The Empath Scale: Updated

In studying depression and Empathic ability I’ve developed a scale of Empath that describes perfectly each level helping me develop training for my students who will eventually come to my school in the US to be trained by me in Scotland as Mutants . In society you have,

Normie Norms: The average everyday members of society who are happy to work, pay taxes, get married, have a house and follow trends and fit perfectly into a demographic. They like to be comforted by fitting a label and by following labels because free thinking makes them uncomfortable.

They will have a religion or faith. They’ll have a political opinion. They’ll have friends who are like them, maybe one is black or gay. Normal. They’ll like music and art that is popular or from childhood and have books in shelves, drive normal cars, have normal depression because they know they’re unhappy but are afraid to admit they are so they push it all down and kid themselves into thinking they’re fine and it’s normal to be unhappy.

The Paranormal will intrigue and terrify them. They’ll seek the thrill of living or disliking all things paranormal and will call themselves things like Psychics, Mediums, Sensitives, Clairaudient, follow new age practices or be convinced they were Cleopatra or Joan of Arc in a past life.

They’ll believe whatever they’re told and because they are easy to manipulate they are the ones who fight people who say “All Lives Matter” because they are happy being singled out because normality is boring and being a part of something makes them stand out and feel special. Because they HAVE to follow. They can’t lead. They don’t know how. Much like Homers sperm. If they’re depressed or suicidal it’s because they are heartbroken, bankrupt, or frustrated etc….they’re the ones who carry the most debt with them when they cross over. They’re the ones who have to make amends in Spirit before reincarnation is permitted. Then you have

Empaths: The people who will have depression, be clever, kind, loyal, uncomfortable in crowds and will use their gifts of creative thinking to fit in with others like them. They end up being things like Goths, Emo, Punks, SJW etc…. individuals who feel safer in groups. Still unable to let go of the need for individuality. They’re moods will change depending on who they’re around. They walk the line between life and death and are artists, writers, musicians who feel that one day they’ll make it big and everything will be better once they’re recognised for their talent. Their depression consumes them and they allow it and embrace it which is why Goths and Emos of the Empath fraternity have the highest depression and suicide rate in my study because they want to be individual in a world that won’t let them.

They’ll try to fit the brotherhood or sisterhood of the Goth and still feel out of place. They’ll self harm, turn to addiction and attempt, contemplate or commit suicide. They’ll never feel like they fit in even as individuals in a group. I say the only person who gets an Empath is another Empath.

If your an Empath around other Empaths and you still don’t feel like you fit in then one of you isn’t a real Empath and are more than likely a Normie Norm in Empaths clothing. There is this belief if they fit in with the other freaks and geeks or do what’s expected of them as weirdos they’ll feel better. They want to be recognised as individuals but will be afraid of further isolation or ridicule from not just society but within the group or even within the family. Depression and suicide or addiction follow. A lot in trying to find a purpose will look into the Occult for answers and think they find it because death is comforting or trendy.

An Empath will follow trends also because it’s comforting for them to feel safe with the other Zebra. Jordan Peterson said pack mentality is evolutionary. Those who follow the pack are less likely to get eaten by a predator. But nothing evolves without migration and risk.

Hence The Pathwalker. The Pathwalker is the Empath brave enough to step away from the constraints and expectation of society and begin the journey of discovery of self. They’ll seek guidance from all avenues and step out of the shadows of conformity to find a belief that fits them They’ll lose friends, family and jobs will end up boring them and at some point they decide to step away from that which no longer serves them to find themselves. Their true selves.

They’ll see what the Paranormal world has to offer and find their gifts developing quite quickly but won’t find the right answers which frustrates them so they ask the Universe for a Teacher. They’ll spend that time between 18-28 developing an assemblage of a gift but they know there is more to them than what they have but will use the time to hone what they have and they begin to philosophise on life, the universe and their purpose. There is a need to know who and what they are and when depression hits, they start to try different things to combat it.

This is where the new age stuff comes in. Because they’ll start listening to their bodies more. Diets, habits and lifestyle will begin to change. They’ll go through the paranormal phase, watching anything and everything but unlike an Empath, the Pathwalker won’t believe everything. They’ll start to see inconsistencies and things just not feeling right to them in explanation. So they go searching for something more. To a Pathwalker there has to be more. It can’t just be this and that’s it. A Pathwalker HAS to know there is more than all there is. The compass is facing north and they wait for their Teacher to come. The Teacher takes them to the

White Lighter stage. The White Lighter stage is when they have found their calling. They know the direction they are heading in and learn to embrace the inevitable with their gift. They’ll have purpose. They’ll then get to a position with their gift and ability that they can then be introduced to society by the Teacher. They’re at the point in ability and experience that they can no go forth and help others with the things they have learned and developed. They take their role seriously and their Empathic gifts like artist, writing etc….is used to soothe them. It’s cathartic for them. Healing. It’s their balance. They find peace within it. They begin to see a pattern emerging in that they see what they create is inspiring to others. That what they send out to the world has a purpose and a certain level of trust is given to them by those they help and inspire.

