The Dead are out in Full Force

Is it just me or are the dead out in full force lately?

I’m surrounded by then now every where I go. I see them as plain as day when I look straight ahead. I am hearing them in their own voices now too. It’s like………..I have ‘dead vision goggles on now’.

But it’s not just me. My ex has been having very obvious Spirit contact. He heard a knocking on the glass pane of the door and the door opened on it’s own in a part of the house you would never expect Spirits to be.

Almost at the same time one of my students had an experience too.

There is me and 4 other students reporting a rise in the number of dead around them.

It’s like they’ve come back at once like on Lord of the Rings.

Or have we just powered up at once?

One thing I know for sure it, I don’t think it’s coincidence it’s happening right now what with the Riots and France attacks.

I have to be honest and say I think the dead are gearing up to help us with the end of the world as we know it.

I’m never free of them now. It’s just like The Ghost Whisperer and I used to give that show shit lol

I feel like this is the biggest sign yet, the darkness is coming to an end.

I’ve never known anything like it. They are every where and I don’t even class myself as a Medium. I’ve never had my gift for manifestations be so prolific like this.

I should be scared, I should be terrified but actually, I’m fascinated and I feel safe, I feel protected. More than ever.

So it has to be a good thing………………..right?


The Crossing over of Hundreds

Well today is the 07/07/16 and today I broke one of the biggest laws of Paranormal History, certainly in my Society and I feel fantastic.

So let me start from the beginning.

As a lot of you know my marriage has come to an end with My Husband. We are still the best of friends, still looking after our boys and very happy. He will always be my Protector, nothing changes but his depression got the better of him and he and I feel it is better he goes off to paint and heal than stress out over me. But any way this isn’t about that.

While we were talking I kept seeing a young boy standing in my bedroom door way but he wouldn’t come in. He looked from the Tudor days and a little odd looking but I eventually went to sleep without any trouble.

Today I woke up emotional and asked Mr if he could stay home. He said No, but then our son got up and asked the same thing. He booked the day off.

We decided to get out of the house and go to Hardwick Hall in Durham for a nice day out.

As I was getting ready I had a flash of white light. I immediately informed my students as they know I’ll document what I can as it is happening and off we went.

So we walked around the ornate hall and took in all the gazzillions of tapestries that dripped from the walls and the closer I got to the top floor the more I could feel myself going.

I excused myself and went and sat down in the hallway and that is where I meet Lady Arbella Stuart. She stood about 5’4-5’5 with dirty brown hair, it looked greasy and I’ll be honest, she didn’t smell great. Her teeth were killing me.

She came flying up those stairs and was in such a panic. She rushed me and took my breathe away.

She was asking me to get her out. ‘They won’t let me out’ she kept saying. ‘I need to get out of here’. I waited for Mr to come out but he and the boys went the other way out I didn’t see because I never went to the part they went to as I was trying not to fall into Blue lol

I had to leave or I was going to pass out. Her fear was intense. She said they were going to kill her. Her family were going to kill her. They wouldn’t let her leave.

She followed me out. She actually took me to the ex and my boys. Then followed me through the grounds. I was trying to cross her over but the boys were distracting me.

I knew I had to help her though and she was so desperate to get out I had to do something. That’s when I heard Spirit say ‘Tell her to follow you and cross her over away from the house’. It didn’t feel wrong.

Now………….if you know me, you’ll know this is pretty much THEE law of the Universe. You NEVER!!! invite a Spirit in, or ask it to follow you. NEVER!!!!! EVER!!!! I cannot express enough the NEVER EVER part enough.

But it didn’t feel wrong. So began an A Team like operation to help a dead person no one could see escape the grounds of her prison so she could go to the light. If I’m on camera, I’ll end up certified insane lol

I’m clearly seen talking to nothing and moving in a way that looked like I was trying to be inconspicuous lol OMB (Oh my Blob) lol Thank FUCK my boys embrace my crazy.

I felt like my heart was going to jump through my chest. I felt like I was going to pass out from fear.

