Dreams Explained (revised 2016)

“Dreams Explained (revised 2016)

Most people don’t realize that when we dream we are actually being told or forewarned about things in our lives or yet to come. It is never as simple as just thinking because you dreamed your partner or spouse committed adultery it means they will or are being unfaithful.
You must look at every aspect of the dream. Like was he naked? In bed? Was he with a female or male? What was your reaction? Did any colours stand out? and other aspects like that. A dream is NEVER about what is happening in the dream.
Spirit, through your dreams can be trying to tell you to see a Doctor. Or take a lottery ticket.
Good dream interpretation can be psychologically and physically healing.
They can bring peace of mind or get your prepared to deal with something that is about to happen.
Below are some examples of dreams I have been interpreting for people. These dreams are cut and pasted from the Yahoo Answers site where I interpreted dreams when I had time.
I have deleted the names, usernames and images of the people who asked the questions as all my work is confidential. Plus I don’t want to cause any trouble for anyone. I’m not good at this blog technology. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I just type and pray for the best.
What does it mean when you have a dream that you’re having sex?
With someone other than your husband? Not someone you know but a made up person
It signifies an end to a struggle. Your hard work will soon pay off. 
Don’t worry it’s a good dream, and perfectly normal.
What does it mean to dream of looking for a toilet but they have no privacy?
Examples: Toilet area totally exposed – no doors or walls for privacy; transparent / see through walls; toilet door too small or won’t shut; large gaps in walls; toilet cannot be used – out of order.
You never said what you were going to use the toilet for. Number One or Number two or if you managed to actually go. All of this really matters because they have very different meanings. Did you ‘do’ anything and did you ‘see’ it. Or was it just that you needed to go and couldn’t go?
So to dream of just going to the toilet, is legal troubles to do with property. But the actual act of going, ie if you did a wee it means a release from stress and anxiety. To do a number two is unexpected money coming your way. In my culture Poo dreams are much appreciated lol we take our dreams very seriously. So what it is saying is there is going to be some worries but either way it will work in your favour or at least give you peace of mind.
These toilet dreams usually come to fruition within 2 weeks of the dream.
Recurring dreams about the end of the world?
I just woke up and it was the end of the world. A tsunami was coming and I was on the beach and sand covered me and I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t claw my way out of all this sand and then I managed to and I ran home. When I got there my family all got into one room (which never happens in real life) and I told them how much I loved them I was really upset – in real life I don’t even talk to my dad much. And then I looked out the window and this huge wave was coming towards us. Then it cut out and I was looking down at the chaos. All these animals were drowning and the destruction was so vivid. Why do I keep on having these dreams – they’re awful. It’s always earthquakes and tsunamis. How do I stop having these dreams? I wake up in a cold sweat and in my head try to reverse the dream and think of a happy ending. Thank you
Oh you poor button. I know for those that don’t understand the way dreams work those sorts of dreams can be nothing short of devastating. But take it from me. To dream of the end of the world is probably one of THEE best dreams you can have next to dream of The Devil, Jesus, God or Asians. I could sit and type out what every bit of it meant but it would take less time to cut the long story short.
Your basically being told that your going to come to a point in your life where you will have won. Won in life, won in your soul and won in love. Your family will be of a great support for you and will share the happiness with you and even though you say your estranged from your Dad, Fathers represent security and protection.
Your basically going to do something that makes not only you proud but those around you will be proud. It will be something that causes great emotion (the Tsunami). The threat of death means your going to have the ability to completely transform your life. I don’t know how old you are but it could be something from ‘You could put yourself in danger to save someone’s life and be a hero which opens doors for you that help you get a new start in life or a new life’ or you could start a business that does really REALLY well, or you could win the lottery (honestly it wouldn’t hurt to buy a ticket for a bit lol)
The fact you were in danger means you will overcome what ever is going on with you now and go on to turn something negative into a positive and it will be better than you expected.