They’ll put thought into what they create and will still battle with trying to be accepted but are now secure enough in themselves to take the hurt of not being accepted as individuals and using it to make them feel free to be individual. They’ll have tools they use like cards and pendulums, and other Psychic abilities like clairvoyance and such and will eventually find a way to make money from it. Your Theresa Caputo, Sally Morgan, Chip Coffee types.

Then you have Empathic Pathwalkers: These are the people who are born anarchist. They cannot and will not ever fit in to society. To do so kills their soul. They’re innocent at heart, child like in personality. Fun, light-hearted, kind, hard working and they do not follow trends. They’re abused, ridiculed, hunted and targeted by the Normie Norms who cannot understand them.

This includes and is not exclusive to just family either. An Empathic Pathwalker will clash with everyone who doesn’t get them. Because an Empathic Pathwalker is the one born thinking. They know from a very early age they don’t belong in their family, town, school or body. They’ll self punish as children by doing things we can control like eating, not eating, studying, partying, sex, drugs, alcohol etc….. They’ll have been abused and not just as children but growing up too.

People either fear them, want to follow, be like them or hate them. There is no In between. They can’t stop thinking. They will try different trends and labels then settle on their own. They set the trend they don’t follow the trend. An Empathic Pathwalker recognises very quickly growing up they have a certain level of power over people but never seek it. Called “old soul” “wise beyond their years” smarter than the average bear and an Empathic Pathwalker unlike an Empath who hides away forces themselves to go beyond their comfort zone to be in society while being a square peg in a circular world.

Because an Empathic Pathwalker knows their gift is not about them but who they inspire. They don’t plan what they are, they let it develop and don’t care if society or family get them or not. What they are is what they create and an Empathic Pathwalker knows the power in this gift yet unlike a Normie Norm, Empath or Pathwalker or White Lighter they don’t like people enough to want the power.

They don’t want fame, they know the depression won’t go once the money comes. They know with great power comes great responsibility. They take it seriously and their Psychic gifts will be identified by others as having merit. Any other person uses their gift of creation to help them have a voice, helps them make a living, they use it to reach out to others.

But an Empathic Pathwalker creates because if they don’t they can’t breathe. They’ll risk unemployment and poverty to focus on creating because if they don’t have a creative outlet it feels like death comes knocking psychologically. Their creativity is their saviour and they stand alone often scaring or terrifying others with their minds and with what they create but unable to stop it coming out. It’s a release for an Empathic Pathwalker every time they are exactly who they finally allowed them to be. They’ll become vulnerable to others because they will start to have a following and know the responsibility that comes with having that kind of power over other people. They begin to change in nature both physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. They’ll develop a style unique to themselves.

A veil gets lifted and after the Pathwalker phase their bodies will have embraced or rejected certain diets and lifestyles for a more natural life because they learned to release all that no longer serves them. Like a massive cleansing. They’ll write, paint, create whatever is inside them and let others s find them. They stand as a magnet and let those meant for them to find them. They don’t go looking to fit in to society. They let society fit around them. They’ll develop the Wicce in them. Wicce being Old English for Wise.

They’ll become teachers to their clients and customers and will develop their philosophies further through their constant behaviour with clients. A truth seeker. Injustice is injustice to an Empathic Pathwalker. They will sit on a fence and learn not to take sides. But while they’re introverted, they draw people to them like magnets whether they like it or not. It’s not done on purpose but they’re the ones who attract the crazies. They don’t follow trends they create them. Then you have The Light. The one who’s life was for the purpose of change. The Master of the craft. Self correcting. They live and breathe who and what they are. They are the master of all they create and they are the ones who hold the power because they’re the ones who teach. The Light is the beacon. They hold the torch for all others to see.

They won’t forget a path for others to follow. They don’t want followers, they want companions on it. Light is time, light expands, light creates change and a person of light knows darkness comes in the light and can manipulate energy so even in the darkness the light will shine. They don’t think along the lines of others. They’re insane basically. They’re deemed as insane yet they gain a mass following they don’t want but can’t stop themselves from having because their minds and abilities attract people like a moth to a flame. They suffer for their art. They have integrity, don’t sell out and will be the biggest arseholes you’ve ever seen.