I left the boys to go to the Play Ground while I took her to the car and there began the tale of 700 hundred Spirits and why I’m about to sleep for a week.

After I had a drink and sat down I began the process of talking her over. She was afraid if she crossed over she would go to her family and she was terrified of them. I told her that anything they did to cause her that amount of fear was a guarantee they won’t be in the same realm of existence as her and  that she only had to look at my light to know I was telling her the truth or why else would she have found me the way she did?

Then shit got real. As I was seeing the white light behind her slowly they came out of the fields and bushes. Men, women and children of all eras. Georgian, Elizabethan, WW1, WW2, Middle Ages etc….men dressed in Dark Blue Air Force uniforms but they weren’t British. Planes, I saw planes, women dressed in overalls coming from the fields, kids in sack cloth, stable boys with horses, men in Powdered wigs, Fops, Dandies, etc……..there must of been at least 700. I couldn’t see the field for people. And I’m getting emotional now because the emotions were high as they were expecting Hope. Hoping for Peace. They were mesmerized by where I was sitting.

I said to Lady Arbella ‘You have a moral duty to help your people cross over with you.’ She said ‘But I never wanted to be Queen’. I said ‘They are your people, you share the same Universe, you breath the same air and you lived on the same planet. We belong to each other’ and she kind of looked like ‘Oh My Blob, I get it….nice one.’ I said to her When your ready, take my hand and go to the light’ and this is where I’m gonna ball my eyes out.

She immediately took my hand without hesitation and went to the light, but she stopped and she looked over. But with that I felt hundreds of taps on my hand. Male, female, child, infant, rough, soft, wet, hot, cold as they all one by one crossed over. It became a constant stream of touches. I couldn’t tell where one hand stopped and another began. It felt incredible.

As I was closing the light Lady Arbella curtsied to me and the Servicemen Saluted as they turned and walked into the closing light. Then I realized why she looked odd. She was the boy standing in the door from last night.

I think she was the reason my son and I felt like Mr had to stay home. So we could help her cross over those people.

I have to add though it wasn’t all Love and Light.

After the Light closed I saw a little boy standing alone. He started growling at me. He was NOT a little boy and he was pissed off. He said he was ‘placed there’ to watch over those grounds and I was in big trouble. So I smoked some weed, had a cup of coffee and told him to kiss my ass. I told him I was more afraid of toothpaste than him and he had no power me as the boys came back to the car and we drove off.

It didn’t quite know what to do.

I then immediately started to struggle with energy. I put some Alison Moyet on and within 20 minutes I was feeling fantastic. We had dinner and I immediately had to sit and document this experience. Had we of caught it on tape I would of posted it. I’m doing it from now on. I promise you.

As we got to the end of the Halls entrance drive she was there, in Spirit. She made it to the other side and she was telling me I was right and Thank You. She said just before she left for good ‘I will NEVER come back to this wicked place again’. I smelt roses after that.

I will never forget her. What a classy dame she is.

Meet my Homegirl Lady Arebella

P.S What a WICKED family indeed. Illuminati much?

P.P.S It goes without saying that you do NOT ask Spirits to follow you. I am trained. I’m qualified. I know what to do in the most extreme cases but even I’m counting my blessings she was what she said she was or I could of been in trouble.

Only my faith in Spirit made me do it without hesitation. But we’ve been working together for 43 years.

Be Wise please
I’ve woken up this morning (the 8th) feeling shell shocked like ‘Huh? Did that really happen?’.

Killer headache too







Why I need to do my job and Teach

You all know that I’m here writing to teach the readers the truth about Spirits and The Paranormal.

Everything in my being tells me to teach. Which is funny considering when my Teacher Pauline told me I would be a Teacher one day I thought she was crazy lol She let me know just recently how wrong I was haha

But one of the things that is becoming apparent recently is the misconception that Spirit are out to harm you. Especially relatives. I’m here to say that is total and utter nonsense.

People, you need to read the signals, not go running to TV shows to fix your problems. No one I know of even remotely cares about the souls of the dead if it don’t get them ratings and viewing figures on YouTube and I’m tired of it.

