This Is What The Dead Say About Tommy Robinson

I don’t know much about the man because I don’t watch TV and the news. I watch YouTube but it’s all stuff like Unsolveds, Missing, Serial Killers, Paranormal stuff because for me it’s research and development.

But I know they’re saying he’s a racist because of the sex trafficking guys who happened to be Muslim.

Which in itself is wrong. A Rapist child sex offending trafficker is the abomination of civilization regardless of skin colour or religion.

I am half Arab. My grandmother was a Muslim. I won’t tell you what she taught us.

Anyway…….long story short…….. Tommy will go free along with Snowden and Assange.

The UK made a huge mistake in starting this in the first place because it’s now bringing about their downfall.

Tommy will have his own show.

Assange will lecture and do the talk show route.

He’ll write books and become in demand like a superstar but he’ll only do it for a little while.

He’ll go back to the embrace of his family and just write.

They’ll make movies about these guys and people will see the extent of the damage done to us because these men spoke the truth to protect us.

Something is coming that starts this off in the next few weeks.

Its a little boy. Somehow a little boys life changes everything.

They’re so protective of this little boy.

I can’t begin to tell you.

I’ve written about him before. My boys see him. He just doesn’t leave my side now and he’s only just started coming to me along. For the longest time his brother or one of the other kids brought him to me.

Even the little ones toddled in with him.

He never talks. Not a word. I can’t read him. But I have a feeling when he died or if he does it’s gonna be the biggest read of my life.

I’m almost too scared to see what he’s going to show me because everything I’ve seen so far is worse than the last.

If cannibals and spampires ( wanna be vampires) and child hunting for sport plus McDonald’s putting humans in the food isn’t enough to get people pissed off then I’m too scared to see what it is that will.

I did wonder if it was this little boys death is what is broadcast to the world.

Its funny because I’ve seen TV in the new world and it’s nothing like today.

Its just going to be a random library of shows and movies.

Commercial sponsorship will pay for them.

Like a giant Netflix without the Snowflake interference.

How Netflix used to be before they were shit.

But you’ll have talk shows and game shows from any country you want.

You’ll see a lot of independent stuff which is awesome.

We won’t have Oscars or anything like that.

No Olympics, Commonwealth Games, they’ll go.

Still have sports but it will be any team any country with a camera can out their game up.

You’ll pick the country and category then select.

Audio books, music etc….all in one big database.

News channels will be incredible.

They’ll report the truth. They’ll be video articles of people in every day communities reporting events that matter and are real.

When all the Elites trials start it will be about 20yrs before it’s coming to an end. Then we’ll see jailing, executions, vindication, etc……but in order for everyone to be informed they’ll have people from this persons neighbourhood doing a piece on all the things they did from the perspective of those who knew it.

The communities affected by it will be the ones giving the report.

It will be updated. Like YouTube basically.

But without censorship. People can counter argue etc….

I don’t like to watch these sorts of things because I don’t like my gift being influenced.

Most of my articles contain things sent to me.

If you check my history it’s really boring.

Now my phone is hacked and I’m being spied on by various countries I have limited time to do anything anyway because the battery runs down from 100 to 20 in about 2hrs.

If I go outside it runs down quicker.

They think I don’t know who they are lol

Telepath Duh!!!! I said I have nothing to hide.

I’m not threat to anyone. I just say what I see but apparently they have to know what I’m typing on here as I type it because the keys do weird things when I press them.

They emphasize seconds after I press them.

It has fucked by whole app up.

I can’t access wordpress on my laptop anymore.

I haven’t used my laptop in ages.

Its pretty much used for Skype sessions with clients and Students and sending my book to people.

I’m getting me a phone with a battery I can take out because this battery thing is what pisses me off about it.

I’m not afraid for me because I know what happens.

I don’t write in here for much longer anyway.

But we’re so close to the end now I’m going to be the least of their concerns.

Because there is something waiting for Mr Robinson that even he can’t see coming.

The very thing used to convict him will be the very thing used to bring them down.

I feel it’s all over for him by the end of this year.


I see him behind olden days jail bars and a man in a black legal robe with white bits hanging down the collar area and a white wig with about 10,000 people with him ripping the bars from the frame.

