Archeaocoustics aka Proof Ghosts Aren’t Real

Today my little PSYintists, your going to learn about Archeaocoustics. Ar-keyo-coo-stix

These videos are examples of stone tape theory or Archeaocustics.

Remember I talk about genetic memory? Genetic or atomic frequency? Organic objects can record sound and visuals and play them back. Always mistaken for Ghosts in buildings which are made of organic materials like wood and stone, brick and glass, even dirt.

What your seeing in these videos are beautiful examples of the sounds of time.

Atoms are energy and frequency. Sound is a frequency. Genetic memory or how we talk to Spirits and the dead is just a form of this but it’s played back in our brain which is also running on frequency and energy. Our brains are the record player, your pineal gland the needle.

Stone tape theory is a form of archeaocoustics.

So anytime you hear someone singing in your house, footsteps, laughing, crying, or see a woman sitting in a window you know they aren’t ghosts it’s just Archeaocustics.

You can point at Paranormal investigators now and laugh at them. Because they’re selling you lies.

They stand with their equipment thinking they’re getting the dead when in fact it’s just a recording of a moment in time being played back lol

I have one somewhere in this blog of a man singing as he made the pot. I’ll try to find it for you.

Imagine how many people could be helped if the TV or YouTube told them this instead of telling them it’s haunted?

That’s my job. Correcting the Paranormal wrongs your being sold as death when it’s just Science.

I told you I’m shutting this shit down. I’m not playing. I won’t rest until these Paranormal shows are stopped.

Real lives are affected by this kind of misinterpretation of death.

Well I’m here to fix it.

Laughter, happiness, crying, fighting, screaming etc…..ALL high frequency emotions. All recorded ALL blamed on the dead.