Your dead loved ones no matter how troubled when they come through in your minds eye are NOT trying to hurt you or cause you harm. There is a code ALL energy has to live by. A universal code. We ALL must follow it.

But I had to speak up about this article because the Spiritual Healer he went to didn’t do their job properly. Clearly this man was in no fit state to be ‘healed’ the way he was told he would be. I’ve read a few accounts of this case of this poor man and I feel sick to my stomach.

I’m so tired of people being made to think it’s OK to think these things about family members let alone the dead. We are representatives to our ancestors, we are the carriers of their legacy. We take them forward with us through our evolution. This poor Actor was clearly needing help for his trauma of his loved ones suicide. He needed help and he got bull shit run around nonsense from someone who clearly didn’t know what they were doing. A day with me and I would of explained it all.

You can argue all day long that he was hearing vices in his head that were from his loved one but if you don’t understand the way they communicate and are able to differentiate from Tempsters, Loved ones, Left brain and so on, your going to misinterpret all sorts of things. My students are learning all of this now they are in the midst of Spirit communication from my Bosses.

Please people, get the facts before you make up your mind what you choose to believe. It’s causing people to have serious mental health issues and it’s NOT funny.

The Paranormal is nothing to fuck about with. This is REAL.

I recently found out some of my former students are doing shit like White Light Grade Mirror Gazing and inviting the Dark Side into their protection every night and even though I’m no longer responsible for their Spiritual growth I am so nervous for these people because they know NONE of the codes of practice for this session. They think coz I haven’t done it yet I’m less of a person BUT it requires two people, and diet changes, cleansings, what I call EVACS lol etc…. and I won’t go there until I have my Charge with me. You do NOT do this shit without your Charge.

You can’t make this stuff up as you go along. There is a reason why the good caliber Paranerds know what they know. Thousands of years of knowledge people, handed down from Teacher to Student for thousands and thousands of years but no one wants to put in the hard work and effort in to learning the right way with the exception of my students. Who are all now turning into highly tuned little Psychic Goblins hehe.

I’m heart broken for that actor. it so didn’t need to be like this. He should of gotten the help he deserved and it is him and how I loved him in Red Dwarf that I speak out now and say ‘I make it my solemn promise to do what EVER it takes to educate people on the truth about Death, The Paranormal and Spirit communication in the hopes that if I can save one person from the voices in their head driving them to suicide (because they think they are being haunted) or help someone embrace their ability or connection then Ill die a happy woman.

I’m on a mission now people. If you can’t find the truth, seek it. Follow your compass to what is right. The right answer is out there and if you can’t be arsed, come to me. At least you know I’ll be honest lol







Over the past few months I have been learning, studying and developing a variety of new techniques which I have begun encompassing into a new form of reading.
The main aspect of this new technique is giving the client guidance on how they can achieve their goals and find balance unlike a traditional reading which is just predictive.
This will offer guidance from Spirit in regards to things like career, love, money, mental health etc….
I believe I am the first to offer this kind of reading.
I will not be bringing loved ones through and giving you predictions of what your man looks like or whether your going to be rich.
What I do instead is help you through the help of Spirit show you the path you will take to get there.
In the course of doing so Spirit will show you the future you can have with the predictions being far more accurate than me trying to pull them out of the ether.
You will learn more about your journey this way as there will be no fear on my part of getting the connection with Spirit wrong.
My relationship with Spirit is enviable but don’t expect me to bring Mum through because I know it will be her telling me what to say anyway.
The sooner people realise Spirit are conscious energy and not physical beings to describe in detail the better the connection will be.
You will be able to learn so much from them if you just listen to the messages rather than look for evidence they are there.
That is called Faith.
Have faith in me and I will show you what the Universe has been trying to offer you for the entire of your life.
They are so much more than predictions.
It’s insulting to them in all their wisdoms.
So if your having life issues, depression, worried about anything or just want to connect to Spirit and the Universe please come book a reading and let me show you how to follow your compass to perfect balance and peace in your life.