Now……to dream of Earthquakes is actually very rare. If you live in an Earthquake prone area it is saying you will have minor difficulties in your life.
If you don’t live in an Earthquake prone area it is saying after putting in the hard work you will be rewarded. So basically I would say your having a bit of a hard time of things just now, and your worried about how it, or your life is going to work out.
But your going to do something or become something you put in a huge amount of effort to become or have, and it will be the best thing you ever did to the point of giving you a huge reward both in life and in soul.
You will have the love and support of those around you and you will end up more than proud. The fact that this is a reoccurring dream suggests maybe you’ve had a dream for a long time to do something, or be something, or start a business, but you or life have always held you back. Your dream would be saying ‘Do it, do it do it do it do it’ Spirit can be as subtle as a brick when they tell us stuff we don’t hear.
You’ll keep having the dream until you do whatever it is your being told to do. It’s your destiny. Please please please keep me posted. I feel like this is something you don’t think your good enough to do or be. You will make yourself proud whatever it is.
What does it mean when a close friend that has past away almost 15 years, you dream about them?
This is now the 2 time in the past almost 15 years she has appeared in my dreams. We were sitting laughing & chatting away and then we were walking and still chatting on a nice sunny day.. what we were talking about was crafts, cooking and the animals.
You didn’t mention whether she appeared as a Spirit or as if she never died. But generally to dream of someone who has passed away means you will soon hear some good news. You would of known if she was visiting you because there would be Emotion attached to the dream. She is merely representing something good.
When you dream of Spirit and it is a visitation, it isn’t like they were never gone. Or you dream of them blending into back ground. They are merely the way Spirit has chosen to tell you to expect some good news. They chose your friend because she is a welcome sight and not intimidating.
Some people get very frightened of having dead people in their dreams so you tend to take more notice of the message when it is someone you loved or respected.
If your friend visits you in your dreams you would be full of emotion and you would carry it with you for days.
It would leave something on your soul that you just KNEW she was telling you. When a Spirit comes through it is never to just chit chat. There is always something in the dream that stands out and stays with you for days or years. Please be careful what you read on here as some people have been giving out horrendous advice.
Really damaging stuff. I am an Intuitive Clairvoyant. I have been doing readings since I was 6 and have been seeing Spirit my entire life. I am from a long line dating back to the 17th century of known Psychics but I hate that word. My culture is very Spiritual based and we are taught to interpret dreams from a young age.
I’ve seen some people give us such horrendous advice has made me frightened for the person being read. You can’t just interpret dreams without first understanding the Spirit realm. Your dream is just saying your going to get some good news.
I honestly can’t believe some of the comments made to some of these people on this Dreams Topic. I guess every one is an expert lol. If you ever need advice, just email me. I will be only too happy to help.
Asker’s Comment:
Thank you so very much, she was very real not a spirit. I appreciate your honesty about background and about other posts that replied to my question.

When this dream started it was as if I were in an old cartoon *like Betty Boop or Felix the Cat however not as happy* My Father and I were going to look at a new house to move into and the road we were traveling on was paved of white gold, *recently I had received a ring from my Fiancé of white gold as an engagement ring* when we had gotten there I heard noises only I could hear but my Father could feel. They irritated me and I felt as if I could fall to the floor and scream. I was yelling to my dad *daddy please we have to leave now I cant take it … something is here*
This is odd because soon I plan to move into my Great Grandmothers house which has been completely remodelled, I’m going to live with my dad for a while because I have lived with my Mother for some time. Now back to my dream my Mother and Grandma wanted to see the house so I went with them… when I returned the voices I could hear were tearing me down i couldn’t stand it I grabbed a hold of my grandmother begging her to leave …. however she was stubborn and had told me to behave and stop this when we could finally leave we were walking down the road and my mother was telling me of a story of thieves…. I had woken up with a headache and the night before i had heard noises in my friends house though I knew the noises were just mice in the chimney. Is it possible that this dream means something about my engagement and my Fathers new house.
