Perfecting Quantum Magnetics And My Journey To Understand The Path Of The True Empath


I didn’t plan any of this. My life has been a process of elimination and observation of life through my eyes, my mind and my ability to observe human behaviour.

I remember things I really shouldn’t. I can’t stop thinking. I genuinely am at my happiest with my headphones on listening to music in total silence in my head seeing things and figuring shit out.

I LOVE to think. It makes me feel calm because in my head I KNOW I’m not insane like people outside of my head think I am.

But the thing is, I realised today I’m not nuts because I figured out the last piece of the puzzle that makes my Science real.

Why have I lost so many people in my life? What was the purpose?

I stood under the moon on the 6th December 2017 and told him to do whatever was necessary to get me to my husband (was getting married a few days later) and so I’d never be away from my kids again, so I could work in America doing what I needed to do because too many people needed me to be there and I was tired of the travelling and pain of separation from my boys and then the man I loved. So I said ‘I promise I’ll work as hard as I have to. I’ll sacrifice fear and distrust if you just bring me home to America with my boys by my side’. I’m paraphrasing but I said the only stipulation was it had to be on my own merits and not because I’m marrying an American citizen. I said I wanted to do it standing on my own two feet.’. The next day is when I got the text from my friend that changed my life forever.

In the course of that time i found out who was genuine and who wasn’t. I put many tests in many peoples lives and many people failed. I tested everyone and I never hid the fact I I did. My students know my saying off by heart now. ‘Remember, Everything I say, everything I do is a test’. Because my life is going to depend on who I have in it when I go mainstream. People are going to want to kill me when I expose them as frauds and fakes. When I shut religion out of the paranormal a LOT of people are going to want to hurt me. SJWs, Feminists, etc….take your pick.

It’s my life on the line, not theirs. For them they were going to have the luxury of never having to worry about income again. I’m a Scorpio. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I was fully prepared to carry many people on my back without hesitation because anyone who stands beside me and in front of my children (living and in Spirit) while I single-handedly take on the Paranormal world and try to change the face of Science without a feckin clue really what I’m doing, then I will honour you with my life and make sure you never have to worry about living it with me.

I’ve been expected to expose my life and mind to the world through this blog so people could see what someone with a real gift is expected to be. Because I’m aware of this fact and I got to see how people responded to my work, it made me have to re-evaluate my life, my words and my actions and this is how the psychological and philosophical side of my gift came to be developed.

Add that to my theory about Quantum Magnetics and I developed a gift unrecognisable to the world of the psychic and paranormal sciences.

I understand energy and frequency and it’s importance to the evolution of everything. It’s helped me understand the synchronicity code. And it IS a code. If you step back to decipher the code it’s like spraying water over an invisible laser. I am hoping to prove this theory right this month. October 2018.

But it’s made me look back and examine one part of my science I couldn’t quite settle on with knowledge that felt definitively correct in my brain and that was the Pendulum. Metaphysics. My Teacher has been around a lot and she’s been helping me remember things and figure out the last bit. She was a meta-physician.

She as the one that said I’d take our society into a new age, an age of Science. Anyway……so ten months to the day I stood under that moon out of dozens of people in my life I’m now hi left with only 7 people left. I lost clients and my reputation has been torn to shreds because I demanded better behaviour from people who claimed to be Spiritual. I pushed peoples loyalty. Tests get put into our paths in many different ways. Some subtle and some not so subtle and I am so grateful I read the signs. Because what it did is by demangetising myself (so to speak) from the attitudes and energies that no longer served me in a positive way and it helped me figure out the last piece of the puzzle.

Why those people, why did they get removed, why did those that stay end up with gifts almost identical to mine so quickly? why am I being shown us all going to haunted locations and crossing over spirits and energy and freeing the places and homes of sadness and fear etc….? Why are they all going through the exact same emotional, spiritual, financial, psychological awakenings as me but on a lower level and how can I cross over huge locations we may not be able to enter the location of and if we can, how can we do it so it doesn’t take hours and hours to do it where I’d be in a coma from exhaustion afterwards?

Then it hit me. In trying to understand these last ten months it hit me, I realised it was 10 months to the day exactly that I stood under that moon. I was talking about it to Riya. I’ll show you the conversation.

I figured out that in me trying to train people and offering to train people, I was looking for the other pieces of my compass. If I’m the needle knowing which way to point North for people, I need a South, East, West, North, South East, South West, North East, North West etc……because the people you have your life matter. They are your moral compass and your emotional and mental balance.

My husband is North. He is the one who has boosted my confidence and is the only person alive that knows my true mind. He knows all my secrets. I’ve never exposed my self to anyone the way I exposed myself to him. He see’s the Scorpio without the armour. I am so truly and deeply in love with that man. He’s the personification of loyal.