Like how can I explain it? Spirit just said……..”the will of people will tear his bars down”

This fight for him will never go away.

People aren’t going to give up. Its just making them angrier and angrier.

This isn’t going away. Putting him behind bars was a HUGE mistake.

Its probably the stupidest most fatal mistake they could of ever done in the history of the UKs judiciary system.

I saw a photo of the lawyers and such laughing at him as he got driven away and all I saw was these men who were laughing on old wooden horse and cart with rope behind their backs being driven to the gallows at the crossroads.

To me that means “We the people decide your fate and we say your guilty and here is your punishment”.

Its going to be all sorts too.

Police Officers, Social Workers, Parole Officers, Law, Justice, Military, Secret Service, like a house of cards, boom boom boom.

Like the dynamite explosions going down the twin towers before the tower collapses.

One explosion being responsible for setting off the next and it bringing down the whole establishment.

From the local cop to the supreme court to the houses of parliament to the monarchy. Hahaha it’s so cute.

They’re saying Boom Boom Boom all cute and dramatic.

I tell them to act my visions out like their on a stage if it’s the little ones so they aren’t afraid to show me what they need to.

Their doing big falling chubby armed cherub faced falls in little giggles and dramatic motions you can only get from 3yr olds lol

One of them is being a dinosaur though but hey…..the world needs dinosaurs. But he’s growling at a corner. I don’t think he knows he’s supposed to face the other way but who am I to stifle his creativity.

This boy has something to do with it.

Its like the dead know the true nature of his Sacrifice.

Like his death ends everyone’s death.

I’m not even sure if he’s dead yet.

There’s something odd about him.

Like he’s between worlds. I almost want to say he offers himself to be the one. Or he offered himself and it’s his death the world knows first.

But I’m too scared to say that out loud lol

Because this matters to me. My gift, the dead….it matters to me and I need you to know, I don’t fuck about.

These dead people are something I’m only too aware are the most dead people in history and their deaths bring about the end of evil across the globe so I’m not fucking about reading celebrities on TV or shopping with dead people’s loved ones money.

What I do is SO much more important than anything those TV Psychics and Mediums do.

I’m sorry but it’s true. And no-one knows my name.

Yet here is am risking my life and freedom to use my gift to save people’s lives and give death a real voice. Not a squeak or murmur like Caputo does.

She’s one of them. Therefore she is my nemesis.

I will end her career.

Anyone who abuses the dead to exploit the living will be undone.

I’m going to do it simply by teaching everyone to do it themselves so they don’t need to pay people ever again.

Their greed will be their downfall.

This Arizona thing isn’t over either. It goes global. Others will follow suit in their own countries.

Blob….I saw a police station filled with blood.

Uniforms covered in blood. Bloody handprints on the walls and footsteps on the floor.

Its UK Police. I hope something isn’t going to happen at a police station.

I’ll ask hang on……….

Blood on their hands.

The Police will have blood on their hands.

I can see a man they call the Biggest Police Dog and he’s swallowing hard looking as nervous as hell.

Like he can see the mob coming to test him apart and there is nothing he can do.

No back up no support. I saw Phil do that a few weeks ago.

The realization it’s over. And there will be a lot of guilt by association too.

They won’t just kick your door down to get you, they’ll take your wife and kids too if the kids are old enough.

A lot of Elites children will be put into care believe it or not.

If William is found guilty and everyone in his life is dead or in prison those kids of his who would be Kings and Queens will go into care.

Think about that for a second. The King’s kids under the care of the social services. Because this is the sort of thing I’m seeing.

The Elites of the world having their children put into care.

If your money comes from suffering your going down.

I’ve seen people having dinner parties dripping I’m jewels having chunks of hair pulled from their heads as they’re being dragged out into the streets by the head.

Old women, old men, young girls of about 18yrs old etc…. powerful powerful people, people so rich they fart $100 bills being stripped of their wealth oozing from their pores naked in the street humiliated and bloodied and not a cop in sight.

Because they will be some of the cops, and soldiers and security and employees who have been gathering evidence against them to use to bring then down.

My Fight Club.

