Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters 👻☠️💀

And this is why she’s my Bestfriend.

Bestfriends support each others dreams no matter how ridiculous.

BUT in this case it’s true. I’m gonna start a Ghostbusting business in New York of all places.

We will clean, clear and cleanse everyone and everything connected to the paranormal while re-educating people about mental illness and psychic SC.

I’m going to rent an office space. We’re gonna run workshops, give seminars on how to use your pineal gland to heal your depression.

The Craft, opening your gift, knowing the signs, total re-education and redevelopment of the Paranormal industry.

We’re going to show people how to do it themselves so they’ll never be scared or ripped off in the name of the dead or mental illness ever again.

We will do Psychic Life Coaching and Readings.

I’m going to let my students train on customers who come in for massage readings, haircuts, that sort of thing.

They’ll be read for free by a student if they pay for a treatment from one of my students.

It’s going to be a place of bridging the gap between the living and the dead where I can heal hearts and minds so they can then heal their souls.

Then when I get the money I’ll build my school for my Empaths.




I have so much to teach people.

I just need recording equipment and be in the US and it begins.

I won’t stand for anyone ripping off a dying child’s family anymore or anyone making money by telling people lies about the dead and the afterlife anymore.

It’s a done deal with the Universe.

I made a deal now they’re coming to collect.

I can’t wait.

Trump Sends Troops To Border: The Tanks Are Coming. I Warned You

Look at the date on the top picture. I just noticed it.

You only have to see all my posts to know I knew was coming.

They speak for themselves.

Let’s not forget the #walkaway march


Not so nuts now aye?

I said……when the tanks come it’s a sign its over then it all comes crashing down.

I told you and it took me to the brink of madness.

But sometimes the only way to the light is to see through the darkness first. If you knew how many nasty people tried to destroy me over this blog or the things I said and saw because of it lol

Not one of you will ever understand what I sacrificed to make these predictions. The mental anguish for the children alone none of you could of handled.

And if I had to do it all again I would. I’m a different person. I am so happy with who I have become now.

Now I get new beginnings. New blog, new merchandise, new goals, new mind, new life, new gifts, new heart, new career, new country, new home, new husband, new body. My boys by my side. I even got myself one or two kinda cool girlfriends.

I’m focused on my work and I’m determined to help people with mental illness, Empathic children and anyone caught up in the circus of the paranormal.

I want to help people get healthy minds, hearts and bodies so they can heal their broken souls.

It’s not just been a global cleansing. It’s been a personal cleansing too.

I’m so excited to be a part of my new life.

I’m so happy it feels wrong.

Out of the darkness and into the light I came and soon so will the world.