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The Spirit Girl Crying Update

So…you know I’ve talked about this girl my son and ex see. 

We talked about it in the Live Stream show “Ghost Stories” I did with my ex.

Well you know how I said she made that crying sound/whimper that alerted me to the darkness that was standing outside.

Well yesterday I heard her again. She seems to be a Wailing Woman or something. Because every time I hear her something happens that changes my life in some way. Every time I hear her something happens in my life where I have to take drastic action for some reason.

But my eldest said he heard a young girl call my name in my office just after I heard the whimper.

I don’t know who she is. My boys experience different things with her. I’m sure but not totally convinced she is a manifestation of my exes depression.

She only started appearing around the time our marriage broke down. She only ever hangs out downstairs. Used to be just his office and wash house/kitchen bit now it’s my office and the living room as well.

This Friday we are going to set up our phones to see if we can catch anything, then I’m crossing over all the Spirits.

The interesting thing is, the part where she is most prolific is where the lights won’t work. We’ve tried everything. The electrics are fine yet we can never get the lights going or to stay on for long. The bulbs blow but there’s no reason for it to happen.

But is it coincidence that when she makes her sound, something happens.

One thing is for sure…..her presence is growing. She’s building up for something.

My youngest said she stepped into his dream last week to help him when he dreamt something was under his bed.

But she makes no sense as to why she is here. She looks WW2 up to 1990s because of what she is wearing which is a nightdress but my youngest also sees her in jeans and t shirt. But he’s too young to articulate fashion era.

Our house was only built 27yrs ago. Was former farm land with a mine that collapsed just a stone’s throw away from our house. But let’s assume she is if the land, she’s opening doors that wouldn’t of been here when it was farm land.

So there is intelligence and a willingness to free roam. So she’s not trapped, nor is she a resident Spirit.

So that leaves, manifested, called on or she’s attracted to the light of our family and needs our help. Maybe this is why she’s finally making herself known to me because up until that point I was sure she was manifested.

Because the trouble makers don’t like me because they know I give them no power over me and I shut it down.

But she’s reaching out now. So was she using my boys to draw my attention to her until she got enough energy to come through to me,?

One thing’s for sure, I’m going to find out.

But I promise to catch it all on camera.

I hope we catch something because none of it makes sense.

I couldn’t have the dead make it easy on me aye? Lol

Needless to say watch this space. I’ll catch her, then release you, and show you how.

Love and Light

Mama 🐻


The Vaccine Argument. Remember my premonition?

Irrespective of if you believe vaccines are safe or not my argument is this.

If you have anything that is safe, your body doesn’t react to it.

Your body is designed to reject what isn’t natural and absorb what is.

It’s not just humans affected by vaccines. Cats and Dogs are becoming infertile, depressed, riddled with arthritis, and even things like skin cancer. Because the vaccines are destroying their immune system.

Make an informed choice. If you consider yourself a mature intelligent person do the research. Independent research.

Not government funded research but independent research.

Anyone who deems any argument other than their argument, conspiracy theory isn’t worthy of entering into the discussion at all. 

You can’t enter a debate without knowing both sides of the argument. It’s called making an informed decision.

If your not informed, your biased.

The truth is coming out and I said in my list of cleansing predictions years ago that the truth will come out about vaccinations and it’s starting to.

It’s gonna get worse too. Watch…when the truth comes out during the “Elites Elimination Take down” you’ll see all sorts of truths come out.

It’s gonna make people sick when they find out exactly what they’ve been feeding us and why.

It’s all about to be revealed and I’ve put these posts up to remind people of my premonitions and prepare people for what’s coming.

So get ready. You thought the Nazis were bad with Eugenics……