My Paris Prediction & Russia/USA Collaboration Comes True.

On the day I got my crown

I was woken last night from a dead sleep with a need to check my messages.

As I was doing this I got a series of REALLY strong flashes like GIFs in my head.

It started with the Eiffel Tower. It was on fire and falling over. I was worried people were on it but it was night time in the vision so who knows.

But it was quite a shock to see because it’s such an iconic monument. I’ve been there. I LOVE France. They are so lovely in Paris. I had a great time. I can’t wait to go back and take my boys.

It will be no more.

But then Paris was on fire and it spread to London, then places like Big Ben, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace etc….were all on fire. Engulfed and burning like thermite or lava but fire. It just melted every from the intense heat but it was fire.

Its kind of like the only way I can describe it is the Eiffel Tower was a lit match that when it fell it ignited everything in London.

Like it was lighting an exceedingly long fuse all the way to London.

You couldn’t even see Buckingham Palace or Big Ben or anything for the intense flames.

I wonder what it means.

I had to document it coz that’s what I do here.

So is something going to happen in Paris/France that brings London/England down?

Is something going to happen in Paris that London is responsible for and gets held accountable for? Are they both up to no good and are about to be exposed?

Is someone in Paris now about to bring London down?

Is Paris going to attack London?

All I know is this. It was only the Eiffel Tower on fire in Paris. It didn’t ignite the city only the Tower.

We can only watch I guess.

Also did you see George H W Bush is on his way out 🙂

Liz and Phill are next. Possibly Charles too because the other day I was cooking dinner and I saw them being flattened together whatever that means.

But a big Monty Python foot came down and squashed them like they were Playdoh. It even made the pythonesque comedy fart raspberry sound as it did it lol

Took me by surprise lol

I love the comedy of Spirit.

So this means what happens in France spreads to London.

The Saudis must have sold out.

But it’s not over for them.

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