You get 5 questions $50 £35 but your readings will be done either digitally or written in great detail via email. I will also do phone calls as well. Even international ones.

Please do NOT ask for free readings as you will not get a response. I’m trying to raise money to go to New York and visit my family as well as get my book published myself in paper back form.
You will NOT be disappointed. I will work my ass off helping guide you with all the knowledge of the Universe behind me.
I am more than happy to give readings for free when I am told to by Spirit and noone else.
I will NOT do Mediumship but will help you with Spells, dream interpretation and past life readings.
I’ll even help your loved ones.
My students and I are on an incredible journey together and one day soon I’ll have more of me to go around but I want to spread Spirits hot sticky love all over the globe and show people how a reading should be done.
Spirit can change your life. You never need me unhappy, lost or disconnected again if you listen to my Council.
You will be sent terms and conditions before the reading and no reading will be conducted until the money is in PayPal but the money won’t be touched until it is sent.
You get 5 questions only per session. But your questions will be answered extensively.
You will have 100% honesty, love and support and you will get my undivided attention.

Email me at if your interested.
Please do NOT expect a conventional reading as you will be let down.
I am Psychic Therapy or Spiritual Counseling if you will.

I look forward to walking your journey with you.

Love and Light

A Message from a Suicide

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting one of my Students. Sefanne, from The Netherlands.

Sefanne is my Scientist and I consider her to me my Spiritual Daughter as I do with a couple of my students.

Sefanne lost her boyfriend to suicide in January of 2016 and since we met I have had a connection to her boyfriend who now INSISTS on monitoring everything I do lol

I’m sitting here thinking about how much I miss Sefanne and how lucky I am to have such incredible love in my life when Lambiek told me he had something to say to those of you dealing with Suicide.

This is his message not mine. From this point it is him talking not me.

‘Some of us are born unhappy and no matter what happens nothing we do can make us happy. It is in us to self destruct and no matter what we do or who we have the desire to leave is to strong. I made many mistakes in my life there and I could of done more to help those around me understand my illness but it’s hard to find words when your mind is screaming. I know now I was Empathic but wasn’t raised to know what that was and I made me angry. I knew I was something. My mind didn’t work like other peoples. I was always trying to find the answers but I really should of been finding the right questions. While my suffering ended I saw the sadness I caused those I loved and I wish it could of been different but I chose those people in my life because of the way I knew they would be free to let me go. They grieved for me in such a beautiful way and I am grateful for that. I should of married you Sefanne. I know we said we never would but I really did love you so much. I stayed for you. You kept me going as long as I did and when I left you gave me the best goodbye I could ever have hoped for. And just so you know, I held you back too.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. You shouldn’t search for answers, search for the right questions to ask. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be sad, and scared. It’s okay to have emotion. You MUST allow yourself to feel. When you take the drugs and run away from your emotions your suppressing and squashing down all the things your meant to be feeling. We NEED to feel. Empaths especially need to feel. It’s okay to be a man and cry, it’s okay to be a child and be angry. It’s when you try to void yourself of emotion you run into trouble. (Think of the Inside Out).

The one thing I need to express to those left dealing with suicide is ‘It is NOT your fault, nothing could be said or done. Some of us born on this earth are born with the clock ticking down to self destruction and while you all can stretch out the process, it won’t ever stop it from happening. If it is in the script the final curtain call will come eventually. So don’t please don’t blame yourselves. It is OUR choice, not your actions that cause our deaths. But there are too many children here and THAT has to stop. What is wrong with our society that even children who are the ultimate light on earth are choosing death over life? Children are the epitome of life.

I was raised hating school, never feeling like I belonged. School beat the life out of me. People, you need to understand, ‘School isn’t always  good for everyone. It can be hell on earth and if your sending your depressed child to school your not helping their situation. School damaged me more than any other thing I did because I was told not to think and feel the way I knew was just me being me. When your told from a young age not to be you, it can damage your psyche.