Because they know the path they walked. They know the true path and the fine line between the pleasure and pain of what they are and not only just it force negative attributes out of them, they toughen up because of the beatings they taken getting to where they are now. They don’t like being in society. It’s a form of mental torture for them. They’ll be classified as Bipolar, ADHD, Add, Manic, Paranoid Delusional etc…. because they’re about as non conformist as you can get and they don’t care if people see them arguing with a Squirrel in a tree about their choice of footwear (true story), they don’t care. The Squirrel was quite rude.

They’re so far beyond caring what people think and they’ll have a quib or retort to everything because they’ve heard it all. Their friends will be nothing like them in personality and style but they’ll be equally as amusing and odd in their own unique way. They’ll be supporters of the arts but they don’t follow trends. They’ll support unknowns, struggling artist friends, go to offer support, they appreciate the efforts made because they know the struggles and it’s nice to give the support to someone they themselves never got. They don’t want people to feel as bad as they did. The person of Empathic Light is harsh, honest, brutal and will hurt people but never without reason.

They’re serious about what they develop and can be tightly wound because of a life of being on the defensive but by the time an Empathic Light is light the idiosyncrasies that plagued them before get battered out of them by the time their light is switched on because they’re a Lighthouse to many lost and stray ships and it’s their responsibility to be a clear light of hope. A beacon of hope for the lost and if the light is dim or dark in anyway it can spell catastrophe for anyone looking for the light to guide them safely to shore.

An Empathic Light carries the burden of responsibility of their gift on their shoulders from the minute they’re born. Questioning from birth. Learning enough is never enough. They don’t have a thirst for knowledge they crave it. Thee will always question everything especially in ourselves because we are our own worst critic. We are beyond caring what others think because we know at this point in the Spiritual evolution no one is a better judge of your character of you than you.

They will start to hang around with people of a high intellect. Knowledge is their path. Knowledge is what they seek because they know how it is to evolve them.

They will have emotional breakdowns just like the others but can snap themselves out of it quickly once they remind themselves it’s not constructive or productive to slow yourself down for others. It’s no longer about them once they are light. It can no longer be about them or their feelings. The white light stage prepared them for that but it’s never truly developed until the Empathic Light stage.

The Empathic Light has observed so much in their time climbing the ladder to reach the light it makes them wise to many behaviours and when the teacher gets then to write their code of conduct it’s done so they use the code that knock these behaviours out of them. They serve as a reminder that no matter the ego, you took an oath to the dead and to Spirit that must never and can never make your gift about you anymore. You can tell a lot about a person and how they’ll develop or if they’re genuine or not by their code of conduct. But this is the interesting bit.

A Empathic Light teaches and is allowed to have a follow and teach, preach, philosophise on a global scale. And it’s their job to be the beacon for others to find them. They do this by searching them out using magnetism. When they conduct the tests on their students it’s not to teach them to open up their gifts it’s to give the student theirs. We will draw people to us and wait to see who sticks and who doesn’t.

They will by this stage care not about anything anyone says about them and will embrace and celebrate their individuality. They will set the trend. They will be copied and admired, hated and feared in equal measure. Slaves to no one they will all by this point be self employed.

They go to no-one. They draw to them those they are meant to teach in the same way a large magnet draws smaller ones to it. It’s not until the two forces get close in frequency they’ll either stick or push away. You can push two magnets together but at some point if one is opposite in polarity they’ll push away from each other and demagnetise from each other. Clashing is common for an Empathic Light. But that’s because a Teacher knows the gift is GIVEN not learned.

My students would never time jump on their own without tuning in to me. My training teaches them how to tune in to me. But they have to earn it. A teacher knows like attracts like. If you want the gift you have to earn it like I did kind of thing. Hence the Drill Sargent training analogy I use. If the teacher has to get rid of negative behaviour and influence do does the student. You have to be like the teacher in order to have the teachers gifts. That’s why it’s called a gift. It’s given to those who earn it. Gifts aren’t given to the undeserving.

And if you spend decades perfecting your ascension to become a being without emotional, mental or societal debt when they get to the light then you deserve your gift. A teacher or Empathic Light is the list powerful of all Empaths. Because they’re the magnet so powerful they have ability to manipulate the gifts and psyche of those around them. This is why their students will develop their gifts and will experience the exact same life and abilities.

When your students see your time line code or your syncho-syncratic code (I know it’s not a word but it suits what it is I’m trying to say) it’s a sign they’re tuning in. When you can be in time together they have tuned in. They then become one giant magnet feeding off the biggest magnet which is the Teacher.

