Hell: It’s A Trick Of The Mind Based On The Perception Of It Of The One Who Died


So read this article about my experience with hell.

I’ve watched many many people’s encounters of hell and what they think it is and I realized there is no right version of hell.

Hell is whatever it needs to be for you to get the message and sort yourself out.

For me it was a blue screen set with colour sheets representing fire and rock and while I was being told off for judging I stopped being afraid to take note and observe my surroundings so I could memorize everything for when I came back so I could share the information with everyone.

Which I did. But everyone has a different perfection of hell based on what they believe hell is.

Spirit are brutal. Make no mistake. If they take on the form of something scary to wake you up in your sleep to stop you having a heart attack or something from docking issues imagine what they’d do to make you sort your life out to get you on the straight and narrow?

It’s only terrifying when you first fall down because one minute your alive with human feelings and a human life on the go and next minute your shot out of it and pulled down into something dark, deep and uncontrollably terrifying.

But if you need to teach yourself that lesson so you never make the mistake again then they do it.

I’ve seen the light when I died and I saw hell. Neither were what I expected. Hell kinda disappointed me because all I did there was observe it for studying purposes lol there was no pain and suffering, no screaming or fear. Just the last version of me being told off to make the now me pay attention to my judgement of others. Not just that I was judging but I had to be a better judge of character because my life and my work would depend on who I have around me.

But people all say the same thing. They have the fear and being pulled down. Whatever words are spoken that need to be said in order for you to see the light or change or mend the error of your ways is said then the light comes and they’re back in the land of the living.

They never forget the experience and they change their lives according to the lesson.

The thing is though. Hell won’t be for everyone and it’s called Hell because it’s the opposite of Light.

A Spirit sees only light. Death removes the light until your judged worthy to see it.

If your near death experience took you to the dark it’s because you judged yourself in need of the lesson before deciding your fate.

Your the voice talking to you. People say it’s the voice of God or Angels bit it’s not. It’s you. You are the ONLY one fit to judge your behaviour because your Soul is pure light and it will never lie to you about your true character and if you need a kick up the arse then it will be done.

There is no judgement of others in death only judgement of self because to thine own self be true.

Once you choose your fate, it is decided, live or die.

If you live to tell the story you chose right.

We all tell our story to the right people to hear it.

It serves as a warning to others and a lesson to us all.

Whoever hears it, whoever learns from it, the lessons are for them too.

But the fear comes from being pulled from the light from the known into the unknown. Only once the shock is over will the person’s subconscious will kick in to pay attention. That’s how you know your not dead.

Because it will then talk to its conscious self to bargain and reason or discuss and summarize or theorise with yourself to talk yourself round back into consciousness.

The light or hand of light they see is their neurones firing up again as oxygen gets fed back into the brain and because their sub conscious self was fully conscious it remembered the experience to tell the story.

Negative is far denser than light. That’s why you go from floating above yourself to being pulled down.

At that moment in time your judgement comes and your being weighed on the scales of life and the universe.

Your fate is being decided. All scales go down when weight is put upon it even a grain of sand will move the scale.

So if your character is negative or needing a reminder to find the light then your going down but then you’ll also be included in the decision making which is why you remember and survive it.

If you remember it, you can never go back on your word about changing your life.

Everyone’s experience will depend on their character.

It was two months after this article I was judged and had to judge the character of many people around me and made the decision to remove those who were damaging to my life.

I was around very critical, judgemental people and because of how they judged me, I couldn’t risk them judging others who couldn’t defend themselves from it like I could do I asked for them to be removed whoever they were.

I learned the greatest lessons of my life after that and taught so much to the world now because of it.

My connection to Spirit has grown exponentially and my understanding of death has been radically transformed to say the least since I had my experience in hell.

It changes everyone.


Watch the descriptions, notice they experience the same phyiscal pulling I describe constantly when the soul disconnects to the phyiscal. And then they see light and talk to their higher self believing it’s God or Jesus but it’s not. It’s them. Their higher self judging their sub conscious self. Deciding their fate.

But in this video below listen to what the priest says about who’s down in hell with him.

Tell me it’s not Illuminati.


So there you go. Hell isn’t real. It’s a perception or unit of measure of one’s Soul to decide which way to tip the scales.