The Elites Shutting Down The Internet Has Begun

So know how you can’t enter certain sites now without consenting to terms and conditions or your being denied access because your outside the jurisdiction?

That’s the start of what I said in 2013 of them trying to pull the plug on the internet.

I’ve been saying for years to go dark web, get VPNs, get things like Duck Duck Go etc…. because they want to stop us all sharing information.

And we’re letting them do it.

Well……The Geek Shall Inherit the earth and Weaponized Autism or as I call it Operation Autism are smarter than anything any government of military has and by them pushing the buttons of the Auts, they’ve started trouble.

Now you’ll see more and more.

Just before the Elites shut it all down they’ll be fighting for their lives and won’t have time to run let alone construct the kill the net plan.

We, they are running out of time.

My little planet has gone quiet.

I’m emotionally exhausted from it because it’s me they all talk to.

The universe is watching behind a cushion people.

The womb of our galactic creation is waiting to see what it’s created.

Good or Evil.

The birds surround me.

The children hide in my house with the adult vanished watching the ones left behind.

They’re waiting…….. waiting…… could be this boy in my house.

This little boy who follows me EVERYWHERE could be who is in the video or images released.

I say that just because he’s the ONLY Spirit I’ve had ever in my house the other Spirits are protecting.

Even the toddlers are protective of him.

He’s special somehow.

Like they know it’s his sacrificing himself that saves everyone else on earth.

That’s how it feels.

But I’m sure it will come to light. It always does.