Today The 11th Of October I Completed My Study Of The Empath Scale

I also finished my Hell theory and my Pendulum theory.

I put what I call The Empath Scale over on my Patreon because I felt it was only fair considering it was the last of my theories to complete and my Patreon supporters deserve to read it first before I publish it publicly.

All my work now is done. There is no stone left unturned in the Paranormal and Psychic Science field.

All that exists other than anything I mentioned is either fake, a misconception or misunderstanding within the realms of the Psychic Sciences.

I feel accomplished today.

The last two days have been huge for me in so far as my work and my life is concerned.

I didn’t think I knew what to do with myself now most of my files have now been filed away under “Complete”.

But Dementia is next and getting my school started.

I just wanted to let you know.

Today, the day my ex turned 44 I completed a 34yr study of my gift and turned it into Science.


Here is The Empath Scale