It Keeps Getting Worse For Poor Indonesia. 400 Dead I HATE Being Right About This Stuff

They called off the tsunami warning but they got one anyway.

I’m So SO SORRY 😣😥😢😭

Its not over for Indonesia either.

I really hope my friends are reading this.

Elon Musk Resigns From Tesla: Told You

Believe me yet that I can see in time?

Orange: Every Child Matters

Is this what my kiddies meant to show me? Considering my Grandmother Tree, Horses, Red Sand stuff? Considering I talk to Highway of Tears victims?

Considering its a First Nations Dad of one of my students who got me into this journey in December? He’s from Toronto apparently we just found out.

My Nicki is Tuscarora and her family are from the land my husband is incarcerated on which we just found out a few months ago.

It makes me think something I’m to do involves First Nations people.

Or it’s some of the kids who are victims of it pushing me to find a way to figure it all out?

Because Your Female You DON’T Get To Speak For Me. I Speak For Myself Because I’m A Woman

As someone who has suffered at the hands of sexual abusers for most of the first 17yrs of my life this sudden movement to give women a voice nauseates me to the core.

We all know sexual abuse is prolific within the community.

We all know someone who has been a victim of it. We have ALL been exposed to it somewhere along the line.

It is said when your sexually abused you either abstain from sex, become promiscuous or fear it.

I was the middle one. While I carry the painful torment and vivid memories of most of my abuse from the age of 4 I decided once I had to.let it go.

I chose not to speak up. Most of us do. The brave men and women who do come forward are ten times stronger than I could ever have been.

But I CHOSE not to say anything. I knew it was wrong even at 4. When I did speak up when I was older I wasn’t believed by the one person who witnessed it.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Up until the point he leaned into me in the bath he was giving me.

Then I remember standing in a towel he wrapped around me and seeing my Mum in the kitchen thinking “Why did you let this man I don’t know bathe me?”.

My Mum didn’t know. She trusted who my Dad brought home. I can never blame her.

But to be honest, women, parents need to be more selective about who they let into their homes and take more responsibility for who they’re around.

But at no point is anyone allowed to ask these women “why?”.

When you see people like Ariana Grande wearing Playboy Bunny style costumes at her concerts for predominantly under 14yr old audience then pose wearing less for photoshoots to promote songs about “Wrist icicles” what the fuck do you expect is gonna happen?

Children are brainwashed into think this overt sexual behaviour is an acceptable form of female empowerment but it’s really just setting these kids up to be victims of abuse.

We as children trust our idols to guide us. But at some point every girl knows when she’s taking it too far.

We all want to impress men, we all want a boyfriend, we all want to be taken seriously but when someone like Kim Kardashian is famous for no other reason than for making porn we are setting our girls up for a fall and it’s easier to blame a guy for doing exactly what she wanted from his reaction than to blame the female themselves.

The parents must also be held accountable for allowing their children to go out in public looking like Lolita’s.

When I was growing up it was Madonna, but she repulsed me even then.

However as a victim of sexual abuse I decided one day never to be a victim to my past again.

I chose the length of skirt I wear or how low cut my top or how tight my jeans.

I know when I go out men look and it’s sometimes flattering and sometimes creepy but I take full responsibility for what I wear and how I act. I can’t deny of it. I found the photos I’ve taken for my husband have been thee most empowering thing I ever did because as someone who weighed 371lbs or whatever 26 1/2 stone is I saw my confidence grow with ever picture. I take full responsibility for those photos.

None are distasteful and none are for anyone but my husband and any photo I have up I did so with my husband’s permission. Those photos empowered me and made me feel beautiful for the first time ever.

Because I always felt ugly and disgusting because of my abusers.

I admit I use my Scorpioness in the past to gain and even with my husband and make friends I’ll use sweet and innocent to get my own way. Being Scorpio my feminine whiles come in handy at times.

But NEVER do I abuse the power but as one who’s female clientele for readings far exceed men in number these females are the reason I don’t do readings anymore.

I was being treated like dirt for not okaying affairs, sexual deviant behaviour and the down right exploitation of their sex and men for gain, control or power over men.

When I started helping suicidal people and discovered the majority of which were men I noticed that out of 30 military men suffering from PTSD who came to my door only 2 weren’t victims of some form of sexual abuse.

My husband who is incarcerated has told me some HORRENDOUS stories of the rapes and sexual abuse and deviant behaviour that has gone on in prison.

And NO-ONE cares. It seems in this day and age of women power men have been silenced in it all but you can’t have woMEN without Men.

Men are expected to brush it off because your weak if you report it.

I have heard many many MANY stories of men who reported it and were called “queer” or a “trouble maker” or told “what’s wrong with you? Are you weak? Be a man” but ACTUAL Law Enforcement and Military Police.

