“Rising From The Ashes- In Loving Memory” Now It All Makes Sense

I apologize for the photos being off Facebook but mine are boxed in the attic.

That’s me at 14 standing behind her. She had just had her first operation by this point.

I had to put this next one up because of the gajillions of 44s in it.

all these numbers come to 44 in one way shape or form.Replace Angels with The Universe Or Ancestors. If you know my journey you’ll know my 44 story with my blog posts and also my Husband.

I shant give up. I shall move forward and use this day as the day of my rebirth.I’ll get my work out there, I’ll do it and build my school.Then I’ll help as many children like my sister and I as I can.ie Empaths. She just didn’t know what she was. But I do.No children with a creative talent will go without support now. Not on my watch.https://youtu.be/7ulMDBl91IQ

This article won’t make sense unless you watch the videos up top.

Let me tell you about The Cleansing. Fore Warned is Fore Armed.

New Students

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know I am taking new students.

Now I know what I’m doing I’ve decided to start from scratch. My girls and I talked at length yesterday and we thought maybe it’s time I started a new course now I have all the kinks ironed out.

I was literally learning how to do this as I taught. If you know my journey I had so much to learn from scratch and had to teach myself the knowledge, craft and Science of what I was because when I started I believed in God and Spirits the same way most people did.

But I had over 30yrs of unanswered questions and files in my head that needed to be closed and filed away to reach a conclusion about my gift, the Paranormal and our Evolutionary process that was satisfactory to me.

Bad behaviour and negative thinking patterns were fixed and removed, obstacles replaced with clear pathways and a massive healing took place from a life time of not dealing with the childhood effects of abuse (both sexual, mental and emotional), the feelings of neglect and abandonment, the darkness both at my hand and at the hands of others released and understood in a whole new light.

I discovered the dark side of my life and it brought me into the light in a way that is simply blinding.

Now I get to help others see using it.

I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I stand alone like no other in a Science I got to create in order to understand what I was and because of it I’m now able to save lives with what I am.

I am no longer afraid to be who I am and be what I am.

I got to dump 46yrs of heartache and confusion. I got to step into the realms of past lives to heal present ones.

I got to help people step outside of the stigma of mental illness and I have HUGE plans with it.

I’ve had to take a step back over the last year and a half to heal my fractured bonds with those who were more broken than I was and release my ties to things that held me down.

I forged lasting relationships with people I had no idea were out there until I stood silent and away from the noise of the crowds long enough to see they were there.

I got clarity, I found my purpose, I sealed a bond with my gift and my loved ones and myself against seemingly insurmountable odds and obstacles and I found myself and my blob do I like who I’ve become.

And, the blessing is in that I have been helping my friends, family, clients and students do the same. It’s transformed their lives in the same way helping them avoid the drama and pitfalls in their own lives and development because of it.

My bonds with my ex husband, my husband, my children and best friends are without a doubt unbreakable because they protected me, nurtured me and tolerated me as I did it because they understood the importance of what I was doing.

They knew the real me, they understood my journey and didn’t judge or resent me for it because they had faith in me that I would get there in the end and it lead somewhere good in the end with the results.

They knew in order to be selfless I had to be selfish. I had to remove anyone and any thing from my cradle to my grave to begin again. I had to learn to set boundaries, defend myself, know my worth, accept brutal truths and release feelings of guilt about putting myself, my beliefs and my work first.

The needs of myself were just as important to me as the needs of the many. To the few who had the balls to weather this storm with me now flourish as a result.

No one who was in my life then are the same people they are now because of it as well.

Honestly, what my work does for people now from those who were students and guinea pigs without knowing it to those who stayed true and followed me on social media and as clients is changing the way people think, feel and know about themselves, the Paranormal/Psychic world and mental health.

Its revolutionary.

They knew the reasons why I was what I was and who I was while I was going through this learning and transformation and I feel 100% safe and confident in myself and my work now to the point of no longer being afraid to stand alone or stand out in my field and body of work.

I even got to help a fan friend deliver a baby a few weeks ago and it was one of the greatest honours of my life.

I smiled for days and my love for him and his Mother will stay with me for eternity.

To me the arrival of this tiny human was the sign of my rebirth into this world and the death of the old me and birth of the new me.

My Phoenix rising moment, which for a Scorpio is huge as we got through 7 stages of development. We are the only sign with 7 stages.

Spider, Scorpio, Snake, Lizard, Wolf, Eagle and Phoenix.

