Trump Sends Troops To Border: The Tanks Are Coming. I Warned You

Look at the date on the top picture. I just noticed it.

You only have to see all my posts to know I knew was coming.

They speak for themselves.

Let’s not forget the #walkaway march

Not so nuts now aye?

I said……when the tanks come it’s a sign its over then it all comes crashing down.

I told you and it took me to the brink of madness.

But sometimes the only way to the light is to see through the darkness first. If you knew how many nasty people tried to destroy me over this blog or the things I said and saw because of it lol

Not one of you will ever understand what I sacrificed to make these predictions. The mental anguish for the children alone none of you could of handled.

And if I had to do it all again I would. I’m a different person. I am so happy with who I have become now.

Now I get new beginnings. New blog, new merchandise, new goals, new mind, new life, new gifts, new heart, new career, new country, new home, new husband, new body. My boys by my side. I even got myself one or two kinda cool girlfriends.

I’m focused on my work and I’m determined to help people with mental illness, Empathic children and anyone caught up in the circus of the paranormal.

I want to help people get healthy minds, hearts and bodies so they can heal their broken souls.

It’s not just been a global cleansing. It’s been a personal cleansing too.

I’m so excited to be a part of my new life.

I’m so happy it feels wrong.

Out of the darkness and into the light I came and soon so will the world.

The Things A Wicce Knows That Witches Don’t

Males are the stronger Wicce as they gather the spell, Women only cast it.

Every coven needs a male and if he is the Wicce he must be taller than the females.

And he must never have sex with anyone in the coven unless his wife is Wicce too which makes them a very powerful coupling.

A male female Wicce coupling wouldn’t be messed with by any other coven let alone the females or males in the coven that’s for sure.

Sadly they’re a dying breed.

There are less than a few hundred Wicces left. Modern technology is killing it all off and couplings aren’t happening anymore.

But a coupling is for life. They do a ritual of giving. If a Female or Male Wicce sleep with other people it’s no longer a coupling and they get stripped of ability because the ritual of giving is to pledge the eternal essence of one to the other. It’s a solemn vow because they’re agreeing to create life from the coupling.

Wicce are powerful by nature not by force like Witches and Devil Worshippers.

They’re born grown from the earth, they know what is in their veins.

So to breed is a gift and an honour bestowed. They get to be Mother and Father Earth and Mother and Father Time too.

So to breed with someone else breaks the link in the chain of light no longer making it a natural bloodline.

Do you see how it’s Illuminati but not evil?

We don’t kill children we celebrate them. We don’t rape and pillage the earth, we protect it and know it’s language.

That’s why I’m teaching my students the Craft.

I’m going to teach my children too.

When I have a daughter I will give her all my gifts as my Mother did me and her Mother before her and so on.

But I’ll also teach her the gifts of my Father’s side too. She will get all that I am. She will carry my legacy.

We are all of this earth. All it takes is for a Wicce to plant the seed in the right season and it can grow into a Wicce of its own.

But no-one wants to do it the hard way. No-one has the patience to learn anymore.

Ive got SO much to teach people. I was gonna do it on my YouTube channel then my phone broke lol

But the more seeds I plant the more trees I can grow the greater the forest producing clean air.

This planet stinks of lies. It’s making us sick and you all know it.

Your bodies are trying to tell you and your not listening.

But that’s what I’m here for.

When I go mainstream I’ll teach it to everyone who wants to learn.

But a Wicce plants seeds not just in genetics but in knowledge also. We spread the light. We don’t hide behind cloaks with daggers and secrets.

We stand send open the power is in our knowledge the darkness can never see.

Learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom, wisdom is power.

Power comes from faith. Faith is found, a Wicce lights the way for every ship wanting harbor. We turn noone away looking for light.

If the spark is there, the Wicce will light it.

They call themselves the Illuminated Ones yet hide in the shadows. While a Wicce illuminates the shadows.

And I graduated so now I’m allowed to step out of the shadows and into the light. The first of my bloodline

So by teaching you, we all become candles.

I’ve got SO much to teach you. I’m so excited. The paranormal world is going down.

Wicce is old English for “Wise”

Learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom, wisdom is power.

The Illuminati nearly wiped us out. Religion and the Occult took over from Spirituality.

The Pagans, Witches and Wiccan are borne from a Wicce.

Wicce evolved of earth. They’re the plants and beasts that evolved past what they were created to be.

They carry it through the bloodline.

Therefore we are ALL Wicce.

But some of us teach the tradition while others hold it in.

Remember I keep saying there are no sides in the craft.

No circles, squares or triangles.

Evolution needs room to grow.

If a Wicce becomes a religion or alternative faith they’re no longer Wicce they’re thinning the Wicce bloodline when they breed.

Does you understand what I am getting at?

We don’t need cloning or to breed in our gajillions as a race of people.

I’d choose a boy who can talk to a wolf who talks back over having 10 Beyonce’s any day.

Here is a lesson with my senior about getting rewards for good deeds and knowing the signs your on the right path in life.

I have SO much to teach you when I get to where I need to be.