1. Hello, mein freund! You might want to link the post you’re referring to in the text so that others can find it easily. If you don’t know how to do that, let me know and I’ll explain how. 🙂

  2. I had to read this blog post again! Wow alot to swallow for us Americans. Im sick and tired of our system so let the cleansing begin! Since I’ve started doing my own research and findingtruth ,I’ve been told by my husband I’m a miserable person HAHA…well honestly he’s right…I feel like I lost a bestfriend or that my dog ran away hehe…but I woud never want to go back to my blinded ways.

    • Lol it took me about 4 years to come to terms with my visions as a teenager. Once Spirit explained why it needed to happen I totally get it. Ive foreseen so many false flag events in America before they happened and there is only two left yet to happen involving the assassination or attempted assassination of your President and the riots themselves. The people taking back their country. It hurts when you know 9/11 was staged for oil and The Boston Bombing was staged and even the Haiti disaster and Hurricane Katrina was all done on purpose. Your government has weapons that alter the weather, create earthquakes etc….they sold that technology to China who in turn used it to kill hundreds of thousands of children etc…so they coukd experiment with creating Super Soldiers. It all sounds crazy and far fetched but the great thing about my husband and his bestfriend is they research my prophecies and his bestfriend documents them all. But you have to remember the Cleansing will only affect you if you get involved. 8 yrs ago I described it as V for Vendetta meets the LA Riots. If you keep your head down youll be fine. The recovery from the truth will take about 20yrs but the actual riots will be only a couple of weeks. Thats why im telling people to stock up for about 3-4 months of supplies because you could be without power and gas for a little while.
      But I try to focus on the good that is coming from it. The Global Peace. The New Renaissance, no poverty, war, lies etc….and it starts with whatever it is they do or try to do with The President.

      • This is hard because Spirit have no concept of time so I have to put my own interpretation on things and it should kick off this year. All I can say is, the thing that kicks off the riots in the US etc….happens while Obama is in office.

  3. I just want to thank you and let you know that what your doing is amazing and so thoughtful. Your posts have validated things I have thought myself for a while now. It is just sad what this world has come to. A question of mine, was it people’s hungry for money that caused all of this to happen?

    • Hi Emma, Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my posts.
      And yes, money, greed, power is the root cause and the fact we let ourselves get so distracted by it we didn’t see the ones who had the most of it were controlling us like puppets.
      But thats coming to an end.

      • It scares me all of this is to happen and in your post you mentioned the West coast keep your heads down. Is there some kind of extensive trouble bound to happen here? On another note, I am just so thrilled I found your blog! I felt as if I was supposed to find it in a way. I just can’t thank you enough. You are incredible!

      • I know Sweetheart, when I started seeing the images as a teenager it scared me too but I promise you, when it kicks off, if you don’t get involved you won’t be in any danger. If you’ve seen the movie V for Vendetta, I described the full force of the cleansing as a cross between that and The LA Riots. You have to remember that this NEEDS to happen. While I don’t know what it will be that kicks it off I do know that it is deserved and no one will be in more danger than the rich and powerful. While there will be damage to property and land, the danger is more for those who have gotten rich and powerful through the fear, control and suffering of others. If you’ve gotten rich and powerful through the loss or suffering to others then you need to be worried. You might have power outage, food shortage for a few weeks, so I would stock up on water, camping type cooking supplies, candles, batteries, a radio, torch, first aid kit, pet food if you have a pet, all to last at least 4 months just in case. But the worst of it I feel will last about 3-4 weeks tops. But you can’t be sure to know when things will be up and running again. I think it’s just better to be safe than sorry. And DON’T tell anyone you have these supplies or you might invite trouble into your home. People do incredible things when they panic and if a neighbour knows you prepared and they didn’t your going to be an easy target for robbery or worse. BUT as I told my besties in Michigan, ‘If you keep your lights out and keep your head down, no one needs to know your even there’. If you don’t need it then it won’t hurt to have bottled water and tinned food in your house anyway. Your not the only one who has emailed me to say ‘They have always felt like something was coming’. We can all feel it now I think. It’s too quiet. Like the planet has hushed to hear what’s coming. I hope so because things are getting diabolical out in the world. There is so much evil going on and it’s got to stop. It has to or we won’t survive as a species for much longer.
        I personally can’t wait for the end of this Celebrity Infestation that’s going on. The Kardashians, Hilton, etc.. are a prime example of Famous for being Famous. I can’t wait to have my boys be influenced by actual fame worthy Role Models. After the Cleansing we will have a wave of Scientific, Artistic, Musical and Literary Genius to uplift our world. A new Renaissance if you will. Then the rich will be rich because they earned it the hard way. Spirit don’t care of someone is rich, what they care about is how they made their money and what they do with it. Just hang in there Sweetheart. Keep your head down and keep under the radar and you’ll be fine. And Thank you so much for your kind words. People like you are the reason why I love doing what I do. It’s such a blessing for me to know people appreciate me doing what I do.
        I’m always here for you Emma.
        Love and Light

  4. This is the first time I have seen your blog. It is so interesting. Intuitively, I have felt many of the things you speak of. It’s very scarey. Thank you for validating my thoughts. I will be following you from now on to help keep me on the right track. I appreciate your insight.