The Teacher is the teacher for a reason. They have gotten to that level for a reason. They earned their badge of Chieftain or Wicce (Wise) or Teacher for a reason. They have earned the respect from their peers and society because their gift, ability or knowledge made them stand out about the rest. They will be teachers, writers, professors, doctors, artists, gurus, philosophers, forward thinking, innovative, controversial, ground breaking and or history making. They shine as an example to others like them so those like them will be brave enough to follow suit. They more people like us out there forging new paths the faster we spread the light.

We share what we are with those who need it not those who want it. Those who need it are happy to earn it no matter what. Because they know it’s not about them anymore. Once you make the code of conduct it can never be about you again. I’ve seen some deplorable behaviour from former students that as a teacher who is supposed to one day be proud to introduce my students as an example of my good name and my work I was utterly ashamed and offended by the behaviours of one calling themselves Spiritual. I’m a cunt, I’m the first to admit that. But I never used to be. I wore my heart on my sleeve for all the world to take a slice like any other Empath or Pathwalker but never in my life have I see such embarrassing behaviour coming from people in my circle. The racist comments, the self indulgent pitying, the bullying, the snobbery, judgement and gossip and down right mob mentality created when one was expected to be better behaved towards their teacher embarrassed me.

I’d watch students tear their customers apart after taking their money for services like it was nothing. Going out of their way to demoralise people in the group and instigating pain and heartache on innocent people. They would have customers, friends and clients come in and be torn to shreds in character because they student thought the client less righteous than them . Purposefully trying to hold others back. It is the Teachers job to strip them of that behaviour and they know this coming into it.

My Teacher FLOORED me with her evaluation of me. She said I was too judgemental and I was too insecure. She said I wasn’t going to be a hard student to teach but Id be an even harder Teacher. She said I would be brutal. I personally think she was drinking because I’m a fucking delight. As any one of my students sitting in the basement. They all pleased me this week, especially my youngest senior Beth. She gets bread AND water this week lol But my teacher came back. In the last couple of weeks she’s been making me focus on this pendulum work. She was a meta-physician.

Pauline Wardel Braddon is her name. She passed away a couple of years ago. But she died asking for me and many hours later she was on more case about judgement again. I was taught the same lesson when I went to hell. It was about judgement. I needed to work on my judgement. I thought it was because I judged others, which I did but I realised it was because I had to judge others too. I was entering a brand new stage in my evolution that required me to dig deep beyond supposed mental illness to be brave enough to stand alone and say to the entire world ‘Look……these kids are talking to me and they’re saying Hillary Clinton is a bad person and that people like Beyonce and the Pope are too and this is going to happen and that is going to happen and I’m going to prove it to you by making a series of predictions and I’m going to let you see into my mind because we need to link up and be better people to fight the darkness that is coming because then if you see I’m telling the truth about my gift and what the dead really are we can spread some light and help fight the darkness that is coming’. And in order to that I had to figure some shit out. I had to remember my entire life and deal with every single psychological issue I had.

I had to take a good honest hard look at myself and fix what was broken. I don’t take criticism well being a Scorpio and I need it in order to self correct any negative behaviour I had. If you know my work you’ll know my journey. I’ve documented every single bit of it. I started correcting work I had done because my understanding of it all changed so much until I realised my blog is my dairy. My journal. It documents my journey as I explore mental illness and physical illness while I accidentally create a new scientific theory that turns out is saving a shit ton of peoples lives and I don’t even like people and because I’m not very smart they had to teach physics to me using music because I learn quicker through vibration and frequency because the whole premise to my paranormal philosophy is based on the Psychic Sciences being physics based and magnetism dependant.

And magnetism is in everything, time, gravity, balance, momentum, love, conception, creation, inspiration, pollination, germination and so on. And in order for me to figure all of this out I needed to find the right balance and the only way my compass was ever going to face north so I could guide and direct the light was by sending out the frequency needed to find the support. When my students felt the pull they too sought me out.

Like attracts like. You can be an arsehole and still be a good person, it just depends on why your an arsehole and who made you one. Someone with an ego looks to blame others for their own faults. One without an ego takes the faults and corrects them or makes them their own. I still have faults, I have an ego in that I pretty much think I’m better than anyone else when it comes to the Paranormal. lol but I’m also happy to learn from anyone who wants to prove me wrong. So that is my balance lol I’m also demanding and have HIGH expectations of loyalty. I test loyalty constantly.

