I’m Lil Psy The Rapper Just For My Kids

So apparently I embarrass my kids.

My actual kids and Spirit ones. My girl Rocio inspired me through her embarrassment of me to become a rapper and when I get my school I’m gonna lay this track JUST for her.

Here are my tweets. Don’t be jelly.

I was SOOO born to me the most embarrassing Mum ever lol

Dedicated to you:

Dew of Scotland thanks for teaching me to pop and lock.

And @B_RightMusic

Your words uplift and inspire me but now I worry my word smithing skills might threaten our relationship.

I want you at my school. Teaching, recording, helping kids find hope.

Like your lyrics do.

Hold your head up Brother. It’s coming I promise.

http://Take a look at B. Right♬ (@B_RightMusic): https://twitter.com/B_RightMusic?s=09

My accent will sound hysterical lol

Can you tell I wrote poetry as a Shortie?

All proceeds go to my School lol

I have to make my kids in Spirit laugh somehow 🙂