Between them and whoever it is that broadcasts or transmits whatever it is that starts it all the Auts of the world we will have about 2-3 months of hell on earth then it’s over.

Calm begins to take over because there will be people LIKE Assange and Tommy to soothe things down.

The Shapiro’s, Peterson’s.

They always showed me scholars and men and women who have a honourable respect for honesty and truth helping to sort things out to bring calm.

Trump will go live a quiet life as Marvin the corn farmer lol The kids have never been afraid of him.

I’m still having my moments with him myself but I trust the dead.

I just question his reasons for befriending people like The Hobbit and her Gay Fish.

But I know he’s a smart guy so I’m trusting him.

He has my respect simply for what he’s doing for the kids.

Otherwise I couldn’t care less.

Japan will surprise everyone. I don’t know why yet but Japan is gonna step up in all of this and be just incredible in the makings of peace.

Its Children related though. Maybe they give them sanctuary and defend them until their collected. I don’t know. Its just a guess.

Its related somehow.

I really need to focus. I’m being shown 20 things at once.

The kids got all excited for some reason.

Usually when they get excited like this something huge is coming.

Like another celebrity arrest, death or revelation coming.

Like Tom Cruise or Clint Eastwood get arrested or something like that.

Liz or Phil die…. something like that.

When they get excited it’s like a vision free for all.

All showing me the end results and consequences that come with the death or arrest etc….it is like cards falling and me trying to see the face value on each card as they fall.

Usually they drop one at a time. But when something hugely controversial and exciting is about to happen that brings another card down they get all over excited.

If you’ve been to a preschool or kindergarten first thing the noise and energy is ear piercing lol

Imagine that but in your head and the screaming and being fairies and dinosaurs are pictures on those falling cards are visions of doom for bad guys.

That’s how scrambled my brain gets when they get excited.

I work best high and in silence apart from music in my ear.

The music in my ear brings me silence.

Noise bothers me. My offices in NY will be sound proof.

Anyway………all this from Tommy Robinson’s incarceration.

Big mistake arresting him I’d say.

Take a bow kids you did great lol

I think my dinosaur just remembered he’s in a play and they’re laughing at him being late to the show.

He’s so cute with his little tuft of red hair and freckles.

He was very convincing as a dinosaur.

And he’s got his hands on his hips looking cross because he wasn’t a dinosaur he was being the bad guys.


But I said maybe I needed to see the bad guy as a dinosaur because it hurts me too much to see their real faces.

He said “and they think they’re dinosaurs too”.

I’m assuming he means reptiles? Aliens?

Its such bullshit. Its insanity really.

I’m nuts for talking to voices in my head trying to help people but the Elites can think they’re an evil lizard overlord and it’s ok? Lol

Anywho…..that’s it for now..stay tuned for the next episode of

“The Debbie Arce Experience. Is she crazy or just insane?”.

Can’t deny I’m not entertaining though.

I’m car crash telly.

So hang in there because it’s nearly over.

Black, White, Muslim, Jew, Gay, etc….all helping rip those bars from the wall across the globe.

Its nearly over. Just hang in there.

I can feel the sweaty tightening collars on this Bad Police Dog as I type this. Its making it hard to swallow.

Like someone is pressing on my throat.

Is it a child’s murder? Strangled?

I feel like I’m being strangled.

Oh is that the noose around his neck?

I’m all blurry and nauseated now so I need to lay down.

Just tell Tommy he’s got weeks left then it’s over. He’ll be home for Xmas I think because I see a billion cards through his door.

People will send him money to help him recover financially from across the globe.

Don’t like the females around him. One close to him is exploitative……… she’s going to cash in on this somehow.

Jeremy Kyle guest appearance looking bitches.

I’ve seen inside him. He has no interest in violence. Only truth and justice.

And boy is he going to get it.

He needs faith in we the people not I the state.

That’s where his truth and justice will come from. But at the expense of lives which is why we must never forget that moment when it comes.

You all have no idea what’s to come but no-one is going to forget it no matter where you are in the world or your position in it.

Us against them once and for all.

Just prepare for who THEM are because the truth will devastate you.


P.S I apologize for any spelling mistakes but I type as I see it and I sometimes but send before remembering to check and correct names and stuff.

Something is coming