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I am Mama Bear. I'm making history with you my students. I'm only interested in the truth, love, light and educating people with the truth about Spirit and the Paranormal. I'm teaching my students so together we are one light. I am loyal and dedicated and expect nothing less from my students as my Teacher did from hers.

My Sister

While my heart will never mend, my love and memories of you makes my heart swell every day.

26years ago I tried to save your life and failed. It took me any years to deal with the guilt. You were only 28 sister. Just had Emma not 7 weeks before. Left an 8yr old son and two parents devastated.

I went on a self destructive path for years after but I was only 18 when your brain tumor took you. I didn’t know how to process what was going on.

Then you came to Dad. You played your broken music box that had no batteries and you changed everything.

It taught me so much and is still teaching me my beautiful big sister.

I don’t know why you don’t talk to me but that’s ok. Your far too busy being awesome out in the Cosmos and I know when my flight comes in you’ll be there.

I can wait.

I only had 18yrs, you’ve been gone longer than I knew you but your impact on me was forever lasting and it is indeed better to have loved and lost you than never to have loved you at all.

Forever always my big sister

Laurie Wanda Callaghan

15th March 1963-May 31st 1991

Dreams/Sleep Walking/Night Terrors explained

Science has never fully understood why we dream or why we need sleep. I feel I’m pretty sure I know why based on what Spirit have been teaching me since I started watching my dreams as a teenager.
The more I studied mine and now my students dreams I think I’ve cracked it. I did this reading for a client and decided to do a post on it because dreams really do fascinate me and my readers also as next to Suicide and Signs of Communication, Dreams are my most commonly searched link.

When we sleep, we astral travel.
We visit loved ones from this life and past ones and visit loved ones who have passed over as well.
You’ll meet up with absent friends and family in different continents and can totally manipulate what happens when we travel.
Dreams occur because we only dream for about 20 minutes before we wake up and I believe this is done to slowly give the Spirit time to adjust back into the physical and conscious states of existence.
We exist in three states of self. All of which can be manipulated by the other and all three can function independent of each other. I do it daily and now some of students are close to doing the same.
We can switch off the physical for the conscious, tune out the conscious for the Spirit self and tune in the physical.
But sometimes the physical state or conscious state will start to wake up before the Spirit is back in the body which can be VERY VERY dangerous. I believe that SAD or Sudden Adult Death is due to this.
One part becomes active before the Spirit has returned and it confuses the system and shuts it down. (ie we die in our sleep)

Sleep walking is when the conscious self is alert without a Spirit which is why it is so dangerous to wake up a sleep walker.

But also your body and conscious states are vulnerable to interference when you sleep not just by the living but the dead also and as we know not all spirits are friendly.

It’s not common but it can happen that something darker will try and mess about with you if your up to no good in real life.

Your Spirit Elder will as a last resort do things to wake you up so you can re balance all three states.
If it is subtly done it means your physical state was becoming alert and needed to be coaxed gently awake.
But if it’s bad, like if the situation is life threatening like your physical is waking up, or your in danger of something dark lurking your Spirit Elder will scare the crap out of you quickly and dramatically to wake you up.
The signs of the conscious waking up before the physical is when you can’t move but your mind is alert. You try to scream but you can’t physically move. This occurrence is commonly known as Night Terrors or OBE.
You’ll end up being woken up by a hell of a fright usually jolting awake after feeling someone in the room with you the whole time.
People always assume this is something sinister because of the fear associated with it but I promise you, your perfectly safe.
Your guarded beyond belief.
The fear comes from the higher self being alerted by your Spirit Elder something isn’t right and to wake up. When that doesn’t happen fast enough your Spirit Elder will scare you as a last resort. Often taking on scary forms in order to shock you awake. It’s harsh but the alternative is a catatonic state, mental/physical melt down or death.
Your Spirit Elders are the guardians of your Soul. Without them you basically are like a leaf blowing about in a perpetual wind with zero direction. The role of a Spirit Elder is critical to our survival as us.
No one else alive or dead has the control over you they have.

They take what they do very seriously and get to evolve after your life is done. So rest assured your in good hands.

Also I have discovered that the more you open to Spirit the less you dream.
I’m luckily if I dream once or twice a week now because I don’t need the dreams to give me messages because now they just tell me off for real lol hahahaha
But I also have reason to believe some time travel is involved on some dreams. In so far as we have the ability to place messages to ourselves in dreams from the future to our current selves.
But that is a theory I’m still testing. I m pretty sure or have reason to believe the flashes of light I see before a TIME incident, are a heads up from me but again this is just a tentative theory and could change.
I’m STILL studying myself after 32 years but the cool thing is, I now have 18 students I’m now using as guinea pigs to put my theories to the test.
I have time travelers, medians, incredible telepaths, natural telepaths and clairvoyants and only 3 came into this with abilities.
I can train anyone who will do the work and it’s paying off for them in incredible ways too just like it is mine.

I swear, I know how to obtain balance in ones life through following your compass and dreams have played a huge role in me understanding how.
I love my job so much.
I now have a team of X-men, real life X-men WOOHOO!!!
I’m determined to travel the world finding more to train too.
I love my job sooooooo much. Wait…..I said that already lol
Thank you to my wonderful Seniors and eager Newbies. You really are the best Cubs a Mama Bear could ask for.
Love and Light

Manchester (update)

I said it was all about the UK aye? It’s got to end here.

The UK have got this. They’re well versed in anarchy.

So all is about to be revealed. I don’t know if the Andrew thing is correct.  I’m just trying to fill in a crossword puzzle and seeing what feels right to what I see.

But I feel it going down. Scandals bringing entire families down. Something released to the media, brings down the houses like a house of cards.

Celebrities connected. Torn down, torn to shreds their long esteemed reputations.

Bankers, Billionaires, Politicians slaughtered publicly and legally.

Many won’t survive. But it starts in America first.

America connected in the controversy some how. It starts there. The first domino that tips those cards down is in America.

Trump may go into hiding.

My heart’s go out to the victims and their families.

Your lights shine bright forever more.

But now I know why I’ve been warning people in the UK since before Xmas to keep away from populated areas and why I get anxiety being out on the streets in the UK.
Soldiers and tanks on the streets of Manchester we’re told.

As per my prediction.

New vision development

I’m getting flashes of things hours, minutes and even seconds before they happen on a daily constant now.

At least a half a dozen times a day in fact. It’s the coolest thing lol I’m starting to like this gift lol

It’s helping me understand how time works on a grass roots level.