Two Articles Going Up On Patreon And Offers Available To Patrons

1) The Steps To Happiness

2) The tools and everything you’ll need to open up to Spirit. With step by step instructions for Patrons.

Merchandise giveaways.

Dream interpretations and Questions Including Predictions answered on my YouTube channel for anyone in my Patreon.

Sessions including phone calls.

I’m writing them today. I’m also recording a video with my Prediction of the world just for Patreon supporters. From now on my videos and blogs go there only.

Don’t go to DBPS. Go to the link below.

Subscribe and get dreams and questions answered.

I’ll predict and guide you, teach you and help you.

And you’ll even get my merchandise not available to anyone else.

Anyone who subscribes and pledges more than £50 a month gets my T shirts and cups as a thank you.

More merchandise is on offer like travel mugs and sweatshirts exclusive to Patreons.

I’m building a community in there.

Not available anywhere else.

I’ll be winding my blog down and moving content over to Patreon and deleting it from WordPress.

PayPal payments and card payments available.

My blog will still be up and available as will my YouTube.

I’m talking about future articles will only go in my Patreon.

I’m making my Blog simpler to access. Removing content that isn’t getting hits and making it easier to find content for those just looking to read and learn.

My Patreon is for the serious student of the Paranormal and Psychic Sciences.

If you have any questions, would like a reading or you’d like to ask about your future or need guidance it can be done through Patreon via PayPal payments.

Any videos I make go in Patreon before YouTube.

Chapters of my book will go on Patreon.

Predictions and tutorials will go on Patreon too.

My blog will be for the general public.

I’m not walking away. You have everything you need in here now.

I’m going to spend the week tidying my blog and taking stuff down that no longer serves a purpose.

I’m going to write and teach now.

So sign up and as soon as you do I’ll start publishing content.

PayPal is

Add your question or dream to the message box and I’ll get back to you with the answer within 24hrs.

And students get exclusive Mama’s Cub t-shirts.