  5. I’m very interested in a reading. My first time blogging. I love reading other people’s responses and reading their experiences after being read. I guess i’d like more feedback from people you have done reading for recently or past. I hope i’m on the right blog page on your site. 🙂

  6. This whole cleansing is exciting and terrifying for me. I am looking forward to the beautiful future but I also fear for my family’s safety and of course being a new mom to a beautiful little boy, I fear most for the safety of my son. We aren’t rich and crummy people but we do live in a not so nice area on the east coast in New England. My boyfriend is much like you described your husband in one post. He is loving and accepting of my beliefs but doesn’t know how to apply it to help himself. I just stubled upon your blog recently and have found myself reading it in any spare time I can find. I appreciate you for being so open and for what you do in spite of the people who are not so nice about your gift. Keep up the awesome work and thank you for sharing your gift with us!

    • Hello LadyKatie, Welcome to my Blog. Thank you for taking the time to embrace my crazy lol
      I know what you mean about the Cleansing. I fear and embrace it with open arms as well. I’m so tired of seeing the suffering of the world. It is soul destroying. It makes me heart so heavy when I see the things I see. I’ve had since the age of 18 seeing things so gut wrenching and well words can’t describe the horrors of what Spirit were seeing in the world. But as hard as it is, when I see what comes after I have faith that we do our damn hardest to make up for turning our backs and never doing anything about it. The short amount of good that we will be able to achieve even in my life time I hope helps to even begin heal the suffering of Africa and Palestine and Burma and etc…
      I can’t wait to be a part of the History that cures All Cancers and Diseases instead of spreading them and purposefully creating worse versions. The Level of rage in some will border on Insanity. But the Love and Forgiveness in others will be extraordinary. So basically the good out weighs the bad once the Cleansing begins. This is what gives me hope. This is what gave me the strength to allow my progeny to exist. Light always beats Dark. Always. If the Devil was Real he would be very worried about now and definitely making room for a few thousands Rich and Powerfuls, Famous and Royal lol
      Thank you for your kind words. It’s nice to know some people do appreciate what I’m trying to do even if some don’t understand it or feel threatened by it. It means something to those who are meant to understand it. My teachings are for those who need it and want it not anyone else.
      I wish you love and light

  7. I am also new to your blog, but not New to intuitions, of that I have my own and also have for sometime. What got my attention was your asking of it in this blog; “Attention all Americans”, and then I thoroughly read your, “premonitions”, or insight. I have difficulty with your opinion in regards to Hurricane Katrina,( or Rita which was two weeks later) and effected myself and family beyond your comprehension. Living in southeast Texas, I’ve experienced many hurricanes, but after Louisiana was evacuated of 60, 000 people to my backyard, the historical mistake was sending them to another Gulf coast area and they had no where else to go. I do not understand how you’ve been guided by my Creator, or even a spirit guide, that we brought this upon ourselves, it’s against nature, which the cleansing of earth is and can be tragic. That I would comprehend, but not 9/11, or Boston, which again is driven by evil of such magnitude, it has hatred for American’s written all over it.
    In no way am I disputing you have a gift. I do however, have my own guides, and spiritual belief that never have blamed the unrighteous or whatever your implying too, living accept in Christianity. I do not practice Christian beliefs in the traditional sense. I digress.
    What my point is, ( and I was tugged at voraciously as I’m typing), I’m a product of the 60’s and experienced segregation in the South. I’ve seen racial rioting, mass evacuations, my only son, a Marine fought two tours in Afghanistan, my most forthright guide is my great grandmother, America McQueen, my youngest daughter is named Liberti. I know my empathic side has grown stronger through my “listening”, as you eloquently put it, and when the evacuation for Katrina headed our way, I prepared my family for the criminal elements.
    Hurricane Ike, were always prepared with food, torches, survival was taught to my children at a young age. My daughter’s are just as capable with several weapons, we keep in undisclosed locations, north and away from the masses. I saw this coming decades ago.
    And I won’t see it come to fruition in my lifetime, unless I’m so old I wave them on, which even my grandchildren balk at the thought. But in Obama’s time, I don’t see it. But the huge beware is Donald Trump and this you should know by the greed, etc that I know, with reality shows amuck, social networking exploding, fast food, stocks crashing because of China, …I could blog on. Enough for now kindred. Blessings upon you and yours.