Houses or buildings in a dream represents how you see yourself at this time. It doesn’t matter if it’s your actual house, a run down house, a barn, mansion, mall etc…if it featured in your dream it is a dream about how your feeling.
Your dream basically means your going through a lot of changes, and that they might be happening too fast or you feel like things are out of your control, and your wanting things to slow down a bit.
BUT your dream is actually saying it will be the making of you. The type of people you had in your dream means that this new change coming into your life, will be the best thing that ever happened to you, and you will be loved and protected, safe and happy. Your about to embark on a whole new life and while scary and unknown you will actually blossom and not regret it for one minute.
Asker’s Rating.
Asker’s Comment: Thank you so much this is a very good way of seeing things, and you are right I do feel rushed and things are happening so suddenly that I just feel like everything is just zooming by thank you for your help

What does my dream mean and why do I keep having it?
I keep having dreams that I cheat on my boyfriend. I’ve already had this dream twice this week, but it’s been different guys in both dreams. I’m not one to believe that dreams mean something but I’m wondering if mine does mean something, and why it’s reoccurring?
Additional Details
P.S- I love my boyfriend very much. We’ve been dating for a year and there’s no way I would or could EVER cheat on him! That’s why these dreams are so weird and kind of funny to me.
Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
For a person to dream of being the one who is being unfaithful means your about to confronted with a very tempting offer or situation that you will have to try with all your might to resist to save your reputation.
To dream your being cheated on means your partner is actually faithful to the nth degree.
Whatever the situation it might not necessarily be a good temptation.
So be wary of the fact that the dream is a warning that it might not work out well for you if you give in to the temptation.
So hypothetically speaking and I don’t know you but this is a ‘For Example’ You might be tempted to take the money you see laying on a table. You take, get caught and then you get arrested for stealing.
Or it might be that your out and have a few to drink (I don’t know how old you but but this is ‘for example’) you then kiss someone in a drunken stupid mistake and your partner finds out or catches you and you end up in a bitter break up.
Or you have a drink then drive home and get caught for Drink Driving which causes you to lose your job. It’s basically something that depending on what you decide to do will have great impact on your reputation. Do you understand what I mean?
But the good thing is, it’s a warning. It hasn’t happened yet and it won’t if you don’t give in to temptation. Only you will know what it means when it happens though so good luck.
Asker’s Rating:

Asker’s Comment:
Thank you.
This is an answer that could of led to a whole heap of trouble for the Asker.
from a Freudian perspective, the case is your boyfriend isn’t satisfying you sexually but you don’t wish to let him know about that (maybe it’s the sense of shame that stops you from that), you will keep your desires in your unconscious mind. However, when you sleep, your desires will get out in the form of dreams of having sex with other guys who might be sexually more capable than your bf.
So if you want, tell me your dream and I will tell you what it means.
There are Three Types of Dreams.
A Visitation is when a loved one or Spirit come to you directly and connects with you on a personal level.
You’ll know these dreams because it’s always ‘more’ than the average dream.
You talk, you connect and you never forget it. Your often just in a place talking.
It could be on the beach, in a field, in a house etc….it doesn’t really matter. But you know it’s more than just a dream.
You’ll usually be shown things by them (that you yourself won’t remember) that will later become Deja Vu . But not always of course.
You don’t always know them. It doesn’t always have to be loved ones you’ve lost in this life.
But they will be people you connect with in Spirit. Meaning you knew them from past lives, future lives and as a Spirit yourself.
When we dream we visit our loved ones, in this life and the ones before and after it.
They will help us centre ourselves, help us get through what it is we are going through. We are here to learn. They are here to teach and guide. And dreams are always the way we do it. Have done so since the dawn of time. Unless your one of me.
There are many ancient cultures that live by their dreams.
Which bring me nicely to the second type of dreams we have.
