Follow The Star: Wikileaks: I TOLD YOU

And you know I said I think we are being pointed towards CA lol So……my kids once again were spot on. Everytime I do one of these posts about the Illuminati or Elites and my Predictions my phone and app crashes.

Never with normal posts.

It can do it 25-30 times on a post about my predictions.

Never does it on posts about my fat ass removal regime though lol

Don’t forget A Star is Born is now out with Lady Blah blah too

And they are trying to do Project Blue Beam.

Alien Invasion?

It’s just a guess but I’ve been right this whole time lol

So kiss my ass to all my Haters.

Now even Wikileaks is on the Star Trail. Shits about to go down lol

Woohoo finally after all these years.

Vindication for those who tried to stop me and took everything and everyone away from me.

My truth wins every time.

Viva la Vérité

Look what I remembered

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