Classes/Seminars now Available

I’m holding classes where I teach you the fundamentals of what I do and teach my students.

You will be taught:

How to open up to Spirit

How to do a cleansing

How to release a trapped Spirit

How to find/cleanse and use a Pendulum correctly

Reading orbs

Understanding the different types of Spirit

How to protect yourself from unwanted contact

How to close yourself down

How to train and strengthen your Pineal Gland

Q and A session at the end and so much more.

Depending on numbers I’ll either conduct classes in one day or over a couple but all students will continue to get my support after the classes.

Classes are £350 pp or $400 and if you do the training I set out for you you’ll be armed with more than enough to begin your relationship with Spirit and everything I teach you is what I was taught and what I teach my students just on a more simplified scale.

If you host a class with your friends and family your training is free.

I would come to you no matter where.

It would be a whole heap of fun and debauchery haha

Email me at for more details.

Ghost Detection Apps: People are being treated like fuckin idiots

I was recently told about these Apps you can download for your phone’s that not only detect Spirits but let them talk through them.

If you have such apps on your phone I’m sorry but your a fuckin moron.

Firstly, they say it reads Quantum Frequency. Really?

So your phone can absorb the energy around it and read the ions in the atmosphere and gauge if it’s a Spirit or not on a nuclear level? It can read nuclear energy? Really?

I’m sorry but unless your phone has a Hadron Collider in it which costs billions of dollars your being sold a half face lie and these companies are playing up to your stupidity.

EMF detectors on your phone would need some kind of electrical absorption meter which absorbs currency in it to take in the electricity around it to gauge the particles of electricity around the room which in itself would instantly drain your phone’s battery and Spirit drain battery not charge it.

They claim to allow Spirit to speak through your phone as well.

Really? Like the Phone Bugging ones claim to alert you when people listen in on your phone?

Spirit can talk through Radios, CB, Microphones, Cell phones, TV, Tape, Pottery, Stone, etc…Granted this is true but they drain everything they go near. A phones battery would die after minutes. 

My ex husband makes apps and video games and people, it’s a random selection of words. It gives you what you expect, you have no way of validating any of these words and besides which Spirit would give you more than ‘light’ ‘grass’ ‘coffee’ I mean what the fuck?

These apps also play on words as a Ghost App they know you expect to hear like ‘death’ ‘pain’ ‘sadness’ ‘help’ ‘alone’ etc….

I’ve been around the dead my entire life and if they talk one word at a time it strings together a sentence or story such as ‘family’ ‘crash’ ‘sad’ ‘children’ ‘ orphans’ not random fuckin nonsense.

People for the love of Ivy, stop falling for this shit. It embarrasses us all and degrades the memory of our dead who are trying to teach us some shit about life after death.

I need to get my ass into gear and get this TV show going because it’s clear to me people are getting more and more gullible the more desperate they are to believe.

Unless these devices clip into your phone and your phone is only used as a microphone and portable battery device with which to power the meters your being heroically lied to and I really hope you didn’t pay for this shit.

There is only one thing that can read Quantum Frequency and that’s the Hadron Collider worth billions of dollars. Our phones are good but they ain’t that good even at $700.

If you fall for this stuff your just embarrassing yourself.

Education is everything. Educate yourself.

Learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom, wisdom is power.

Get them off your phone’s and do it the RIGHT way.

When I get on the TV people who make this shit up and sell it to us are gonna hate the fuck out of me.

Good, bring it on. Coz I’m done watching people get treated like morons for profit by arseholes who make money out of their fear and ignorance.

But I’m not upset at them one bit. I’m upset at the way these unscrupulous dicks market this stuff to the scared and curious for profit by playing to the ‘if we use words that sound like science then it gives the app more credence’ bollocks.

Your not the idiots. They are.

But I’m coming for you. Mark my words. This time next year you’ll know who I am. In Truth, Justice and The Spiritual way 🙂

Telepathy Rocks and this is why

​Well it’s not every day you read a Horse in Wisconsin while in England with nothing more to go on than a conversation in passing with the guardian lol I was having a conversation with my gorgeous Hostess in Wisconsin about flights. She mentioned her need to go check on her horse who was acting off. 

I connected to him immediately, he told me why. He was right lol now my Hostess isn’t worried. He told me he was fine just had a sore tummy. He was later nipping at his tummy. He’s good now. Quite the charmer.
I also was teaching a palm reading class just for fun in class with my students the other day and as a joke my student Mike took a pic of his dogs paw to read and I read it accurately lol he was astounded, Mike was too lol sooo cool. I knew about a dog he was in a kennel with and missed dearly, he told me about how he loved the bones and wanted more which he hadn’t had for years. He got one. He thanked me lol

Also got to pass on three messages to three grieving families in three different states in America who’s loved ones were in comas or in the beginning stages of crossing over. Without photos, just happened in general conversation.

Not including my Bestie who lost a loved one. I call her Bitch, she calls me Cavewoman lol coz I own her and she knows it.

And my California Hostess skyped me out of the blue to discuss flights for my vissy and her ‘Roommate’ who just recently passed connected immediately and passed on a message and I’m not even a Medium lol well I am but not on purpose or by profession.

I fuckin love my job so much. It’s the best job in the world next to being a Mummy.

Looking for New Students

I’m taking on new students separate to my seniors.

Read my article ‘What I look for in a student’

If you think that’s you email me at

You will be taught:
Crossing Spirits Over
Spirit Craft
Palm Reading
Spirit Photography
Dealing with Negative/Dark energy
Spiritual Counseling
Telekinetics etc…

You will be privy to my work and will be expected to get involved once your at that level.
You WILL be expected to get to know the other students as you will train with each other regardless of where in the world you live.
I am NOT looking for people to follow in my footsteps. I’m looking for people to walk beside me not behind or in front.
My Society is building a very respectable reputation and I only want genuine members.
You will get so much more from this than just an interest in Spirits and the Paranormal.
You WILL get gifts. My senior students all entered this without them and now are all officially Psychic Mediums.
Now getting involved with my clients and followers. I’m met almost all of them too.
This is real, I will be looking for students to work with in the future. You will join my society if you make it through the training and I am tough.
You will get tests and be expected to do home work and I will teach you everything I know. EVERYTHING.

I won’t fuck about but I only want genuine, dedicated and loyal. You must get on with the other students.
You will eventually be the Intermediate Students but for now you’ll be the juniors.
As more join and your training evolves you’ll become seniors, and my seniors will be White Lighters and teachers/employees/team members of The Spiritual Society.
I’m looking for people to want to do this for a job later on in life too. The more I graduate to spread the light and do readings the more I can concentrate on teaching.
Eventually all proceeds will go back into the Society for promotion, marketing,helping fellow students, charities etc…

And its on a monthly based donation system. You will get what you pay for. Literally.

If you want to help people and aren’t afraid of the dead then email me.
We have such a laugh.

Mama Bear