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I am Mama Bear. I'm making history with you my students. I'm only interested in the truth, love, light and educating people with the truth about Spirit and the Paranormal. I'm teaching my students so together we are one light. I am loyal and dedicated and expect nothing less from my students as my Teacher did from hers.

London Attack

But here is what I want to know.

How did one guy with a knife, ONLY a knife manage to stab and kill so many people in one of the most heavily armed buildings on earth?

Hundreds of cops in body armour, tanks, guns, under covers etc…ALL just what? Stood by and let the people get stabbed?

There’s no identity to the victims at all. There is no footage of any if it apart from obscured footage. We can send video back from Mars live in real time but noone got footage of this even clear enough to see it as it happened.

How did a cop in London with a stab vest get stabbed?

How did 40 people get stabbed by one man? Did they all stand like a game of Stuck in the mud?

And why did they JUST rehearse attacks just like this and still fail to defend these people.

Are the victims real people or actors like the Boston Bombers were?

This stinks to high heaven and it proves this is the Elites last ditch attempts to scare us.

Noone is falling for the Russians being the bad guys (which they aren’t they stop us going to war).

They then tried to blame Arabs, then Immigrants, now North Korea.

You just keep doing what you do coz you ain’t gonna be doing it for much longer.

I give it weeks now.

Spells pt2

Illuminations: Highlights people or areas in your life that your unsure about. If you can trust your instincts with a person or situation. It highlights those that can’t.

WARNING: It illuminates EVERYONE who can’t be trusted or is false. Not just the intended target. But it reveals the truth for up to 4 months.


Protection: From a person or situation


Binding: Stops someone doing harm or bringing harm to you. Stops anyone your afraid of,or worry about including suicidal people, bosses, etc. ..anyone you want to just STOP with their behaviour.

£500 per binding. This is the most potent spell and requires me to not sleep for 48hrs and I tend to fast as well.

I ONLY do spells that use organic materials, I do NOT by my own actions cause loss or harm to any living soul.

My spells are to guide, both the sender and receiver. 

Only bindings can be reversed and can only be done when the receiver achieve balance and learns from their mistakes. Its a spell that appeals to their conscience. They’re Spirit. If they don’t listen they become their own undoing.

They work. But its worth noting I teach this only to my students at White Lighter level and my Children.

So please don’t ask.

I also reserve the right to refuse a request if your purpose or intent is to harm or hurt anyone or any living being.

I also will not do any spell if your purpose is less than honourable.

Spells work by using balance and creating balance in dark or negative situations. No one gets harmed. No one suffers. It is using Light to Illuminate Dark thats all.

However, if the receiver isn’t a nice person, ‘To thine Spirit be true, to thine Spirit know truth, thine Spirit decides ones fate’

My New Quote 

It summarizes my new attitude towards my life and the zero fucks I give about crap thats not evolutionary in thought or action. My life can be full of so much baggage, full to the brim and now I’m letting go of the baggage.

‘I DON’T DO DRAMA, but I LOVE being the center of it’ lol

Naughty Scorpio lol

I seem to have left my filter in the kitchen drawer with the band aids I need for constantly slipping on my halo.

So anyway.

Put this on my headstone please Clan Bears and Cubs lol
“I was too stoned to remember I should of cared last night,
But I’m just stoned enough now to remember I should of then”. 
He he 


That is all lol


Should I sell them to those who truly need it?

Bindings, Illumination, Protection?

All using the elements, all work, all ancient, all done by me, ALL done the right way.

But my spells hurt NO ONE.

I use them to protect, bring luck, teach lessons from the conscience etc…

A Binding stops someone causing trouble in your life, or harm or discontentment etc…

Illumination highlights the truth of those around you, Who can you trust? Can you trust that person? That employee? Etc….

And Protection can be against your negative thoughts, a negative person or situation.

Manifest your reality, illuminate your path.

I use only organic materials. I do not do any spells that cause loss or harm to any living being. I only use the Universe to help highlight ones flaws and helps that person self correct while performing the spell one was sent.

So if someone is being a control freak, I’ll do a spell that binds them from affecting those around them and ask them in the Highest Self to self correct their behavior and see the error of their ways or deal with the consequences.

So the choice is theirs to fix in this life, or deal with it in the next. ie they’ll see they went wrong and make themselves come back to try again. 

So noone gets hurt. My spells help and guide not hurt or hinder.

But it’s the one gift I take seriously above ALL other gifts.

There can be no fucking about. Once it’s done it can’t be undone.

They all work within 3-4 months too.

Finding love, selling a business, etc….There are things you can do.

But it’s not cheap. For some I don’t sleep for 2 days and go on a tiny fast to focus my mind and wait for the balance.

My students are gonna be learning it anyway over the next 12 months.

What do you think?

Feedback please.