Get Ready Fakes And Frauds Of The Paranormal World. I’m Coming For You

I was looking at photos of me and I realized you could see my ancestral blood line perfectly documented in photos of me.


Here’s my Egyptian bloodline: Al Rashid

Here’s my Maori Bloodline: Ngati Raukawa

My Scottish Bloodline: Fraser of Lovat ( gotta love the boobs lol)

The Irish: Callaghan. I love my hair this colour.

All the genetic migrants from Africa, Europe and the Pacific Islands made this little trouble maker. They had to. Someone had to go to war with the Paranormal wrongs of the world.

I had my fists up at 3 days old then, ready to take you fakes and frauds of the Paranormal on.

So get ready America. Because I’m coming and I’m bringing trouble with me and we’re recording EVERYTHING live.