Listen to your children and STOP medicating them. Let me be expressive, let them feel, let them have a voice. You can NOT tell someone what to think and feel, they must tell themselves. Most suicides problems can be removed simply be removing the causes of the depression. Its usually bullying, school/peer pressure, debt, stress etc…..but in some cases (like mine) we are just born looking to go home. My brain didn’t think the way it should of done but who is to say whether that was normal or not as I’m not the only one who’s brain doesn’t think normally. We try, we really do try. It takes so much emotional and mental reasoning before we do what we do. It’s just exhausting. For me, my mind was all over the place. It was hard to focus on ‘normal’. It’s like having a dripping tap that never stopped, mixed with constant thoughts and cloudy, heavy, throbbing, with some loud bangs thrown in to make me nervous or restless. Constantly thinking, thinking, thinking. It’s not always a good thing especially when your getting answers before questions. But the suppression of emotions is what tips people over the edge.

I wasn’t raised to know what an Empath was but I know now and If I could do things differently I still don’t know if I would of done it all over again with my new knowledge because my head is clear for the first time in my life. What I would of done was left a better impression of myself for those I left behind. I’m sorry for how some of my loved one are coping. BUT!!! I’m still proud of how everyone said goodbye. I knew love. That is the only thing that matters. Love each other every day your together because you never know if it will be your last with a depressive or suicidal person.

Memories are so important to the fabric and time and space so make many MANY memories with them.

Also try not to run to Pharmacological medication, there are plenty of natural alternative and get a hobby. Encourage hobbies, and interests, get off sugar and don’t suppress your feelings. Cry, laugh, get mad. Don’t push your feelings down.

Write them down or talk it out. It will help.

But lastly I want to say this ‘Suicide isn’t the answer for everyone, only those who die but NEVER EVER ask yourself what you could of done differently. Ask what memories you made. Ask if you did enough to love them. They will always have loved you. I’ve not met one suicide who did it out of not being loved. In fact we often do it to protect our loved ones from the mess that is us. It’s not easy living with us. Which is why my girl deserves true love now. I love her truly but I’m not her true love. I was a lesson, a stepping stone that gave her the most love I had to give and Sefanne, I did love you THE MOST!!! I trusted you like no other. You were the light on my darkest days. You made the noise sing instead of scream, I’m just so proud of you and how you made it so easy for me to leave without fear of losing your love for me and I didn’t even know ‘she’ was there. My glass was already half full. I just wanted to finish the glass and go home. I know you understand. All I remember was you in those last days. But I needn’t of worried because your doing just fine. You were the one who taught me, I wasn’t the Teacher, you were and I am humbled by your strength. Go be loved and love with all your heart. I’ll see you on the other side (or monitoring Debbie on my computer screen).

Love like each day is your last and never stop your emotions. We need them. Find the answers you seek once you find the right questions to ask stop at nothing to find the answers and parents stop forcing your kids. It’s not your life, it’s theirs. The decisions you make for them today decide their actions tomorrow. This isn’t about YOU. School, medication etc….might be convenient for you but not necessarily for them. Why are your kids even on medication in the first place? What child should know such pain?

Today’s and Tomorrows are all decided by us yesterday.

(Suicide takes planning is what he means) so there are always signs. If your suicidal, talk to someone, write, sing, bake, fish, do whatever it is you need to do to release what your feeling in a constructive manner. Constructive is far better than Destructive. Remember that. If my suicide, if this message helps one person want to live or helps one grieving parent/loved one understand the situation their loved one/child was put in then my life and the things I have since learned will have all been worth it.

My suffering has ended but I watch it from where I sit and we need to sort this out people. It’s too much. We need light now, not dark. So much dark.

Love conquers all, remembering that, and

Death is only hard on the living.

Sefanne, I never loved ANYONE the way I loved you. But now you will get the love back in equal measure. You deserve that.’

My name is Lambiek and I took my own life, now my memory lives on in love and light.

My memory lives on in all of you who read this message so Thank you for remembering me. It’s the most important thing, for us to be remembered.