Being with Dena from the week of the start of her contractions up until his arrival to me was my introduction into the new and final stage of my development.

My OK and reward from the universe and my Ancestors. My graduation certificate to say “Your death becomes a birth”.

I would never EVER have been given such a beautiful and humbling reward if I hadn’t of had to release or shed my old self.

My death brought about birth and I say this because while she was starting labour the week before his birth something happened that if it wasn’t documented no one would believe me that changed my life and the way people closest to me saw my gift forever.

Only 7 people know what happened but it is fully documented.

But that whole experience changed my life forever. I knew the person growing up in New Zealand as they’re famous. Surreal and unbelievable to say the least if it wasn’t all documented.

Even my Husband was effected by it and he’s a Gemini from the Ghetto of Queens, NY.

I don’t even recognize myself.

I’ve started writing a book. I’m going to write two. I’ve also started developing the idea for an app that my ex is helping me with that no one has ever done to coincide with my first book. Nothing like it out there.

I honestly can’t put into words how I see my gift and its place in the world now and I’m a writer. But its saving lives and healing hearts and that’s my purpose in life.

You know from this blog it became about helping and saving lives. Like my radio show in Chicago. I am on a mission to save lives. I’ll get back into radio if it kills me lol spread the word far and wide.

I want to give talks and travel talking to people about this knowledge I’ve obtained.

So……. Now I know what I’m doing I’m ready to go. I am chomping at the bit to spread the word with my megaphone mouth that there is another healthier way to look at the Paranormal and Psychic world that involves the release of the old (from ancestral memory to past life debt, present and future self healing and development) and birth of the new using nothing more than your mind, body and Spirit.

If your interested in learning how to open yourself to help others with your gift or to help yourself cope with any mental health issues please contact me at beyondlife2018@gmail.com

You will pay £30 per session and each session will be paid for in advance.

You train as you pay so to speak. You’ll need to have a session with me first to ascertain what your goals are so I can create a training curriculum.

Whether you want to be an Intuitive Clairvoyant, Advance on your Empath journey, Help cross over the dead and cleanse energy, Become Wicce to learn The Craft and understand the incredible power contained within Spell casting and conjuring, read palms and tea leaves, learn how to read dreams and animal totems, read signs and synchronicities, do readings, work with past lives or help decipher the voices and energies around you I can teach you it all.

My primary goal is to help people understand the Paranormal world isn’t a toy and if I teach and educate enough people I can show people the difference between the dead and spirit and show people the correlation between Paranormal activity and mental illness.

I can give you an incredible connection to your higher self, help you find balance between your mind, body and spirit and show you the way its supposed to be done.

My first graduate Riya Brown is already making her public debut at Expos’ across Iowa and is appearing on KIOA 93.3 on Friday 31st May 2019 to be the poster child for the Expos in Des Moines and she only graduated in January.

It got us talking and I talked to my tribe of trusted souls and they said to do it.

I’m already about to sign two people, one is a former student who left in 2016. I’m just getting the new contract written up.

There will be no group classes. You will only deal with me unless you need to do practice readings on people and I need volunteers if this is the course of training your on.

You will train as you pay. You’ll not need any tools apart from your cards, a pendulum and either Google Hangouts or Skype for communication purposes.

If you’d like more information please feel free to contact me at beyondlife2018@gmail.com

I know I said never again but I have been incredibly proud of the results of what I produced with my remaining girls in seeing the impact their gifts and training has been making on the lives of others and even if your just wanting to help people understand the Paranormal world from a brand new Scientific perspective or help people or yourself deal with perceived mental illness I am the one who can teach you.

My girls made history, Riya is making history, and we all need to do our bit to make our lives, the lives of others and this world a less scary place for not just the living but the dead also.

I’m in the beginning stages of writing a new book, I’m designing an app to go with it with my ex once its out and I’m going to work hard to get it out there.

I look forward to working with you.

I do need to tell you I am shadow banned across the board so I might not be notified of comments so please email me at beyondlife2018@gmail.com

It is 100% confidential. I even send you a copy of a confidentiality agreement.

Thank you

Love And Light


This explains so much. Watch this first. Recorded 30th April 2019

Then this video.

Recorded 2/5/19

If you know my journey you’ll get it better than anyone. But I just realized today on the anniversary of my sister’s death why it’s been so important I get this gift right.

Why I HAD to walk away and start again.