Everyone no longer in my life were removed because they either became too judgemental or critical of me and my life which pulled my confidence down and pulled me down and it was physically painful being around them.

Others were removed for being too negative. No matter what I said or did, they couldn’t get past the need for ego. They could never let things go, dwelling and feeding on gossip and negative behaviour.

Some were arrogant and made assumptions about me and my life that were damaging to me on a personal level. Others were racists, bigots, or down right nasty and I had to know who was who.

Some people claim love and friendship but when it is put to the test they throw me under the bus to save face and that is fine too. Because what I realised is, the pain only hurt with two of the dozens I’ve let go of from my life and even they stopped hurting over time when I realised why it had to happen so I’m perfectly fine with all of it.

I regret none of the lessons and I’m so grateful for it because I realised what I’ve been doing is finding the compass pieces so I can chart my course to head North now.

I had so many magnets pulling me every which way, I had to connect with the moon in order to demagnetise and look at the fantastic job he did? I did the various casts during the Pink Moon, Harvest Moon, Eclipse etc…and he did his magic and now I’ve done it. I’ve demagnetised it all and i had my eureka moment.

Because now I know how to use our pendulums to do large locations and why it has to be a pendulum and how it works.

I know they MUST be done under certain conditions and I know that my students are my larger piece of the compass and we will work together and I know how and it’s awesome because we just need our pendulums and phones to do it and we can cover as larger area as we have to, including forests like The Suicide Forest in Japan.

I cried when I realised. All this time I’ve been finding my compass by following my compass and they have been following theirs to find me.

That’s why my students then grew in ability so quickly. Because once we tuned in to each other we are able to bounce back and forth with each other. We feed off each other because we are Empaths and aware of how energy works.

I sit and I watch the conversations going on in the rooms and the people in my life now, my girls, are such a blessing in my life. They are so supportive and never once do they try to tear me down. They don’t judge the way I dress, or make fun of the way I act or behave. They don’t talk about me or each other behind my back or each others and they don’t judge my life, my mind or my life choices or each others. They all are not social people by nature but all felt the need to bond outside of class because they understood it was important to do so if we are going to work together.

There is no gossip, no anger, no malice, no ego. No division, no stress. When there is something going on there is support for each other even when I know they all have stuff going on, they are there quick to put up a meme or gif or something to show support for the other and it’s when I understood why it’s so important to have good people in your life as an Empath.

Because they dictate your mood. If you absorb negative behaviour you put it out and attract it right back because energy is magnetic after all.

For me that could be dangerous if I’m around the wrong influence. If I go dark it’s not good.

So I’ve simply been measure out the weights to find the right balance and tuning myself in to them all to see which one will stick like magnets and which ones won’t.

Because who is in my life when I go mainstream will depend on my behaviour when I’m out there. My gift is strong and dependant on the the support I have around me and my gift and my life is no longer about me. It cant be about me anymore because I have so many people relying on me to help them see life and death through a totally different perspective. The deaths of children is very real to me and they don’t all die in their sleep as you know and I’m coming face to face with this stuff in real life. I’m meeting real survivors of this shit , and those who work with those like them and I need my energy to absorb their pain so I can release it for them and help them find peace either in this life or the next and I can’t be dealing with people who think they can judge the way I dress or who I choose to marry.

Everything I say and do now has a direct consequence of someone else in my life and I need to take responsibility for what I say, do or how I act and I wont be around negative behaviour anymore because I absorb it and reflect it back and with a gift like mine it is NOT good for me to go dark. Quantum Magnetics works both ways remember.

I’ve had to wok so hard on myself and try to remove as many negative behaviours from my life because of the influence I’m having on people now.

The fact that many of them then went to shut my career down and slander my name just proved the moon was right in it’s analysis of them and saw fit to remove them.

So my tests I administer to my students are to tune them in to me. Not Spirit. They are exercises to see who has the dedication to tune themselves in to my frequency. I’m the radio satellite and they are the radio, their gifts the stations and if their connection to me is strong then it means they have a good connection to my satellite.

Because when we work together I’m STRONG. lol

I can’t wait to put this compass into action. It means I still have missing pieces to find. I either have 1 or 2 more to find.

They all go through an identical process. The Pathwalker going into White Light phase is hard on an Empathic Pathwalker. This is where you start to develop your connection with Spirit all on their own and their skills become more defined but they also start to see the reality of their journey and realise they now have to shed old, warm, comfortable bad habits, fears or social phobias. But I’ve been there. Because there is a pattern to this and my Wicce background also helped me figure out the very distinct patterns and behaviours of a Empth, Pathwalker, Emphatic Pathwalker, White Light, Light stages of growth and development on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual or conscious level.

