OMB I Figured Out Spirit Elders/The Dead/Spirits/Tempters

I just had an incredible lesson about time. And the dead aren’t real. We have got this so wrong.

I got it wrong. But I’ve finally figured it out.

If anyone says your haunted, or being visited by the dead throw them out.

Genetic memory is time.

Here are some exerts of my Patreon article.

Spirit means essence.
Elder means first version.
Our Spirit Elder is the very essence of who we are.
Regardless of the physical form we take or the life attached to it, we are always the original version.

You are the trunk and the lives you chose to be become the branches.
When we sleep, go into the right brain state to communicate, manipulate time or die we are the trunk.

When you learn how to tap into the frequency of time death is just a lower frequency of someone’s timeline but not the end result.
Death is the black hole to a wider universe of light waiting to create new life.

The idea of someone sitting to talk to your loved ones on our behalf just seems so embarrassing to me now.

I’m embarrassed for anyone who says they talk to the dead.

Its so obvious to me what it is now I’m face palming myself lol
I now have to change my whole way of thinking because now I know the Tempters is your left brain.
I’d have to redo my entire blog lol

The dead aren’t a thing. People do not die and visit us. We tap into their genetic memory. 99.9% of the dead are reborn and it is the memory of who they were that connects us. Your loved ones are other people now who visit us in thought and during dream time.

When we are not in our bodies we are what pushes time forward.

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Death is just a concept. In reality it’s just the space between time. In order to be in time you have to be time. If we don’t die we don’t get to be a part of the greater expanse of time. Reincarnation is to get the balance right so we can exist in all time consciously forever.

Get the balance right, create matter. Get it wrong, create antimatter. Bacteria/Virus, Black Hole/Worm Hole, Arteries/Veins, all create life all take life away. Get the balance right and evolve, get it wrong and die. Matter matters and time matters most.

The dead are real in the sense you can get trapped ones, or ones who choose to stay here like my kids.

(They’re on a mission and they refuse to go into the light until they’re all together).

But they don’t wander halls and haunt people. They visit at will.

Its a transference of memory. Telepathic communication through genetic memory. Conscious genetic memory.

My kids are dead. Really dead. But they don’t haunt me in the sense we know it. They make me see feel and know what they want me to see of them. To best get the message across because they’re trying to help me help the ones still alive.

The Dead are the memory of the genetics of a person we are able to tap into using the right frequency and not the haunting toilets.

Any energy felt in buildings needs to be assumed it’s kinetic energy manifested from the living first above all.

If you tell someone a place is haunted they will believe it’s haunted and have experiences. But they have experiences because they expected experiences and then create it to happen. You manifest what you create.

The dead just simply become time and jump in and out depending on how they have to do it.

The higher evolved energy like my childrens can pretty much do what they want. They just choose not to become anything until everyone is all together.

That’s why they’re higher evolved. They’re selfless.