Do You Have A Case You’d Like Me To Look At?

If you have a missing person, unsolved case, unexplained mystery or unexplained paranormal phenomenon you’d like my seniors and I to look at please contact me at

Pets are no exception.

For free and for training purposes.

We may discuss the case on our show but we will be 100% discreet and respectful and if you wish names to be anonymous we are happy to do that also.

I think it’s time I put my Psychic Detective skills to good use.

And I’m telling you now I’m gonna want details. I’ll want information. I’m not guessing for the sake of pride.

I investigate these cases like a detective. I run purely on Intuition and the dead.

I soak it and become part of it so I need details and I go through it like a bloodhound.

I grew up from a child solving cases. I’ve had a fascination with unsolveds and unexplained mysteries since I was 6-7yrs old.

I trained my gift watching Forensic Detectives and Medical Detective shows in my early 20s and Unexplained Mystery shows since the 80s.

I soak it like a sponge. If I’m going to put my name to something so serious I’m examining that case the way I know how.

I started charging money for readings because after my hit rate on solving the forensics shows before the killer was revealed I knew I could put my reputation to something I could hold my head up for.

I won’t go to ANY parent with my findings until I’m sure I have something to say.

I’m not hurting anyone because of my ego or pride. So don’t expect me to be one of these TV buggers because I’m proud to say I’m NOTHING like that.

I want facts and details and I’ll correct or add to what I see.

And I’ll look at any case from any country.


Or if you’d like a reading (sessions to me) or have your pets read contact me.

It’s £75

I’m doing this because the kids said it wasn’t to be just about them. They weren’t crossing over until everyone was together.

I thought they meant the children. But in true selfless style they meant “EVERYONE”

All the dead. They are going to lead the way to who I am to help.

And guys… feels right.

It just feels so right.

I’ll train my girls on the show to prepare.

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