Now I’ve Completed My Study And Development Of Psychic-lology….. Dementia Is Next

Since I worked on the metaphysics side of my work. The last bit of my scientific puzzle was put in place and I now have a unified theory I’m happy to present to the public.

My brain always froze at a particular bit that made me look like a dork especially if you watch the last training session with my seniors because it literally freezes and it always pissed me off because I knew it was my Teacher Pauline’s way of saying “Your not there yet, push harder”.

She told me once I was Predicted in her society and I would take out society into a new age. An age of Science. I always thought she was walking with one foot off the curb because me and Science don’t mix.

I can’t do maths, it gives me PTSD. Seriously. I panic and shut down mentally. I can’t do it. The sums and equations look like alphabet soup in my head and it terrifies me

But put them all in a straight line and after reciting it a handful of times I will remember it off by heart.

I remember facts and details, I pick up on the subtle nuances of human behaviour which others don’t and I can read energy like I’m in the stream of it.

And what I noticed is in further developing my techniques in my work with the pendulum in my need to ramp up my girls training so they can join me in the mainstream media it increased memory or improved memory I should say.

We don’t increase memory as we get older we learn everything in the first few years of life then forget we knew the information until we remember it.

I discovered in the strengthening of my pineal gland I remembered things I didn’t know I knew but I must of retained the information from school or life and didn’t know I knew it until I remembered it.

I have found I’m proving people wrong in things that they should know more than me about.

Like how I say the Cosmological constant being an equation that explains the expansion and contraction of our universe.

I was corrected that it wasn’t an equation, but a theory that talks about the gravitational force pulling on the Universe. But I knew it as an equation.

I sat feeling mortified because my friend said “I’m only correcting you because I don’t want you looking like a fool when you hit the mainstream”.

I wanted to cry because I was embarrassed I might be dumb. But I looked.

It’s called The Friedman Equation.

Einstein worked in the equation.

I shouldn’t know this. But I did and I showed this person nearly in tears because I was that horrified I might of been a moron.

Im not educated. I don’t know anything. I just know what I know and my work and my gift is included in that term “work” is my EVERYTHING. It’s all I am. To not live this life in my mind with my understanding of who and what I a d we are is all I know.

But it’s taken 36yrs to figure it out and understand it. My blog is proof of th development of my work because I can’t do maths I figured it out through writing and thinking as I typed.

When you read my articles you’ll see I revise a lot of my original work to correct the wrongs because I’m literally using my posts as my way to work out my theories and observations.

I see while I type. I don’t plan anything. I just do as I’m told. I told you years ago I was going to type everything I saw and thought so you could see inside my head.

Through doing that I worked it all out as I typed it or theorised then based an article around it like this one I’m doing now.

And through doing this it improved my memory. But I had to prove it right 3 times and so I used my students as guinea pigs and every single one of them is having increased memories of childhood they forgot, an increase in creativity, a stronger connection and draw to nature and are finding emotional balance.

It is a natural progression. It’s not done on purpose. It’s a side effect. It wasn’t this way with the other students I let go of. In fact many of them had blocked out memories which I found interesting.

That was the standard card and pendulum work. But in January of this year I started to really focus on the whys and how’s of a pendulum. Found it works best under certain conditions in certain moods and once mastered tunes you in to EVERYTHING organic.

Natural Telepathic abilities explode. There are incredibly side effects to this pendulum work.

Increased sex drive is another side effect. Also your body starts to tune itself in and out of what foods and substances it will and won’t tolerate.

We’re all developing aversions to foods and products we never had issues with before because the pendulum works on magnetism.

It draws out the toxins surrounding your energy field it seems.

We’re suffering from less bouts of depression. As Empaths it’s inevitable we are going to have down days but they can last for a week or more if we aren’t careful.

It hurts to love, it really does. Being Empath sucks on the down days.

But they’re lasting maybe at most 3 days now instead of 8-12 days.

When one of us is having a down day the others naturally surround the other without request or provocation like the juicy individual bubbles in a raspberry hugging the stem. It’s remarkable to watch.

My seniors are all now time jumping. It’s a side effect. Because they tuned into me they’re developing my gifts. It’s symbiosis in effect.

It’s taken nearly 3yrs but I’m happy enough now that I’m closing the large file and opening a new one in the neurological field.

I want to see if it can help dementia patients. I had compiled a list of 50 questions based on diet, lifestyle, career, habits,relationship’s and background to ask.

Then I’d have a list of requirements they’d need to follow as well as daily exercises using my techniques I developed. Then I’d observe over the 12 month period and compare it to other sufferers not in the study.

Take it from there. I’m fascinated by the Ghost Memories they suffer.

So that’s my plan. I’m going to show the world or whoever will listen what a Psychic really is.

It’s the Science not the ability and we’re supposed to use our gifts to help humanity.

That’s what I’m trying to do and I just have a couple of pieces missing to the giant loud mouth pendulum that is me and I’m gonna take everyone in the Paranormal industry on like Hooker wanting crack.

Nothing will stop me from achieving my objective.

Im done playing. It’s not funny what people are being led to believe and me exposing myself to you all here helped me gather the confidence, knowledge and army I needed to do it.

Writing is my pendulum. My gift is my needle. It pointed me in the direction of the people and places I needed to follow to find North and it never failed.

It got me who and what I needed. Synchronicity is huge in pendulum work too. It’s also a side effect.

I really should publish a book. I’d help so many people and put so many Psychics, Mediums, New Age Practitioners and Paranormal Investigators out of business. The disingenuous ones I mean. They aren’t all bad just misinformed.

But mostly they are bad people so Yaaaaaaay.

Theresa Caputo, Sally Morgan, Chip Coffee, Hollywood Medium, etc …..ima comin!