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My boys want to raise money to see their Step Dad in NY and for movie making equipment and materials to make kids Stop Motion YouTube adventures.

My son is making his own props. He just made his first character from felt.

He’s been fascinated with stop motion since he watched Rubber Dubbers at the age of dot.

He’s grown up fascinated by things like Shaun the Sheep, Wallace and Gromit, Timmy Time, Coraline, Paranorman etc…….so he needs a webcam and moulding goo etc……

My son who has just recently told me he’s decided he wants to be a OBGYN.

He said he wants to help women have babies and look after babies who need help being born.

I just found out he’s been watching videos on how to do surgeries and delivery babies.

He has been telling me the most incredible facts about babies and fertility. He said “Mama there are three things that fascinating most of all, The Universe contained in everything, babies and evolution……….but I also love stop motion and just can’t sit still when I think about them”.

My 8yr old just built his first V8 engine and he wants to meet Spare Dad too of course and make Puppet/Plushy parodies.

So I’m going to help my boys. They make me so proud every day.

They’re selling off their toys like the ATAT and ATST that are huge and do stuff and I’m going to help them by offering readings.

Buy a 1hr reading session get 30 min free or 12 questions get 7 free for £75

Email me at beyondlife2018@gmail.com

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Its a work in progress but look

He is going to be a prop for one of his videos.

I’m so proud of him.

He’s 9

My PayPal is debbiedakiwi@gmail.com if you’d like to just submit your questions which you do at beyondlife2018@gmail.com

I’ll have them done within 48hrs.

Thank you for reading

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