SO SO SO PROUD to be a world where they exist.

Life would be fuckin shit without you. Our art, fashion and music would fuckin suck.

I personally think anyone who is homophobic has hidden gay tendencies and are just jealous that the LGBT community are higher achievers and make better money than the Straighees. It’s a known fact that gay men have higher IQs than straight and gay men and women are higher achievers who make better money.

Why wouldn’t we be jealous? If I looked like Alexis Mateo, Milk, Ivy Winters, Raven, Juju Bee, or Miss Ru I’d be all over myself lol I’d be in full drag getting my smear test lol

I’d be more Drag than Drag.

Adam when he came through the night after he left us, he took my breathe away and he was like ‘Debbie, Debbie, look, look what they did to me, look, I’m GORGEOUS, LOOK.’

And he did look stunning. His make up was beat down, like BEAT DOWN. He was flawless and his outfit was unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

I was so so SO proud of him. He shone like a star and his light has never faded and that was 1987.

I’m from the Pacific Islands and in my culture and surrounding Polynesian islands Transgender people are considered Blessed. They are seen as being Twin Souls. Both Male and Female. Which is a blessing because they get to understand both sexes.

There is a STUNNING Queen I’d love to introduce you to. SHE is my heroine. I adore her and you should too.

People stupidly think if your from the islands as we are, we are backwards. We may have gotten microwaves 20yrs after they were invented but we know when we are blessed with something special in our midst. We can’t be that backwards if we knew centuries before hand that if your Trans your blessed. So get over it White People. EVEN in IRAN, IRAN, YES IRAN you can get your gender reassignment surgery for free.

Yes they have a lot to learn but it’s better than most countries who claim to be all cool and copacetic.

Africa is the continent that needs the kick up the ass. Boy are they in for a fright after the cleansing lol

These are the people we should be getting our respect. Not the Fucking Kardasians and Beyonces of the world. Our LGBT Souls are the very epitome of strength, courage, poise, beauty and dignity.

So my Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender brothers, sisters and sisters, hold your heads up high. You are represented in Spirit in the highest order and you steal the show every time let me tell you.

Never have I had a Spirit come through to a theme tune as they make their entrance. Daphne came through to I’m Coming OUT BY Diana Ross and even now when I hear that song it takes me back to seeing him shine that fuckin gold Bat Wing dress brighter than the glitter ball that was dangling over his head lol

If your LGBT and you have no where to go, if you need to talk or need a Drag Mother, you come to me. Your safe here with me and I know people………….I can get you to safety, I can get you protection, advice or Love.

I might be bat shit crazy but no one has more love for you than me.

Even my 6’5 Scottish Mr wants to dress in full drag. He gets it too. Your too fabulous to not want to emulate. My 7yr old son watches RuPauls Drag Race on Netflix and has all Ru’s Albums on his player. He loves Glamazon and if he grows up to be Gay Bi or Trans we will love and support him within an inch of his life. The truth is I’d want to immerse myself in his world lol he’s get pissed off and be straight just to annoy me lol

BUT he is 100% straight which makes me even prouder. When he grows up he said he wants to have a wife and be a Cardio Thorasic Surgeon and have kids, live next door to me and go to Drag Shows. So I know I’m raising my Babies right.

My Gemini baby wouldn’t notice.

The truth is the world would suck without gay folk and there is something seriously wrong with our so called modern society if we can’t live and let live. Who are we do judge anyone?

There is certainly no judgement in the After Life. In Fact I’ve had straight Spirits come through a big fabulous too now that I think about it.

It’s called Gay not Miserable.

Lesbi Gay together 🙂


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The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost Episode 4 BREAKING NEWS

Here is there long awaited episode where we think we have caught or appear to have caught some unusual noises after a Spirit appears to want to talk to our producer Thomas Spychalski.
Thomas did get the message in private later on.
As promised here is the Wikihow on How to Contact The Long Island Medium link where it clearly states what you need to do.

And if you know who Donald might be and you understand what 22 or 67 meant please let us know. He told me after when he was passing on his message for Thomas, he never said Wyatt, he only showed me W. So we have Donald, Carpenter, 22, 67, P.O.W but we don’t think he died as a P.O.W
Also we apologize for any sound troubles. This should of been the first indication something was trying to get through as we had serious issues just getting the show started in the first place.

My friend Priscilla York found this. I’m in shock. He was 22 when he got out in 1967. He left on medical grounds. Passed in 1993. His Camo was green and brown. Which I didn’t know. And The Jackelope was the Insignia for many Military branches both official and unofficial. McDell Air Base in Florida for one, and apparently it is very common for Army and Air Force or Navy and Army to share bases. I am seriously floored.

Navy Greens:

The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost Episode 3

Join us next week when we Interview my Mr. A Photographer, Photoshop and 3D Demi God who will talk to you about how to spot fake photos and videos and also the biggest misconceptions in Ghost Photography. If you have any photos you want to send for him to look at, if you have any questions, don’t forget to email, tweet, FB or message us.

The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost (Facebook)


The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost Episode 2



With the Wonderful and Dynamic Patrick Keller, Teacher, Paranormal Investigator, Cemetery Photographer, Grave Adopter and E.V.P enthusiast.

Enjoy, don’t forget to submit your questions, dreams and comments for the next show.

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