Liar Not Gaia

The lies……OH the lies. Let’s see how many people get pissed off at this one.

Selling Chakra like it’s a thing when there is no proof Chakra exist.

Telling people crystals like they’re helpful. I’m not gonna rest until I shut these lies down because they’re killing people’s minds, spirits and bodies.
People are blindly following this stuff like sheep in the misconception that it’s good for us and natural and organic and healthy and it’s quite the opposite.
It’s called slavery. You become a slave to the belief that is helpful but actually it’s harmful to ones freedom of Spirit. It’s a brainwashing and indoctrination into a faith that is false.

People become fixated that it’s good for them when it can actually quite distractive to ones lives and mental health.

You do know India didn’t invent Yoga right? It’s a martial art invented by the Swedish army (or Swiss) as combat training.
You know things like copper, silver, gold, diamonds etc….can be harmful if not down right dangerous for your health if it’s not checked with a pendulum just as much as crystals can?

Copper can give you manic episodes and migraines, silver can make you vomit, gold can make you infertile, bankrupt, diamonds can bring death to your door, pearls can end relationships, just like crystals can. If you don’t test them first.

Yet people spend billions in the Gaia and new age industries so of course they’re gonna sell you lies.

Let me ask you this though…..if these things make you happy and do the job why do you need to keep buying more and more?
I know people who’s houses are full of hundreds of crystals and their suicidal, miserable, broke, unfulfilled……..well… you know why.
Like attracts like remember.
Energy is magnetic. Unless you know the origins and tests it you have no idea what your bringing into the house.

I make my students test EVERYTHING.

From crystals, wood, stone, shells, jewelry, you name it.

Unless it was given by a child or falls at your feet or catches your eye…….test it.

Your buying into the brainwashing just like a religion.

Did you know there has never been any Scientific proof Chakra are real?
The colour spectrum chart you see in Chakra is actually the energy or vibration of one’s Soul or Spirit but isn’t placed specifically in any part of the body.

The biggest misconception with Chakra and Auras is that they colours remain the same but they don’t.

The colours in ones Aura or Chakra is because light is made of ALL colours of the spectrum and we just see stronger colours depending on the person’s overall health and mood. Someone who is depressed or angry has a lower vibration so would be darker tones but someone who is happier would emanate lighter colours.

But these colours aren’t constant and aren’t specific to any part of the body. Scientists have studied Chakra and discovered it’s not real.

Your intuition or conscious connection radiates through your body spreading out, up, down and through your entire body. It doesn’t sit at specific points. Light is in everything and spreads everywhere it goes. It’s not contained to one spot.

Plus the colour frequency depends on your mood and overall health at the time your read. This is why some people are easier to read than others. It’s all reliant on the mental health and well being of the person your reading as much as yours.

Anyone coming into your reading who is skeptical or unsure of you will be harder to read because their vibration will be lower because they’re guarded and untrusting before they enter the room.

This is why I say to my students you don’t read anyone until your in a calm positive mood because energy is magnetic as we know and if your feeling them they’ll be feeling you and then your both bouncing mixed signals and it can confuse the connection much like when you put a magnet near a compass.

So anyone talking about Heart Chakra and all that bollocks doesn’t understand energy or how it works.

And Gaia preach that thanking Mother Earth for mining her organs is the same as getting permission for taking them.

In all indigenous cultures we never took more than we needed to survive. We grew and put back anything we harvested. We used every bit of what we killed and respected the earth because we knew if we took too much it affects everything else in the ecosystem and food chain.

So we always maintain the balance.

If you added up every crystal sold by a new age practitioner you could refill many holes left by fracking.

They’re blowing sticks of Dynamite, hacking at the ground, ripping out of our living breathing earth her organs and selling it to you as a healing tool.

It’s the same in my kind as killing a man for his heart and selling it as medicine or for occult practices. No different.

Yet because it’s sold as the New Age Occult people fall for it.

Well it’s organic and natural so it must be good right?

Well……why about Gaia ask the Planet or the animals and plants that live on it if mining her for profit good.

Because I’m telling you now, these natural disasters and these horrible events occurring to our planet are proof she begs to differ.

But if they really were connected to the planet like they think they are they’d no this and wouldn’t continue to sell the lie.

Never take more than YOU need.

Never take that which isn’t offered.

And remember that faith is found not taught.

This is the same Occult practices as everything else people just with a hemp robe and incense instead of robes and blood.

If your so happy practicing it why are you all still so miserable?

Once you find your balance the search is over but you all just think “If I buy more I get more, if I practice it every day I’ll find my happiness eventually”.

But that isn’t how it works.

Once your happy you find balance and the happiness radiates like light.

Buying anything ANYTHING at all doesn’t bringing happiness it should only be for survival.

Buy the things you need not the things you want.

The things you want are the things that must be found, not taken or taught.

My students are taught the truth then they go out to find it within themselves.

I can’t ever tell them what to believe I just give them the tools to go find what they need to believe.

They’re taught the truth and the faith they find themselves.

But the tools I teach are tools already within us and offered by the Mother of Earth.

I had students who wouldn’t remove clearly very negative things in their home because they were expensive or fashionable and then wondered why they got removed from my life and are still if not more miserable.

So please be VERY careful what you choose to practice.

Occultism is based on the power of the belief and the repartition of ritual.

Anything you feel the need to buy, practice and repeat over and over is a ritual.

If you repeat the same words, use the same kinds of tools and equipment, buy into the same belief as everyone else who practices and need someone dictating how you should do it, it’s a ritual and it’s occult.

Just because it comes sold as organic and natural doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Silver is antibacterial but it can still poison your blood and turn you blue if it’s not respected.

Water is pure and organic in source but it can still kill you.

Just know what your doing please.

I’m too tired and lazy to be fixing people’s problems because they refuse to throw out a crystal that they know is a source of anxiety for them.

The crystal even told them themselves it wasn’t a positive match.

Let your intuition be your teacher don’t let your teacher be your intuition.

The only one who is the master of your journey is you.

I’m just a tour guide offering an alternative route but whether you listen is all down to you.

All I ask is that you know the truth before you believe it.

Look to your own culture, the answer lies within your ancestry.

And for the love of blog lighten up. I can see you all clutching your pearls from here.