Pendulums: The Truth

People, you can NOT use pendulums to ask questions about your future. It doesn’t work that way.
It does NOT use Spirits in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. It uses magnetics.
It reads off the magnetic energy of tangible things. It will never give you an accurate reading on something in the future because it hasn’t happened yet therefore it isn’t tangible.
Treasure, a dead body, electricity, lay lines, missing objects etc…are tangible. A future something that hasn’t been made or created yet isn’t tangible.
You use pendulums to find things and read stuff. You don’t use it to predict your future.
In order to use it in that kind of capacity requires a ton of training and skill so you don’t manipulate the energy around you to suit your answer.
By which I mean you can make the answer. If you don’t know what your doing you can manipulate the answer to give you the answer you want not the answer that is correct.
That is what happens to people who use a pendulum and don’t know what they’re doing then blame anything and everything else for the answers being wrong.
People using it to decide their fate etc…not realizing they are using their own want and need and desperation to decide their fate which they of course get wrong.
You get out of this world of the paranormal what you put into it.
If you abuse your pendulum, it will turn on you and refuse to work with you. It becomes like a negative ion and will begin to push away from you and refuse to work.
As with any type of energy, it needs to be treated with respect and the currents must flow correctly or it wont flow in a positive way.

In short, if your pendulum has stopped working for you the way it was intended to be used it doesn’t like you.
You have pushed too much into it that it doesn’t like and it will refuse to work.
You’d need to cleanse it, or find another one. But it’s no guarantee it will work because it’s you that is the problem NOT the pendulum as it is supposed to be an extension of you.
It is an important tool for connecting to our planet and it will rebel if its mistreated.

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