China Is Next

I see mud, dirt, water, crushed houses and buildings, tears and devastation…..And

I see a black spot over Asia. I’m literally looking down over the globe and Asia has a black spot on it.

It’s like it’s been covered up by a black circular sticker.

It’s crushing my head it’s so intense.

I can hear crying. Children, women. People saying Why? why?

It’s like they think they are cursed.

It’s not just natural disasters though. It’s also the fall of the rich and powerful. The celebrity and star.

It’s not a curse it’s the cleansing. It’s going to happen all over the world not just Asia it’s just these are the countries where it happens first.

As a woman in my early 20s I called it the cleansing because I didn’t understand it other than it was like someone washing the planet in disinfectant and the parasites who bring darkness was gone.

Then I saw a sparkly new world where creation and inspiration take over which is why I called it The New Renaissance.

A new beginning. Science and The Arts (all forms of creative thinking) replace celebrity.

Hollywood burns. I see it over and over. I keep seeing those Beverley Hills iconic streets and homes filled with smoke.

Some celebrities will be taken down by their own children and staff.

Not just in Hollywood obviously but it’s where it starts.

Celebrities will fall HARD across the globe. For many reasons in many ways.

Just watch. I’m nervous and excited.

One boy in his room. The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth.

It’s building. I feel it. Justice will be swift and unfortunately without prejudice leaving many innocent people guilty by association.

The truth is nearly here and no President, Prime Minster, Chancellor or Queen/King no matter how powerful will be able to stop it.

And I told you years ago once Mother Nature kicks up a stink and she starts taking down countries, it’s the sign its nearly over for them all……and well….

China is next.

And also snow brings truth. Cold, Hard, Sobering truth.

I don’t know where it is though. I’d say the Americas but I’m just not sure. Could be Russia. I know something is gonna happen there with snow. I tweeted it a while back.

But I’m gonna stick with it being America, Canada, Alaska.

I just see snow and blood.

Then just after I post this I saw this on Twatter lol

I’ll take that as a sign.