Oh oh…..Another White Wisp (I’m now documenting them here page)

This one was barely crawling. Saw the head starting to manifest as it tried to stand up at the side of the bed.

You know what happened the last time I saw the wisps……they found a body last Friday.

How much crying do I need to do geez.

Maybe they find 7 kids alive. That would be 7 miracles.

I hope the miracles are about the kids in this case.

If they’re my miracles give them to the vanished.

As always we shall wait and see.

I’m going to document them here.

09.13am Wisp at foot of bed. About 3 or 4yrs old.

10.51am another coming up the stairs, stood at the top then looked right at me and vanished.

11.07am another wisp bit older, about 5 at the bedroom mirror. It rushed forward but vanished.

So that’s 6 visits not including the man in 7hrs roughly.

Ouch…..this ones gonna be big.

11.10am wisp at foot of the bed again and I saw a right leg and foot enter the room out of the corner of my eye.

Black or dark dark blue trackie bottoms, the fleece kind.

I’m bracing for impact now.

I hope this one doesn’t hurt as much as the last time.

Please let it be a miracle. 7 miracles.

I don’t know if I have tears left.

11.13am teenage girl, tiny, walked past my exercise bike. She looks younger than she feels. She feels about 14 but looks 11-12 she’s so slim.

And the man spying on me with the annoying girlfriend/ wife. Sort her out please. I can hear her nagging from here. Be a man and put your bloody foot down. She’s not worth your energy especially if she’s bugging you at work while your trying to make sure fruit loops like me aren’t a threat to national security.

I’m no threat to anyone unless your the bad guy. I understand you have a job to do. Can’t trust anyone nowadays. But you could just ask what I see. You don’t need to hack into my WordPress.

I’m only out to get fake Psychics and Mediums and bring the Vanished a voice.

But they have bigger fish to fry than a I.

But seriously dude, that phone….turn it off while your working with me. Its very distracting.

Whoever she is, block her or turn your phone off.

11.21am white wisp about 9ish felt female.

Am I gonna be sleeping or crying all weekend because of this?



Let’s get this over with.

Bring it on……