The Paranerd Show Session 5 Debunking Videos and Cleansing Energy

Watch me teach my students Nicki and Riya how to cleanse houses and energy using a bell and pendulum and also watch me debunk some famous YouTube videos including African Boy Attacked By Ghost and Baby in Crib.

My brain broke at one point and forgot itself during the Metaphysics class because I hadn’t slept since Thursday and it was 4am Sunday morning for me but Spirit snapped me back in as you can see.
I apologize if my explanation at one point sounds confused and garbled. I’d had a bad Friday.
But please help us help you.
Help support cause for our Spread the Light Roadtrip and let us come to you and do workshops for free in your area.
End it with a live investigation and rescue or repair job. Be a part of spreading the light.
If you’d like a reading Session or are interested in a Psychic Life Coaching session feel free to contact me at or if you’d like a reading for either Nicki or Riya contact me and I’ll be happy to pass on your details to them.


Top 10 Paranormal Videos

I have a screen share thing going on so you see what my students see as I teach them.

This is so we can raise money to do a roadtrip around America for a live recording session as we do free workshops, investigations, Cleansings and clearings to our sponsors to thank them for believing in us

How Hurt My Heart:

If you can live with yourself then good luck with that.

You and I both know the truth.

I’ll fight you every step of the way my friend.

But I’m gonna fight you with nothing but love and light.

So you enjoy your brand and if anyone comes up to me or any of my fans and followers and confuse me for yours we will be sure to remind everyone the money raised by our brand went to a good cause not to line our own pockets.

After I cried for many hours and threatened to walk away my girls came and surrounded me and reminded me who I am.

I’m Mama Bear

And you shall address me as such in the afterlife assuming you catch up.

And I am ME 😜😝 and there is no-one else I’d rather be.

The outpouring of love and support has been more than I’ve ever known was possible. The second I stumbled immediately my support was there to hold me up.

And you shall address me as such in the afterlife assuming you catch up.

It was never about the word. It was about the merchandise and it going to help me help those children waiting not to die.

I hope you find peace with what you did.

I know I found peace the minute I knew I was beyond everything people like you stood for.

Enjoy your brand

Love and Light


I’ll stand taller every time

The Paranerd Show Training Session 5 22nd September 2018

Tune in tomorrow where I’ll be showing the girls how to do a cleansing with their Pendulums.

And debunking some Paranormal videos on YouTube.

Last week’s so was taken down because the broadcast was unwatchable due to a bad connection.

I’m sorry to anyone who wanted to see the readings but we will try again next time.

Tomorrow will be great though.

8pm CT 9pmEST 2am GMT

The Big Seances Patrick Keller Just Stole My Brand Name

Patrick Keller it has come to my attention that having been a follower of mine for many years and being a guest on my first show you decided to help yourself to my Paranerd logo.

I’ve used that word for over 4yrs and now I have to get legal advice. My items are raising funds to fund a school I am trying to build for my Empaths who suffer from depression and my products are to raise funds, you knew this having been a follower of mine and guest on my podcast for over 5yrs. You just stole from suicidal children dude. You KNEW what it was for.

I’ve had my merchandise up since July but been using the term for years and you knew this when I kindly reminded you of it by putting this up.

When I was about to start my Paranerd Show I did a internet search and found you using the term so I put the post up to remind you not to overstep the boundary of friendship because you knew I had merchandise up being a follower of mine since 2013

I thought you were a colleague and a friend but your a thief and an unoriginal bore.

You took my brand and tried to make it your own knowing I’m trying to raise funds to get to America and build my school.

You know the years I have spent fighting for justice for the dead.

I used to call you Dotd. Defender of the Dead because I thought you cared about what happened to our loved ones in death but it turns out all you care about is yourself.

The tears I’ve cried in this blog, the sleepless nights you knew I’ve had with the kids and you stepped over them like they were nothing.

I hope every time you look in the mirror or sleep at night you live with the knowledge every time you make a cent from your product you took a cent from a child or young person contemplating suicide that I could of helped.

You think by putting # Infront of Paranerd it makes you original but it just makes you pathetic.

I’m literally shaking at how ashamed of you I am.

You were the first guest I had on my Podcast The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost on YouTube.

That’s how long you’ve known me and followed my work.

I hope you never have to know what it is to live in the poverty I’ve had to live in since trying to fight for justice for these kids and the dead.

If it wasn’t for my ex husband and the kindness of my students and clients I’d of been homeless without my boys because they’d of been better of financially with their Dad and I racked my brain trying to think of how I could raise money for these children I want to help and came up with my merchandise idea.

I’m about to break into mainstream and I’m going to make sure everyone knows what you’ve done you scumbag.

Your an unoriginal uninspired pathetic little man and I’m gonna make sure EVERYONE knows it.

And not only that my students were going to get a cut of anything we made for our show and one of them has had to evacuate from Hurricane Florence and could of used the support so well done.

Never in my life has one I once called friend betrayed my work, my integrity and honour so much.

You couldn’t of just left me alone now I have to get a lawyer involved.

You’ve not just broken my heart but you broke the Universal code we in the world of the Psychic and Paranormal Sciences are supposed to adhere to.

I shall not by my own actions cause loss or harm to another.

You did both and not just to me but my students as well.

You take your debt with you Patrick.

Remember that.