And it seems that if anyone else tried to follow my techniques having not spent anytime syncing up which takes around 2-3yrs according to my observation, it’s never going to work. It won’t have the same effect because the power lies in the strength of the magnet as a whole not just in the sum of its parts so to speak.

Yes I as the strongest one can do it going by room by room, acre by acre but it drains me because I NEED the organic energy around me to tune me in. I use frequency and energy, vibration and such remember? It’s now I’m tuned in.

So I have my other parts to my compass to help give me energy and because it’s positive energy it gives me positive results and light spreads and they help me see light therefore I create it.

This is why my students now see my synchronicity’s and dream my living life and why they dream predictions about my life and why we can all read each other. My Beth was having premonitions about the seniors having not even spoken a word to them or knew anything about them.

They dream about my husband and he about them. This is how I know synchronicity is a type of binary time code that when you observe the code it brings time events to you faster and you deal with the things life brings you good or bad because you see it all coming a mile off.

If I’m right, this month will be a very big month for me.

But all these events helped me work out the code. How to tune yourself in to the time code. It helps you see your future so you can make the best choices from the options made available to you based on the best and worse possible out come from it and it helps you make better choices bringing to you the best outcome.

And who you have in your life matters because they are acting as their own pendulum for you and if you don’t listen to the signs you just get pulled down by the magnetic not pulled to something positive and forward moving. And my entire life and career is about me finding the right direction for the living and dead to illuminate their path with which to continue their journey.

My life and the lives of hopefully one day millions of people will be at the hands of who I have in my life at the time I’m around them.

I am going to work so hard to get my work recognised within the Scientific community as a real Science.

I still have the dementia study I want to do too.

But all these events of the last 10 months have been because of my chat with the moon and boy did he do his job.

I was totally prepared for this last attack. I saw the signs months in advance and braced for impact but it didn’t hurt because by that point none of it mattered.

The Synchronicity code is in everything. Numbers, dreams, visions, etc….it’s like seeing time lines. You see the development of the way things are going and gives you time to make decisions quickly to affect the outcome.

It’s really quite an incredible ability to have. It totally changed my personality. I don’t stress out anymore. I don’t react to negative situations anymore in a negative way anymore. I’m patient. I priorities my concerns and deal only with the things that matter and that I can control.

Because I know how it ends, every single time it ends up with me getting exactly what I want from my gift and my life so I jumped at don’t worry about the things that don’t matter anymore.

I chose not to live in a negative light anymore and when shit is thrown down I have good people around me to help grow roses from it.

But let’s be honest. It goes the same for my students. If I wasn’t for them I was removed. It’s not a bad thing to part ways with people. It doesn’t need to be a dramatic thing.

I choose what happens next and I’m heading North.

Now I figured out the last piece of the puzzle I’m ready to present it all to the world and greater Scientific community for the betterment of the understanding of the Paranormal and Psychic Sciences.

Or Psychic-lological sciences lol

I’m gonna shut all these people down who are selling a Paranormal lie to the world and teach everyone how to follow their own compass.

Because it works and my training techniques I’ve developed since I stood under the moon at my best friends house on the 6th December also works.

If I’m right this month proves it.

But it’s done a pretty incredible job setting my compass north so far lol I’m not complaining. Even when I thought my work, sanity, relationships and life direction was over or a lie it was all worth it

The lives I’ve helped (with the most haunted lives, deaths and psychology imaginable) have been worth losing so much for.

I regret nothing.

I can’t wait to do our first location together.

I can’t wait to teach them what the moon taught me about the Pendulum.

I’m so happy

I figured it out. The last piece of the puzzle.

My little clan now has friends in it who love me so much they all said they’re going to help me fulfill a weight loss ambition of getting an bikini to wear once I reach my goal.

They’re going to help me pick one and will wear there’s in support.

Because who you have in your life when your an Empath matters.

The power of attraction gives you the power to attract.

Learning is knowledge knowledge is wisdom wisdom is power.

Now I get it

Now my theory is complete.

My work on the theory of the Psychic and Paranormal Sciences is complete.

As of October 9th 2018



And if your a fan of mine you’ll know each post I did was me developing my theories as I typed.

I started this blog with one view point and limited understanding of any of it and ended it having developed myself into an entirely new person with a totally different perspective on all of it.

I live who I’ve become. It suits me.

I’ve found my balance. I’ve made peace with myself.

I am now free to move on. I’ve let go of old patterns and behaviours.

I don’t recognize the woman I’ve become and I like it.

This me fits me better.

Bring on the next stage. I’m ready.

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