Sign Up For An Honorary Paranerd Membership And Get A Free Workshop In Your Area

If you sponsor me to do this roadtrip and I am in your area I will I’ll teach you how to do what I do while I look at your case or investigate your home, property or business.

If you need help having anything explained, crossed over, cleansed or solved and would like me to teach you how to do this yourself I’ll hold a workshop for you and a couple of your friends and family members for free.

You’ll be given a unique membership card for the people who donate more than £100

This code will be used to identify who they are so we can assure our saftey.

Plus all donors who get a workshop will become an honorary Paranerd. When you get your membership card you also get exclusive Paranerd

“I’m An Honorary Paranerd” merchandise.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Donors over £50 will also get a Thank You gift of either a 7 question 30 minute session or Paranerd merchandise.

We will also do a meet and greet/coffee date in well lit public areas hahaha

It means you and a couple of friends could chip in the £100, one gets some merchandise and gets to hold the event you can then invite your friends to.

At the end we’ll go cross something over or cleanse an area of your choosing.

We don’t even need to enter the building to do it lol I don’t need walls.

But going in means we can investigate it too.

Or let us do it and you watch from the comfort of our YouTube channel as we record it live.

(You know it’s gonna be awesome)

Like this

But “Honorary”