We As Children Show Ourselves How To Be Happy As Adults

Children and our ability to have them is a privilege not a right. Not everyone who has kids should be allowed to have them. Children are a blessing because they are the living embodiment of a Spirit. They are living breathing Spirits.

They are innocent, selfless, kind, non judgemental and non biased until the parents and society become an influence. Children aren’t born racist or prejudice they are bred racist and prejudice.

A child learns more in the first 5 years of life than at any other point in their lives and because they see the future, because they are wise souls who don’t get caught up in bull shit, because they are pure of mind body and spirit until we as parents and society teach them otherwise that makes them the purest living Souls alive

They are Spirit. Quite simply put a child holds more value and power in the world of Spirituality than any other living human being.

A child is considered the most precious and pure light before any Queen or Pope by a factor of infinity.

The innocence and purity within a child is why the Devil Worshippers use them in rituals and sacrifices.

Eve eating the Apple was metaphorical for paedophila.

The development of a child from conception up until they die is the highest honour that can be given to a human that so many take for granted or abuse the privilege of.

How we grow up is a direct result of what the parents allow to happen. Every woman should make better choices about who she opens her legs to and every man should make better choices about which candle they dip their wick into because they will BOTH be responsible for what comes out.

I have had the privilege of having two incredible children with my ex husband and I hope to have more with my current husband. But in the course of my raising my children and in observing them as budding adults it has made me look at my own childhood and I came to realise that as children, we try to show us as adults all we need to be happy.

If you look back at your childhood you look back with fondness some of your innocent

But aside from the darkness that comes from being all of this we know to be true I want to focus on one thing about children nobody realises.

We as children try to guide our lives with signs as adult on what we need to be doing as adults to be happy.

Because if you look at all the hobbies and interests you had as a child, they’re clues we give ourselves for our adult years on what best serves us for happiness as adults.

In reexamining my past so I could learn to heal from it and let go of my insecurities, phobias and mental health issues etc….I began to realise all the things I do now to be happy were all the things I did as a child.

I was a fat kid, I was 19stone at 14yrs old but I LOVED to cycle and row. I never got much of an opportunity to row because we were poor and there was no way my parents could afford any kind of hobby like that but they did buy me a kick ass bike for my 12th birthday and it was my greatest joy.

I’d be on it every waking minute.

I’d ride to the beach 2hrs away, the river, all around Levin like I owned the place.

When we had school camp I’d be in the canoes and kayaks as long as I was allowed to. I loved turning with the oar. Stopping, turning, going backwards with one click of the oar. It was so freeing for me.

Debating was a love as a kid too. I even went up against a rival college as a junior in the Seniors team and won.

The subject was “Does crime pay” we were for.

I adored it. I loved writing often being conned into doing my big sisters English homework for her and I LOVED baking and playing Radio DJ.

My sister and I would sit and pretend to be a station and record ourselves on tape. I wonder if she kept any. Be so cool if she did.

Animals and nature fuelled me too and these are now all things I remembered I loved because when I got back in touch with myself and remembered who I was as a human I remembered all the things that healed me as a lonely sad child were all the things that now heal me as an adult.

My senior male has just confirmed this theory but rediscovering his childhood love’s in order to heal from his chronic depression.

We as children try to set the standard for when we are adults and once society gets a hold of us and or our parents let us down as our care givers, we forget the innocence.

Unless your an Empath. The struggle we suffer comes from the fact we know we’re meant to grow up in mind and Spirit but we just can’t not see the good in the world.

I drive my husband and ex husband insane and they are over protective because they are bothered at how naïve I am.

Someone once said to me just recently “I love how excited you get about everything, it’s like watching a child at Christmas”.

I’ll trust anyone off the bat unless otherwise stated by my intuition or red flags go up.

I don’t trust people with me on a personal level but my heart is anyone’s until they hurt it.

I am the girl who would help a man find his dog and be found days later in 8 bins.

I mean….I’m not stupid but I always give people the benefit of the doubt off the bat until proven otherwise.

I’d never let them into my private world but I’d go into theirs and that often got me into trouble.

My husband says I’m too friendly and do too much to help people who don’t always deserve it.

But I just can’t think bad of people. Even if I hear someone isn’t nice I see for myself. I often get in well with people others don’t like.

I just refuse to see the worst in people unless I’m given reason to.

I was too poor to have toys as a kid but my room is FULL of toys now. Mostly Dr Who and Studio Ghibli stuff but Muppets too and the couple of soft toys I did have, I still have.

