My Mr Trump Visions Explained

I’ve struggled with this for a while because if you read my posts I support him but I get angry at him but I’ll explain it like this.

When it comes to the children I trust him because they do.

I never see him as being bad like the others. As someone who reads energy in my job and observe it for my study to get my Science recognised as a legitimate Science I never see him as evil.

Yes he’s undoubtedly done some things in his career that will be reprehensible and disgusting but I’ve never seen him with the same energy the others have.

As a child I was terrified of the Black president because the blood of those people running into the street was because of him. This I knew.

I knew he was why the flag burns on that building that looks like a boob.

I stood outside the White House in May 2017 and couldn’t bring myself to get too close because all I heard was crying of the past.

Bad BAD things have gone on in those tunnels and hidden doors.

I’ve no doubt he’s a misogynists, a bigot and a shrewd and arrogant man. But he’s not a child killer. And that’s all I care about.

I think I know his strategy. I’m pretty sure I understand why he’s playing these games with the media and the political games he’s playing and if I’m right then we really all will be grateful because I’ll tell you why.

If what I’m seeing is correct he’s lining everyone up to give them enough rope to hang themselves before he has to do it for them.

He is draining the swamp. All he’s done is pull the plug. The water is draining itself so to speak.

BUT I need to make this VERY clear.

I support NO-ONE in power. I support the children and he is trying to save the children.

The media are playing into his game.

My issue is this. If he knows this is going on and he’s so about the kids why is he taking so bloody long?

He keeps saying give it time, EVERYTHING is a waiting game and these kids who are still alive are being placed aside to play a game of cat and mouse with the media and it pisses me off.

I don’t care who the president is, what they represent or how much support they get, what race or sex, religion or success as a businessman or leader they are I just care about the children and citizens of this so called civilized world who are being forgotten about to play some game.

People are afraid and people need to see that good can come from all these mind games all these countries leaders are playing.

You know from previous posts I support him getting these children out of bad situations like how he went after Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince for child sex trafficking.

His bombing of Syria because of the 18,000 child who were taken from families to be used for organ trafficking etc…that’s why I support him. But if it was Obama or Clinton, Coronel Sanders or Bernie Sanders doing the same it would be them I supported.

If your able to find this article and watch the video you’ll understand why I support him with the kids.

It’s video footage of a little girl running through a morgue surrounded by dozens of children’s dead bodies as Syrian, Lebanese, Israeli surgeons take organs from the Children before the little girl is caught and killed for her own as America bomb Syria.

It’s disturbing and because I’m so heavily shadow banned it’s hard for me to get stuff out as I’m stopped at every turn.

I don’t care about anything but the children. It’s them and the average person I’m here to help.

It’s only ever about the Children for me.

If he’s one of the truly bad people then he goes down too.

Noone who is without darkness shall stay hidden.

I’ve said it time and time again.

If Mr Trump is one of them to go down then so be it.

I just want him to hurry up and get these children who are being used for sex and slavery taken from their laboratories and basements so the rest of us can look after them.

People are terrified. They feel the fear and have no idea what’s coming.

We need to look away from the distraction to see what’s coming up behind us.

It’s all a distraction. This is exactly what they want of us and we’re all playing into it.

I’m talking to some incredible people on Twitter who understand this is a Humanity thing not a Democrat, Republican thing.

They while supporting or against him they understand what I’m trying to say.

This can’t be about us and our singular belief anymore. It has to be as as individuals standing as one because it’s the only way we can sweep the globe of the darkness that lurks in every corner of life.

Music, movies, art, literature, politics, religion, social media, TV and media. The deception is so much more than people realise.

The lies are in everything we’re told and if he is one of them he goes down too.

I just…..all I see is Marvin.

My fans know who Marvin is.

He stands, pitchfork in hand, denim overalls, silo behind him and a wheat or maize field behind him.

I thought it meant he would go into hiding like so many of them. Go incognito. But I realized it’s because he’s either not what people are led to believe he is or its because he’s the one who plants the seed that takes it all down that brings America back to how it was in the 50s.

However when it comes to who I trust in ALL of this there is but one white haired man I trust and one man on the planet only that I trust and that is Julian Assange.

I look back on this post and my fractured visions. I tried to explain my words and visions as best I could. It was like a jigsaw puzzle. Only seeing half the pieces. Time revealed the rest.

I was in love with what Obama stood for, I admired Clinton as a role model for women and I thought Trump was a Gangster thug.

Then I got the missing pieces of the puzzle and it terrified me.

My blog has been a visionary and literary unfolding, unmasking of truth that blindsided even me. I had no real idea of what I was seeing until I finished the puzzle.

The fact I wrote this article still believing in God and such proves this.

I just knew what I saw until I stepped back to see. Now I see it clearly.

My blog became my way of working it out so it could make sense to me.

One plus Seven is Eight but if you don’t see the plus or the 7 what are you looking at? Ya know what I mean?

So know for me I’m not taking sides. I’m sitting on the sofa to watch good men and women take down bad ones.

Julian Assange is the only one I trust.

But I do know if Trump was as bad as the rest of them the kids wouldn’t be trying to protect him with

My kids are very vocal in outting bad people. I have had a relationship with these kids my whole life.

My visions as a teenager were because of them and while the start of my blog in 2013 was based around what I knew at the time you know my opinions and views and visions are clearly now but one thing remains the same.

Not once did I see him as Evil and neither do the dead.

He might be a bad man but he’s not being accused of the things the others are being accused of.

What ever is in the dark will come to light.

If Mr Trump isn’t holding the torch he certainly helps light the fire and will be burned if it is his doing.

But it’s Julian Assange who sold people the matches.

He is who I trust above all living men.

There is so much more to this than you know right now and we are all distracted from the wrong thing.

I don’t believe in God anymore but I do believe in Humanity and it is helping humanity not be afraid of the truth that is to come through the help of my visions is the side I’m on.

I’m on the side of truth whatever it may be. For the truth shall set us all free no matter your colour.

I’ll keep talking as long as people keep listening.

Viva la Vérité

Irrespective of who’s side your on the warning is the same. Defend abhorrent behaviour, be treated in an abhorrent way.

If I described to you what is coming in detail…….. you’d HATE yourself and your favourite celebrities and leaders.


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