BUT it’s because one day very soon my life and the safety of my family will depend on me picking the right people to have in my inner circle. I’m totally addicted to sex too lol BUT it’s because I’m so desperately in love with my husband and he’s everything I ever wanted in a man to look at. He is everything I hate and crave in a man and I never fear losing him when we fight. He and I have grown together as new people and I hate using the term Soul mate or Twin Flame so I’ll just say he is my balance. His negatives are my positives, his positives are my negatives and we bring out the angel and devil in each other. It’s hot. He’s hot. The hottest thing to me in a man is his mind. I like a man to challenge me intellectually. It’s a turn on. I love nerds.

Always been turned on by the mind. I love the fact sexually they are blank canvases for me to paint all over and make my mark on him forever lol I swear he’s gonna get me arrested that man, that’s how much he fuels my passion and want for him. It’s an addiction……..but only to him. I have zero interest in any other man. To me, when I look at my husband, all I see it him. Nothing else exists. That spells trouble for me lol because it means he’s taken me beyond my comfort zone of trust. Trust for a Empathic Light is a huge issue. We are the ones who defy the norm to say to people ‘It’s okay to step outside the box, I did it and it changed my life and here is how’. We are the ones who get assassinated. So if the Teacher gives the gift to others it has to be on an equal level of trust. So I do have my faults but I have them with good reason.

My conscience tells me what needs correcting and what doesn’t and I in turn let me students know what needs work and what doesn’t like my Teacher did with me. I don’t judge now, but I’ll observe. I don’t get caught up in gossip and if I have a problem now I go only to those I know who hold my trust because these people will see me at my most vulnerable and live my gift as it is their own for as long as we are together and have earned that right to have my gift. Because with an Empathic Light the students don’t open their gifts. They earn the Teachers. That’s why I’m so strict. Why my expectations are so high. My gift matters to many people. I’m doing very important work in the fields of Paranormal, Psychological, Psychic and soon to be Neurological sciences.

I plan on taking over the paranormal world and declaring war on the liars and cheats, fakes, frauds and hopefully educate the genuine gifteds out there. They aren’t all bad. I like John Edward. He has a nice energy about him. He seems humble and genuine. I just don’t like the prices he charges but that’s his journey and I don’t know what he does with his money. So they aren’t all bad. I’m not out to take EVERYONE down. Only those who are profiting from it in a way that exploits the living and the dead. So many lies are being sold to people and its genuinely destroying and even costing lives and an Empathic Light is the guardian of the bridge between both worlds. Hence why I call myself a Median NOT a Medium. A Medium is the go between, bouncing messages between the living and the dead. It ensures revenue. A Median bridges the gap.

Works as the bridge so the living and the dead can meet in the middle or one go to the other without the need for anyone but each other and their connection to do it. I had to take many students aside to correct behaviours I would never be allowed to exhibit myself. My Teacher would of been just as harsh and was in many cases. She had a very good way of cutting people down to size in a polite and respectful manner. I pull back and observe then wait for the Universe to present the moment unless the behaviour is so bad it requires immediate action.

Or if I feel a need I’ll do a spell in the moons light to draw out those that no longer create balance. It’s NEVER wrong. The moon is my best friend but he would be considering he’s the King of Magnetism. I’ve learned so much in these last 10 months. When Spirit stood beside my bed and put a blindfold on my eyes and covered my ears and said ‘now walk’ I knew it was to do with taking a leap of faith in ways that would be my final test. If I could figure this last bit out change would come. Then I could go out and shine. But I had to allow my compass to find the way by itself instead of relying on Spirit or the dead as I had done for my entire life previously. In order to do that I had to be taught many lessons while teaching others through theirs. I quite literally figured all this stuff out as a taught and wrote it in here.

If I ever publish this blog as a book it’s gonna be one most interesting and fucked up diary lol The Diary of a Psychic Madwoman or should that be The Diary of a Psychic Mad Personal Pronoun. lol hahahaha My Mouth, that’s another fault. Can’t stop it. But this gift is a privilege to be earned not a right to be given and you can put 100 Psychics and Mediums and Sensitives in a room with pendulums to cross stuff over but if they haven’t spent a few years together tuning in to the teacher it’s never going to be as effective. Synchronicity is essential and the balance of behaviour has to be just right because time and the manipulation of it requires perfect balance of mind body and soul. That’s why light spreads. Why I say “I’m here to spread the light” because the bigger my light the faster it spreads the more people I can help.

A Teacher is the beacon to attract more light not just the ship’s who need it. The bigger the beacon the more of the ocean we can search for ships on and my students were little lights who saw mine and were drawn to it magnetically. Because they were have been on the journey too. One day they will teach, create and inspire and one day they may take my work like I did my teachers and turn it in to something more just like I did. An Empathic Pathwalker leaves a legacy. They take history and change it. Jordan Peterson in a round about way said ‘people who stand out from the herd risk being eaten by predators but also risk bettering themselves as a species because they go where the Zebra fear to tread’. It’s how we discovered new worlds. Because some braved venturing out of the herd to discover new worlds and explore what was beyond the field or paddock. Migration is the invention of creation.

