Special Offer On Readings To Help Raise Money

Here is a couple of projects on the go for their plush toy/ puppet prop for thier parodies for YouTube.

They are raising money for equipment to record and make sets for projects and to raise money to go to NY to meet their Spare Dad.

It was my son’s idea to raise the money to go see him and to buy arts and craft materials and a webcam for their shows.

Their Dad is teaching them editing and Photoshop.

I’m helping with the crafts and script idea.

One of mine is Postman Pig and his black and white Oreo called

He’s a postman who has a pet Oreo on a leash. In one episode the Oreo goes missing and finds his pet Oreo under a bush having given birth to mini Oreos.

There’s a crap Bounty Hunter who is too lazy to go hunt bounty so he just throws fruit at animals as they go past his house.

And the surgeon who is so dumb he tries to perform a surgery using cooked spaghetti to make the incision.

These are just some of our ideas.

I have moulding clay and wire coming to make his stop motion characters.

They’re trying to show their Step Dad how serious they are about raising money.

I’m sick in bed today so we are keeping busy, or am I keeping them quiet? You decide lol

I’m offering readings at a discount to help them. 100% of the money raised goes to them. Click on the link below for details.

I’ll post the end results.


Donations to debbiedakiwi@gmail.com at PayPal


Im off to sleep now, it turns I have a wee infection so I’m going to rest.

The boys are making movies already.