I cycle as my form of exercise helping me lose weight, row also all in the comfort of my home and walking as you know is hugely cathartic for me.

When I need that special kind of guidance I go to the forest and I bake when I’m content.

I’ve been cooking and baking since I was 8yrs old.

In my family growing up it was cheaper to bake than buy cakes and biscuits. I was so embarrassed because it was a sign of being poor as a kid and now EVERYONE bakes.

Music is my biggest influence and radio has always been my dream. Late Night Talkback Paranormal Radio.

I’d have SO much fun with it. The calls I’d get would be radio magic.

Imagine me at 11pm taking calls from people convinced their haunted or possessed?

I could literally talk them through a cleansing live in air. It would be addictive because I’d make it funny and with my high emotion too it would be good listening, emotional but fun. Educational but I think really good listening.

I loved WRMN1410. My last show was perfect. We got all the calls I wanted. It showed me I was finally getting through to people. People stopped ringing up to have predictions and started ringing about experiences and that’s what I want.

I was to help people understand the Paranormal and Psychic Sciences not get Readings. I won’t and just can’t sell myself as that kind of person.

It’s not what we are here for.

And debating……well you know my mouth. 🦂

Swimming is the other thing I loved as a kid that I still love but I live in the UK. It’s not exactly New Zealand for rivers and lakes like I grew up swimming in but I will go to the pool with my boys now and then. I’m limited only by my ex who takes us over and he’s very busy.

But my point is this.

If your unhappy and need to find your inner fulfilment to help you cope with being an adult look to your childhood.

We’re Spirits as children, we show ourselves our future by showing us the things we can do to be happy in a world that’s very much for adults.

We as adults have forgotten how to have fun and do what we love so we can love what we do.

Well we point these things out to our future selves as children because children are wise and see time far better than we do as adults.

Innocence lets you see time because you don’t question what your seeing as a child. You take the experience for what it is. No manipulation.

It’s why I’ve always said if you want to know if a Spirit or house is negative take a child or animal near it and they’ll tell you right away.

If a child isn’t bothered by what it sees then you shouldn’t be either.

Animals and children see time differently because of the innocence.

Purity is light, time is light, death is light and an Empath is light in an adults darkness.

We’re drowning ourselves with so much serious nonsense going on in this it’s now damaging to the Empath psyche. It’s why kids are now killing themselves. Why kids are on Prozac.

The darkness is getting to our purest Souls and it has to stop.

My school will take care of the ones I’m given.

I know exactly what to do to help them and my Empath Therapy was created for this specific purpose.

So look to your childhood for clues into how to be happy as adults.

Kids know best. “Out of the Mouths of Babes” as the saying goes.

Because children know best.

It’s only ones the parents influence them and society is allowed to put pressure on the child to conform and be round pegs in square holes that it starts to get reconstructed.

And look at what parents are doing to their kids. If a child commits suicide or is depressed or rebellious and angry, it’s the parents failure no-one elses.

The child is moulded by the parents. How they cope with stress and pressure, how they love, communicate and interact with society is all set and moulded by the parents.

Parents are not being held accountable for the mental, phyiscal and emotional well being of our most precious gift.

If a kid is going to school hungry it’s not the schools fault it’s the parents.

If a child is poor it’s not their fault it’s the parents. If a child is abused or neglected it’s the parents at fault.

THEY are the guardians. THEY were given the role of protector and guardian and most parents just dump the kid in the schools doorstep expecting the school to parent the child.

There are parents here in the UK who are 5th generation benefit scroungers.

Meaning Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents, Grandkids, Great Grandchildren never had jobs, live in handouts from the government. Kids having kids at 14-16 then leaving school for a life of living off the tax paper who will never work and just keep having kids to get free money for 5 generations.

What hope does the child have when you have disgusting, lazy role models for parents?

They can’t afford food to feed their kids but I bet they have mobile phones and Netflix, cigarettes and booze.

Once a kid goes into a system they’re anyone’s and parents just don’t care.

The horror stories Ive heard. Kids just vanish and no-one looks for them, no-one does a fuckin thing. The parents need locked up.

I’m so angry about it because my husband never stood a chance with the life he was given as a child.

My parents also….they weren’t perfect but they never damaged us. My parents moulded me pretty well now I see my childhood for what it really was.

My parents at least tried. Never hungry, never homeless, never cold or unprotected and we were loved. The love was always there. We all knew we were loved I just don’t think my Dad liked me, or rather that I scared him. Made him uncomfortable.

