About spiritchild1972

I am Mama Bear. I'm making history with you my students. I'm only interested in the truth, love, light and educating people with the truth about Spirit and the Paranormal. I'm teaching my students so together we are one light. I am loyal and dedicated and expect nothing less from my students as my Teacher did from hers.

The Pope: It All Comes Tumbling Down. Told You

I’m REALLY on a roll today haha it’s like ……the Domino effect of what today? This is what happens when you figure shit out lol


Smug again lol

Bitcoin Decline And Anger: I’m Allowed To Be Smug

Told Ya. Turns Out I’m REALLY good with money and knowing what to invest in which is ironic seeing as I’m poor as a church mouse lol

But see one thing I neglected to mention about Scorpio is we are the rulers of other people’s money and we’d sooner sacrifice ourselves than lose someone else’s money.



I’m gonna be smug now. I could of helped you save MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS and ya all laughed at me.


You should of listened to me. I could of told you about the 3Ss. Now I’m smug which sits too good on a SCORPIO lol

Bitcoin? Ya mean Shitcoin? Lol

Sir Nicholas Winton

A Man who lived for the children.


May he always be remembered. Look how long he lived. Because he found the balance and protected the light. He didn’t look 106 did he?

Healthy soul, healthy mind, healthy body.

I too live for the children.

And So The Cleansing Begins In Europe

Protest after protest will soon turn to riots and so it ends for the elites.

What starts in America ends in the UK.

I told you that.

It’s the beginning of the end.

Woohoo now we just need to riot as one planet not one nation and its just done swamp drained not by a president or military but by the people.

I’m so proud of my gift right now

The Grandmother Tree/ Follow The Star Figured Out

I was accidentally listening to this on Spotify.

I think a demon put it in my automatical random play thing but I didn’t stop it. I realised the words were how I felt about my girls.

I messaged them and said


The 7 who never give up the n ed to expand the light.

I know some of us are related by blood. I’d love to do a DNA test on us all.

When I find her, the actual tree I will know my true ancestry. Where my acorn first fell.

There I will see the rest.

I can’t WAIT to get to America and see where this goes. I think it takes me to the stars.

Look at the times lol

You can NOT make this shit up.

So I was spot on. Synchronicity IS a code. A time code.

When you synch up you see the code.

When you see the code it pulls your time line closer and you sew up the fabric of time to make a blanket of light.

I tell my girls:

We are sewing up the fabric of time so we can be one light, of the light, see it, spread it push it out.

Using our gifts. If we can show people the truth about death in all its forms, people won’t fear it and they can control their lives ten gajallion times better.

Because we did. And if a stoner in her undies can do it……

Death is 50% biological 50% psychological after all.

And the time I updated it?

Nicki is gonna shit the bed lol

The grandmother tree leads to the children. I said that.

It’s why I’m the one who sees them, and can help them most in life and in Death.

I’m the Child’s Spirit Aka Spiritchild.

I’m their Spirit Elder if you will. My girls the Elders.

I’m gonna guard the kids and protect them.

In Spirit and through my school.

Get it now?

It’s because we as guardians to children need to teach them the right way to see wrong.

That’s what I do. Help people find balance. My students will eventually be their own Grandmother tree.


I’m on a roll lol