Celebrities Last Words Before Being Sacrificed

Whitney Houston’s Last Words:

“I’m gonna go see Jesus, want to see Jesus”

Michael Jackson’s were:

“More Milk” (meaning the drug that killed him)

Amy Winehouse’s were “I don’t want to die” said to her Doctor.

Coco Chanel: “This is how you die”

Sigmund Freud: “This is absurd, this is absurd” when a Dr helped him in assisted suicide from Cancer.

Walt Disney: “Kurt Russell” on a piece of paper. (Kurt Russell was a Disney Child actor). He had cancer.

Heavy D: “Be inspired” before collapsing.

Heath Ledger: Told his sister he was taking prescription medication with over the counter flu medicine. She told him not to because it was dangerous and he ignored her. He’d been acting strange. People said it was from the stress of his movie role as the Joker in the Batman movie.

I think it’s because he knew he was going to die.

He knew he was about to be sacrificed as did Robin Williams and the rest of them.

Do they sound like people who didn’t know they were about to die?

Let’s look at Tupac: “Fuck you” tell me that’s the look of a man who didn’t know he was about to die?

Look at the songs he wrote before he did. His famous last prophetic album.

But more importantly look at Suge Knight. Tell me that isn’t the look of a man trying to distance himself from the guilt of being this man’s Guardian before death?

He’s almost trying to act like he doesn’t know Tupac. That look says a lot.

They all died in the company of overseers or in the care of Doctors.

River Phoenix, Johnny Depp.

Heath Ledger, the Olsen bint.

Mac Miller, Ariana Grande.


Be it hanging, cancer, infections, OD, suicide, whatever the death it’s them being Sacrificed. The ones who become icons are the ones who become Stars, immortalised.

The ones who are controversial to the cabal are suicide or sudden death.

Why did Chris Farley die with rosary beads in his hand? I think John Belushi did too. If they’re drug related overdoses who has time?

Some had hookers give them the drugs but the hookers work for the Hollywood elites.

But they never die alone and they know they’re going to die.

I’m pretty sure it’s a trigger word.

But none of them die alone and there are dozens of them just in the last 20yrs identical.

If they’re controversial their death is too and their reputation marred forever afterwards.

Or they become icons and heroes for generations. Hence the term “Star” or “Superstar”.

Otherwise your just a celebrity.

Marilyn Monroe was passed around like candy, everyone knows this. Elvis liked girls under 14 and no-one said a thing.

They die and become icons forever in spite of being quite sexually depraved people.

Jane Mansfield was a follower of Alistair Crowley and Anton LeVey.

So was Jackie Onassis. Look at who had the most to gain and who was there at death and you can usually tell if they were sacrificed or offered. All the President’s had Psychics and Mediums on their payroll. JFK was a firm believer in the Occult.

The ones who become icons are offerings. Meaning they offer themselves.

The ones who know they’re going to die.

Walt Disney’s one was dark and twisted when you know about Pizzagate and the Hollywood pedophile ring we all now know is a real thing.

All I’m saying is not all deaths in the world of celebrity is genuine.

They all see it coming but some are prepared for it more than others.

It must be nerve racking for them. Knowing it’s all about to end. No wonder they all opt for intoxication or drugs to be given before hand.

That’s the price you pay though when the devil comes to collect when you sell your soul to him.




Steve Jobs: “Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow” cancer.

Kurt Cobain: “It’s better to burn out than fade away”.

Bob Marley: “Money can’t buy life” said to son Ziggy. Most curious I think. He died of cancer.

Frank Sinatra: “I’m losing”.

James Brown: “I’m going away tonight” before dropping dead of a heart attack. Said to his manager.

Winston Churchill: “Oh I’m so bored of it all” before slipping into a coma.

Gary Coleman: “I love you. My head hurts” (I’m convinced she killed him).

Josephine Baker: “Oh you young boys act like old men”.

Leonardo Da Vinci: “I’ve offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have”.

He was an Illuminati play thing.

Louis the 14th: “Why do you weep? Did you think I was immortal?”.

Charlotte Brontë: “Oh I’m not going to die am I? He will not separate us. We’ve been so happy” said to her husband.

Ethel Barrymore: “Is everyone happy? I want everyone to be happy. I know I’m happy”.

Jane Austen: “I want nothing but death”.

Edgar Allan Poe: “Lord help my soul”.

You can almost tell just by their words who was offered and who was taken.

Some clearly happy about it.

Watch the movie The Kill List.

That tells you there how happy they are to be chosen as an offering.

It’s an honour for them to die.

The moment chosen I think is random for the one about to die which is why people die like Whitney Houston did. It’s unknown when they just know it will happen. Apart from the likes of one’s like Tupac, Brontë, Baker, etc… I’m convinced they knew they were about to die.

I’m convinced it comes via phone call. The trigger word I mean. To start the countdown to suicide or accident.

None of them seem normal last words.

Da Vinci’s is interesting and so is Bob Marley’s.

Anyway, just something to ponder.

It’s just my observation I thought I’d share.

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