But there are poor children out there right now nowhere near as fortunate.

Being raped, beaten, starved, terrorised, neglected by their own parents or because of their parents.

Children are a direct result of the people who raised them.

I’ve had to re raise my husband.

His childhood makes me angry. That’s why we want to do something for children with our school and charity.

We want to give these kids who aren’t accepted, understood or appreciated by their families and peers and let them find their balance again.

The choices we make now decide what happens next. Going back to your childhood helps you figure this out.

Do what you love, love what you do and if your not sure what it is you should be doing…..look to your childhood.

What was it? Lego, model plane or car kits? Sewing, knitting? Running? We all had our lives and hobbies as kids.

Find yours again and embrace it. We as children know what’s best for us as adults and send us clues and signs as to what they are as children.

We just stop listening once the pressures of school and society take over.

Well……I unschool. I’ve created a writer/film maker/ Future Obstetrician/ Fertility Expert/Robotics Engineer/Actor and a Civil Engineer/ Demolitions Expert/Vet/ Marine Biologist/Rocket Scientist/Physicist.

Both adore music, my eldest loves to write and draw. He’s really creative. Especially with boxes and tape.

These are what we encourage in our children because they told us by finding their thing themselves and we will continue to do so until they find their thing as adults.

I’m excited to see the film’s they’re making. They sound deliciously hilarious and insane lol but every seed needs time to geminate until they bud and flourish.

It’s every parents job to live for their children until the child can live for themselves. Not spoil, encourage, no expectations or demands, just patience and hope. All parents worry about how their kids will grow up bit even if you struggle with money it doesn’t mean you can’t raise happy productive children.

Many of us struggle financially as kids and as parents but as long as the Fundamentals are there, food, water, clothing, warm, safe, healthy, loved the rest isn’t important.

Even education isn’t necessary. I think schools are horrible places.

They’re giant magnets on a child’s compass.

No other animal sends their kids to school and the parents or parent stay with the baby until they’ve taught them how to be independent and how to survive until they can do it themselves but look at Meerkats, Elephants, Dolphins, Bats, Bees, Lions etc….all raise as one, all protect as one even once they’ve grown up. Yet we are arrogant enough to call ourselves civilized in actually we’re primitive by comparison.

Never stopping until everyone is fed, working together to provide for everyone and the children are guarded with their lives by everyone in the pack or heard yet we sell ours for drugs or debt. We abuse them with perverted influence like Grande and feed them this SJW bullshit of “everyone’s a victim of they aren’t getting their own way, everyone’s gay even when they aren’t” bullshit and sex is cool and if you get pregnant it’s ok you can get a house and money aged 16 and it’s being forced down the throats of the innocent.

You’d never give an Archangel Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga videos or concert tickets if they asked you for some good music to listen to so why the fuck would a parent think it’s ok for their 9yr old?

What we feed our children mentally, emotionally and physically is what they grow on.

In my school we will have zero school work.

Just letting the kids find their thing while they give everything a go that takes their fancy and then let them flourish.

It’s what we’re supposed to do.

Truth be told I don’t care what my kids do as adults as long as they are happy, work hard and have integrity.

If it’s as a Dr, hairdresser or bin man I couldn’t care less if they get up every day being happy to do it like me in my new life.

Since I went back to my childhood it helped me grow up.

I’m the happiest most mentally rounded, emotionally complete person now because of it.

My life took a dramatic turn these last 12yrs, never saw it coming until I realized I did see it coming because I tried to show myself as a kid.

It was all there laid out for me as a child what I should do to be happy.

Now I’ve embraced those things I’m set for life on what to do and it’s brought me peace because now I know I’m on the right track.

Now I see my path. I can’t see it fully but the tools I need to forge it at now laid in front of me because of my childhood.

I’ve made these posts public for those who are asking because it’s information that can help my reader’s.

I’m hell bent on getting this stuff out there to get this suicide, depression rate down.

I usually write in Patreon but anything I put in here I put in Patreon too.

I just don’t put everything from Patreon on here because they’re for my Patreons.

But my information can help save lives and brings comfort to a lot of children and the scared masses so it’s not information I’d want to keep to myself if it can help someone else live another Day.

Because with an Empath it’s never about them.

It’s always the bigger picture and greater consequences for everyone that concerns an Empath most.

I’m shutting this blog down soon but I’m still gonna write until I get what I want.

And I always get what I want.

And I want to destroy the Paranormal industry and rebuild it in the minds of the collective conscious and save children, grown up or not.




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