Meet My Time Traveller Beth Aka Tinkerbell

Without knowing it, her and u connected. My seniors have been my tower of strength at the moment and it’s been such an honour training them.

Beth is a fighter. She’s a Warrior. She preserves no matter the battle because when she believes in something she stops at nothing to get it or protect it.

I pushed her to the limits and she stood her ground. It’s been an honour training her.

We call her Tinkerbell because she’s our little optimistic Fairy that flits around class sprinkling her silly sweet memes of love and GIFs of joy around the place in spite of everything going on in her hectic life.

She’s exactly what makes the perfect student for me. She never makes it about her even when she should.

Always there to support others even if you needs the most support.

Never says No. Never backs down from a challenge even if I push her belief’s. There without question.

Scrappy, loyal, never questions but asks many.

I call myself the Drill Sargent for the Universe. No-one gets past without my say so.

She just got promoted.

She will be on the show. It will be the 4 of us once we get the funding it’s all on. I’m gonna record and teach as we go from haunted location to haunted location fixing what Paranormal investigators and Psychics and Mediums get wrong or break so I can stop people being afraid of death.

I’ll educate you as we go.

We just need $10,000 to buy and record everything we need. You know if a place is actually Haunted I’ll tell you too.

“Using my old phone from 18 months ago which has functions I am not familiar with so if anything goes wrong you know why” it’s just until my new phone gets here.

I broke my WileyFox and pulled my old Samsung Galaxy out.

It’s so tiny lol

Beth is the one who makes me laugh the most because she types like she’s had a stroke or fallen off the planet mid typing and being a Kiwi I read the word and pronounce it as it’s spelt so I end up in hysterics.

Like this

Ill read it as swear lol she does way funnier ones though. I’m always saying to her “And in English that would be????” She’s a ray of sunshine.

I can’t wait to work with her on location. My three seniors have bonded. It’s beautiful. They’re all itching to get going as am I. It’s gonna be the spookiest funniest recorded shows ever.

Our gifts will bring some shit out for sure lol

Another Bethism