McCain/ Bush Executed? I Did Say Executions Were Coming

Today is the day of illumination for me.

Mr Trump: RE: Bushes Funeral. I’ve Waited Most Of My Life For This Moment. I Thank You. You’ve Set Me Free.

This blog, my sanity, my income, my reputation, my livelihood, my career and my personal relationships were given over for video footage like this.

I told you. I TOLD you. My dead kids, my predictions, my thousands upon thousands of hours of sitting up at all hours typing my visions and conversations with dead kids, veterans and more…… People said I was crazy and I believed them……. Until now…….. Until now…… My tears are a release.

I told the world and got silenced. I shouted as loud as I could and got destroyed by everyone but a few. I cried, I fell and every time I got back up because I speak for the children and I wasn’t going to let them down.

I know what you’ve done. I know what your doing. I know what’s coming. I’ve been warning people for years and now my voice won’t go unheard, for these children I speak. For these children I spoke and this video speaks louder.

And now I’m being vindicated.

My fans and followers I know will weep with me for they know my battle. They know my suffering at what I’ve seen and reported in this blog. They came on this journey with me. They encouraged me to keep going when I crawled by the skin of my teeth through my own sanity and heartache for these victims.

Now I know why the soldiers and kids are here.

Now I’m free. Thank you Mr Trump.

Thank You

It would be my honour to protect and serve the country I long to call home.