My “Whiskey Is A Good Investment” Tip Proven Correct 🤑🥃

I should be a Financial advisor. Lol Told you. Ya laugh at me….but I’m right every time lol can I call it or what?

Not such a stupid bitch after all aye? Lol

Tea Leaves/Coffee Reading: using ancestral ability and a clear photo of your cup I can read your past, present and future in the leaves. £45
Pets: I can read your pets just like I can read you. If you send me a photo I can tell you what your pet thinks and what they see for your future. £75 per pet per reading.
Dream Interpretation: All dreams can be interpreted to predict you or guide your future and even serve as warnings to us.
I can interpret your dream to weave it into a story so you know the next course of action to take.

£20 per dream or pay a monthly fee of £100 for up to 20 dreams interpreted.

READING Sessions: If your looking for guidance in making the right choices in your life then I’m here to help you. Using gifts that date back many generations I can help light your path. I’m internationally recognised. My gift is unique and my knowledge on the Paranormal extensive so there is nothing I can’t explain to you in a way you’ll understand.
I never walk away until you understand your reading and everything I have said to you. Helping you find happiness with the choices you make is my goal.
£75 for 1hr on Skype or Phone or £55 for 30 minutes or
10 questions for £75 or 7 questions for £55 via email. All Readings are done within 48hrs of payment.
Psychic Life Coaching SESSIONS:
If your suffering from depression or would like to open up your connection to Spirit and use that connection to understand your journey beyond this one then book a session. Using the techniques I developed I will help you tap into your higher self so you can better understand your Spiritual journey in this life and the next.
Looking at past lives, phobias and childhood experiences I help you find the balance of the psychological and psychic mind which in turn enhances your relationship to your higher self and those around you.

£75 per hour.

Or £100 for a 2hr one off consultation to get you started.