Merkel And Germany. Just Like I Said lol

Brave Ireland As Predicted

Of all people to take on the Catholic Church. Good old Ireland. I KNEW my kids were right. I’m SO proud. They’ve started the beginning of the end of The Catholic Church and I couldn’t be prouder.

As the daughter of an Irish Father who was mentally scarred from the abuse of Nuns at his Catholic school in the 40s my bitterness is personal. I had a run in myself at a young age and we at least escaped relatively fine. Others aren’t so fortunate.

This can’t come soon enough. The heart Ireland is showing in this makes me tear up a little and my kids knew it was coming. Now I know why they were shouting Ireland the other day.

John McCain The King Of Arizona Is Dead

See it? Kings Queens, Deaths, Anniversaries etc…….

Believe me yet?

Senator Singer, Senator Singer.