Which is Precognitive: These are one we have no control over. They are pure prediction dreams. Resulting in things like Deja Vu and events happening in life where you knew it was what the dream was about.
Like for example many MANY people had dreams about the Twin Towers attacks.
You can’t interact in these dreams. And your not meant to.
Lastly is Psychological dreams where Spirit are trying to help you sort out things in your life that are happening, yet to happen, or about to happen. They are dreams to interpret and they often offer a great deal of insight into whatever is going on with you at that time. It may offer a way out, or a way to look at it from a different perspective.
Some people will actively seek a Lucid Dream but its really not wise to do so.
We are supposed to be listening to the messages not interfering with them.
If you want to fly about when you can control your astral traveling that is fine but dreams are there to be observed. Not interfered with. Too much too soon for some people can be fatal.
You must remember that dreams are just another form of message from Spirit. ALL have meaning. But they don’t mean what it is in the dream.
If you have a visit from Spirit in your dream or are given a premonition in a dream it is a lot different to a conventional dream. It leaves you, well touched is the only way I can describe it.
I usually wake up exhausted and it’s just a knowing. Like before how I said you just know what your name is. You just know it’s a visit. Otherwise it is important to take every detail in as much as you can. You will always wake up after a dream so keep a journal by your bed.
Write every detail down that you can remember and then look back every few weeks.
Spirit do talk symbolically too so it will take a bit of quiet and concentration to figure it all out. Only sometimes they will show it how it is. It would make my life a lot easier if they just said ‘Look…..tell the client they are going to lose their job but don’t worry because a better one will come by the end of the week’
But no……..for me, I will see usually something like a factory gate closing and being locked or a Job Centre. But because Spirit have no concept of time (they live in the past, present and future and can visit multiple people at once in different parts of the world…..or universe *wink*)
So then I have to trust my gut instinct and I might feel excited like I want to bounce off the walls, which means the job will come very soon or within the next few days. Or, I might get nervous and anxious so I will say to the client it will be sooner than you think but don’t worry, just keep your out goings to a minimum and before you know it you’ll have another job. Sadly this has happened a lot lately.
Why do I have this ability?
Ok well first off before I tell you what it is please don’t quote and say something like ‘your a fake’ or ‘your weird’ etc. as its not nice and if I could get rid of it I would. It would make my life so much easier. Now how do I say this…I can see the future in my dreams and sometimes during the day. And seriously I’m not lying. Ever since I can remember this has happened to me and I want to know why I have it.
I mean all my life the only person I’ve ever met who has a similar ability to me is my close friend. Though she has it stronger than me. And another thing is I have epilepsy. My mum says that when someone has a disability their body normally makes up for that disability by making them have something else. For example my friend Rosie is really badly dyslectic however she is amazing at every sport and when she does have to write imaginative coursework she is really good at it. Also another friend of mine is epileptic as well and he can know what anyone around him is going to say or do before they’re even doing it. And once again I’m not lying. I don’t make a habit of lying to people about these things. So I guess what I’m asking is why do I have this ability and is my mums reason true or just her way of trying to make sense of it? Oh and don’t make nasty comments. Its not nice and its rude when someone is serious about these things. Thank you.


Best Answer – Chosen by Voters
I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but may I ask but why would you think being precognitive would be such a bad thing?
I’ve been seeing Spirit my entire life, my whole family have some sort of gift. I have been seeing the dead and making predictions and having premonitions my entire life and now I’m 40, it is how people just accept me.
I do the occasional reading for people, I interpret dreams, I can talk to nature (Natural Telepathy is my most favourite gift) telepathic especially with my kids, and more. It’s not a big deal. You have a gift.
The younger you are the more in tune with Spirit you are. It is usually society whacks it out of you by the age of 9. But luckily for me my culture and family are very in tune with Spirit. (I’m from New Zealand and Maori people are very Spiritually in tune, we don’t fear death or Spirit)
But it sounds like to me that you don’t get any support and this is why they only come to you in your dreams. Spirit know what you can and cant handle and will only come to you in a way that won’t scare you.
