The Royal Wedding Protests “We Are Not Amused”

It seems people are growing weary of the Royals. Hmmmm I wonder who said the royals days were numbered?

I found this.

Look at the date.

Synchronicity in my life coming true

And if the last article doesn’t convince you check this out.
The synchronized symbols I’ve been getting that I have been talking about, such as:
4s, 7s, 44, KY (which to me means Scotland).
So the station where I’ll record my show is number 14, it’s band width is 14, I got the news on the 7th of the 7th 2017.
It’s in the Fox Valley with the river Fox running behind it. And all the place names around this station are Scottish in name.
Highland Ave, Douglas Rd, etc….my hair stood on end all day at the synchronicity revelations.

THEN: I had a time slip event last year right in front of my students who witnessed me walking around this street. I said there was a school close by that went by numbers.
The streets had E at the end like for example Bond St E etc…(an example only not fact).
I said the building was two storey, had a glass front window and surrounded by old Victorian industrial buildings. It was an up and coming area. My Scientist got me to walk around following the street where I described a bakery, café, jewellers, markets etc….there was a dish on top of the building I came out of but it was during the day and I couldn’t understand why I was there but I knew I was taking a break. I always assumed my show would be at night when I got one. But this was clearly afternoon. I could hear the kids in the school playing.

I have been saying to my ex for a over a month. I keep seeing myself walking out of a brick glass fronted building. Blue and white has been so prevalent for me too. Even my son and students talk about blue and white.

In this slip of time I have been having I am coning out of this building, it is two storey and brick. I said it’s familiar to me, I know it well but it’s not here I live but I’m there a lot and we are ALL comfortable being there.
I have my travel mug in my hand, my hand bag under my arm and my boys are ex are getting into a blue car, 4 doors.
It’s just starting to get cold, it’s got to be around end of September, beginning of October. Because I have this excitement in me to get home and celebrate Halloween feeling all the time.

If you saw this building where the station is, if you saw the town you would choke on your bagel.
The jewellers is next door to the station. The café and bakery are on the same block.
It’s identical to what I walked around and the school is indeed a number and a letter and a ton of the streets have E or S at the end.
How cool is that?