And The Gates Of Hell Await The Arrival Of It’s Queen

You see what’s coming right? It can’t be more obvious. Satan’s dogs bark to hail the arrival of their Queen about to be delivered to their God Satan.

Its called Paying Homage to The Offering.

Their Queen who will become immortal forever in the stars.

Like Marilyn Monroe. Which is why they dye their hair blonde after brainwashing is complete. Its a homage to Monroe, the ultimate Queen of Hollywood, sacrificed so they too could know her glory.

Watch all the Queen references.

And it’s not who you think is coming next.

You know how when a Pharaoh died they killed their favourite servants and pets etc… go with them?

Just watch…….it’s coming.

I feel her.

My babies are bracing.

Presumptive? See?

Don’t you see…..? And this isn’t all folks. There’s more to come.

WordPress Are Denying Me Access To Backup My Posts. HELP MY PRECIOUS AUTS

I’m going to lose everything. They’re deleting tons of my content.

I’ll have no way to prove my work.

Does anyone out there know another way to back up my site without needing WordPress?

I get access denied when I try to get into plugins.

You see why I moved to Patreon?

They’ve deleted SO much stuff.

I’ve lost entire strings of theoretical work and My Kiddies based stuff

Can anyone help me?

I’m gonna shut WordPress down and go somewhere else.

I need to back up my stuff.

They even keep trying to stop me typing on my App.

If anyone can help please email me at

All my work is in Facebook which I’ve been kicked out off but also LinkedIn but I don’t know if that helps.

You can still access my FB, it’s me that’s been locked out not my friends and followers.

Beware The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Ashton Kutcher

I just got this from someone today.

And it’s not just girls who are sex trafficked.

Got This On Instagram: The Illuminati Choose ME! (Girly Scream)

Who knew the Illuminati were on Social Media? Id of thought invitations were written in blood on 200yr old paper in a scroll found up my ass but apparently The Devil is a Millennial who uses Social Media to recruit demon slaves lol how progressive of the underworld.

Today’s the BEST day lol I’m having so much fun and it’s only the morning.

I’ve been laughing since 00.12am no joke.

Watch My “Doing A Spell Correctly on YouTube” Video

Get your compasses out peeps. Its time to ask BIG today. Here’s my video on how to ask for big without it affecting you in a negative way. What you send out comes back 10 fold remember so you must give to receive in equal measure.

This quick video tells you how. It recorded dark because I’m shyte at this stuff and it was recorded early morning.

This goes for any eclipse but lunar you use for removing, solar it’s for attracting.

It also goes for any Spell

Enjoy and Happy Casting


And before you have a stroke.

Spell means to formulate or construct.

Your NOT doing Black Magic or anything Satanic.

Your simply manipulating magnetism and time to bring forth the best outcome for something in exchange for giving up a negative aspect of yourself in exchange.

People need to stop being so dramatic about how you manifest your own reality.

If done correctly it is an incredibly powerful thing to obtain.

But no-one does it correctly least of all Devil Worshipping fucktards.

Satanists I respect but I know the difference.

If you want to take from time you must replace the balance.

Like when Indiana Jones puts the sandbag in place of the gem to keep the balance.

But only a person of light knows that in order to receive of self, self must be given.

This is why it’s called an Offering or Sacrifice.

Its no different to when we say to the Universe “I’d give anything for an ice cold beer” and the Universe says “Well what would you give?”

Or when you lose weight to fit into a size 8 Levi’s.

I’m trying to redefine the way people see Spells, Magic, Conjuring, The Craft, Wicce Craft, Positive Thinking, or as I call it Quantum Magnetics.

To understand that’s it’s ok to ask for things if your prepared to make the sacrifices.

But sacrificing of the good kind.

Giving up something of equal measure to keep the balance.

We all make wishes and have dreams. There is nothing wrong with that.

We’ve all made sacrifices for love, employment, or friendship and parents make sacrifices all the time.

You need to take a different perspective and see that spells can be used for good but most people only use it for evil.

How many of you have said “I swear….if he/she says anything I’ll keep my mouth shut, I won’t say a word”.

Or “If I save for three months and don’t go out or buy take out I can come to Spain, buy those shoes or pay my debt off”?

Its all the same thing. You just have to know how to do it.

Understand the language, don’t assume because offering is in the term it’s something bad.

You offer the blood and body of Christ, offer foreskin of an innocent and even foods for lent, Passover, Day of the Dead, we lay flowers at graves and leave offerings in church, offer to light candles, offer prayers, etc …….this is no different and they are far worse than giving up impatience, judgement, fear etc… my spells do.

Hmmmm give up smoking crack or a child’s penis skin. Which is worse?

So don’t judge what I’m saying if your going to be mature enough to understand the science and logic behind what I’m saying.

Its simply using the frequencies of the Universe to bring things to you a little sooner than if you left things to the moment and in return your giving up some aspect of yourself that needs removing in order to make you a better person.

Noone does a spell for money or fame if they know how to ask for it.

I do. I’m making sure you do too.

I’m redefining how people see the Paranormal or Occult practices because people are making it dangerous and it’s affecting innocent people’s lives.