Light migrates. I am Light and my beacon will only attract light like mine. A teacher HAS to be the same frequency of the student because only then can the student become the teacher. It is up to the student to chase the teachers light to join it and overcome it. Because once I’m spent up and in the stars by legacy must live on in them as it did in me. Mind you good luck with that. They are all smart arses lol just like their Teacher. Blob I hope that wasn’t a trait I gave them too along with time jumping abilities. After Empathic Light is Time. The Ultimate Light. Forever Time. Forever Light. I want to be Forever Light so I’m being a good girl. I have to be.

Because you take your debt with you and it gets weighed up in the moment of your death. I am NOT fucking coming back again and you can fuck off if they make me. Cheeses Berries and Go Fish if I didn’t get this mother fucker right this time I’ll just take myself to the dark side and be some annoying in the next me’s head because If I got this wrong I give up. My life man…………do you have any idea the mind fuck to live for 45 years thinking you were mentally ill only to find out your actually a super Ninja Samurai Viking Warrior? I’m a deadly weapon in my own head. Do you have ANY idea what I could do with my gift if I was a bad person? Seriously? It takes me seconds to tune in to someone now thanks to my teacher teaching me to read without the need for a physical person. I can quantum leap and be with that person in time and I’m sharing this ability with my students. I can see someones birth, life and death like I’m there. If I learned to break free of the subconscious mind stopping me from manipulating the time I am in, I could be the one to kill Hitler as a baby.

The only thing that stops me from being able to manipulate the time I am on is my subconscious mind slips in and stops me. This is why it is IMPERATIVE anyone with such ability is of a certain moral character. You see where I’m going with this? If a pissed off SJW could do what I can they’d be rigging the US Presidential Election and Clinton would be Overlord. The consequences of such a gift could be catastrophic. This is why those dark voices that tell you to lie, gossip, cheat, steal, judge, condemn, nurse ego etc….need to be removed. I have basically deconstructed the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual minds of my students. Because I had to. It’s symbiotic, parasitic even lol If I go through it, they have to as well because they only way to shine is to be one. Our lives are simpatico. Like attracts like. My buddies up there, are exactly the same. they think as one, connect as one, and because of this they think things to happen. They can open worm holes by thinking it open. They move their craft by thought. They are never ill, they don’t die. They are forever evolving. This is how the entire Universe functions. This is how energy functions. Energy is energy just in different forms or currents or frequencies.

This is why I say if you say your psychic then you should be able to do it all.

My Palm Reading Example

Because an Empathic Light understands energy better than anyone because they are the source of energy to others. Like the Sun is a life source to many things. I teach my students all the same aspects of my gift as I have because I say to them they must have an answer for everything. Life thrives when the light shines on it fully. My students will never not have an answer for their client or students when they get their own one day. And I WILL expect them to teach. This level of gift cannot be for self. You can’t keep a gift, it must be given as it is received.

I didn’t even want it in the first place lol But I have a high expectation of my self when dealing with a murdered child’s family or a suicidal veteran and I won’t expect anything less of my students. I could never for the life of me let anyone of my clients near someone who judged them for their ethnicity or socioeconomic background and I’d be genuinely concerned for the privacy and confidentiality of the rest because gossip is poison and it kills off so many wonderful things in a relationship between a client/student and the Median.

But now I’m done with the work I’m ready to take it out there. I will happily sit on the political and social fence because I don’t care about any of it. I don’t care about fame or celebrity I just want to talk and teach. Give workshops and arm people with the knowledge to take control of their life and Spiritual well being while crossing over, cleansing and shutting down anything out there that needs it.

I graduated. I figured it out and I walked the line blindfolded and figure out the synchronicity code. Now I’m gonna teach others how to read the code. Because when you do it pulls time to you. By my students tuning in to me they see my code too and it pulls us all together like magnets. Like attracts like remember and we know a couple of my students recently found out they are related to my husband and possibly me and each other. So is genetic code. It’s a genetic memory code.

My remembering my childhood and stuff and seeing the truth about my relationship with my parents, the brainwashing of my mind at 12, finding my husband, finding my students, having my kids etc….all came about through me following synchronicity. The more connected to me my loved ones are the more they connect to me, there fore they get my gifts because it transfers energy. So I’m like a giant battery and a magnet. I both pull and stick energy to me. Push it away and deconstruct energy. That’s why a mobile phone burns my hand every time I hold one.

