Madeline McCann

I know what happened. She’s been to me before but I didn’t know who she was because she’s older.

There are a couple of them who are high profile missing children cases who have told me there story.

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Plus I’m making my first video.

I’m going to explain all my visions in one story. Stuff seen and published and stuff not yet spoken.

My New Patreon Is Up And Running Woohoo
Live streaming.

I just saw it.

That’s how I’ll answer your questions and do the Predictions and tutorials before YouTube.

My boobs and I will live stream it lol

Your in trouble now. You’ll see the real crazy in real time LIVE


I have subscribers already.

Thank you so much Tina and RN

I love you and thank you for your support.

I will say this though. Anyone wanting to be a student with have to pass a test first.

I will only train a certain type of student.

The students who NEED it not because they want it.

Otherwise your taught a watered down version for clients of the Psychic Life Coaching which is more for people looking to open up and embrace a connection for themselves to heal and embrace life through their connection.

The Empathic Pathwalker teaching is only for those who pass the tests.

Because they’re the ones who want to do what I do for a living. Helping others understand the paranormal sciences.

The amounts are $5 $10 and $65

Because I’m in the UK do by the time fees come out it’s quite a bit less than that.

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I’ll be winding my blog down and moving content over to Patreon and deleting it from WordPress.

PayPal payments and card payments available.

My blog will still be up and available as will my YouTube.

I’m talking about future articles will only go in my Patreon.

I’m making my Blog simpler to access. Removing content that isn’t getting hits and making it easier to find content for those just looking to read and learn.

My Patreon is for the serious student of the Paranormal and Psychic Sciences.

If you have any questions, would like a reading or you’d like to ask about your future or need guidance it can be done through Patreon via PayPal payments.

Any videos I make go in Patreon before YouTube.

Chapters of my book will go on Patreon.

Predictions and tutorials will go on Patreon too.

My blog will be for the general public.

I’m not walking away. You have everything you need in here now.

I’m going to spend the week tidying my blog and taking stuff down that no longer serves a purpose.

I’m going to write and teach now.

So sign up and as soon as you do I’ll start publishing content.

PayPal is

Add your question or dream to the message box and I’ll get back to you with the answer within 24hrs.

And students get exclusive Mama’s Cub t-shirts.

Beyonce: The Pied Piper. Your All Listening To It And Following Celebrities To Your Doom.

If none of you see what’s wrong with these photos and the sycophants messages underneath then you all deserve what’s coming next.

I’m so tired of all of this. I can’t take it anymore. There is nothing more I can say or do.

I’m sorry but I’m walking away. Its destroyed me. None of you care we are in the fight for our lives. All you want are sparkly pretty things and the right to sit and tear everyone down on social media and I can’t take it anymore.

Its hurting too much. I’ve lost everything over this and I just am going to sit back and watch what YOU ALL allowed to happen and be there for my dead, my clients and students.

The kids told me to stop writing now so I am.

I can only do prediction results.

I have nothing left to give. You took it all. I’m saving my gift for my clients and students now.

No more posts.

Your all willing walking into the fires of hell and no-one cares as long as Beyonce is the one leading you there.

I’m writing my books now.

No more articles here or predictions. They’ll be for Patreon. Unless I’m told to.

Now I’ll only post prediction results.

Your all so horrible to each other. Your treating each other exactly the way they want you to treat each other.

I’ve done everything I can.

Your now on your own.

I don’t like her or her music never have but now she gives me the worst case of the creeps any famous person has ever given me.

She’s bought a church and is now running around like a biblical character and you all worship this abomination and call it art.

Let me ask you something. If this was Mr Trump and his Wife on the cover of a book or magazine would it still be art or would they be torn to shreds?

Your letting these celebrities do what they’re designed to do. Brainwash you so you don’t see what they’re doing while they take your very lives from you.

The rise in depression is part of the brainwashing. The celebrity “suicides” in quotes is a trigger.

They trigger depression in people.

Movies and social media plant the fears and seeds and you all water it and make it grow with your own tears.

I wish I could give lectures to be honest. Like Ted Talks.

That would be so cool.

But I can’t warn you any more than I have.

From now on my posts and predictions are for Patreon.

My merchandise with be for Patreon.

I’ll interpret dreams and do mini readings and stuff for my Patreon people instead.

WordPress will only be for Predictions proven.

Let Beyonce and Angelina blind you.

I’m off to show people the light who actually want to see it.

I’m going to work on my books.

I am going to do three different genres.

Self help, Science of Death and autobiographical children’s story.

I’ll teach my students and help my clients and sit and wait.

Good Luck

See you on the other side of I told you so.

Be safe


You know what she’s saying in this video right?

They believe the apocalypse is coming and she’s going to save you but she’s secretly the creator of your doom hence the smile.

Its mocking your Christian God.

And none of you see it.

In plain sight.

So…Two Live Broadcast Interruptions On UK TV In A Month

I’ve lived in the UK for 17yrs. Its never happened once let alone twice. They blame the weather but the weather was fine that day. Wind factor was 24° that’s a warm summers evening here.

Whether it’s on purpose or not personally I’m taking it as a sign.

I’m telling you…… something is about to get “BROADCAST”

My stomach is in knots. Has been all day. Don’t know why though. Its not a nice feeling.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. Its the not knowing that’s the issue.

I had a white wisp come up the stairs about 15yrs old, male.

The internet isn’t working right, batteries are draining.

I hate this feeling. Its a “do I laugh or cry?” Feeling.

Do I celebrate or hide feeling.

We shall see. Just documenting.

I feel her death looming.

I honestly don’t know how to feel today. Maybe I need a break.

But whatever it is I feel or is about to happen…..I’m definitely getting ready for something.

Just….. remember I’ve been saying for a while about broadcast interruptions?