It goes unreported because of the stigma attached to make victims of sexual abuse.

My husband has told me about the “hold hands” pact and it breaks my heart that these men have to emotionally support each other during rapes and how it’s to go unspoken.

My husband has saved a few men from being victims. The white guys are the highest proportion of victims.

My husband said guys join gangs in prison to assure protection from such things because they watch each others backs to ensure their survival from such abuses.

There were even tutors, counsellors and female members of staff arrested for sexually assaulting male inmates but it’s NEVER reported because noone wants to hear about the male victims of abuse only female.

You can find shelters for women but never for men.

Charities are set up to protect women but never for men.

Women are given a very loud and public forum with which to speak but not men.

My husband and I for that reason are setting up Life Beyond.

Where homeless men, veterans and ex felons can come and get themselves back on track with accomodation and jobs in construction and maintenances.

We will turn industrial buildings and former motels into accommodation and they’ll be employed in construction and maintenance of said places.

They’ll be given full support both mentally and emotionally. But each one held accountable for any action or behaviour.

I got into a fight with a young woman when I first moved here at a movie theatre because my now ex husband was standing outside the ladies bathroom waiting on me and got called a Pedophile.

Her and her friends were mocking him like he was nothing more than scum and it seemed perfectly acceptable behaviour for them and not once did they care about the consequences these public accusations would have on a perfectly innocent man.

He said later it happens a lot that women say these things to him and his friends and it just disgusts me.

They are NOT women. A Woman would never behave like that. A Female would.

If being a strong modern women means finding it acceptable to use your gender to destroy people’s lives so you can get an opinion or voice then I don’t want to be a strong modern woman.

However I will say this.

Men are too afraid to be the silly squishy boys they are deep down inside because of these women.

If they are child like, they need to grow up.

If they’re driven to succeed their misogynists.

If they show emotion they’re weak.

If they get angry they’re violent and aggressive.

If they’re romantic they’re “soft”

But at no point are they allowed to be anything other than what this new breed of Aggressive Wombens label them to be and if your seen to support men they ruin you too.

Women like myself are abused and have our lives ruined for speaking out against the aggressor that is the “touchy feely, let’s hide the truth so we gain favour brigade”

But see……I know what’s coming.

I know it’s coexistence or no existence.

I’m embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed of these females of privilege who use their bodies to make political statements as a privileged gender to highlight how fucking privileged they are to be given a voice in the first place.

You don’t see men knitting scarves out of their knobs to protest how many females get themselves pregnant to trap him into a life of parental responsibility.

Or how females take men to court for child support they KNOW aren’t his.

Or these women who wilfully go after married men or attached men because they want what she has.

Or women who set themselves up for trouble then play victim.

I’ve worked for some very respectable women in VERY high places in the US judiciary system, as well as in places like the CIA who absolutely use their sexuality to get what or who they want regardless of being married themselves.

Being a Scorpio, I’m loyal when I’m in love and I got so disheartened by doing readings for women wanting affairs, wanting to take him for his money, shut him down, or take his kids without ANY provocation from him.

Women use their kids to hurt wonderful men who might have been bad husband’s but never bad father’s.

A woman scorned is the devil herself.

I’ve seen behaviours in my female clients that took me from being a proud feminist to an Equal Rights supporter because I saw the imbalance of justice for favour of women and as an honest observer of this planet I was appalled at the clear gender biased.

My ex husband had NOWHERE to go to for support for treatment of his depression. I contacted over 22 different places asking for help where he could go and got nowhere.

But find places for women and I’d even get babysitting and cab money from the government or charities to have therapy.

When my husband and I were divorcing the lawyer called me to try to talk me into taking this poor broken man for everything including full custody of our kids because his mental illness was proof he was unfit as a Father.

I told her to fuck off.

I then developed treatment for my ex myself to help him and that’s how I came up with my Psychic Life Coaching training that has now saved dozens of men’s lives including his.

He has his moments but he deals with his depression in a constructive way now and because depression is hereditary especially in males on his side I have been using the same therapy on my kids and because of it they deal with stress in an open, honest and constructive way.

The creativity that is coming out of my case studies has been nothing short of phenomenal.

My boys, the veterans especially have astounded me at how many hidden talents people actually have.

Some they didn’t even know they had and that’s why I need to build my school.

My Therapy works. I’ve got dozens of people from all walks of life prepared to come public to speak on my behalf about how my therapy works.

Only one is still on medication but is now on the smallest dose and is pretty sure he’s ready to go off it now anyway after 15yrs.

Men are being broken by this objectification of their gender and I as a proud woman will not play a role in the society so hell bent on making my son’s, husband, brothers, cousins, nephews or friends feel apologetic for existing.