    • Your in for a huge fright then my dear.
      I’m not sure what your point is to any of your writings but this is MY Blog.
      I talk about whatever I want to in my own Blog. I don’t go into peoples blogs to force my opinions because I’ve found in my years on earth that those who shout the loudest about Righteous this and Blah That are usually the least open to enlightenment and truth. You’ve come to my house lady. Don’t wipe dirt on my floor please.
      I started this blog and opened the door and pull no one in. They come to me.
      YOU came to me.
      You believe whatever the hell you like.
      In your own blog but don’t come in here casting your aspersions on me.
      Now your just going to make people mad.
      But let me tell you this. Miss From Texas. If I’m right about the cleansing you live in a state where your carrying more weapons than any other state.
      Who shoots first when your starving and have no access to money because you didn’t listen.
      Prepare, don’t prepare. I don’t care.
      You are not my concern. My concern is for those who want to listen but are afraid to.
      Freedom of speech My friend.
      You make up whatever opinion of me you want for all your perfections and righteous fanaticism of whatever you believe in. That’s your right.
      But just remember…you asked for what you get next.
      I hope you pull your fingers out your ass and listen before it’s too late. If not I’ll see you on the 9pm news.
      Love and Light

    • And I have to add I’m not the only one forecasting this stuff. But it was said in the Scrolls they believe the bible was written based on that ‘only those with the eyes to see and act upon what they see will be the ones warned before the apocalypse because they will be the ONLY ones brave enough to tell others.’
      So don’t blame me your not allowed to be shown such things.
      Judging by your attitude I’d say it’s because of that attitude.
      Everyone else thinks ‘hmmm i might look into these claims’ but you ‘waaa waaa waaa why can’t I see the suffering and bloodshed about to fall upon this earth? I’m am empath’.
      Be grateful lady. You’ve not had the same fears I have growing up. Ignorance is bliss.

    • Oh and I was told the next President of America will be Hispanic. If I’m right the next elections won’t produce a President because of the Riots and aftermath of them. The riots the Black President created in some way shape or form.
      This next lot won’t escape justice. They’ll become way too preoccupied trying to save their own skin.
      If I’m wrong I’m moving to a remote island because then comes The End of Days. Your rulers you hold so much stock in will rule the earth with demons in every corner of the globe.
      Ask yourself…..’Why wasn’t I shown such things?’.
      I really hope and pray I’m right because the alternative is too scary to fathome.
      You need to understand the bigger picture.
      The fact you don’t means you’ve never once sat down with Spirit. Actual Spirit. The REAL Spirits and ask them why you’ve never been told these things.
      It’s gonna be hard coming to terms with your own willful ignorance but it’s not your fault.
      I knew coming into this eyes wide open, but their some people that would be too fragile to know the truth.
      Then there are those who do know but refuse to believe.
      I’d rather be in my shoes. I like to know where the enemy are at all times.
      People laughed when I said Weed killed Cancer now the American Government have admitted it kills cancer cells.
      People thought I was nuts when I said Artificial Sweetener was rotting brains and Fluoride was a neurotoxin. Now the Lancey Medical Journal has classed both as heavy metals and neurotoxins.
      If I’m right, you got a heads up and ignored it. If I’m wrong I just apologize and go back to my work as A successful Massage Therapist specilizing in Sporting based therapies and I live a beautiful life surrounded by family and friends.
      I’d rather be known as the one who tried than the one who didn’t.
      Love and Light

      • There are moments when I am utterly astonished. You dear Child of my God are truly one of the moment’s. I had only a comment about myself and experience. In no way was anything I said a tarnish to you or your beliefs. Your imaginary “home”, so to speak at “wiping my feet”, is the product of the same comments you make which.is free speech. You appear condemning, self righteous and the finger wagging, “I told you so”, that I offer advice whether taken or not. Breathe. Your anger is youthful and a negative condemnation not redeeming in someone who claims such spirituality. If in anyway you find yourself on that island of yours with nothing but like minded people, I have pity. Give me a world of variations, dark or light because I always have on my “Full Armor “. Such is the foundation my dear Lord God has given in order that I can recognize what true evil is. You speak of prophecy. I’m not a prophet. I am a discerning empath. So in endeth this conversation.
        Peace to you and yours

      • Hahaha ok. Well freedom of speech is one of our greatest blessings in this Universe. Don’t hate the player hate the game. No one is obligated to read any of my stuff least of all someone who is doing the very thing you accuse me off. It’s easy my love. Just don’t read my stuff. Your a hypocrite though. God and Spirit aren’t one in the same. One is proven by Science the other isn’t BUT you are free to believe what you like as am I.
        Go with God my Sweet he is clearly working for you lol

  8. Debbie!!! It’s me Emma!!! I can’t believe it has been 3 years since I’ve been to your site! I want to tell you that I’ve been getting more intuitive myself and really all of my spiritual journey kicked off with your website! I feel like I’m meant to give readings. I really do have an unconditional love in my heart for all creatures, I didn’t realize most people don’t have that😔 just wanted to say hi and thank you once again😊