Be grateful you never woke up in the middle of the night to have a Spirit sitting on the end of your bed at aged 6 like me and I would have to wake up my Dad in the morning his Granny had a message for him. It is perfectly normal.
Don’t let people make you feel any differently to them. People fear what they don’t understand and if they are closed minded by religion, they will never understand unless it even if it is in their faces.
Unfortunately TV and Movies give people like me a bad name. It is so not how it is on TV, and please do not EVER!!! try and use a Ouija Board, they are more harm than good at don’t actually contact your loved ones. It’s all done on a Telepathic link, but it can leave you open to a lot of bad stuff that can and will destroy your life.
It’s okay to tell them to go away, if they start showing themselves but don’t be rude. It takes a lot for them to come through so just politely say to them ‘I’m sorry I’m not ready for this, please go away and come back when I’m ready’ Honestly, there is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone has the gift but some of us just have it unlocked, others prefer to keep it locked because they fear it. Also it’s actually really common for people with brain disorders i.e. ‘epilepsy’ to have a gift. Where your brain lacks in one skill, it enhances the others.
It’s why blind people have fantastic sense of smell and hearing or deaf people have amazing eye sight etc…It’s just the brain compensating. But don’t you dare let anyone tell you you’re handicapped or ill.
Your perfectly normal. Just special. And it’s good to be Special. It means you were hand picked to stand out above all those around you. Write your dreams down in a dream journal (like I do) and date and time stamp them.
You can look back later and see which ones come true and which ones may be personal messages meant just for you. But remember as well, a dream can just be a dream. You learn to tell the difference over time.
I do understand being careful who you tell though. I’ve lost a lot of possible friends because of what I am but then clearly if they can’t except me for who I am, I don’t want them in my life. But it can work the other way too. you can have people hound you 24/7 for readings and advice. Good luck and if your able to contact me (I don’t know if you can on this thing), but if you can and you need advice or help, email me. There is nothing I don’t know about the Paranormal lol I’ve had 40yrs experience.
Man has been living by their dreams since cave man days.
There are cave paintings of people documenting their dreams and we all know that Stone Age Man was extremely Spiritual.
They worshiped their dead. They did the primitive form of what my people do when someone dies. We have their bodies at home for us to see them safely into the afterlife. It is called a Tangi.
Tangi means to cry or grieve. But basically we have been communicating with Spirit since before we could talk so there is something to it and it needs to be respected. While that person who replied to that last dream gave me a thumbs down for giving the wrong answer (because I showed her up for not knowing what she was talking about).
The Asker actually emailed me last night to ask if they could join my group.
I didn’t know I had a group but they have joined it. They told me they have asked a few questions on it before about dreams and no one ever gives it to them straight and he liked that I was honest. I have to be honest, I couldn’t live with myself if I wasn’t.
 I panic. I am probably thee worlds worst liar. Never used to be until I started on my Spiritual path and feared the consequences of my Karma lol but more about that later.
Some one living on the Sahara who has never seen a white person in a city before wouldn’t have too many dreams of shopping on Sunset Boulevard with fireworks going down etc…but it doesn’t matter if your Christian or Muslim. Spirit are of all races and religions.
In fact my Spirit Elder is an Egyptian God lol (don’t worry I can’t figure him out either but I will explain that in my next Post)
If some one knows what he is I would certainly appreciate the help. I’ve had 35 years of trying to Figure Birdie out.
So whilst I’m to remain humble at all times, I am pleased I was able to help this person especially. Honesty at all times is how it should be and I live by this rule. It is better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie.
Long story short. Dreams are important and fundamental to our Journey.
How happy you are, how good your relationships with people are, how much you learn and grow Spiritually can all be figured out by listening to your dreams.
So pay attention.

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So pay attention.

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