We’re all the same sex in the womb. Up to a certain point we are the same non gender.

Apart from for biological reasons I refuse to see any male less than me or any female above me.

I refuse to buy into the victim culture.

I took the Paranormal and turned it on its ass by myself as a woman and I’m now getting respect in my field because of it.

But the interesting thing is it’s men who support me the most.

The females I’ve worked with and for treat me like shit. If you piss them off, prove then wrong or out them as being anything other than what they want you to think they are they turn on you like you wouldn’t believe.

Females do NOT like being told they’re wrong if they think they know more than you.

Females in my field as clients and counterparts do NOT like me coming along with the tapestry of experience that has been my life and using it to turn my life and my gift into a triumph for me and others.

I’ve taken a complex Science and created something beautiful and life giving by myself to help people who genuinely need it and because of it I lost everything at the hands of females.

Because I wasn’t being what they demanded of me or expected of me they destroyed my life.

But they forget I’m me. I took so much of a battering off women in my life so much more than men that the sexual perversions of some men I’ve experienced in my life didn’t leave nearly half as much damage to my emotional and mental psyche as some of the women have done in my life.

Females are automatically given a level of trust men aren’t awarded making women far more dangerous.

Now they’re being given a voice and it’s killing our society and our civilization and I need to do something about it as a wife and Mother.

I’m not gonna lie. It’s fuckin hard being a woman. We have so much more to deal with than men when it comes to phyiscal and mental health.

But I’d rather be a woman than a man anyday because I’ll take a heavy painful period than working in the sewer’s or oil rigs any day.

Men are expected to have jobs that are physically demanding that take them away for long periods of time from their loved ones.

Men are expected to enlist and go to war. Men are expected to put themselves in situations women aren’t.

If women want equal rights they need to do it from both sides.

Go down the sewer’s, go get shot at, go drive racing cars, build our houses and ships into space.

Because the women who do are given far more respect from men than the women in the same field I promise you.

Men discuss my work and find it fascinating. Women try to pick it apart and when they can’t because the Science speaks for itself or because my ethics are stronger they gossip, lie and ridicule because gossip is one thing women do best. That and scorn.

Get more men as nurses and teachers. Give women the same punishment as men for the same crime. THEN it’s equal.

I stand as a proud woman living on basically no income now BECAUSE of females.

I survive as a proud woman BECAUSE of the males in my life.

I am determined to show my boys and girls if I have girls with my husband what a strong independent woman is.

I won’t allow them to be treated as substandard humans because of their gender at the hands of any one especially in love or business.

I’m forging ahead regardless of anything FOR my boys. I want them to see me as a role model for women.

I want them to know that regardless of the fact they saw me hit rock bottom with my health and my life I NEVER gave in to the haters.

I tell people who ask me why I don’t call myself a Female “Because a female demands and expects things to be done for her but a woman just does it herself”.

My women students all feel the same way.

All fully prepared to retire their men or let their men follow their dream once they get out into the world of self employment or within my business/charity or brand.

I’m a working wife and Mother who loves nothing more than cooking and cleaning for my family.

I CAN and WILL do it all BECAUSE I’m woman. Because I’m encouraged to. Because I’m allowed to.

But I’m also a woman who knows I wouldn’t be the woman, wife and mother I am without the men in my life.

So I’m giving back. My Empath Therapy was created because my ex husband had nowhere to go for help and it in turn is saving countless lives.

My Father gave me his fascination of death and helped me turn it into a Science that is also helping countless others.

My husband helped me myself in a different light and my sons made me whole as a woman.

But I’ll always ALWAYS be grateful for my Grandmothers, Mother and big sisters for making me the strong woman I am because I had them as role models.

The women I have in my life now surround me with genuine love and support who want nothing of me other than to know me and learn from me.

I’m a forger of paths but never with the intention of having people follow in my footsteps.

As a Pathwalker I forge a path so people can walk beside me never behind me.

Because that’s what a real woman does.

I don’t want to be one of the Female standing in front of humanity. I want to be the one standing beside it like a broom sweeping and cleaning up mess as we go.

Because that’s what a woman does.

She can do it all. BECAUSE she’s a woman not in spite of it.

I’m a female by gender and a woman by choice.

I Told You Indonesia Was In Serious Trouble

My shadow ban makes it hard to share my links or Google search as they don’t put all my posts on Google.

I can access some but it doesn’t let me share.

This is a SEVERE warning to the country. History is coming for retribution.

Your not the only country that will suffer. But your one of the first.

I have dear friends in Indonesia. I know they’re reading this.

I hope they go back to America because I don’t know how much longer Indonesia has left.