The Queen Pays Respect To Aretha Franklin

Your fuckin kidding me right? Is this actually a joke?

I told you

New Deals And Offers To Beat My Shadow Ban

Hey Guys, can you pass this on. I’m offering an exclusive deal for clients. £100 a month gets you a month of my services.
So you get either a reading and up to 20 questions/dream interpretations and sessions a month or two readings or 30 questions and dreams a month.

You can also have one off sessions for £75.

All your Spiritual and Paranormal questions answered.

Most people only need one session to get them started.

Email me at

Help me fight the ban.

It’s getting harder for me to advertise.

They’ll shut me down completely soon.

If I made £1 for every question I answer or advice I give for free I’d make £300 a week.

That is just off my Blog and YouTube.

Merkel And Germany. Just Like I Said lol