Why I feel energy pulsate through my hand when I touch anything with a battery etc…..I see energy. It has wavelengths and patterns in my head. And now my students are staring to as well and I always thought it was because they had the ability and I was opening it up but it isn’t. It’s symbiotic and they feed me and I feed them. Without me teaching and observing I would never of learned myself. They in turn do the work to tune in to me and as a result get my frequency which is a higher vibration than theirs. Because a Median builds the bridge and lays down the path for the student to eventually walk across alone. I’m a beacon and antenna. Like Light. So I’m getting there. Now I have a headache.

My Nicki must be up. I wonder what she dreamt this time lol So there you have it. The levels of Spiritual Empathy. Normie Norms are Empathic too. It takes someone with Empathic ability to work in the medical or education fields. Or in the charity industry. People care. There are some beautifully empathic people out there who look after strays and the unwanteds and such who live perfectly normal lives and are happy with their lot. This article isn’t a judgement of anyone’s choice in life. It’s me making my final observation of MY life and the events and steps I took to go from being a Normie Norm to what I am now.

We ALL started as Normie Norms. You have to walk the path to know it. I’m talking about the level of determination ones soul has to break out of the shell to become what I am. Everyone has a teacher out there waiting for them. I’m talking about my experience as a teacher and as a student because you must walk the path to know it. I judged, I gossiped, I was never a racists or a bigot. I slept with anyone HA!!! I was like the United Nations me…….I hung all the flags on my wall HAHAHAHAHA A parent gets burned as a child to know never to touch the fire again but also to teach the children she has never to touch the fire themselves. And when you have someone putting their soul in your hands, you have to be an honest example of proof of how you dealt with the same thing when it was you, and can be a example of how it is possible to get out of it because an Empathic Light has been through it all either in experience or in psychic observation. I’ve seen the most brutal depictions of human depravity you could never hope for in a nightmare. Felt it, smelt it, heard it, seen it like I’m there.

The stuff I see and hear in my job would turn the average person off eating meat, and drive them emotionally twisted. Because when the Universe trusts you with the kind of ability to jump time and manipulate the hearts and minds of the living with a few simple words, I need to choose my words and my students very carefully. Because all it takes is for me to say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person and that’s me dealing with a stalker or assassin. And people out there forget that.

But because it’s not your life on the line it doesn’t affect you like it will my husband and children should the wrong person take what I say the wrong way. But that is why I made sure anyone who was in my life was the right person. it was a process of elimination by seeing who stuck and who didn’t.

Because if I’m taking a bullet for my beliefs I’ll at least have one of them to take the bullet for me HA!!! hahahahahahahahaha the 4 of them together standing on each others head wouldn’t even reach my boob they are all that tiny hahahahahaha.

When I’m with them in public people think I’m taking the kids out of school for the day to have Mummy Daughter dates they are so small. Ya gotta laugh. If I end up in a mental institution one day would it be a surprise really? I love my life. I’m such a hypocrite to myself. Still I’d rather be an oxymoron than a regular moron lol oxy makes me 11 of moron. So…..there you have it.

My Empath study is complete. I loved writing this. Thank you for reading it. Writing this brought me more than you will ever know.

This completes my study on Empathic ability. October 11th 2018 13.14pm


There is a direct correlation between ones intelligence and ones empathy

The higher the intelligence the higher the empathic level.

Furthering my argument that Satanists are higher in intelligence than Devil Worshippers because as we know a Satanist doesn’t sacrifice anything that isn’t offered to them by a spouse, or friend. They don’t kill anything to get the energy they need. A Devil Worshipper will without hesitation hurt an animal or human for the gain.

However, that is also true of people who aren’t into the occult.

What level of intelligence and empathy does a person have to cheat on someone they once loved knowing it will hurt them versus someone who gossips in a way that is done to destroy the reputation of an innocent person?

Is a religious leader smart and empathic in making people who live in poverty pay a donation to sit in his house on a Sunday and tell you what an evil person you are for not being his ideal of perfect? Or who abuses is privilege with perversion and hypocrisy?

Serial killers belong to Mensa ya know lol But how do you find the measure?

You balance out the empathy. If your smart and have the knowledge of the power to cause destruction but choose not to, then your a higher evolved person over someone who chooses to cause destruction instead.

That is because Empaths are not confrontational people. Fighting, while can be cathartic and extracts poison in the relationship between those arguing (as in truths are revealed, emotions exposed, it’s honesty in it’s highest) for an Empathic person is mentally more damaging than for the one they are fighting with. It hurts to love and fighting is discord and Empaths do NOT like discord. It is irritation to our brains. In the way we can’t stand irritating noises while we are trying to work or concentrate fighting is the same for an Empath.

