The Deadly Bubbles Prophecy

My Tweet: I need to elaborate.

I keep seeing somewhere like Iceland, Alaska, Fiordlands, Scotland kind of icy cold Alpine mountains and lakes so beautiful they make you weep with these bubbles up under the water that’s gonna kill people.

I just keep seeing it and my heart pounds. Could be two different reasons but……if I had to go with what I see and feel.

Its like a crater lake. My heart is pounding as I type this.

But it’s gas, that’s what I don’t understand. Its yellowish gas and it’s gonna hurt people.

Is it a gas leak? Or a volcano?

I’m not seeing lava or eruption though but that’s because I don’t believe what I’m seeing is because the volcano is the dangerous bit. An eruption on its own wouldn’t terrify me. Countries like Iceland like New Zealand are well equipped to deal with eruptions.

This feels like gas or something coming up from the water and it hurting people very badly.

I’m panicked just typing it.

Its like a stealth attack of yellow brown gas. I almost thought mustard gas but sulphur is that colour too.

I found myself sitting on top of water so clear you could see through it, see fish and underwater flora etc… was so cold and still it was like glass and I could feel the cold coming off the water.

Then I was plunged under the water and it was freezing for a second then I went warm, then I was thinking I was drowning then realized I wasn’t, then I was thinking “cool……this is really cool” then I saw the bubbles and I panicked.

Then I heard crying and screams then silence and the yellow brown gas was coming up above ground and the bubbles got bigger until the water was bubbling on top and total silence.

So what the hell is that?

Gas or volcano?

It feels like Iceland or Alaska, Possibly Scotland. But ok……..I got it…… let me try something with you guys ok.

If I get it wrong don’t judge me ok?

If I zone in and use my skills, it’s not Iceland but I do think something is coming for Iceland.

Its got Alphine trees and there’s greens and deeps blues in everything.

Its mountains with Alphine trees so I know right there it’s not Iceland.

So let’s try Alaska. The clouds are known for reflecting in the water.

Its isolated but it’s going to get people near by.

Its a village by water a lake side town.

Its fishing, hunting territory. The sort of place they have Aquaplanes and good reliable transportation is essential.

Could be Canada, Alaska, even New Zealand.

Zone out a bit…………….when I try to see New Zealand on the map I get discombobulated and snap out of the vision so it’s not New Zealand.

I’ve lost focus now………bollocks…….hang on I’ll see if I can get it back.

I’m going over the America land mass, it doesn’t start getting clear visually until I get near the border between America and Canada.

But it’s blurry, it’s pulling me left so it has to be Alaska right?

I googled photos. Its like this. Looks like these kinds of places.

Im not seeing lava but I am seeing what looks like a crater lake.

I’m from New Zealand, I know crater lakes.

So maybe it’s a volcano, but I’m not seeing lava but let’s just see.

I know it’s going to hurt people. Its going to travel. It makes me gag and vomit almost.

My throat hurts so bad, can’t breathe. Its so thick and the silence is horrifying.

At least a few people die but the odd thing is…….it’s going to travel and get people where it shouldn’t.

So like in Canada…..North America, people will feel it’s effects.

It makes no sense to me

Chemical warfare or biological attack?

Why under a lake? Is one of their facilities there?

I’m being told off for veering off track so it’s not chemical.

It has to be a natural disaster or accident. Its not done on purpose so that’s at least a relief.

It feels like it’s because of a volcano or some freak occurrence.

Its like something out of a movie.

Like your expecting the opening credits to be of some out of town man driving into the town and it’s silent and creepy and when he gets out to walk around he finds people dead behind counters and checkout lines like they just died on the spot doing ordinary things but with no obvious sign of injury on anyone.

Am I seeing just before the eruption?

Its just weird and creepy. There’s no birds chirping or crickets or anything.

I have to document it though even if it sounds nuts.

Someone told me today I just outed myself as a weapon.

Lol I said “Excellent”

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