A Prediction Of A 7 Day/ 7 Event/ 7 Person Miracle?

So it’s 4.48am and I woke up from a dead sleep.

I was sitting up in bed looking at my phone to see how much battery my spies drained and it sounded like the box of cat food in the corner moved getting my attention.

I put my headphones on to play music and all of a sudden this man was standing right in front of me.

He looked right at me and he said “A miracle, tell them a miracle……No…..tell them a 7 day miracle that’s how you’ll know the good stuff is coming after the bad”.

Then he smiled the biggest cheeky “I know something you don’t” grin and he was gone.

Now……..The dead being the wankers they are couldn’t ever just tell me who, what, where and why. Now they have to make me work out the possibilities to look for because apparently have the lesson is in the steps you take to get there…..blah blah blah…..yada yada *raspberry*

So….is it 1 miracle a day?

7 miracles a day?

Miracles across the globe or in the one place?

People involved or person?

Like wtf…….?

Why do they hate me? They know my brain is gonna NEED to figure this out to know what to look for.

Are the going to be obvious miracles or will I need to find them?

And when he said “you’ll and they” did he mean tell them they’ll witness miracles or tell them I will?


They definitely have it in for me.

But we shall see. I’m either crazy or just insane.

But we shall see. It will be obvious surely.


BLOOOOOOOOB now I can’t sleep and it’s only 5.08am.

I do know that whatever these miracles are if they happen it hopefully changes the fear I know many of you are feeling right now.

My gift isn’t about doom and gloom. I don’t like saying things to frighten people.

I’ve never been that kind of intuitive clairvoyant. My clients know my rules about predicting death.

But it’s been a bit intense in here this year as my predictions come true so I’d like to think this is Spirit and the deads way of saying “look….. it’s going to be ok…see”.

So…..when do they start? *Sulk*

Bollocks to them and their puzzles.

Thought I’d graduated beyond the need to have to work stuff out.

Guess not 😯😮🤤😲🙃 💩 (coz it’s a poo and it’s funny)


I don’t bloody know……I’m getting nervous now.