So this is how you judge whether someone is a true Empath or not. If they are saying or anything wilfully destructive to cause loss or harm to anything else, they aren’t Empathic, they’re Sadistic. Sadism is when you get pleasure from causing pain.

Getting a kick from the attention the lies bring is no different to hurting a kitten to the Empath being hurt. The pain is equally the same to an Empath so there fore they would never dream of wanting to hurt anyone else even if they know they are right.

Because a person of light knows it’s better to be fair than right because right leads to being righteous and being righteous isn’t a good look on one who claims to be a good person especially if they are claiming to be Spiritual as well. But fair means you rose above the need to be right in order to reach a compromise that was fair to everyone involved which shows empathy for all concerned and not just themselves because as I said to a person of a certain Spiritual Empathic level they know it’s not about them anymore. They are aware of the power they posses to bring people down but choose not to. Their gift makes it not about them anymore and we choose every single one of us if we stay Normie Norms or get to the light or slip down the scale to Sociopath, Sadist, Psychopath, Killer, Murderer, Sex Offender, Paedophile, Devil Worshipper.

An Empath fighting is destructive. It is the opposite of everything they are.

You basically need to look at it this way. The higher the evolved Spirit the bigger the child inside them.

We don’t technically grow out of being a Spirit until we get out of puberty. But a true Empath will never lose that innocence. We are naive and kind, wear our heart on our sleeves, victims of society, we have toys, we get excited about cute things and love to be around children and we are playful and fun, we love animals and nature and we love adventure. When we hurt we hurt just like a child. We love to jump in puddles and climb trees, roll in grass, paint with our fingers, bake etc….this is why animals and kids love us. We are basically just bigger versions of them but with jobs.

And as I always say ‘The younger you are, the closer you are to your Soul/Spirit/Consciousness/Higher Self.

But you can have people who work for charities that do good for people who do bad things behind closed doors and you can have a psychopath who is kind and generous to their employees or to nature. It’s all about finding balance and I know I’m an arsehole but it’s only because people make me have to be one. Because how much did you have to push a person who’s gone through all the above mentioned lessons in life to become a higher evolved person to make them want to remove themselves from their life or worst still forced them to get nasty?

It takes a lot to push an Empath to breaking point. We are like Bees or Scorpions being forced to bring the stinger out. We don’t just hurt you we hurt ourselves too and a Scorpion will choose to self sacrifice rather than sting someone because it has more Empathy than a gossip, liar, thief, sadist, psychopath and so on. Because an Empath knows it’s not about them anymore. It takes a lot of sacrifice for an Empath to hurt someone because they understand the consequences have a far greater consequence than just someone being stung as a warning.

So if anyone says they are Empathic or even good people or moral fibre remember what I said. Watch their behaviour, listen to their words, watch their actions. It will speak volumes about who they are as people and let you know exactly where they are on the Empath Scale.

Then you can either embrace them or avoid them. If you are loved by one though…..well then lucky you. If they keep you around it means to them your worth keeping. I’ve got many ex students I still keep in contact with. I adore them but some had to be let go for their greater good so not all left under dubious circumstances.

Empaths are loyal which is why it is so hard for them to walk away from negative behaviour. They don’t like to upset apple carts and spoil the fruit for everyone because to an Empath it’s not just about them. They consider all sides and all feelings above their own which is a form of self sacrificing even at the expense of losing money, friendships and mental well being. Self sacrificing like a Scorpio or a Bee.

Well folks, My name is Debbie and I’m a Scorpio. Debbie in Hebrew means Bee. So imagine how much it hurts me that I’m also an Empath too?

However as a person seeing the light finally, I found the balance. I choose my words carefully, I choose my actions carefully and I weigh up all sides before doing anything because I know my poison holds power but instead I choose to turn what I’ve been through in my life and my observation as me to write this post to help others identify their own behavioural patterns and in those around them.

They say ‘There are two types of people in this world, sheep and wolves’. Well they were wrong because an Empath knows there are also Shepherds too and he can protect the sheep and get rid of the wolves. He was smart. He knows if he protects the sheep from the wolves the sheep with give him food and wool. He can sell the meat feed his family, his town, make a profit, and spread the bounty. Because Empaths know it’s not about them anymore. It’s always with the greater good in mind.

Because an Empath tunes themselves back into innocence which is why I say “as a human I’m far from perfect but as a spirit I’m trying to be.”

Only I can set the standard of what I choose my life to be by finding balance. Because by being the best I can possibly be I’m the best for those around me also.

Because the consequences of who I am isn’t just about me.

An Empath knows it’s no longer about them the closer they get to the light.